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"This is a nice house." Benji commented as they walked through the house. It was a quite fancy home, fancy for him, anyways. He had always lived in small, quaint little homes out in the middle of nowhere. "I've never been in a house this big. Is this just for the meeting or are we going to live here now? I don't know if I could live in such a big house. It's get pretty lonely." Benji couldn't help the wave of words that spilled from his mouth. The two vampires were so quiet and it made Benji even more anxious than he already was.

Thankfully, they reached they reached the dining hall before he could embarrass himself further with his blabbing. Benji sat down in the offered chair before answering. "Okay." He glanced at the contracts, wondering if he was allowed to pull it closer. He didn't dare do it, afraid that might make Magnus mad. His eyes scanned the document, though he wasn't really reading it. Once Alvaro sat, Benji looked up from the contract, glancing over at him.

Once Magnus started to talk, however, he made himself look over at Magnus. Once he had finished speaking, Benji nodded. "You mean feeding as in drinking my blood, right?" His voice was wavering on that so he continued on with his questions, determined not to sound scared. "You actually sleep in coffins?" His lips curled up in a small smile at that, though it wasn't intended to be rude. He hoped that they wouldn't think his question was rude. "When you said keep the curtains closed, do you mean that no outside light should come in through the day? Why does that matter if he sleeps in a coffin? Does the light still get through it?"
  Benji Marks / Raiders / 7d 11h 48m 23s
Alvaro thought it was interesting that the werewolves didn’t feel comfortable coming into the household with Benji. The house that was chosen for the meeting was as neutral territory as they could get. The humans that once lived in the house had been casualties of the war. A vampire had been horribly injured and went feral, killing the whole household. The family had no one to claim the house so Magnus claimed the house, but it had remained empty until a week ago. This house was to Magnus’ gift to Alvaro, who had to abandon a home in Spain, and Benji.

Magnus stopped in the dining room and walked around the table. Three contracts laid out on the heavy oak table with quills and an ink well easily accessible for the two of them to sign. Magnus took a seat before the lone contract before gesturing for Benji and Alvaro to take a seat besides each other. “I don’t know how much your pack told you, but I wanted to go over the contract. Alvaro has already seen the contract, but another go around won’t hurt him,” Magnus said as he expectantly looked over at the other two.

Alvaro begrudgingly took the seat to the left and looked at the contract. He had been given it to read last week and he hadn’t been happy with it. Until death do, they part. The only thing that was decent was the year long engagement, giving them a chance to get used to each other or to tap out if they are close to killing each other.

Once both were seated Magnus’ attention went straight to the contract. “The first portion of the contract discuss how this is part of the treaty to end the war. It is only a small blurb from the actual treaty, but I am going to skip over it. You will have a copy of the contract for your own reading privilege. There is a probationary period before the two of you will be married. A year from today you two will be married unless you both try to kill each other which would be frowned upon and considered a declaration of war. Alvaro will not feed from you unless you offer, and you will leave Alvaro’s coffin alone and keep the curtain closed during the day. When the two of you marry there will be no way-out of the marriage with the exception of death. This death cannot be caused by the other so staking Alvaro when he is being annoying will start a war. Sadly, Alvaro can be annoying so I can understand the wanting to stake him. Any questions so far?”
  .Alvaro. / GuillotineDreams / 11d 7h 25m 46s
Benji, once in the room, looked up. There were two vampires standing there. One had a nice smile while the other looked very unhappy. He couldn't help but wonder which he was to be married to, and found himself hoping it wasn't the one smiling, despite his aversions to grumpy people.

Almost as soon as he thought that, his thoughts were confirmed. The smiling one introduced himself as King Magnus and the one behind him, the unsmiling little bat, was Alvaro, his betrothed. The words King Magnus used to describe Alvaro made a corner of Benjis mouth lift in a partial smile, which he quickly erased from his face.

The Were looked up at Alvaro for several seconds before dipping his head. "It is nice to finally meet you." After saying this, he looked back up at him. Although he had fought in the war, he had never actually looked closely at a Vampire. He had always been too focused on trying to not get killed to look at their faces. Benji was surprised as he looked at Alvaro, having expected something more along the lines of a horrible creature with large fangs dripping with blood.

He was torn from his thoughts as King Magnus spoke again and his eyes flicked over to him. "No. They did not feel comfortable even coming this far with me. They send their regards, however." As he said this, King Magnus turned, walking down the hall. He wasn't sure what to do, until Alvaro spoke again and he gave a small nod, quickly limping after the King.
  Benji Marks / Raiders / 13d 13h 9m 32s
It didn’t take long for the werewolves to approach the door. What Alvaro did find curious was once the werewolves were in sight that there was only one of them. A single lone wolf was limping into the mansion. Curious.

Magnus places a pleasant smile on his face, his fangs retracted, as he caught first sight of the Were that had to be Alvaro’s soon to be mate. He was the only other werewolf that had dared step foot into the building, something that Magnus thought curious but he kept these thoughts to himself. Instead he took a step forward to greet the werewolf before them. “You must be Benji! Welcome,” he cheerfully said. “I am King Magnus and the unsmiling little bat behind me is Alvaro, your betrothed.”

Alvaro, honestly, had to take another take. Magnus was normally a cold and ruthless man, calculating every single move. He didn’t smile yet here he was smiling at their one enemy. It was really disconcerting, so much so he almost missed his introduction to his soon to be mate. “A pleasure to meet you,” Alvaro managed to say while cold dark eyes took in the other’s appearance. At least Benji wasn’t hideous. Alvaro would honestly not put it pass his people to pair him with some horrible looking Werewolf just for their own amusement. But for once his people surprised him and at least chose a young, handsome, werewolf. Sure he had a limp but that most likely was from the war.

Magnus stood of to the side, looking at the two youths for a moment before clasping his hand together in hopes of dispelling the awkwardness. “Well then let’s go to the dinning room to go over the contract. I am guessing your people will not be joking us? The contract has been pre-approved by them and nothing has been changed since your Pack Leader last saw it,” Magnus reassuringly said as he spun on his heel and went down the hall.

“After you,” Alvaro said, gesturing for Benji to follow after Magnus.
  .Alvaro. / GuillotineDreams / 13d 21h 48m 55s
Benji was quiet as he walked towards the room he was supposed to meet his new mate in. He wasn’t sure how he felt in this situation, though he wasn’t really all that upset. He had fought in the war and it really was a terrible thing, giving one a permanent injury. The male knew it was a good thing for the war to end. As he got closer to the doors at the end of the hall, where he assumed he would be going to, he let his mind wander. Benji glanced down at his clothes, wondering if he should have worn better clothes. What if the guy he was supposed to marry wanted to drink his blood? What if he was going to marry some old dude who doesn’t know how to have fun? What if-

Benji shoved the what if’s from his head, just in time. They reached the doors and as if the people on the other side realized he was there, the doors began to creak open slowly. He had several other weres with him, but they stopped, not wanting to come with. A few of them whispered a good luck or other words of encouragement but most stayed quiet. Benji shrugged, lifting his head high, and began to limp inside the room. Although he knew they were vampires, used to supernatural things, his ears flattened against his head, blending in to his hair.
  Benji Marks / Raiders / 14d 1h 33m 21s
Alvaro leaned against the wall, wine glass filled with blood in his hand, as he stared out into the snowy garden. Any minute now his fiancé would be here. A wolf that he most likely has never met would be stuck with him for the foreseeable future all because of the need for peace. The humans, originally just their prey, were getting smarter and deadlier. The general consensus between the two warring factions was if this age old war continued then the Humans would find them and exterminate them. Neither groups wanted to play along with the idea of extinction especially since humans, while weak, were resilient little bastards.

For the last years the werewolves and vampires were in peace talks. No one could agree with a damn thing until the suggestion of marriage came up. It would show that two opposing forces could get along and maybe deter others from continuing the fight. The Vampire Coven Leader’s under guidance of their king submitted several names from the lowest of foot soldiers to Coven Leaders themselves. Alvaro had been chosen. He was to give up the mantle of coven leader to be with this werewolf.

Alvaro somewhat resented their choices but when their King demands it, he has to listen. Bringing the glass to his lips he took a small sip of the cold beverage. His nose scrunched in distaste, unhappy to be drinking cold blood over warm blood, but it was one of the King’s stupid rules. At least for the first month Alvaro was to suffer cold blood instead of actively hunting down his own prey.

“Alvaro, the delegation was sighted right outside the gate. King Magnus wishes for you to be in the receiving room when they come in.” A younger vampire informed Alvaro.

A small sigh left Alvaro’s lips as he handed over the glass of blood before fixing his clothes. His trousers and frock coat were both black while the vest he wore was a dark crimson color. Alvaro’s dark brown hair was carefully slicked back instead of its normal position of flopping onto his forehead. To any human Alvaro looked like a proper gentleman. Very few would notice how stiffly he held himself, ready to strike at any moment.

One of the few who did notice was King Magnus. The older vampire was turned late in his life and sported a full head of long white locks He was a King and his other life and held himself like one as he stood at the entrance. “Be calm Alvaro,” He said after one look at the agitated Vampire.

“Apologies, Your Majesty,” He tonelessly replied as he stared at the door, waiting for his future mate.
  .Alvaro. / GuillotineDreams / 14d 3h 10m 47s

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