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Just a school roleplay, you can do whatever you want just no murder. Be nice . Couples allowed.

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Alex nodded taking the bowl, only to poke at the noodles before eating the tineyest amount. "he's the oposite of me then." alex said. "i'm not much of an eater."
  Keira Alanis / -HotChocolate- / 179d 8h 16m 35s
“Well then.” He scooped some out of Alex’s bowl, putting it in his so that there was only a few noodles left in their bowl. “Eat a little.” He slid the bowl over to him, eating his own food. “If you stay, you gotta eat. Eran eats like a bitch.” He snorted.
  Hazelnut / 180d 9h 3m 14s
Alex shook their head as they sat down. "i'm not hungry, i don't eat much." they said taking out his phone to scroll through pinterest
  Keira Alanis / -HotChocolate- / 180d 15h 58m 36s
“I made some ramen if you’re hungry?” He looked up, smiling at them as he poured some into two bowls.
  Hazelnut / 181d 7h 43m 5s
After changing their clothes alex slipped their jacket back on and headed to the kitchen relacing her boots.
  Keira Alanis / SunsetDream38 / 181d 11h 13m 31s
Walking to the kitchen, Ash began making a small and simple meal of real ramen, hungry from the walk and in general, always hungry.
  Hazelnut / 181d 11h 50m 14s
Alex took the bag off their shoulder setting it down carefully. They then took off their jacket, placing it neately to the side as they changed their clothes.
  Keira Alanis / MythicMallow / 181d 15h 12m 3s
“Well that’s a relief. It would have been awkward to kick you out.” Ash laughed. “Anyways, you try on these and if they don’t fit, I’ll grab you some of my clothes. We’re both tiny.” He smiled, setting them down on the bed before walking out of the room.
  Hazelnut / 184d 3h 18m 2s

"i'm pretty sure i don't enjoy setting things on fire." alex said trying their best not to start laughing. "and i absolutely don't do drugs." they said adding the last bit seriously.
  Keira Alanis / OceanBreeze / 184d 3h 28m 39s
((No, I was telling you. Pyromaniacs light things on fire because they have a sort of addiction to it.
  Hazelnut / 184d 3h 33m 8s
  Keira Alanis / OceanBreeze / 184d 3h 34m 40s
  Hazelnut / 184d 3h 52m 4s
() jmjmjmjmjmjnjmjmjmjmjmjmkmjmjmjmjmjnjmjmjnjmknjmjmjm
  Keira Alanis / OceanBreeze / 184d 3h 53m 10s
“They’ll be fine. My uncle doesn’t care so long as you don’t do drugs or happen to be a pyromaniac.” He laughed before growing serious. “You aren’t....”
  Hazelnut / 184d 3h 54m 32s

alex nodded. "thank you again." they said taking off their bag and placing it on the floor. "are you sure your family will be okay with this?" they asked raising an eyebrow.
  Keira Alanis / OceanBreeze / 184d 4h 21m 22s

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