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Azron shrugged a little, scratching at his neck. "Well whatever. It's not like I pay attention to those kinds of things." At Astlys reaction to his comment about killing, his lips curled up in a wide smile again. "Well I suppose you will never get to know, then. I'm sure you'll get bored of me eventually and when you do you'll let me free and I'll be on my merry way to kill something or someone." He scratched his neck again, letting out a small yawn as he did so.

Azron was going to say another snarky remark when Astly spoke again, this time giving him an order. "Oh fun. For my first job I get to play maid." He rolled his eyes, snorting. "Might as well give me one of those stupid frilly costumes as well." Once Astly had said the chant to let him be free of the summoning circle he immediately left it, walking as far away from Astly as he could. "Couch is better than nothing. Do you have blankets?" His eyes stayed on the human as he started to leave then quickly looked away as he turned to look at Azron. He shrugged at Astly's question. "Maybe. Maybe not. Why do you care?"
  Azron / Raiders / 8d 16h 56s
[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Astly stared at the demon like he grew 7 heads. [#a3bdd7 "It's the 21 century. You really think that there is some sort of [b "evil"] like that happening here? Sorry [i Azron], that's not a thing in modern society."] Astly mocked as he watched the demon mutter to itself, unamused. Astly grimaced at the demon's idea of fun and couldn't help the shudder of disgust that ran through him. [#a3bdd7 "If that's what you consider fun, I'd love to hear what you think is unfun."] Astly said with a strong drawl of sarcasm. He'd bet that the demon's idea of unfun would be something that normal people wouldn't be affected by. He found it hard to take him seriously.]

[font "Times New Rman" [size14 Astly pulled his arm behind his back to stretch, and proceeded to do the same with the other. He was getting too tired for this bs. He had to get ready to go back home and go to work. [#a3bdd7 "Fuc....first order, clean this up. I'm tired and I doubt I want to talk to you any more tonight."] Astly waved at the mess as he moved his other hand to cover his mouth as he yawned. [#a3bdd7 "There is a coach in the other room. Just sleep there. And remember, you can't kill me."] He looked down at the floor where he stood, and quickly said a chant in Latin to allow him to leave the circle. Turning to leave he stopped and looked over his shoulder at Azron, [#a3bdd7 "Oh, and by the way, I was told that when you summon a demon and you're contracted to them, you get a mark on your body to show, is that true? Do you feel yours?"]]]
  Wayward Summoner / AoAi / 12d 6h 57m 24s
"That's not how ranks work. No demon can cross over without help from here." He snapped, crossing his arms. His eyes narrowed at him, lips curled up in a snarl. "I never asked you to dress up for me. You are drab in every sense, not just your clothing." Azron sighed, looking around the room. His eyes changed from being narrow to being open and interested. "You got a pretty cool place here though." A pause, then, "What year is it, by the way? I wonder how long its been here compared to my place." He glanced over at Astly, a hint of a smile on his face again.

"Evil, you know. Like some dude who's been like killing people you love or something?" His eyes flicked away from him again. "What's a lawyer anyway?" Azron muttered, then louder, "Fine. I'll do what you want. And anyways, you think I'm actually going to be bothered by you hanging around me all the time? I think you'd regret it eventually. Having to stick around me as I kill people. But hey, you might learn how to have some fun!" His lips curled up in a full smirk, trying hard not to laugh.
  Azron / Raiders / 14d 18h 41m 9s
[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Astly laughed when he heard the demon give it's rank. [#a3bdd7 "For a [b Demon] so high a rank, you'd think you'd be able to enter this realm without being summoned. You're actually quite weak aren't you?"] Astly couldn't help but mock the demon in front of him. He thought it was such a joke how this demon held itself. [i [#a3bdd7 Annoying is what he is..]] He thought as they stood and stared at each other for a moment. Hearing the insult to his dress, he scoffed. [#a3bdd7 "Yes, like I'd dress up for some [i lowly demon]."] He remarked sarcastically [#a3bdd7 "You're nothing to look at either demon."]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Astly was dressed in his sleeping joggers that were grey, with a grey sweater on his, and barefoot. He might have done the summoning in some random airbnb but he did sleep in the location at least for a night. [#a3bdd7 "Another thing, what [b evil] are you even talking about? I'm a lawyer you idiot, not some mercenary. So, Azron, you're going to do what I say, or [i we] will have a very unpleasant partnership. I will bind you to my soul indefinitely if you so much as do something I don't like. You'd have to deal with me even after my death.] Astly threatened [#a3bdd7 "I have spell memorised and I can perform it with everything I have here. I promise you, I can make your eternity a nightmare.] He gave Azron a smile that was anything but sweet.]]
  Wayward Summoner / AoAi / 15d 6h 45m 32s
Azron tipped his head back and to the side, glancing at him. “I’m the fifth most powerful demon in the world.” He paused, thinking for a moment. “Also I can’t get to this world without being summoned. What use would a cult be and why would I pick you?” His face had a mild look of disgust on it as he looked the other up and down. “You’re so... So drab...”

He sighed, tightening his ponytail. “Are you seriously still going to make me stay your slave? Can’t you give me a more interesting job such as like, hunting some evil dude down or something?” Azron tipped his head back forward, away from Astly. “Ash.” He muttered under his breath, testing the name out, then nodded. “Nice.”
  Azron / Raiders / 15d 7h 12m 39s
[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Watching the demon pick up the large amount of weapons Astly couldn't help but feel a bit worried about the large array. However, he tried to keep his face blank to not show his worry. He was a lawyer, he could keep a straight face when it came to things like this. Astly kept his eyes on the demon, watching him move. He scoffed at the demon saying that he wouldn't call him master. [#a3bdd7 "Fine then. You can call me Ash. I'm not giving you my full name."] He crossed his arms with a glare directed at the demon. [#a3bdd7 "Another thing, if you're done showing off, hurry up and put away all your weapons.]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Listening to the demon he wanted to punch it in the face. That smug look on his face was maddening and he wanted to fight the demon but he kept his cool. [#a3bdd7 "I refuse to be scared of you, so I guess you'll have to kill me. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with me forever"] He was annoyed but he took what the next information he said in stride. He thought about how the man probably scammed him into summoning his demon lord. [#a3bdd7 "Let me guess. You probably sent that man to give me this spell, so you can make your little cult or whatever the f-"] He cut himself off and took a deep breathe to try to calm himself. [i [#a3bdd7 You're fine Astly, you can deal with a demon that is much more powerful than you thought.]] He cleared his throat again and replied [#a3bdd7 "No, I've never heard of you [i Azron] . Are you supposed to be important?]]]
  Wayward Summoner / AoAi / 15d 10h 18m 17s
Azron rolled his eyes, crossing his arms. "I got summoned to do that? Seriously? I'm not going to call you Master, by the way." Although he wanted to look away he didn't, just kept looking the other in the eyes. "I'll just call you Human, then." Azron said, the corner of his mouth lifting in a smile. Finally he looked away from the human, leaning down and grabbing his two swords, strapping them to his back. He shoved the handgun in his waistband then he picked up his cloak, shoving his arms through the sleeves. "I'm not even going to get to use any of these." He muttered, to himself, as he picked up his three daggers and the bow and arrows. Azron whispered something under his breath and in a small flash, the bow and arrows disappeared. He tucked the three daggers in a pocket inside his cloak, then finally looked back up at the human.

"I bet you are going to either get scared of me, die, or hate me and that's how I'll be unsummoned." He snickered slightly at the humans next words. "Oh! So that's why you keep going on about how you can control me and how you can hurt me." Azron chuckled, striding over towards Astley. "I can do plenty of things, actually. The only thing I can't do is kill or hurt you, but as soon as I'm unsummoned, I can do that." Azron was about two feet away when he stopped, staring at Astley. "See, I'm not a low level imp. You drew the summon circle all wrong to be a low-level. I'm guessing, since you thought this was a low-level summon circle, you got this from some person on the streets." Azron stepped away from the human now, putting his back to him. "My name is Azron. Ever heard of me?"
  Azron / Raiders / 15d 16h 22m 18s
[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Averting his eyes as the demon finally changed he waited until he got the signal that he was now dressed. Looking back at the demon now dressed Astly couldn’t help up smirk. [#a3bdd7 “That’s better. Now we can have a civil conversation. Or well... as close as one can get with a demon to civil as possible.”] Astly felt kind of proud of himself that he got this demon to listen to his order and take commands from him. Maybe he would be great at this kind of thing, it was great practise. Clearing his throat he locked eyes with the Demon, [#a3bdd7 “You may call me Master. I’m not privy to giving demons my name. You’re here because... I needed something I could boss around. A secretary as it was, a bodyguard at some times. I’m a lawyer and with my job I often put very bad men behind bars.”] Astly inwardly sighed, if only his life was that fascinating. He summoned this demon out of boredom, but he wasn’t going to say that.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [Size14 [#a3bdd7 “You will be bound to me for an undisclosed amount of time. The spell said it was either until I died or until I got tired of you. Whichever comes first.”] Astly shrugged nonchalantly. He seriously doubted he would stay with this demon for that long though, he just needed something interesting to happen and then he’d go back to his drool life. [#a3bdd7 “You know, you’re quite cocky for some stupid imp of a demon. If I’m not mistaken, it’s not like you can do anything.”] Astly remarked offhandedly. He wondered if that would garner any reaction from the demon in front of him.]]
  Wayward Summoner / AoAi / 15d 14h 35m 37s
Azron sighed, leaning down and grabbing his clothes. "I'll change." He said, smirking slightly. Then he put his back to him, stripping his wet swim trunks and slipping on the clothes in his hand. Then he turned around again. "I changed."

Azron stared at him passively, casually reaching up and pulling his hair into a ponytail. "You act as if I don't know how summoning works. I'm very old, despite how I look, and I have been summoned many times. I understand how this stuff works so just get to the point. Why did you summon me?"
  Azron / Raiders / 15d 18h 57m 19s
[size14 [font "Times New Roman" Now Astly was not naive to sarcasm and he could tell that the Demon was messing with him. With a frown he ignored the Demon's question, instead he pointed to the Demon's things and said [#a3bdd7 "Your clothing. Put it on now. We won't talk until you do."] His arms were crossed in a silent command of dominance. The man had warned him about letting his guard down, and Astly wasn't planning on making any beginner mistakes, especially not with dealing with a Demon.]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" Astly didn't want to waste anymore time with introductions and the pleseantries. He wished that the Demon he summoned wasn't so strange like the one in front of him. If he was subservent enough, they could already get to work. Though, now that he was thinking about it, he still didn't have any idea what he wanted or what he was going to use his new personal demon for. [#a3bdd7 [i I suppose once I get him to accept that his fate won't be changing anytime soon, I'll use him until I don't need him anymore.]] Astly pondered. The Demon though, he could tell would be difficult. He was ready to not be intimated, or at least he thought he was. [#a3bdd7 "Remember, one move out of line and I will have you chained and shocked."]]]
  Wayward Summoner / AoAi / 15d 14h 37m 10s
Azron raised his eyebrows at him, casually scratching his neck, deciding to play along with this game a little. “Pain. My greatest enemy.” He muttered, rolling his eyes. He couldn’t help but to smirk over the fact the boy thought he was lesser demon.

The human stared at him for a while, and Azron stared back. After a moments time, he ran his hand through his hair, and where his fingers touched it dried. “I’m wet because you decided to summon me while I was swimming.” Azron said, looking down at his feet. “And those are my clothes and weapons and other various magical things.”

“Would you like to get dressed?” He asked, after he had completely dried his hair. Hearing his last comment made his smirk grow. “Wouldn’t you like to find out.” He said, slowly. Then he sighed. “What’s your name? I refuse to call you Master that’s dumb and stupid.” Azron said, his aloof mood from before, gone.
  Azron / Raiders / 15d 19h 20m 50s
[size14 [font "Times New Roman" Astly looked at the demon with a confused expression on his face. He was not expecting the demon to be wet, or in swim trunks. He eyed the demon warily and rolled his eyes at the tone that the Demon took with him when he appeared. [#a3bdd7 "Right well, as your Master, before I do anything, I want to make sure you understand the [i rules] here."] Astly stated calmy. He wanted to try to have some sort of order here.]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" Taking a deep breath, he cleared his throat and began [#a3bdd7 "Since you are now my slave until further noticed, I will lay down some ground rules. You will be dressed [i properly] and will not appear half naked to me. If you step out of line at any time, I have a spell prepared for banishment or for punishment. You are low levelled enough that this should hurt you if you step out of line."] Astly stood firm and gave the demon a straight face. The man that gave him the book and the spells told him to not let the demon know that he was intimidated. Also, he told Astly that looks could be deceiving and that the demon may look like they are strong but they rarely are. [#a3bdd7 [i Which is a good note to remember because this Demon looks like he is much higher than the low level imp I was supposed to have.]]]]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" [#a3bdd7 "Also, just for my information. Where the hell is your clothing? Better yet, why are you not wearing it? I don't understand why you're not dressed properly. First impressions matter!"] Astly couldn't help but lecture the demon a bit. He was confused as to why anyone would just show up looking like a... bum. He briefly wondered if there was a way to send him back without getting his wish granted so he didn't have to deal with this. [#a3bdd7 "Are you even worth the trouble..."] Astly grumbled to himself with a sigh. He supposed he would deal with this for a bit longer until he decided what to do with this Demon.]]
  Wayward Summoner / AoAi / 17d 4h 43m 14s
Azron had been swimming in a lake near his home in the demon world when he felt the tell-tale tingling sensation of a summons. He was excited, having not been summoned in way over a hundred years. He starts to swim over to shore, knowing he wouldn’t make it in time, but trying nonetheless. True to his thoughts, he felt a pinch in his lower abdomen, closing his eyes and then he was gone.

When he opened them again, he was standing in the middle of a summoning circle, water dripping off of him. All he had on at the moment was a pair of wet trousers, though at his feet, protected from the water by a small bubble of magic, was all of his stuff. He always found it funny to appear in a summons looking like a wreck, but his stuff always conveniently at his feet. It made the summoner confused, thinking maybe they summoned the wrong one.

Azron looked around him for a moment, clasping his hands together and reaching them above his head in a stretch. Then he turned to face the summoner, a slow grin spreading across his face. “Hello.” He said, his voice almost like a purr. “What have you summoned me for, [i Master].” He used the word, almost scornful, though amusement filled his face.
  Azron / Raiders / 17d 10h 36m 49s
[size14 [font "Times New Roman" Here he was, Astly Niles, 23 years old, summoning a low level demon. If there was any time in his life where he would regret a decision he has made, now one would be one of those times. Well, he could think of several moments of his life where he could regret his decisions, but now was probably the number one moment. But it was too late to back out now. He had all his ingredients and all the summon ritual materials. He even rented out an Airbnb just in case he messed up, at least the Demon would be stuck to this house that he had no attachment to.]]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" If his friends or family could see him, they would ask him why. He was popular, he was on track to becoming a lawyer, having finished his internship with one of the biggest firms in the nation. He had recognition with all his peers, and he knew quite a few celebrities personally, just from having been at the right place at the right time. But none of that mattered to him, his life was boring. He had done everything right and now he was just bored. Bored of the same routine, of the fake smiles, of the constant lying. What he wanted now, was some fun. A demon would be the best way to have fun. At least, that's what the weird man who gave him the ritual said.]]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" The man had found him one day, while he was on his walk home. Stopped Astly and offered him a book, saying these exact words "I can tell you want something new with your life. Use this book to make your dreams right." Now normally, Astly would have just ignored the man, but something told him to just take the book and see what could happen. Hell, the man could be using Astly as a sacrifice for his low level demon lord, but to be honest Astly wasn't scared. He would be more worried if it was like...satan, but he read the ritual and googled it a few times. Everything said it would summon some low level imp so he wasn't worried. He had a banishing spell ready just in case.]]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" That was neither here nor there. Astly surveyed his summoning circle closely. Checking that every line was straight and every symbol perfect. When he was satisifed he took a deep breath. [#a3bdd7 "It's now or never Astly. Time to summon a demon"] he said to himself. Taking his place outside the circle he pricked his finger, holding it above the lines of the outer circle to start chanting. Once one drop of his blood fell he quickly moved his hands and started chanting more quickly. The room started to glow with energy and the candles that were lit started to get brighter. The climax of the spell was upon him so he yelled [#a3bdd7 "[b Demon] come forth and be bound in thy contract with me their contractor until my wish has been granted!"]]
  Wayward Summoner / AoAi / 18d 7h 16m 48s

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