The Mystic Land

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A group of teens have been taken to A strange place, A place where anything is possible. You can navigate this world with other kids as perils and adventures unfold.

I really don't need a skelly just a def. of your character. You can pm it to me and you will access. Has to be 13-17 and be different No ordinary people.

Rule 1.There really is no rules.

Rule 2.You can godmod a tiny bit like for example saying "Hey will you come over here?" She walked over to me. But no making big decisions for other people unless you sent a pm to them and they agree with the decision.



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She saw as the hunters pretended to be confused,"what shifter?" they asked, obviously just trying to get some information out of him
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 185d 9h 25m 15s
She saw as a gazelle with devil horns transformed into a human in a cage and saw as there was a special knife by their cage that sucked powers out of animals lay beside her cage, they had stabbed her friend with it in front of her and that's how she knew it did that and she wanted to save it but then she knew she couldn't and just looked into its helpless eyes then looked away because she couldn't bare to see another animal in that much pain
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 192d 20h 56m 51s
She quietly face palmed to herself thinking that wasn't going to stop them
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 199d 9h 59m 9s
Alexander smiled as he spoke, "Can you please stop hunting the shifter for she hasn't done anything wrong"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 199d 20h 10m 6s
She crouched down hoping to not be seen, "thx for waking me up back there, I needed that."
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 199d 22h 33m 0s
"Here," He said, grabbing her and leading her to a huge rock off the trail. He crouched down and watched him talk to the hunters.
  Hiram Mcoy / Nobody101 / 199d 22h 38m 49s
her eyes glow yellow for fear as she realized where she was " where do we hide????"
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 199d 23h 56m 4s
Alexander walked to the hunters ignoring her, "Hey I'm lost hear but I want to ask a question"
He ran to Kate, grabbing her shoulder and shaking her awake,
"We need to hide," He said to them.
  Hiram Mcoy / Nobody101 / 200d 34m 31s
She kept walking towards the hunters asleep not knowing what she was doing
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 200d 43m 24s
Alexander followed, "No running will make them hungrier to find you"
He jumped up, looking at the dude. "Or we could run," He said, walking towards the girl.
  Hiram Mcoy / Nobody101 / 200d 50m 43s
Kate still asleep slept walked towards where the hunters are
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 200d 52m 10s
Alexander walked away hoping to run into the hunters before they run into the hunted, "Maybe I can get them to stop"
Kate started sleep walking towards where the we were being chased by the hunters
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 200d 59m 26s

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