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Would anyone like to partner with me? I have been away for quite awhile and am hoping to get back in the swing of things.

I would love to work off of some of there fandoms... however if you have your own preference I would love to hear them.

ASHES OF LOVE: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv4Bl9b5kD0)

To protect her child a mother would do almost anything, even if that meant denying that child love. Love had killed the mother, and so to protect the child love would be denied.

A pill was given to the child, and like a seed that pill blossomed, formed to, and eventually engulfed the girls hart shielding her from what the mother feared the most. It was the unseen barrier both keeping romantic love out and her true form suppressed.

Still the child grew up well, protected by her mother’s followers she was both loved and well cared for. She was a girl raised as a boy, a goddess raised as a sprite, and a free soul that was trapped. Still she was allowed a simple and innocent existence that was until in a cloud of dust everything changed.

The Phoenix, a second son and crown prince of the heavenly realm was attacked during his ascension. This causing quite a stir threw out the heavens as the prince was forced from the heavens. Little did they know that he had not only fallen from heaven but into the floral realm and threw their great barriers.
Incapacitated upon impact, he was quickly snatched up by a very curious young woman. Taken in and hidden with the hope that he would be able to return the favor. After all if he were strong enough to break in perhaps when he left he could take her.

*I would like someone to portray the Phoenix.

- Phoenix would be the crown prince but not the eldest son of the Heavenly emperor.
- Renyu, his elder 1/2 brother is a silver dragon, and is guardian of the stars.
- Renyu is the son of the Emperor and his concubine
- The girl is the daughter of the water god and floral goddess.
- The water god doesn’t know his daughter exists
- She has been promised to Renyu since birth
- Ranking system is as follows: Sprit, sprite, fairy, immortal, gods, then the Heavenly Emperor.

Eternal Love

Korean Odyssey


The Kings Woman

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