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Carlin Brianna Jones was a twenty two year old graduate of Berkley University, she graduated at the top of her class with a Masters in Business, and a Bachelor’s in Journalism. Her Father was Micheal Jones, CEO of Jones Enterprises, Inc. Hence the Business Degree. Her twin brother was also a Businessman, so her Father had expected her to be as well. Ashton, her twin, had went to Columbia instead of Berkley. She wanted to be a writer, but according to her Father, writers don’t make money. Her brother was set to take over Jones, so that at least gave her a little bit of breathing room. She was thankful that didn’t have to work for her Father, not yet anyway.

She had made the move back in New York City right after graduation. She was moving into a townhouse with her brother. While he was moving furniture with his friends, she was on the search for a job. She had multiple interviews, but the job that she wanted most was at McKinney Enterprise. It was a starter position, assistant to the CEO, but it would get her foot in the door, and she would learn about the company. It was a great opportunity, if only she could snatch it up.

The last thing she was doing when she slide into the left side back seat of a cab was paying attention. [b “5th and Clarke please.”] she said. She almost jumped out of her skin when she seen something nice out of the corner of her eye. She then realized there was another man in the backseat. [b “Oh my goodness! Sir, I am so sorry! I wasn’t even paying attention.”]

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