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  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 7d 8h 27m 33s

  MythicMallow / 7d 8h 39m 40s
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 7d 8h 54m 51s
I continued to work on my homework and watch my computer not noticing the female who was staring at him but only did his job. He then chuckled muttering, "Who whats to crush a useless guy like me I will and won't get that" he raised his hand, "Teacher can I go to the rest room?"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 9d 7h 59m 43s
From the back of the classroom she stared at her senpai as she vigourously tapped her pen on the table. Her feelings had begun to iritate her, she wanted to be loving toward them but hurt them all at one. It didn't make any sense.
  MythicMallow / 12d 10h 32m 6s
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 12d 10h 48m 13s
  MythicMallow / 12d 11h 28m 8s
I sat in front looking back to keep an eye on her. I made sure I didn't seem to be of interest in her just to not show myself away.

  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 12d 11h 51m 42s
She then makes her way to her english class, sitting down at the back
  MythicMallow / 12d 13h 37m 3s
I walked into school right as the bell rang heading to the classes that they need to go to
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 12d 13h 41m 46s
She got to school just in time stopping just inside the school gate breathing heavily trying to catch her breath.
  MythicMallow / 12d 14h 30m 16s
Joseph was still behind her keeping his distance from her
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 13d 7h 11m 25s
She ran to school as fast as she could having to constantly shove her brown hair out of her face
  MythicMallow / 13d 7h 16m 23s
I followed her quickly keeping a distance from her and blended in
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 13d 7h 20m 28s
"whatever" she said not really interested before she turned away and headed towards school
  MythicMallow / 13d 7h 22m 20s

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