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Val said no cause the owner her rental is stopping by to check in the place. Valentina may just end up buying a new place because they workers did something that ended up damaging the pipes and now it needs to get fixed and evaluated. She gave him a few minutes to stretch before working on their abs and core with a little legs. She’s about to show him her workout to keep her body fit for modeling.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 2d 14h 52m 42s
Kane came back in sweats and a cut off t shirt. “Hey baby.” He has brought a bag to keep at her place. Rambo had been happy to see him but had went back to sleep before Kane had even left so he fed him and would ask her if he could bring him back over there again.
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 3d 2h 53m 18s
“Go. I work out for a while. I’ll just stretch. Take the house keys. I’ll be in the back.” She tells him. She gives him a kiss before going downstairs to stretch in the backyard. She even brought out water bottles and yoga mats so she can stretch and do some yoga until he comes back.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 3d 2h 55m 52s
"Give me time to go ht some clothes from my place?" He asked kissing her gently. "get some body wash for your shower too so I don't smell all flowery." He liked that her hair always smelled like strawberries to him, he was in love with this woman and he always would be.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 3d 6h 8m 7s
“I workout in the backyard. The guy has things under a canopy” she says getting up to get her workout shoes. The girl then sits on the bed as she ties up her hair. “I do a hardcore workout.” She says warning him. Valentina looks back at him to see if he’s still willing to workout with her.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 3d 6h 18m 15s
:More where that came from. " He said with a smile. "Mind if I go and workout with you? I haven't had a good workout in awhile even though last night was for sure one." He said and kissed her. "I can run home and get my things for the gym or we can stop on the way, he suggested.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 3d 6h 59m 40s
Val showers him with kisses. “Morning. If I wasn’t on the pill they kind of sex would’ve gotten me pregnant for her.” She says jokingly. She gets up to go out on work out clothes. “You can go back to sleep. It’s time for me to work out.” She says getting dressed.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 3d 7h 1m 9s
Kane woke up slowly but kissed her, "Good Mornin' darlin'." She was amazing and the night before had been the best night of his life. He was just hoping she wasn't too sore and he hadn't hurt her as he had been a little roigh.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 3d 7h 17m 41s
Aw. He was such a gentleman. She would’ve been okay with doing it in the the bathroom or in his car. He took her to the rental. The booze made her lustful.

In the morning she had a headache. But she stayed curled up next to him. She draws circles on his chest gently. Waiting for him to wake up. She needs to go work out. Then make breakfast.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 6d 5h 20m 15s
Kane nodded kissing her, he had only had one drink so he was safe to drive. At the valet he held the door for her. 15 minutes and they were at her place and he was taking that little outfit off of her. He wanted her too. The next morning he woke up holding her.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 6d 5h 36m 44s
Valentina kisses him before getting up to go dance. They didn’t like to dance away from the dance floor. She danced with him for a few song. There was a few times things may have gotten a little too sexual. It’s a sign that tonight is definitely going down...

Val helped a friend go to the bathroom to vomit and use the bathroom. Seems like she had a virus. The shits and vomit all at once.... she swapped with another friend. She goes to Kane and whisper in ear. “Let’s go... I want you.”
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 6d 5h 40m 16s
He nodded kissing her shoulder gently, "I'm ready to dance when you are." He had gotten a jack and coke and loved when she sat on his lap. His friends were shocked that he was with someone as beautiful as she was and hers seemed shocked that Kane was a country singer with their friend.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 6d 5h 53m 11s
He wants to take things to the next level. Already. It scares her. They may be taking things to the nest level by the end of the night. When they got to the club she spotted her friends at the bar. She left him to go run to them. She informed them he got them the VIP seating. They didn’t want to go at first but she convinced them to go.

Her friends began to chat with his. She sat on Kane’s lap watching. “Hopefully they can dance because we love to dance.” She says drinking a beer.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 6d 5h 57m 14s
"Oh I'm not pretending to go out with you... just want to show you how much I love you on a different level." He said before he kissed her. He was driving the hellcat and held her hand as they drove along. At the club there was valet so he had them park it.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 6d 6h 15m 39s
Valentina shrugs. She doesn’t date what kind of car they take. As long as they get there. The girl didn’t dress up for nothing. She laughs when he mentions it being their fourth date. “Easy cowboy. Telling me you’re only dating me to get into my pants? You couldn’t asked instead of pretending to go out with me.” She says locking up before heading to his car.
Tonight is going to be one interesting night...
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 6d 14h 37m 18s

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