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Alfa would look at Alpha, "You may have defeated me last time but not this time" He starts to grow his arms would fuse with his wings he would start walking to her as some kind of monster he thinks, 'Kyle dear get me a lead knife would you please I'm going to kill her where she no longer exist so please get me that knife and hurry' he would impale her with his tail killing her she would just turn into an egg and attack him. Alfa would block her attack and slams her into the wall with his tail, "Your bond has broken sister now give in before I kill you"
  Alfa279escaped / 202d 22h 26m 44s
Kyle laid his head on Charlie's chest and tried to hold back his tears.
  Kyle / charlieddemon / 202d 22h 35m 9s
Alpha would smile thinking, 'yes leave him behind so I can take him without you guys in the way'
  Alfa279escaped / 203d 5h 48m 43s
"F-Fine" he stuttered getting up and walking towards Charlie.
  Kyle / charlieddemon / 203d 10h 31m 52s
Alfa would frown, "the place we are getting take to is nothing but pain they test you until you either die or half dead it's not friendly trust me it hurts"
  Alfa279escaped / 203d 21h 21m 26s
Kyle kissed Alfa on the forehead "why don't we just listen to her"
  Kyle / charlieddemon / 203d 22h 45m 26s

  Alfa279escaped / 204d 19h 9m 39s

  Kyle / charlieddemon / 204d 21h 5m 0s
Alfa would hug him tightly, "Alpha give up you know that risk of the bonding ability so why use it

Alpha would smile, "well as long he doesn't hurt himself I'm good but since your powerful, you wouldn't dare hurt a friend and you know this" she gets off of him
  Alfa279escaped / 204d 23h 57m 36s
"INCEST" He screamed as loud as he could. "Charlie shutup" Diesel said looking at him. Kyle hugged Alfa.
  Kyle / charlieddemon / 205d 1h 37m 0s
Alpha would point at Alfa, "he is what I need more than you but orders are orders" she kisses him, "but you will be my tool"

Alfa would wake up and see Alpha his vision is blurry he would try to stand up but falls back down, "No... we are not... going with her... she is just trouble..."

Alph would break the kiss, "you're now mine, Alfa calm down you are coming if you like it or not and we have more subjects for your ability"
  Alfa279escaped / 205d 1h 46m 42s
"bro we are coming with you, you don't need to keep threatening us" Charlie said in a bored manner.
  Kyle / charlieddemon / 205d 1h 54m 0s
Alpha would land on top of him, "I didn't touch them yet I will bring you all back and I will take you for me" as she speaks something moves under her scales, "Or I might have you for my snack" her eyes switch between a blood-red color to green
  Alfa279escaped / 205d 2h 11m 36s
Charlie stood up his scrapes and bruises disappearing "yeah yeah but you were hurting my friends"
  Kyle / charlieddemon / 205d 2h 17m 25s
Alpha would look back at him and starts running at him punching him into the air and then slamming him into the ground with much force that a crater was made, "
  Alfa279escaped / 205d 2h 23m 33s

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