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You are the Crowned Prince of the House of the Sun amongst the Elves. The Royals that Rule over the land of Ausra. Raised to be the strongest of your family, learning much of the political alliances between all Elemental Houses and how to keep the peace between them all. You have been taught everything you will need to know for the day you become King. You have come to the age that you are now able to marry and find yourself a bride. But your parents have kept something from you all these years, only to tell you on the eve of your birthday. Since the day you were born, you were set to an arranged marriage, your bride has been chosen for you. The daughter of the House of the Moon, Nobles of the Night. Your marriage to her is to unite the two houses of the Sun and the Moon, in a show that there is still peace in the lands. Two weeks before the marriage is to take place, she is to come to the palace to meet you, and you are to spend time with one another before the wedding.

Isilme was raised to be a proper Lady of the House of Night. Her virtue was kept clean and pure, and she was taught in the ways of reading, writing, embroidery, music, and song. She is everything any man could ever wish, said to be more beautiful than the moon itself and her voice like that of grey silk on a summer wind at midnight. As per the agreement she was not told of the Arranged Marriage until she was of proper age. She knows she must go through such for her duty to her people. But can she be happily married to a man she doesn't know? Even if that man is the Crowned Prince?

If you are interested in joining, please REQUEST to join and then PM ME YOUR CHOSEN CHARACTER WITH A BIO FOR THE RP And if I choose you, then I will accept and place your character's Image on the Description. I will not put on a character limit, but I will not accept any one-liners in this RP. At least a paragraph or two, please. And be Mature about your work.



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It was the day to leave for the palace. Dressed in one of her deepest blue gowns with gold intricately detailed along the off the shoulder sleeves. Her silver hair was brushed back and parts were braided softly into silver ribbons to make them glimmer. Her face was covered by a long pale blue veil set with a gem-encrusted circlet that she was to keep over her face until she was met with her soon to be husband. Sitting in the carriage as it bobbed back and forth along the winding road, the stomping of horse hooves, and the soft talk of the bodyguards on horseback outside of the carriage were the only sounds familiar to her as they were leaving her part of Ausra to venture to the palace. She felt knots in her stomach and beneath her veil, her fingers would softly fidget along her lap. Her parents sat before her, proud as ever that their Noble daughter was to become the next Princess, and one day Queen of Ausra. She knew she had to do this for her people and the House of Night, but she feared that she would be marrying a man she could never love. Some were very fortunate to find love, but not all Elves married for love. Most were like her own, arranged at birth or made through business propositions and alliances. Such was this one. An alliance between the Houses to show all of Ausra that peace was still around.
One of the men outside called to them that they were reaching near the large palace gates of the House of Sun. She peered out of the carriage window and looked to what was to be her new home. Her stomach tightened in nerves and she bit her lower lip softly, something her mother was always chiding her about. Saying it was un-ladylike and unattractive. The palace was large and gleaming in the morning sun, and she wondered if her betrothed was nervous, excited, scared, or even angry to meet her.
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