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I smiled, "Well how about a card match?" he holds up two decks, "and let's see what fate has in store"
"she will scream at the jacob and cry, that's what the future says" the crazy said with a smile
  ~Multiple Characters~ / Myth- / 12h 59m 3s
I smiled, "You know even though you're mad at someone there are times you have to forgive them even if they don't deserve it and I know you don't and I don't"
"well then that will make it easier to get mavis, she hates you and will put her guard down when she finds jacob's been lying to her"
  ~Multiple Characters~ / Myth- / 13h 26m 34s
I smiled laying back, "I know he hasn't left me he only did that so you can let your guard down on me hu, I can see where your smarts land" he closed his eyes knowing that Jaco is known for tricking others and it's fun to watch but he knows he will now use a machine he as made to change them up.
The crazy would hug joseph "the jacob has given up on you, he chose mavis"
  ~Multiple Characters~ / Myth- / 13h 39m 50s
I laughed, "Never let him hand you a gun... unless he trusts you enough to hold a living one"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 1d 12h 12m 54s
"grrr!" the crazy growled as the healer helped her sit "i'm going to flay jacob alive when i get my hands on him!"
  ~Multiple Characters~ / Myth- / 1d 12h 17m 8s
Joseph looked at her his body was almost healed chuckling, "Damn what a beating you got"

Jacob was laying there having her head resting in his chest still sleeping.

  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 1d 13h 39m 54s
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mavis curled up facing jacob for once not having a nightmare due to the recharging of her shapeshifting abilities.
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having disapeared for a thew hours leaving joseph with bear hunter while searched for the crazy, the healer re entered the cave supporting the crazy who had severe burns and was limping.
  ~Multiple Characters~ / Myth- / 1d 13h 46m 21s
Jacob looked back and walked to her grabing the hand and sitting down waiting for her wake up, "Of course comfort is good at times like this" After a few minutes he was asleep by her side
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 1d 13h 55m 32s
Mavis would do a little huff in her sleep and her left hand would reach for jacob.
  ~Multiple Characters~ / Myth- / 1d 14h 5m 52s
Jacob sighed picking her up and laying her down o one of his beds that were made out for other things. He started to work on more weapons.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 1d 14h 19m 41s
Mavis took a thew minutes to gulp the oxygen before moving around stumbling feeling faint and dizzy "the limits up" she thought before passing out before reverting to human form after.
  ~Multiple Characters~ / Myth- / 1d 14h 45m 12s
Jacob looked at her, "Then to my labs" he teleported taking mavis she couldn't breathe for a few minutes until he was there, "Ok welcome to my lab" he had different things laying down including different sized weapons that seem to fit different things but had the same design.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 2d 12h 22m 9s

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