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[center [size12 Thousands of years past, the vast nation of Kikoyama began peaceful, serene. The people of the land had little conflict, the earth and sea providing all needs. No hunger nor strife could be found. The people themselves lived long. There was no sickness, no disease. It was truly the Golden Era. Even within the forests and mountains, the flora and fauna thrived. The circle of life was an obstacle every being was meant to face, though an obstacle well awaited. A journey from this realm into the realm of their gods. There was no fear of death, only the anticipated arrival of a higher existence. Life was precious, but so too was death.

Gorgeous mountain ranges sprinkled across the landscape could be found cradled by dense, lush forests that were rich with life and the transcendent music it’s woodland creatures produced. Relaxing wind whispered and carefully caressed the delicate fields of grasslands and rolling hillsides. Waves battered the shores of the land mass, the salty ocean breeze a pleasant aroma to accompany the magnificent beach side view. The people made villages to house their loved ones, spread all across the land. Everyone was safe. Everyone was happy.

In those days, the grandiose nation was at the peak of its age. No other nation could compare.

However, the Golden Era came to an end as all manner of ghouls, spirits and demons began to surface. The gods that bestowed fortune to the land had lost grasp of the spirit realm that held the darkest and most foul of creatures and magic. Terror and bloodshed rained down on the once peaceful people of Kikoyama as the beings began to wreak havoc on the land and the humans inhabiting it. Many fled to distant lands in order to escape the crack in the barrier between worlds. The barrier that continued to weaken with time. Some however, did not.

It didn’t take long for humans to discover what fear and horror truly were. And fear became the foundation in which most now lived their lives. Demons slaughtered and devoured the humans, even enslaved some. What was once a lively land had been transformed seemingly overnight into a mass battleground. While having little experience with combat, there were some humans who made an attempt to fight back, using their skill in crafting farming tools to now shape weapons from various metals. Some creatures were easily fought back, giving the humans some remnant of hope that they could take back their home.

But for some, no blade or fighting spirit could compare. There existed some demons that even a blade plunged deep into their heart would not end their life. And so the humans began to learn how to harness magic in order to hold their own against the creatures that sought their ultimate demise. Finally, after much slaughter, hiding and training, the humans were able to begin fighting back with some hope of freedom from bloodshed.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/rOS1ki6.png?1]
[size40 [i [#a802db 紫の炎]]]
This story follows the Nekomata demon Murasaki no Honō.]]


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[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 [#1a1a78 "Hold on, what do you mean hol--"] Colors and smells swirled past the boy as the air whipped around him. Jun could think of nothing more than to hold on for dear life, eyes scrunching closed against the harsh wind before... Silence.

Tentatively, the human opened his eyes. It was nothing short of breathtaking. Seeing the world from on high. Glancing to the demon, his gaze followed where his eyes were searching the horizon.

[#1a1a78 "There aren't any bits of civilization for hundreds of miles. The nearest one..."] He trails off, narrowing his eyes and scanning the landscape. [#1a1a78 "Was about four hundred miles, give or take, that way."] He'd release one of his vice-like grips, pointing in a south-ish direction.

He'd found his 'guides' there. But the people there hadn't exactly been receptive to this little... expedition. He'd received threats, and the clergy had been a particular pain in his side there. But, thankfully, the prospect of potential treasures lost to the winds of time had been enough to dredge up a few willing souls.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 Watching the human react in such a way brought the demon great joy. A great pleasure from knowing he struck a nerve. How naive of the man to fall into his prodding. So he wasn't quite as put together as he'd have others believe. This information tucked itself in the back of Murasaki's mind.

The jab at his intelligence fell on deaf ears. While a man of typically unrestrained anger, Murasaki held a lingering sense that he now had the fuel to trigger the human into a bit of a fit. Which was all he needed to feel as if he'd won. Too amused to let the comment make him snap, he listened on.

The kid was more interesting than he had originally thought, perhaps. The human race was given this planet after it was taken from the demons by the gods. It was rightfully theirs. The hellion wanted nothing more than to wipe their existence into nothing more than the mud below his feet. To hear this one with much the same goals, it was certainly something.

Feeling as though he had a proper leg to stand on in the argument, Murasaki snickered and a toothy grin spread across his face. Dark eyes peered down at the other. [#a802db "If that's the case.. we can't raise hell if we're both dead, no?"] he questioned, letting his non inflamed arm scoop up the human and shift him so that he was sat on the demon's arm.

Standing up, he said a quick, [#a802db "Hold on,"] before crouching down and nearly rocketing himself into the air. Swiftly and quite easily, with only a few massive bounds, the demon and human has a beautiful view from the top of the mountains. Taking in a deep breath, his eyes scanned the horizon. It was truly a shame there was no village in sight, he was hoping for a massacre. Yet the feeling of finally being free from that shrine stone was enough for Murasaki to feel even the least bit thankful. Had the human that freed him not then also wrapped inescapable chains around them both.]]
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 "I suppose your dedication was less than impressive after all."

Jun's face finally drops the smile, anger immediately evident in his eyes. This individual had finally found the button to push. Rage bubbled to the surface, wind suddenly whipping around the male like a small maelstrom with surprising force.

[#1a1a78 "A decade I gave to find and free you. To offer myself to your service. If you doubt my dedication to this after that, then perhaps the scrolls [b severely] overstated your intelligence. But nonetheless..."] Slowly, but surely, the wind dies down a bit. The smile returns. [#1a1a78 "I have forsaken all I've ever known for a being I knew would hate me. I am, after all, only human."]

Jun cocked his head to one side. [#1a1a78 "I would argue that my willingness to end us together says more [b for] my dedication than it does [b against] it. You think I freed you for no reason beyond my own desires? Of course I had other motives..."]

The boy slowly lifts a hand, brushing a bit of hair away from his face gingerly, tucking it behind his ear. [#1a1a78 "Humanity is a stain on an otherwise beautiful world. Someone needs to take them down a peg. I want to witness it. I want to see the moment that humanity realizes that hope, for them, is lost to the wind. I'll give, or lose, [b anything] to see that I do."]
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 Raising a brow in disbelief, Murasaki watched as the human made a pass at seeming together. Poor thing. He refrained from interrupting, though his face plainly displayed his disinterest. Fingering his pinkie into his pointed ear to further such feeling, he looked to the side at the other humans. Lowering his hand, he scowled at the lifeless forms in disgust.

There was a moment that the demon imagined a plume of bright red hair crouched over the bodies for consumption but he shook the image away as quickly as it entered his mind. There was no Jikininki here to devour these bodies. Nor would there be any more bodies left to be consumed. Flicking his hand upward, the corpses sparked ablaze, flesh burning to a crisp and leaving nothing but bones in but moments.

"That aside... I can prove myself nothing, if not useful." Making a noise, the man looked back to Jun with a sneer. [#a802db "Tch.. Useful. Yet you nearly end me. Nice show of dominance, I'll give you that."] Leaning in close, Murasaki took in a deep breath of the man's scent, nose ever so slightly brushed against Jun's neck. [#a802db "Hmm.. yet I doubt your resolve for such things. You die and you take down everything you worked for, no? You would really take me away from you? I suppose your dedication was less than impressive after all."]]]
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 The searing pain blocked all else out for a brief moment, but the human made no sound. His body betrayed him though, muscles tightening and eyes squeezing shut almost comedically. Some part of Jun, though... Still found it in him to affix that smile to his face.

Jun had scarcely imagined the demon being as fascinated by him, as he was by the demon. Not a fool. But even this... unimaginable pain... was wonderful, in it's own way. The attention showed made the human thrive, despite the pain and perhaps partially [b because] of the malice. It was over almost too soon. Or too late.

The boy wavered a bit, pressing a hand to the dirt to steady himself. Moments passed before the human spoke, in a softer, breathier tone than before. [#1a1a78 "I am.. many things. I've been called foolish, even evil. But I'm no idiot. As... anticlimactic as it would be, there's nothing you could do to stop me from dealing with myself as I dealt with those that helped me get here."] Jun gestures vaguely toward the human bodies behind him with the heads on the wrong way.

He could only hope that the demon didnt pick up on the slight lie in that statement. Perhaps it would be lost in his wavering? Jun knew it would be a supremely difficult task to use any magic if tortured. He only hoped the demon didn't.

[#1a1a78 "That aside... I can prove myself nothing, if not useful. I lied my way through most of the Clergy to find you. Created a spell to.. insure my own survival."
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 Though he wanted to crush the man before him into a indistinguishable mess, the demon watched in amusement as he saw the other smile. Blood was draining from his neck, yet he smiled. What an annoying thing. The flames that made up his body settled slightly as Jun began to speak. Lifting his head a bit to look down at the male condescendingly, Murasaki listened without giving interruption.

"I don't want you back in that damned stone." Hm. Peculiar that a human would want anything other than the demon's demise. Interest now piqued, especially with the lack of a blade at the human's neck, the large form shifted and lay before him, a paw crossing over the other. He supposed, since he was - for all intents and purposes - stuck with this human for now, he would hear him out. As the other continued on, he fell to the ground.

The feline grinned in satisfaction at the other's pain. Of course, it also hurt Murasaki, though the demon was much more tolerant, even of what may be a potentially fatal wound. Jun continued on, seeming to further surprise the man. "I'm a tool for you to use in whatever way you choose." Eyes widened a bit before narrowing impishly, the grin spreading out further. Oh how sweet that sounded. Murasaki definitely knew how to use others. Demons were creatures that often ate weaker of it's kind to empower their own strength and abilities. And he had no qualms with using this human.

[#a802db [East+Sea+Dokdo [size18 "Hnhnhn.. You look pale, human. Something the matter?"]]] his beastly voice teased, tails flicking slowly. With a low hum and a swirl of flames, Murasaki was once again in his more humanoid form, stepping closer to Jun. Squatting to the ground, arms draping unceremoniously over his thighs, his grin was as devilish as in his previous state. Dark purple blood dripped from his own neck, mimicking the human's. Though he appeared unperturbed at the notion they could both die here.

[#a802db "Interesting. You'd go to such great lengths to get my attention. How sweet it would be to watch you die here slowly.. Unfortunately.."] he cut off, narrowing his eyes and frowning in irritation as he swiped a finger over the blood on his neck. Holding the finger up in front of Jun, the large man snarled, [#a802db "My existence is also on the line thanks to you."]

Letting out a huff, he reached his fiery hand out before the other and using a single finger, he slowly slid the white hot digit over the open wound on Jun's neck. A crazed smile once again graced his lips, fangs glistening as the beautiful sound of searing flesh filled his ears. The wound was eventually cauterized, the demon dragging it out as long as possible, the burning sensation spreading across the length of his own neck. Though for him, the feeling was quite enjoyable.

Once finished, he pulled his hand back and let out a low chuckle. [#a802db Mm.. Human's can sustain quite a lot of burns before death takes them. If you ever begin to have the notion that you are in charge here, remember that I am fire.. and you? Are quite flammable."] he warned.]]
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 Breathing out deeply, Jun immediately clasped a hand to his bloody neck. Damnit all, that hurt. Glancing up at the demon, a slight smile crosses his face. A mixture of pain and even a bit of... happiness? He'd wipe the blade on his robe and resheathe it, nodding to Murasaki.

[#1a1a78 "I know and.. I'm sorry, even. But,"] Jun takes a step forward, lowering his head slightly. [#1a1a78 "Whether or not you choose to show or admit it, you're still hurt. Throwing your weight around like that... Even this far from the humans. That form, beautiful as it is, is going to draw attention. Sages and priests, potentially. I dont want you back in that damned stone."]

With a hiss, he draws his hand away from the still-bleeding wound, and looks up to the Nekomata. [#1a1a78 "My nation can burn and crumble underfoot for all I care. I'm here because you fascinate me. [b My people] disgust me. Insolent, disgusting little people."] He sways a moment, then shakes his head and drops to a sitting position, slightly paler than before. [#1a1a78 "I'm not your enemy, Murasaki no Honō. No... Far from it. I'm a tool for you to use in [I whatever] way you choose. You can't get rid of me. So you may as well put me to use."]
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 Continuing his destructive rampage, the colossal demon swept his tail over a section of the forest, flames rising high and engulfing the trees. Standing still as he took heavy breaths for a moment, the feline then threw his head back and shook as he let out another roar of anger, a mix of both animalistic and human in sound.

As the sound trailed off and Murasaki took a step to continue his demolition, a choked sound echoed through the trees, stopping him dead in his tracks. Purple light, much brighter that the deep colors of his body, though purple none the less, leaked from his throat.

Eyes darting around the half destroyed land below him, his pupils focused in on the minuscule human where he still stood, his excellent vision well enough to make out a blade in his hand. [#a802db [East+Sea+Dokdo [size18 "You little brat!!"]]] Bounding forward, the massive Murasaki stopped just before the puny human and lowered his head, his teeth snapping in front of him, eyes narrowing. Murasaki's breath was like a gust of warm wind against Jun's flesh, gushing past him as the creature spoke. [#a802db [East+Sea+Dokdo [size18 "Put that thing down or I swear to you, your entire nation will lay as ashes beneath my paws!"]]]

The light from his neck was mimicked by similar light leaking from his stomach. It hurt. His soul, his spirit was in pain but he wouldn't say not one single word of it. He ached, and it was a feeling he was largely unfamiliar with. It made the demon uneasy. His life balancing on the whim of a human.]]
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 [#1a1a78 "Breathtaking..."]

And frustrating. The demon throwing his fit risked everything. He was far from stealthy. His form could likely be seen from [b miles] away. But what could he do, really? This demon was beyond any power the boy had ever seen. No single human could... Unless...

Reaching to his belt, Jun rested his hand on the small carved handle of what was, essentially, a decorative blade. But it was still sharp. It would do the job. Drawing the little blade, he stared down at it. Was this really what he was going to do? [i Yes.] Was he really willing to do this, just to potentially save the demon? [i Of course.] [#1a1a78 "Without a doubt."]

He brought the blade up to the side of his throat, pressing the razor sharp edge there. Then, [b incredibly] slowly, dragging it toward the center. Leaving a trail of open flesh in it's wake.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 Pure rage and resentment flowed through his senses, balling his fists tight as the other spoke. No. Magic could be done and undone. He was a demon, a powerful one at that. he would not be bested by a mortal. He refused. The other's attitude and confidence tipped the scale and sent Murasaki mad.

Snarling pants slipped through grit teeth as he backed away, chest heaving as his form began to engulf into flames. The ground hissed under his footsteps, smoke rising from his feet as he continued to back away. [#a802db "No! [b No! I refuse!!]"] he shouted, a giant echoing roar of a large feline shaking the forest. In but a moment, flames completely covered his figure and blew into a massive form, swirling around him. What was left behind was the form depicted in the scrolls.

A giant, two tailed flaming cat. Teeth bared and claws digging into the ground below, trees began to shift and crack to make way for the monster above. Letting out a loud roar, the Nekomata ran towards one side of the mountain range encircling them and slammed it's body into it, the stoney cliffs crumbling and crashing into the earth. With a deep, booming voice that carried for miles, he cried in a frenzy. [East+Sea+Dokdo [#a802db [size18 "I will not be bound!"]]]

Repeating his previous action, the feline ran across the forest and into the mountains across from him, rearing on his back legs and smashing through the mountainside with his front paws easily. His tails whipped around wildly, his piercing yellow eyes wide and feral.]]
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 That almost-eerily calm smile didn't falter for a moment, the human's hand coming up to lay on the invisible tie binding the two. [#1a1a78 "This little 'ol thing? An interesting proposal..."] The boy's eyes flicked over the demon's face, then to take in his body language, then to rest on his eyes.

Jun shifted his weight to the leg nearest to Murasaki, cocking his head slightly. He wanted to get away. And that was something that he simple couldn't abide.

[#1a1a78 "You see, though... I didn't design this particular spell to be broken. Not by you... Not by anyone outside the bond... Not even by myself."] As if to emphasize his point, the hand between them taps on a piece of the apparent chain, causing a small section of it to appear for a second before vanishing again. [#1a1a78 "I spent the last decade searching for you... I'm not letting you go without me [b now]."] His tone sharpens slightly delivering the last bit of speech, and his eyes are narrowed. Total insolence plain on his face.
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/JWbR2aC.jpg?1]]
[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 [#a802db "Shit.."] he spat out in frustration. Of course his whereabouts were unknown. Nothing could be easy, could it? Wiping the blood from his mouth with the back of his hand, the demon took a step to match the other's movement, though the step was significantly larger. Less than arm's length between them, Murasaki leaned down, eyes boring deep into the human's. There was a calm about the demon's demeanor, though his eyes held all flurries of emotions in them.

[#a802db "As [i ideal] of a situation this seems to be for you.. I'll be needing my soul back. These chains, you will break them so I may go and return a favor."] he emphasized his point, pulling the hand covering his stomach away for the other to see his blood coated palm.

[#a802db "I'm sure there are a hundred ways for me to break your binding, but you see.. it would be much simpler to have you do it for me yourself."] A wide smile spread across his lips, trying to appear civil and friendly, though he was unable to hide the twitch of his eye at having to act so out of himself. After all this wasn't a normal situation that he was able to brute force his way out of, unless he was feeling like dying himself today as well.]]
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 Unbridled fury. Gods and Goddesses, the scrolls had done this one absolutely no justice. Suppressing his smile this time, the boy resumed his slow circle around the Demon once again.

Jun was unsure how the other male would react to much. But he was truly enjoying the emotion pouring from him. [#1a1a78 "I don't have that answer for you, unfortunately.. All that I could find on [b that one] was that he was sealed shortly after you were."] Jun's face scrunched up with the disgust of talking about this 'Don'yokuna'.

[#1a1a78 "It took me nearly ten years to even find where [i you] were. But..."] He closed part of the gap, that smug smile returning to his features. [#1a1a78 "But between the both of us, now... I'm sure we could cut that time down considerably."] The last couple sentences were singsong, almost as if inviting the devil into his bed.
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/JWbR2aC.jpg?1]]
[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 Murasaki no Hono was a vain man. On most days, the compliments would have worked, however on the day that his supposed freedom was now in shambles? Out of a prison and into shackles, the other's words meant little in the wake of what he'd lost.

Eyes followed Jun's movements like a hawk now, in preparation for any other tricks the man might have up his sleeves. The moment the word left his mouth.. [i betrayer].. Murasaki's eyes bulged, energy radiating from his form. White plumes of hair flared up as his form began to tremble and shake. [#a802db "Betrayer..."] he began, voice lowering to a growl yet booming ferociously. [#a802db "Taiyo.. I'll tear him limb from-"]

Cut off by the searing pain coursing through him, Murasaki leaned over minimally and coughed up dark purple blood onto the singed grass below him. The adrenaline succeeded in distracting the demon, but with it now worn out, replaced by a hatred and utter contempt for the one who stabbed him in the back, his injury was now alarmingly apparent.

Craning his neck down, he saw the giant hole in his gut that must have been bleeding since he reawakened. The memory of the blow his former "friend" inflicted on him just before he was sealed away. He thought that surely his wound would have been healed, yet it seemed he was held in a stasis during his time locked away. As if the wound dealt one thousand years ago had happened only moments ago.

He was amazed in a way that the wound hadn't blown a hole clean through him, however it was enough damage to deal a fair amount of pain. Pants left his lips as he held a hand up to the wound before glaring up at the human, streaks of blood dripping down his chin and neck. [#a802db "Where.. Where is Don'yokuna Taiyo!?"] he demanded.]]
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size13 A smile crept across the human's face as his hand reached up to touch his throat. The pressure. The heat. All of it was... Exhilarating. He could hear the pounding of his heart in his eardrums.

[#1a1a78 "I... I know. That's why I devised this spell."] He steps to the side opposite the wall of flame, his gaze scarcely leaving Murasaki. [#1a1a78 "You are utterly amazing... Your power, the legend behind you... Your body."]

A soft chuckle escaped the boy's lips. [#1a1a78 "There are worse fates than [b me] being the one to find and bind you. It could've been an actual priest. Or someone less..."] He leans down to grab a scroll from one of the fallen humans. [#1a1a78 "Enamored with you. Perhaps you'd prefer to have been bound by your betrayer?"] The word betrayer coming from his mouth is said with an abundant disgust.
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