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Just a school roleplay, you can do whatever you want just no murder. Be nice . Couples allowed.

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  Keira Alanis / KittyCutGirl / 9h 41m 12s
It was 5pm and already dark and a young person got off a train stepping on to the platform with a bag slung over one shoulder. The person in question had a feminine look about them. Their skin was extremely pale and their brown eyes were partially covered by their short black hair that was constantly falling into their eyes.
they then walked through the station to stop at a starbucks. "hello there!" the barista said with a friendly smile. "what can i get you?"
"i'd like a hot chocolate please." the young person answered, not returning the smile.
"of course!" the barista said taking one of the cups and getting out a pen. "what's your name?"
"alex." alex responded taking out some money, handing it to the barista as they wrote down the name. "oh, i need a straw with that." alex added.
"a straw?" the barista asked while making the drink. "with a hot chocolate?"
alex sighed with iritation. "yes, a straw." they said rolling their eyes. "if you hadn't noticed i have a cut lip."
the barista gave them them the drink.
  Keira Alanis / KittyCutGirl / 9h 42m 42s
Eran winced as Ash's hand rubbed the new bruises that were forming. "Ow..." he muttered through gritted teeth, clutching the bed sheets and burying his face in the mattress.
  Khari / StephenStark / 4d 2h 37m 57s
Ash shook his head, half wanting to roll his eyes, half wanting to cry again. “You’re ridiculous.” He said simply, beginning to gently rub the cream in the places that were already bruising.
  Hazelnut / Hazelnut / 4d 3h 32m 51s
Eran smirked. "Everywhere," he said, laying down on his stomach on the bed. "Literally everywhere."
  Khari / StephenStark / 4d 8h 26m 41s
Ash grabbed the icy hot, opening it. “Lay down and point where it hurts.” He commanded, standing tall. He felt like erans caretaker now.
  Hazelnut / Hazelnut / 4d 8h 28m 1s
Eran smiled sadly. "Yeah. Got it." He sifted through the clothes on Ash's bed and got dressed, being careful to keep enough covered that it could pass for decent.
  Khari / StephenStark / 4d 8h 30m 50s
Ash had tears in his eyes, and he sniffed, nodding. “O-Ok.” He forced himself to smile. “N-Now get dressed so I can put stuff on your bruises.” He pulled away, wiping his eyes.
  Hazelnut / Hazelnut / 4d 8h 31m 55s
Eran set his hand atop Ash's head. "Ash, I'm not lying to you anymore. I promise. I love you. Okay?" He lifted Ash's head, forcing the smaller boy to look him in the eyes. "[i Okay]?"
  Khari / StephenStark / 4d 8h 33m 47s
Ash looked up at him, sighing. Slowly, he walked forward, very carefully resting his forehead on Erans chest. “You don’t have to lie to me, Eran. I’m not going to hurt you...” his fingers brushed against erans, the boy frowning.
  Hazelnut / Hazelnut / 4d 8h 53m 27s
Eran took a step back at Ash's tone. "I... I guess you're right. I just... I try to keep up a mask and pretend that everything's fine, because if I try to get help, I'll just get punished more. So I tell everyone that I'm fine, and that everything at home is perfect, and so now almost everything I say is a lie," he finished, staring at the ground.
  Khari / StephenStark / 4d 9h 13m 43s
Ash forced himself to take a deep breath. “You’re not fine, Eran. Stop saying that.” His voice came out snappy, and he squeezed his eyes shut. He hated this. He felt guilty, and it only made it worse that Eran was so used to it he wasn’t bothered. What kind of sickos were writing their lives?
  Hazelnut / Hazelnut / 4d 13h 13m 20s
Eran forced a smile. "Nope. I had a few scrapes from running through the woods, but they've stopped bleeding at this point. I'm fine."
  Khari / StephenStark / 4d 13h 17m 55s
Ash startled, looking up. “Y-Yeah... dry off and I’ll put some icy hot and stuff on your bruises. Are you bleeding anywhere?” He stood up, going through the pile of things. The soup sat on the nightstand, still warm.
  Hazelnut / Hazelnut / 4d 13h 19m 14s
Eran watched Ash leave and sighed, climbing out of the tub and drying himself off. He wrapped the towel around his waist and ran his hand through his hair, trying to spike the wet waves. He walked into Ash's room. "Ash? You okay?" he asked, seeing the boy on the bed.
  Khari / StephenStark / 4d 13h 25m 7s

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