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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/jPhUvLM.jpg]]
[center [u [size25 Welcome to Wailing Heights]]]

Just a town in the middle of nowhere

Here however, the things that go bump in the night, live here. Vampires, demons, werewolves, everything you could think of that exists in nightmares, reside here.
At Wailing Heights, it is always seems to be night. Yet it is a quiet town, not much happens. Just monsters living their lives like normal humans.

The occasional human wanders into this town purely by accident. If one does, the creatures are usually welcoming, helping the human. Though, there are the few beasts that would rather...lead humans astray and make them 'disappear'.

Unfortunately though, the residents of Wailing Heights cannot help the human back to their own world. Usually, the human is trapped there for the rest of their life.
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walking down the road, angel looked around at the place and felt her wings lay against her back. she did not know where she was or how she got here. all she really knew is she walked here and she had not seen anyone yet in the place. 'where is everyone, i thought this was supposed to be a town.'
  AngelSnow / 1d 11h 51m 58s
Alfa would tilt his head at the creature, "Well now my fellow experiment is it ok if I will stick with you For I'm still far too young to be on my own and I need a partner to be stronger"
Dark Dragon would appear behind him and smacks the back his head, "Alfa no We no wait you need to learn to stop asking you know kissing you is a death warrant and if anyone does kisses you, they are put into danger"
Alfa would look at Dark Dragon rubbing the back of his head, "It's not like it can die he survived many things not like I can't either I didn't wish to have both sexes any, Wait it's not that I didn't wish to have every known DNA shoved into my egg I didn't wish for the 25 people who I cared and didn't care about die by my abilities I'm tired to ask a normal anymore"
Dark Dragon would shake his head, "Alfa I didn't have a choice to be with you it's life and deal with it that is all I have to say if it says yes then you can do it but remember you're nothing but a power booster and Many want that thanks to you being able to destroy a star and planet but it killed you in the process"
Alfa would look away looking upset, "You're lucky I can't kill you otherwise I would be doing it right now"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 2d 23h 58m 32s
Hylla was terribly bored and still annoyed due to the human threatening her. "who the hell does she think she is? Walking out of the bar pointing her weapon at me for no reason." she muttered. Hylla had been walking around for sometime when she noticed the shop. "maybe i can find something to draw in there." she said walking into the shop. The first thing she saw upon entering the shop she spotted hex. She quickly rushed over to hex. "hello, may i draw you?" she asked holding her head by her horns.
  LittleHermit / 3d 54m 7s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/TNYpOsO.jpg]
[h3 [center Magnus & Hex]]
The male continued his search in his shop. He still hadn't come across that ingredient he had been searching for. Magnus released an annoyed sigh, lightly rubbing his temples. It had to be here somewhere, but it sure as hell was not being easily found.
A sudden chatter brought his attention, making him look towards the source of the sound. A large, strange looking creature was currently perched atop a shelf. It looked down with red eyes, pupils round. Between its paws, was what appeared to be a strange pot.
[#ff6347 [b "Is this what you were looking for master,"]] a voice came from the strange thing.
Magnus glanced towards the creature, [#483d8b [b "Hm, ah yes! That's it Hex! Could you bring it here please."]]
A pair of wings suddenly unfurled from its sides, gracefully gliding down to the floor. Its size grew larger, to the size of a large wolf. It carried the pot carefully, setting it down for the male who came over to pick it up. The strange beast was rewarded with pets to the head, releasing a soft purr-like noise.
[#ff6347 [b "You need to keep better track of these things master. I can only keep up with so much."]]
A soft chuckle came from Magnus, [#483d8b [b "But if I were, then what would you be doing? Have to keep you busy somehow."]]
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 3d 1h 18m 7s
[b ((OOC: I advise taking your 'bicker' elsewhere or to PMs. This is a RP, though I would ask to wait for at least 2 people to post before you post again. There is always the option of asking a person to do a 1x1 with them as well if it begins to control this RP. This is suppose to be laid back and just something to pass time.
So please, keep it to RP speak only, and take the drama elsewhere. I will block both of you to keep you from posting in this RP if this happens again))]
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 4d 9h 45m 27s
[b "A being created by humans as a genetic experiment. My DNA is artificial, lab created DNA which can't be replicated. It's why I have no gender. Having artificial DNA also gave the scientists the ability to control exactly what they wanted in me. They tried keeping out intelligence but that failed seeing that I turned out more intelligent that the entire labs worth of scientists whose lives I ruined hundreds of years ago."] [size12 Menace said in their sing-song voice. Again they didn't sound male or female. Their voice sounded more as if nature was singing. It was a soothing sound which humans often enjoyed once they saw Menace was harmless so long as they weren't threatened.]
  Menace / -Mirror- / 4d 10h 22m 12s
  LittleHermit / 4d 11h 43m 52s
Sorry I'm fast in both mind and physical but that is thanks to my hyperactive mindset and with autism, so no hard feelings Hermit))

Alfa would smile as his body begins to shift turning into them he had the same details and form he would walk up to him and tilt his head, "Hello there what are you, you are obviously not a normal creature" He would be scanning them up and down
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 4d 11h 58m 37s
  LittleHermit / 5d 3h 31m 4s
[size12 Menace had to fight to get his stability back. Getting them riled up was a really bad thing to do. It was why no one was ever after them anymore except the idiots that didn't get the memo. Being a genetic mess has caused the worst case of mental instability.]

[size12 Menace was aware of everything going on around them, even the beast that was following them. But they paid no mind. They casually walked along, taking in their surroundings as their mind resettles into a sense of sanity. They walked by a fruit stand offering fresh exotic fruits to those who pass by and Menace casually plucked one up with a smile. They opened their mouth wide, revealing every razor sharp tooth and that their teeth seemed to be double layered in the back and each tooth quite massive. With one chomp, the fruit was gone.] [b "Yummy!"] [size12 They were offered another and they happily took it. This time they actually ate it normally, taking bites to savor the sweet flavor of the odd fruit. They purred a high pitched purr as they ate their fruits, still fully aware they were being followed.]
  Menace / -Mirror- / 5d 4h 6m 26s
"Ok then don't come to me when it's after you I will turn you in after I get him also if you want more strength just kiss him he will give you more power" she would walk away knowing that she will get him onto her side sometime if he doesn't it wouldn't really matter since he was going to die anyhow

Alfa would wake up and crawl out of the cave his massive size did make him hard to hide he would walk at an unhuman pace about 40 miles per hour hitting the street then into town he sees the raptor creature run across his path since he was going almost the same speed only that he was going over 100 miles per hour he mutters, "height 2.3 meters length 3.5 meters weight estimated 400 kilograms estimated speed 156 kilometers per hour, creature unknown must get DNA sample to tell" He would just continue to walk his path that he was going
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 5d 4h 35m 35s
[b "I have hearing more sensitive than a dragons. I came from a time where computers didn't exist. Remember, I'm hundreds of years old. THey had to write everything down which it all got burned when the lab got destroyed. I found one of the last renaming scientist in his old age and they said there was nothing left of me in physical writing. I know a lie when I sense it. He wasn't lying. There was only one lab at the time that even daring the kind of experiments that created me. It was supposed to be government funded but when I escaped, all funding was cut and if they attempted to try again, they'd all be executed on the spot in their own homes. I'm not helping you. I'd rather be eaten by a dragon again."] [size12 Menace said firmly before turning and walking off. They were done. It was obvious. The growling ruble that came from his chest and the twitching at the end of his tail was a clear indicator that provoking him further would be disastrous for the entire town. At least their eardrums and everything made of glass. Menace's Sonic Screech could make a dragon go deaf if they wanted to do it.]
  Menace / -Mirror- / 5d 5h 15m 34s
Stella smiles, "The scientists don't drop experiments and tell you the truth you're on my hunt down list so if I am your enemy doesn't that mean you're mine hmm... I could right now capture you with ease so much ease I can have you kneel down before you even think on even moving also he has blown up a lab and not just the lab a city with it as well so your sense of smell would be just what I need and I will promise you one thing id I get him you're off my hunt down list" She would lean on to the wall she was next to and stays there letting them think
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 5d 5h 51m 10s
[size12 Menace relaxed but was still prepared to use their ability. They listened carefully and glanced at the photo. They almost wanted to laugh about the document part though.] [b "The lab is destroyed and the scientists that created me are dead by now. They took their research and knowledge with them in their minds. There's nothing physical on me anywhere. I'm hundreds of years old. There's no documents on me accept a warning notice to not engage in warfare against me since I can survive even a nuke and still wipe out an army. All I want is to live my life and so does this Alfa kid. Leave him alone. He doesn't deserve being trapped in a cage. I've lived my youth in a cage getting poked, prodded, tested on, experimented on, tortured, and so on and so forth. I'm thankful I figure out what was going on just as they were discussing dissecting me alive and watching to see how my regeneration ability works. Try going through that and not having a say in whether or not you're willing and try coming out of it sane."] [size12 Menace growled as they recalled memories that were supposed to be locked away. Their face changed and a more raptor like sound came out, exposing their unusually shaped razor sharp teeth. Menace was now in a fowl mood no thanks to the memories of their past being trapped like a lab rat.]
  Menace / -Mirror- / 5d 6h 1m 17s
Stella would smile, "then you can help me I need to find this" she holds up a picture of Alfa killing the same creature like her, "He is Project A.L.F.A or what we called him Alfa for more better suitable thing to do but he is cell 279 if you're helpful I think I will destroy the documents they still have on you"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 5d 6h 32m 5s

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