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When Max and the flock infiltrate the School again, they find two new hybrids: a demon-boy and a cat-boy. Hasekura and Felix.

This is their story.


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((secretly Max wants to throw up when she sees them kissing

Felix squirmed more. [i I'm not b-being naughty...] he tried to argue, but he knew he had been and knew he'd pay for it later.
  Felix (Maximum Ride) / StephenStark / 186d 10h 39m 14s
( secretly Max wants in on the action

Hasekura chuckled again. [i I wasn’t going to do it right now. I’m not naughty like you.]
  Hasekura / Raiders / 188d 6h 17m 48s
Felix was already squirming. He buried his face in Kura's neck, sure that he was blushing furiously. [i N-not now,] he thought. [i There are people. There is Max.] He didn't bother mentioning Fang; he'd probably join them if they started.

But Max...

Max was a whole other story.
  Felix (Maximum Ride) / StephenStark / 188d 6h 19m 49s
Hasekura chuckled, feeling his face grow warm. [i I cant wait to see you squirm.] he replied.
  Hasekura / Raiders / 188d 6h 52m 21s
Felix nuzzled against Kura's neck. [i I know. It's just boring...] He wrapped his arms around Hasekura's neck, kissing his collarbone gently. [i I wanna get out of here. I wanna feel your new teeth and tongue.]
[i It’s good that nothing is happening, silly.] He rolled his eyes at him but scooped Felix into his arms.
  Hasekura / Raiders / 188d 7h 3m 10s
[i Nothing's happening, though!] Felix thought, leaning against Kura. [i Pick me up?] He looked up at Hasekura through his little kitten eyes.
  Felix (Maximum Ride) / StephenStark / 188d 7h 4m 59s
[i We’re also trying to leave the school. How are you bored by this?] He asked.
  Hasekura / Raiders / 188d 7h 32m 7s
[i But I'm boreddd,] Felix thought despairingly. [i I need something to dooo!]
  Felix (Maximum Ride) / StephenStark / 188d 7h 36m 8s
Hasekura glared at him playfully, though there was a hint of seriousness on there. [i This isn’t time for play Felix.]
  Hasekura / Raiders / 188d 8h 31m 12s
Felix glanced innocently up at him. [i What? I'm not doing anything.] His tail swished freely from side to side, [i maybe] brushing against Kura's.
  Felix (Maximum Ride) / StephenStark / 188d 12h 23m 1s
Hasekura sucked in a sharp breath, looking over at Felix. [i I told you to stop.]
  Hasekura / Raiders / 188d 20h 45m 19s
Felix rested his head on Hasekura's arm, leaning against him. It wasn't his fault if his tail [i just happened] to rub against Kura's, was it?
  Felix (Maximum Ride) / StephenStark / 191d 21h 48m 4s
He chuckled again, squeezing his hand gently. [i I’m glad you love me.]
  Hasekura / Raiders / 191d 21h 55m 9s
Felix grinned. [i And I love you,] he thought, taking Kura's hand again.
  Felix (Maximum Ride) / StephenStark / 191d 22h 27s

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