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Raven was new to town, her Grandmother had just passed away and left her the house. Her mother and father hadn't wanted the house and had almost sold it, but the reading of the will had said that only Raven could choose to sell it. She had chosen to keep it, and after an argument with her parents, she moved into it.

What she doesn't know is the town is full of creatures that look human, but are not. Her Grandmother had known and had tried to bring Raven into learning about them, but her parents had tried to shy her away from all the "nonsense" of the town. Like Humans, some were good, and some were bad. So what will happen when Raven is invited to the town's annual Halloween Monster Mash and becomes the target of many creatures for both pleasure and pain? And who is that dark mysterious hottie that keeps following her? Is he here to hurt her? Help her? Or simply devour her in any way he can....?

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He sighed, "Look I know this seems fake and all but I can't fully explain everything is ok now just breath and if you want I can give you a hug or something"
He sat there as Dark Dragon reappeared, "I'm going to so laugh if she screams I will be practically enjoying it because you're scaring her and it's like torturing her I love it already"
Alfa just slaps him into the ground, "Shut up Dark Dragon... so please stay calm I don't want to go back"

He looks down and just sat there waiting for her words or her scream. He folds his ears back thinking about her probably yelling at him he lightly speaks, "You may go whenever you want but just hear me out if my sister comes and talks to you tell her nothing of me" He turns around walks away his tail showed tire marks where she drove on it.
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Something appeared beside him and she jumped to press against the wall more before slipping down to the ground. She wasn't sure how much more of this she was gonna be able to handle. Nothing they were saying was making any sense. [#3a1256 "I... I don't know what to ask, nothing is making sense, I don't know who you are or what you have to do with my grandmother... I don't know anything about these creators of yours.... and...and...."] She groaned and grabbed her head as a massive headache was beginning to form. [#3a1256 "I... I want a serious explanation right now, or I... I'm gonna start screaming until the neighbors show up...."] She wasn't sure if that was actually a smart thing to say, but she was confused and scared, and felt as though she was losing her mind.
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He though for a minute smiling, "Well now why are you scared? I'm nothing to fear you didn't blackout which is a good thing usually when people see who I really am they usually faint or um... run" a black figure appeared next to him, "Hey Alfa?" The black figure was darker than Alfa but looked exactly like him but smaller, "Um... should we like memory wipe her or something because of um Alpha will be coming for you" He chuckled, "I will take note of that Dark Dragon" Dark Dragon nods and disappears leaving nothing there, "Well sorry about that now for your next question I know the old-timer since she was around and when I had yet again escaped from my creators I promise you this you don't need to worry about me worry about my sister she's the one that won't be merciful now any more questions?"

He backed further away from her hoping she wouldn't just freak out. He looked her, "Oh yeah about the car... Again sorry trash pail is right by the door" His eyes kept scanning her for injuries in case she did get hurt, "Are you hurt from that crash?"
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Raven could only stare on in horror and shock. This had to be a dream. Here was this creature, that apparently seemed to know her Grandmother, and was promising not to KILL her because he didn't eat Humans?! [#3a1256 "I think..... I need to throw up....."] She said as she started to sway, looking paler than normal and reaching to brace against the wall. [#3a1256 "I'm..... I'm dreaming..... I'm... hallucinating... there was something in the house, and when I got fresh air it caused me to.... to bug out.... right?"] She looked over at him and slid down the wall. She didn't know what to do, what to think. [#3a1256 "What the hell do you know about my grandmother?"] she asked, her voice shaking as she pressed against the wall, still in shock of everything that seemed to happen in mere seconds.
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Alfa would shake his head as he grabs the windows and shut them and covering them then he releases his ability shifting back to himself, "This is what I am I'm classified to tell you anything else in fear they will come for you I saw you at the Oldtimers place are you her granddaughter?"

He was way too tall to be anything or even normal. He yawns revealing his sharp teeth and closes it. He looks at her with warm yellow eyes before getting close to her and smelling her. He thinks, 'I might want to memory wipe her or knock her out in case she tries anything'
He would back away, "Don't worry I will not kill you I don't eat humans or monsters only creatures you can call me Alfa"
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She noted her tire was bent and she stared wide-eyed. [#3a1256 "What the hell did I hit?!"] she asked herself as she bent down to look to the tire's damage. [#3a1256 "How the hell am I gonna get this to the mechanic to fix?"] Something caught her eye and she looked up to see a guy coming to her. He looked in pain and was apologizing. She was very confused, there was no way she hit this guy and he caused damage like this to her tire. She'd hit something huge, she knew she did. It was then she noticed the long tail behind him and she felt her stomach drop.

She took a couple of steps back, but then she felt him snatch her up, surprisingly strong as he seemed to lift her up effortlessly and drag her into the building he supposedly came from. She tried to struggle free, but he held to her until they were inside and he sat her down speaking of how he was sorry he broke her car, and that they couldn't talk outside because they were watching and listening. [#3a1256 "Wh-who is watching and listening? Who the hell are you? WHAT are you?!"] she asked in a panic as she backed up away from him until she reached something that blocked her, some kind of furniture or maybe another wall. She stared to him in fear and confusion as her mind still tried processing his tail.
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Alfa saw that the door was opening and would try to sneak away, sure he was tall and big. How can anyone not miss a creature almost the size of two-story building ? He slipped into his building and growled, "I need to speak to her privately but damn I hurt"

He tried to concentrate and focus his ability to change him back. Once he was done he opened the door he would walk up in pain but not realizing his long tail was still there. He would walk to her hoping that she would talk to him, "H-Hey, do you need any help?"

He would smile lightly but couldn't hold it because of the pain. He notices that the tire was bent up too much and would look away at the damage. He would release a tear of pain and guilt and wanted to tell her but he didn't want to go back to the place he was made, "I'm sorry about the damage"
He would think, 'What am I doing I can't do this out here'
Alfa would quickly grab her and pulls her into his apartment, "Look I broke your car but I moved wrong but please forgive me I'm also sorry for dragging you here but I can speak out in public they have eyes and ears everywhere"
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Raven was driving around the town, slightly lost even though the town wasn't that huge. Something on a nearby building caught her eye, and she squinted as she tried to see what it might have happened before she felt her car hit one hell of a speed bump. She slammed on her breaks, and over the sound of her breaks she could have sworn she heard some animal, but nothing like that of a cat or a dog.

Once her car stopped she took a moment to take several deep breaths to try and calm herself as her hands gripped the steering wheel and would shake. She was thankful her breaks were good, or whatever she had hit would have caused her to wreck into a tree. She was trying to figure things out in her mind before she started to look around for any signs of what she might have hit. She hadn't seen any people or even animals around so she wasn't sure what the hell had been in the road. Her car was at an odd angle so it was hard to get a good look anywhere, so instead, she began to shakingly get out of her car. She needed to look around as check her car for damages.
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Alfa could have slept forever if the sun hadn't blinded him he stretched and stood up. He was as big as the tree that was next to the bench and he took to the skies hoping no one seen him. He spins making his wings glow brightly as he flew. He would land at his apartment to walk in. He notices a black car was coming around the curve and wouldn't know what to do he couldn't shift there his clothes can't change with him, there were no alleyways to slip into he was in a trap. He closed his eyes and changed an ability he had to camouflage himself with the buildings. He would hug the building he was closet to causing it to shake a little. He thinks, 'Damn too hard'

He watched the car heavily and sees who it was in the machine. He smiled and moved a little accidentally placing his tail in front of the machine and roared in pain as it rolled over the most sensitive part of his body. He fell out of his camouflage and held his tail whimpering in pain unable to move for a few minutes as it hurts.
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The alarm on her phone began to play soft rock music that would increasingly get louder but gradually. She wasn't sure why she even used that form of alarm, she was usually up as soon as she heard it playing. She dismissed it and stretched out in her bed. Her eyes felt tired and a little sore from crying the night before. Getting up, she headed to the bathroom in her bedroom and took a long, hot shower, then did her hair and makeup before deciding on what to wear for the day.

She decided on a black corset top, that held embroidered dragons along its details. She wore the corset piece over a mesh shirt that was stitched with falling leaves along the arms. Matching this to black jeans and her boots, a choker with a dragon charm and simple hoop earrings, she was ready for the day. Grabbing her phone she made her way back downstairs and grabbed her keys. She set the alarm near the door to one that meant she would be going out instead of asleep and stepped out of the house and locked up again before making her way to her car - a sleek metallic black Impala with a deep red pearlescent finish. Revving it up she pulled out of the driveway and made her way into town to first find breakfast, and then she'd need to start getting things for the house and groceries while also looking for a more local job.
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Alfa would wake up to feel something moving up his leg he would grab it and would look at it. It was a harmless mouse that was crawling up his leg slowly. He would bite into it since he was in his normal form. His body would be bigger his long furry tail would swerve back and forth as he enjoys his snack. His back would hold massive wings that would house a burn mark he doesn't want shown for some reason. His face would be a large short-snout with large ears that would fit his sizes and horns would sprout from the back of his head. His body would be covered in fur. He would get up and grab special clothes that were modified to fit him and put them on.

Once he has his clothes on he would poke his massive head out of the doorway and slip the rest of his body out of his room and sneak around. A poster would be by him before he removes it. it was to show that he is on the wanted list of some people and would like to be taken back in any way shape or form. He would continue to walk around his paws(Feet) would make him sound like a massive dog as he walks to the park. He would find a bench and sits down unable to fall asleep.

He would be looking up at the stars watching them for a while.
"I wonder who that Feline was and her smell was just like that oldtimer's smell I want to go check but I don't want to interrupt her sleeping time..." He would argue, "Eh it's not like I snuck into the oldtimers house without a problem... she might have added something to the doors so nevermind"
He would continue to stare at the stars slowly drifting into a deep slumber.
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Raven ordered her food and set up her television in the living room as she waited for delivery to arrive. When it did she smiled happily and tipped the guy, though something was off about the way he looked at her. He tried to linger around a bit but never made a move to try and push inside, thankfully. She tried to bid him goodnight and thanks without seeming impolite, but the way he stared at her had her a little unnerved. Finishing setting up her television, she then cleared off her couch and coffee table and set up her food to eat while finding something to watch and help her relax and settle.

She watched a few shows into her series before switching over to a few movies when her Grandmother's old Grandfather Clock began to chime its toll claiming it was midnight. She grumbled as she wanted to stay up more but she knew she'd need to be up semi-early to work on getting the house set up as well as she'd need to head into town for groceries. She stood and went to lock up the front door, setting the alarm panel when she thought she saw something across the road. She squinted through the window, but she couldn't make anything out so she shrugged it off as some stray animal.

She made her way upstairs and showered before dressing in her PJs and laying down on the bed in the master bedroom. She had stripped the bed of her grandmother's beddings and so was left with the mattresses and a sleeping bag for now. She plugged her phone up on the charger and sat it on the nightstand, then laid there after a while before she started to quietly cry as she mourned her Grandmother, and felt the stress hovering her from the fight with her parents. Once she was cried out, she would drift to sleep feeling exhausted and drained from the last few days.
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Alfa would be walking around looking for something to eat but nothing that would make him regret it. Once he reaches the Granny's house who was nice to him and treated him like he was something, tears start to form in his eyes. He loved her for her kindness to him. He would shake his head and then back at the house. The oldtimer's house was light up as if something was inside doing something to the place. He would sneak a peek into the window and sees her. He would squint at the female in the chair looking into the phone book. He thinks, 'Who is she and why is she taking her house?... Unless she's the grand-daughter of the oldtimer but that wouldn't be true she could never look like that'

He would start to growl lightly but then shakes his head, "There is nothing I can do to protect the oldtimer's place" He would turn around and would walk away knowing that someday he would bump into her and chat. Soon could be close by then he expected it, The Annual Halloween Monster Mash or what he called it was A.H.M.M. was coming and she would be invited to it. He knows what happens there many good and bad would be there waiting. He would consider himself to be just neutral since he never has eaten a human before and never will be. That was not what the oldtimer taught him.

He would see a mouse run across the empty and lonely street. He would follow it with great hunger and then pounce on it tearing it up into shreds killing it. He left nothing but a bloodstain in the ground. He would stand up and then shift back to his human form. He looks around for anyone and runs into his house quickly which was to a normal human eye a blur. Once in he breathes in and walks to his bed. His room was decent but if fitted him quite well a stone bed which was carved from his cave. He was found there 11 years ago hiding from the others he had only feasted on animals and that is where he met the Oldtimer. It was sad that he didn't say bye to her and would beat himself for it every day until he passed out. He stayed isolated from the others sleeping during the day and wake at night. He would claw his arms u to where his shirt didn't show it and then fell asleep. He thinks, 'Night Newcomer and three more days'
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Hefting the last box out of the moving van, she took it inside to the living room and groaned to stretch her back out a bit to try and ease the stiff soreness that had come from moving all day. The van was from a company in town, so there were a couple of local guys to help her move in. What surprised her was that these moving guys were built, more so than most would think. Flat stomachs, broad shoulders, ripped arms, and tall! Not to mention very strong, they had helped move around furniture and heavy boxes as if she had been moving around styrofoam furniture. She tipped them well and thanked them greatly as they waved to her and headed back to the van to head off. Looking around the messy place she groaned knowing it was going to be a long week of going through her Grandmother's things and moving in her own items.

She looked to the mantle of her grandmother's fireplace and seen the pictures of her growing up over the years and felt a lump in her throat and tears pricking her eyes threatening her makeup. Her Grandmother's funeral had been a week and a half ago, but it still felt like it had happened yesterday. At the reading of the will, her parents had thought they were to get the house. But it had been left to Raven instead. Her parents urged her to sell the house, to ignore the town, and to move on. She felt that it sounded so heartless. To just up and sell as if this place meant nothing. When they got home, it had become a huge fight between her and her parents that ended with her planting her boot down hard, telling them that she would never sell her grandmother's home and that she was moving into it and leaving their house. And within three days, she did just that. Two days to pack, and one to move it all out and into her new home.

Now she looked around the many boxes that littered her new home and sighed to decide to take a break a moment and plopped on the only open armchair in the entire living room. Many thoughts and memories flooded her, and soon she had to push them away for fear of losing herself to another long night of tears. Part of her was afraid that she had made too hasty a choice to move in, but she just simply couldn't part with the house and all the emotions that came with it, good or bad. The only thing to pull her from her memories was the sound of her stomach grumbling and she sighed. She hadn't had the chance to shop for the house, and she was sure the fridge needed to be cleaned out. She pulled up her phone and looked at the choices around town before selecting a local delivery.
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