Maximum Ride: The Ultimate Ride

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When Max and the flock infiltrate the School again, they find two new hybrids: a demon-boy and a cat-boy. Hasekura and Felix.

This is their story.


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Felix rested his head on Hasekura's arm, leaning against him. It wasn't his fault if his tail [i just happened] to rub against Kura's, was it?
He chuckled again, squeezing his hand gently. [i I’m glad you love me.]
  Hasekura / Raiders / 2h 46m 4s
Felix grinned. [i And I love you,] he thought, taking Kura's hand again.
He chuckled. [i Indeed I do. You’re lucky I do.] he teased.
  Hasekura / Raiders / 2h 56m 37s
[i But you wouldn't do that, because you love me~] Felix teased, blinking innocently up at him.

((I gotta go brb sry!
Hasekura moves back towards him. [i I could move as far as I could away.]
  Hasekura / Raiders / 3h 5m 32s
Felix rolled his eyes. [i It's a small hallway. Kinda hard to help it.] But he didn't try again. He played with his ears instead, tugging softly on the tip a little bit.
Hasekura stuck his tongue out at him, taking a step away. [i I’m not gonna walk by you if you keep doing that.]
  Hasekura / Raiders / 3h 12m 44s
Felix smirked. [i You dooo~] He stroked Hasekura's tail again, brushing it with his own. [i How cute.]
[i I’m not answering that.] Hasekura said, with a glance over in his direction.
  Hasekura / Raiders / 3h 20m 15s
Felix glanced up at Hasekura. [i What? You like this?] He'd never thought about trying it before. The scales felt good beneath his fingertips.
He stiffened slightly, his jaw clenching to keep from making a sound. [i Stop that.]
  Hasekura / Raiders / 3h 23m 56s
Felix smiled, gently stroking Kura's tail. [i I guess you should.]
He squeezed his shoulders lightly. [i I guess I should warm you up then,] Hasekura replied.
  Hasekura / Raiders / 14h 8m 46s
Felix leaned into Hasekura as they walked, pulling the taller boy's arm around his small shoulders. [i I'm cold.]

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