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Reagan has her planner calendar on her desk along with the copious amount of colored pens and high lighters. The girl was very organized and she had to have everything planned. She stressed out a lot when it came to University, but that was only because she wanted to succeed in life.

She didn’t look up from her notebook until she heard someone speak. The voice sounded familiar which was odd. She was under the impression that none of her college friends or acquaintances were taking this class. She was sure that her eyes were going to pop out of her head as they registered on Colby, the man she had meet at the carnival last night. [i “Oh man... Am I in some deep shit.”] she thought to herself as he introduced himself to the class. She was anxious throughout the hour class as he went over course material and when assignments would be do.

She lingered around when all the other students were leaving. She slowly put her things into her backpack neatly. She didn’t know if she should run out and ignore the fact that she had a physical encounter with her Professor or if she should speak to him like an adult. She gulped when he asked her to stay after. She nodded softly before slinging her backpack over her shoulder and walked into his office, closing the door behind her. [b “I.... I had no idea who you were last night.”] she muttered.
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His seven o'clock alarm came too early. Groaning, his face in the pillow, Colby Daniels brought himself upwards of consumed three cups of strong coffee to deal with the day. He was a college professor, so he was always busy what with meetings, classes, office hours, and college activities. There were times Colby wished he’d chosen another job, but he did like the professing part of his job. He was a natural teacher, and he sailed through school early. It was part of the reason he was so young for a professor at only 27. As hot water soothed his muscles and relaxed him for the day, he donned a suit jacket, button-up, and a pair of black slacks with black loafers to boot. His style was professional but modern, and his dark, chestnut brown hair was worked into a natural way to outline his strong jawline and features. He wore expensive cologne of a pine scent.

There was one thing that he looked forward to waking up. It was texting the enigmatic woman he’d met at the Carnival the night before. She was full of life, vibrant, funny, and infectious to be around. They’d spent the whole night just talking and getting to know each other, eventually leading to heavy kissing and a little more coupling to say the least... The two had a strong bond already, purely physical in its initial stages. She was hot as hell too... all bonuses. Shooting off a text to say good morning, he then entered the building for his first English class at 9 a.m.

Setting his laptop down, Colby was about to address the class as Professor Daniels when his steely eyes caught sight of something he never in his wildest dreams thought he would. It was [i her.] The woman from the Carnival was one of his students. He stared a moment then faked his way through the class, trying to act unperturbed. [b “Hello class and welcome to your first class of the day for some, English 200. I’m Professor Daniels. Some of you may have heard of me or know me.”] He said, looking at Reagan before continuing the lesson about basic English history and outlining some of the papers due.

As the other students left, Colby leaned back against his podium desk, finally speaking as many students left the room. [b “May I... speak with you a moment? About scheduling.”] He said, but it obviously meant more. [b “And close the door.”] Colby was already noticing just how well her jeans and black tank top fit, cursing inwardly. How was he going to ever survive this semester without getting fired?
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[I "Oh, strip that down, girl
Love, when you hit the ground
You know, that since the day I met you
Yeah, you swept me off my feet
You know, that I don't need no money
When your love is beside me
Yeah, you opened up my heart
And then you threw away the key
Girl, now it's just you and me
And you don't care 'bout where I've been"]

Reagan groaned as her alarm clock woke her up. She was definitely not a morning person whatsoever. She didn't understand why she picked the nine a.m class. She looked over, her room mate was already out. [b "I don't know how she has so much energy."] she muttered to herself. She checked the time. It was seven thirty, she had an hour and fifteen minutes before she had to leave. She stood up and grabbed all her shower supplies and slipped into her shower shoes.

Once she was back in her dorm she decided that she would dress in white skinny jeans and a black tank top, with her black sandals. After curling her hair, she checked the time. She had fifteen minutes before she had to leave. After quickly applying makeup, she grabbed her backpack, and phone, slipping her air pods in, she headed to her first class.

Her music volume lowered, and she looked down. She had a text message from Kristen, her room mate. [b Party tonight at Omega!] she read. She had another unread text message, she couldn’t have wiped the grin off her face even if she wanted too. It was a good morning text from the guy she had met last night at the Carnival. [b “Hope you have a great day! Maybe we can grab lunch?”] she replied. Soon enough she was at the building. Walking into the classroom, she picked a seat in the front of the class and sat down, waiting for class to start.
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