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[center [pic https://cdn1.imggmi.com/uploads/2019/11/17/c03d3be04da451a7b05f15fa9a359112-full.jpg]]

[center [font consolas The year is 3020, one thousand years into the future.]]

[center [font consolas Everyone thought that Dragons were mythical creatures. Until the year 2060, when the first dragon egg was discovered in the depths of the pyramids. After this discovery, the rest of the pyramids were searched and more eggs were found. With that, dragons were born into our world. But they could not be controlled.]]

[center [font consolas The dragons broke out of the science lab that they were being held out. They wreaked havoc upon the world, using their elemental powers do destroy anything that stood in their way. In the year 2090, a powerful man named Hector Vera managed to control a black dragon. Everyone was elated that someone finally tamed one of the beasts. Maybe he could help keep the other dragons at bay.]]

[center [font consolas But instead, he became drunk with power. It was more like the dragon was controlling him instead of the other way around. Now he rules most of the land, with no one standing in his way.]]

[center [font consolas Hector has ruled over the land for 30 years, but he doesn't know that their are others just like him. Other dragon riders. And his sister is one of them. Anne Vera has learned to ride a dragon of her own and is now searching for the other riders that she had heard about. Trying to gather them so she can defeat her evil brother before it is too late.]]

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[center [b Family:]]

[h3 [center Characters:]]

[center [h3 Blue Dragon - Ice]]
[right [pic https://cdn1.imggmi.com/uploads/2019/10/28/24baba24b6fd0add6313b9a14e26c04e-full.jpg]]

[center [b Username:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=80146 princess-fuck-up]]
[center [b Name:] Anna Vera]
[center [b Age:] 24]
[center [b Gender:] Female]
[center [b Species:] Water Spirit]
[center [b What color is your dragon?:] Blue]
[center [b Family:] Anna's mother was a water spirit and her father was a demon. She took after her mother, while her brother, Hector, took after their father.]

[center [h3 Red Dragon - Fire]]
[left [pic https://cdn1.imggmi.com/uploads/2019/11/1/40f186118a5e6623e55938a48accea88-full.png]]
[center [b Username:] NorthernWolves]
[center [b Name:] Anara Tokesh]
[center [b Age:] 22]
[center [b Gender:] Female]
[center [b Species:] Werewolf]
[center [b What color is your dragon?:] Red[
[center [b Family:] Her mother was a human, receiving all the werewolf gifts and curses from her father. Does have two younger siblings, both brothers, but is the only werewolf of the three due to them having different fathers.]

[center [h3 Green Dragon - Poisonous Gas]]
[right [pic https://cdn1.imggmi.com/uploads/2019/11/1/49c64b7369e8956cd7e49d562d21696b-full.jpg]]
[center [b Username:]Rattigan]
[center [b Name:] Kreid Obelynn]
[center [b Age:] 23]
[center [b Gender:] Male]
[center [b Species:] Halfblood ]
[center [b What color is your dragon?:] Green]
[center [b Family:] Kreid is the bastard son of two late and unlikely lovebirds; a Drowen priestess and an Orcish farmer. He's large and (somewhat) tusked like his father, but has finer facial features and a blue-grey complexion like his mother.]

[center [h3 White Dragon - Lightning]]
[left [pic https://cdn1.imggmi.com/uploads/2019/10/31/3c0e7f2127e0bd1d5313279fcdcf529c-full.jpg]]

[center [b Username:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=79909 Ravanya]]
[center [b Name:] Sanisha Mavari]
[center [b Age:] 26]
[center [b Gender:] Female]
[center [b Species:] Djinn]
[center [b What color is your dragon?:] White]
[center [b Family:] Her Father was a Djinn, her mother a Genie which is a weaker form of Djinn. She had an older brother, but he went missing and hasn't been seen since Sanisha was five years old.]

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[right [pic https://cdn1.imggmi.com/uploads/2019/10/28/24baba24b6fd0add6313b9a14e26c04e-full.jpg]]

[center [i 10 year earlier]]
[i Snow]

Frozen flakes of water fell to the ground. Anna walked out of her cabin and looked around as the snow fell to the ground. She had never seen snow before. It never snowed here. Ever. Anna stood outside, in her traditional shorts and a t shirt. She did not even own a jacket.

[b "What the fuck is going on?"]

A males voice called from the inside of the house. A man emerged, in his shorts and shirt.

[i "Watch your mouth. But, I don't know."]

She replied to the younger male that was behind her. She was babysitting the neighbor kid for the night and they noticed it was snowing outside. Anna put her palms toward the sky, trying to catch snowflakes, but they melted as soon as they landed on her warm hands. Suddenly, there was a large gust of wing that knocked both of the people off of their feet.

Suddenly, the world went dark. There was a large object covering the sun. Anna blinked quickly, until the figure came into focus. As the realization hit her, the creature lowered itself on top of the young boy that she was in charge of. Her heart was suddenly in her throat. The large beast pinned the young boy down and looked as if it was about to just eat him whole. Instincts suddenly took control and she found her legs taking her towards the horrid scene.

[i "Please don't hurt him!"]

The words ripped from he throat as she started to hit the beast with her closed fist. Each hit was freezing. Wasn't this a dragon? She had always seen photos before, but never in real life. Why wasn't it warm? Confusion and horror overwhelmed her. Until suddenly a male voice peirced her mind.

[s "I am going to need you to stop."]

Anna stopped and stumbled back. As she did so, the dragon backed away from the boy.

[i "Jamie!"]

She screamed and ran over to him. He has soiled himself, but other than that, he was unharmed. She pulled him to his feet and shoved him towards the house, still feeling like she was in danger.

[s "Wait, can you hear me?"]

The voice came again, it was as loud as her own thoughts. Jamie ran inside but Anna stopped in the doorway, she turned around and stared back into the ice blue eyes that were looking at her in curiosity.

[s "Come here child. I know you can hear me. I won't hurt you. I didn't hurt your friend, did i?"]

That was very true, it had a moment to kill Jamie but it didn't. And even when it landed, it was gentle in its landing.

[i "What is happening?"]

[center [i Present Day]]

Wind whipped Annas long blue hair back. There was greenery for miles around from up in the sky. It was her favorite place to be. Which was strange given her history.

[s "We must find others"]

The words bounced around her head and she nodded. It had been 10 years since she had met Azul and she was still in awe at her friends power and grace. She never thought that she would love a dragon. Not after her older brother took over with his dragon. She had only met him a handful of times, and it was mostly on the battlefield.

[i "All in due time."]

She shouted. It was sometimes annoying that he could project his thoughts to her, but it didn't work the other way.

[s "Lets rest."]

As the words wrapped around her mind, the dragon slowly started to lower down the ground. There was a farm just ahead with many others walking around. Some tending to farm animals and some just relaxing in the sun. As Azul lowered to the ground and she dismounted, no one ran. Everyone just kept going on about their business. She raised an eyebrow to her scaly friend.

[b "He has another one?!"]

The voice was directed towards her, but not to her. She cocked her head to the side and shook her head.

[i "Who?"]

She asked, wondering why this person thought that Azul had a male rider. She was clear female.

[b "Kried. He has a green beast that protects this land."]

Anna's face lit up as she heard this. There was another dragon rider! Finally.

[i "Did you know he was here?"]

Anna asked Azul and the man talking to her gave her a funny look.

[s "I had a feeling."]

He said with a low rumble, a chuckle. She decided to get some water for them both as they waited. It wasn't long until a shadow crossed over and Anna looked up. It was a large green dragon. It was magnificent. She and her companion walked over to the landing spot and Anna walked right up to the owner and bowed a deep bow of respect.

[i "Hello, I am Anna and this is my companion Azul. I have a proposition for you and your friend."]

She said, pointing her thumb back to her own beast.

[i "I am trying to gather all other riders for a mission. One to defeat the black dragon once and for all. I know there is at least one other in the area. Azul said something about a near by circus having a dragon. I would like you to come with me and help find the others."]

She bowed once again after the finished her request. She understood that it was a lot to ask anyone. But everyone hated the evil rider. Everyone.
  r e x i / princess-fuck-up / 8d 16h 25m 12s
Though there were times of great destruction and chaos, many tried to live their lives as though nothing was wrong, as if to give a sign of hope that one day everything will be alright. This was what Sanisha’s family did, as part of a traveling circus, to bring a little joy and hope to the people of their lands. Displaying and dancing out the stories of heroes and the men and women that would be called the Dragonriders. Alongside her family, Sanisha would work and play with the Circus, it was her home.

Her mother, Milani, was a Fire Eater, and her father, Entil, was the Beast Tamer. Her older brother, Janesh helped their father in wrangling the animals, and Sanisha was the Contortionist. Very limber and flexible beyond the point that many thought possible. This also brought her up to become the Tightrope Walker. Being Djinns, they also did magic, especially fire magic. This made their act so much more dangerous and mesmerizing.

One day, there was a horrible storm, and in the distance was the sound of roaring, screeching creatures that blended with the thunder when crashed and their bodies collided. Flashes of black and white, piercing screeches of rage and pain. One of the horses became frightened in the animal's set up stables and got loose. Her father and brother were busy making sure all areas were secure. Sanisha decided to take off on her own after the horse to bring it back. No sooner did she run outside the safety of the shelter, did this massive flash of lightning fill the sky before striking her down is a flash of white-hot pain.

She woke several hours later with an odd mark along her back, a jagged burn scar that almost looked serpent-like in shape. To be struck down and to live was something they considered miraculous and a blessing. What they didn't realize was she was blessed, but not because she survived. A few weeks after the storm they began to pack up to move to the next town as was their usual, and from then on it felt as though stormy weather was following them. It was unexplainable.

Sanisha decided in one country village, she would go to the top of the hill to call to the Gods in prayer, asking them why the storm followed them. She asked for a sign that they were safe and all would be well. A strike came down from the dark clouds to hit the ground in front of her, and her scar began to warm up as if near a fire. That was when she saw it. Descending from the sky, all gleaming, white scales, razor-sharp ivory fangs, silver iridescent wings that spread wide, and alabaster talons that gripped the ground as it landed three feet from her.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/Bzh9JTy.jpg]

A large white dragon, sizzling with energy that felt like the charge of a lightning bolt, the very same that had pierced her. As soon as it landed, it lowered its head to her and sniffed at her until she thought the warmth in her scar would roast her. Then it made sense. The bolt had come from the dragon that night. Softly she reached out to the large sniffing muzzle and placed her hand to its nose, causing a soft spark. The dragon pulled back slightly, almost in surprise at actually being shocked and seemed to give off a rumbling sound that almost could be said to be laughter.

From then on, the dragon followed the circus, even helped out with carrying things, hoisting tents and the large beams. Even became part of the acts with Sanisha's family, but only if Sanisha was in view. After a while she learned the Dragon was a female, and named her Balta, meaning white one. Ever since she was struck with that lightning, Sanisha found her fire magic had changed. Instead of the normal red and orange flames, the ones she called upon were white-hot, and she needed to relearn how to handle them or she might end up hurting someone.

This went on for years. Traveling with the show, performing in towns all around, and even learning how to ride Balta as she would fly to make her tightrope act look small scale. She eventually would be able to ride Balta almost anywhere along her large form. And contort herself for the proud to gasp and cheer, applaud and shout in joy when they landed safely. Balta seemed to learn to like the spotlight and would get antsy before a show. But when they would travel to a town that had been wrecked by the Dark dragon and its master, Blata got into a foul mood and refused to perform until Sanisha coaxed her into giving them hope and showing not all dragons were bad. All the while, Sanisha was growing worried as more and more homes were being decimated and she wanted so much to try and help however she could.
  Sanisha / Ravanya / 13d 1h 36m 43s
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/LR9yckG.jpg]]Come what may, he'd never blamed the dragons for the havoc they wrought as animals trying to survive. He did not hate the world for its ferocity, its unpredictability, and penchant for tragedy, just as he'd never come to hate anyone for their various prejudices or vices.

Kreid was simply a man living his best life, and not even the untimely deaths of his parents could muddle his worldviews. They were cast away for their son but held no resentments, and Kreid, to this day, had never had to question whether or not he'd been loved.

It wasn't as though he hadn't met his fair share of unfriendlies or hadn't experienced hardship as a Half-Orc, but not one of those instances had ever served to be more than that; A moment in time, something to endure, and nothing more. When his young mother had been scorched to death in his early boyhood, his father had snuffed out the seed of hatred in his son before it could take hold. He spent those years distracting Kreid, teaching him, loving him unconditionally... more than enough for two parents at once. In the half dozen or so instances where dragons or bandits had ravaged the farm or greedily partaken of the livestock, his father simply rebuilt and moved on, urging Kreid along with him as though it were a simple mishap or hiccup. He taught his boy to defend himself, and disallowed him to dwell on the 'what if's', the possibility of it happening again.

[i 'It will,'] his father had said, [i 'so learn from it. Prepare.']

When his father had crawled home bleeding and with severe acid burns on his half-cooked flesh, barely clinging to life, and died in his son's arms, Kreid did not hate the world or its people. No, Kreid instead cried quietly and ventured into the forest to find the 'wounded lizard' his father had babbled about before taking his last breath, and came across the creature that was most likely to have killed him. It was big, it was angry, and it was [i so, so afraid]. With what appeared to be a badly injured wing and similarly battered legs, it was almost hard to see how unnaturally thin its midsection was behind its broad shoulders.

It was starving to death, and it could barely move. His father had most likely gotten too close too quickly, no doubt. His common sense had always preceded his kindness.

It had taken Kreid the better part of a week to catch the beast's attention and ease it out of its starved befuddlement. A week of butchering his flocks aging ewe's and bringing cuts of their meat to gain some semblance of trust. In much the same way he and his father had nourished, treated, and made splints for sick and injured livestock, Kreid did the very same for the sickly dragon in the forest. He got close enough to set the wing properly. He watched the reptile gain weight and watched its wounds close, and wasn't so alone in the world with at least one thing to look forward to each day.

This went on for months before Kreid felt as though the splint were no longer needed, and when he removed it, the dragon tested his wings out and went on its way. Kreid had, with much sadness, thought this was the last he'd see of his big scaly patient, but he was VERY wrong. Over the course of the next several weeks, a large shape would pass over the farm via the cloud cover as he worked, but never land. Unsure, he decided to leave a small feast outside overnight one night, and woke up the next morning to the green dragon sleeping on its back in the morning sun. Thus, one Vykkar Obelynn was inducted into the Obelynn family, a sort of 'brother' to the otherwise orphaned Kreid Obelynn.

With this having been in Kreid's teen years, his life has most certainly gotten more stable as a result. Other dragons were terrified of the massive, hulking form of Vykkar as he lay like a proud king in the fields and pastures of the farm, soaking up the Sun and seemingly happy to coexist. It meant fewer dangerous brawls for Kreid, since bandits had more or less sworn off the place. Vykkar's hide was thick, and his skull was thicker, saving Kreid quite a bit of time on building projects and tree-clearing with a simple headbutt or two. He made travel and trading endeavors about the easiest thing in the world, which meant more supplies to take home. Looking back, Kreid could see why his father had taken up the harsh practice of living off the land all alone in the foothills. It was less about needing the resources it produced, and more about what it could give a person. Distractions, peace of mind, and the preparation for the unknown were all things Kreid had gleaned from his life in the mountain grasslands, and from Vykkar, he'd also gotten to experience everything from true forgiveness to his own ingenuity.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/mPSC4Tu.jpg]]Unfortunately, the rest of the world was not so lucky. Even as something of an unofficial woodland hermit, Kreid was no stranger to the tales of the black dragon and its wolfish rider as they ruled the mainlands like tyrants. It was for this reason that his farm was less his now than it was a small 'settlement' of a sort. He allowed vagrants and travelers to stay as long as they felt comfortable, with some people choosing to make it their home. There was always food, work to do, someone to talk to... People found themselves enamored of agricultural simplicity, and naturally, it had expanded. In fact, Kreid often joked that he could very well leave for a year, come back, and nothing would have changed.

His farm was something of a transitional safe haven for everyone from refugees from the tyrant's pillaging to various exiles who were more than grateful for the food and cover. The prospect of living with a large Orc and a huge dragon also seemed to tempt and ease those people who were too frightened to sleep into making the trek. Anything he could do to help, he would do in a heartbeat, and people were quick to take him up on this. For better or for worse, though, Kreid remained the same.

It was another normal day, where he planned to spend his time outside surrounded by cheerful farm dogs and being eyed by the [i giant green monstrosity] that had set about lazing around beside the pigpen with a few of the older dogs. A few other people were up and about, routinely checking some of the crops or salting and smoking some of the meat for safe keeping. Kreid himself was busy building some more doghouses with an impossible number of heavy logs balanced on either of his large shoulders, worried more about the rainy season as it slowly approached. He'd fashioned a sort of raised platform made of thickset clay and large stones to put the structures on and went about measuring and building, happy for yet more distractions.

It was hard to think about his late parents, of course, and almost just as hard to think about the black dragon despite it being impossible to shake. It was all he kept thinking about, now that he had nearly a dozen of its worn-torn victims holed up on the farm. 30 years of this... How many more years would it continue? He wouldn't somehow hear about the farm and come raze it to the ground, would he?

Could anything be done to stop or prevent it?
  kreid / Rattigan / 16d 10h 14m 48s
[pic https://pic8.co/sh/yMZw9I.png]

There was no sugarcoating this, the world was fucked in almost every single way imaginable. To be fair the world previously had been fucked with corruption, piracy, genocide, and various other calamities. But nothing back then compared to the calamity that had popped up.

Dragons, why'd it have to be dragons. Everyone hailed the discovery of dragon eggs as some ginormous problem solver, all the scientists agreed so. But did anyone listen to all the humanities people? The answer was a resounding [i 'fuck no'] or otherwise dragons wouldn't have ever broken free and decided on a global maniacal rampage of everything that wasn't dragon. Places which used to exist were burned, frozen, electrocuted, choked, or mauled out of existence. And what happened next? One guy had the smarts within himself to manage to tame one of those flying fucks, subjugating what previously was once a wild beast. And just like with the discovery of dragons a quiet time managed to reestablish before the first and only tamer became a wild fucker himself, drunk on the power and unleashing it on the recovering global populace once more.

With all hell flying loose one sometimes worked in a way which usually they wouldn't. For Anara that meant pirating. It wasn't safe nor did it guarantee rewards, but enough to support the family at home. She was no captain, not even some high rank in the pirate ranks, just a lay-low deckhand. Anara didn't mind for that was where the most fun lay, whether being on the cannon crew, climbing up to the top, or being enveloped in a boarding action. Being a werewolf proved useful as it granted higher strength and speed, although every now and again some smartass crew brought silver weapons along with them.

If it hadn't been for that accidental run in, then Anara's story would've stayed at being a piratical werewolf enjoying a piratical life. It wasn't a carefree accidental run-in, almost dying in a wall of flame while nearly pissing your pants seemed a most cowardly way to go.

Part of a pirate's life dealt with mother nature, and she be one wildling mistress. One moment the seas would be flat with just the right breeze filling the sails, or fast and high waves with such a gale as to send one overboard. Anara had been sent overboard before, but this time was the first where there had been no cry of man overboard while the waves battered her further away from the ship as it sailed away into the dark night. The constant bone-chilling and motion physically exhausted Anara to falling asleep.

This is how many a sailor died, swallowed up by the hungry roving waves. But fate allowed Anara a change for life, washing up on the shores of an island not too far from where she'd been dumped into the unforgiving sea. It was on this island where Anara would escape death by roasting, a mere inch separating the hair-singeing from the skin-on-fire. And then came the one sound you never wanted to hear, the sound of a growling, spitting dragon as it came out after you to finish you. Wings raised, tail thrashing, legs thumping, steam flying, and those beady reptilian eyes hungering as they walked up and down your [i 'full of fear'] body, feasting on the trembling flesh that lay before it.

Anara expected the moment of death, that single second where a breath of flame or those devilishly sharp teeth would either burn or mash her mortal coil and send her soul on a journey. But that moment didn't happen. The dragon did indeed come closer but it did so with a curious nose prodding instead of flashing teeth. Having a rough and constantly breathing thing bump constantly caused Anara to relax and chuckle and eventually break out into laughter.

The ship never came so plenty of time existed for learning about her new red colored friend, while the dragon learned about its new werewolf companion. A bond did grow between the two, both learning that the other could be trusted to guard their back if shit came to show.

A few week passed in this manner on the island before Anara left it, on the back of a red dragon she'd come to name [+red Naria]. First item on Anara's list was checking her family. Hiding Naria so no one would know Anara had walked back to her house. Her arrival was greeted with much joy as her parents did know the ship she served on, and that ship had come back before she had with the whole [i 'swept aboard'] news story. After spending a day on home catching up on the news, leaving out the bit about the dragon, Anara walked to where the ship was docked. First shock and surprise at seeing a hardworking crewmember who everybody thought dead, and then much joy and hugs to welcome her return.

She returned to her piratical life, nothing changing except for taking the occasional break to spend time with Naria.
  Anara Tokesh / NorthernWolves / 19d 6h 32m 20s
Okay, we have everyone we need so we can get started! You first post should contain how you got your specific dragon and describe the relationship you guys have. My character is going to gather all of you in one place, so whoever posts after me is the character i will interact with first. Then we will go and find the next rider. Finding the riders will happen in 2 or 3 posts. The after that then we will all be together and start our adventure to defeat the dragon rider of the evil black dragon.
  r e x i / princess-fuck-up / 19d 16h 8m 23s

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