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Her entire body was shaking as she walked off that stage, she was holding onto Jackson’s arm for dear life, as he had walked over her over to the side stage before he finished his set. She looked at Ramone as she had the biggest smile on her face. [b “I just sang a duet, that I wrote, in front of a thousand people, with Jackson Maine!”] she squealed as she jumped up and down. [b “shut up! He’s not my boyfriend. I just met him a few days ago, remember.”]

She squealed as she felt someone come up behind her and wrap there arms around her waist. [b “That better be Jackson. Because if anyone else had the courage to do that, they’re getting punched.”] she said.

She slid an arm around Jackson as an older man came up to them and told Jackson that he had killed it. Jackson seemed surprised . Didn’t he always kill it though? He was one of the best performers she’d ever seen. [b “You were amazing out there.”]
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Jackson sang into his microphone and smiled to her, towards the end he stepped back and let her have the spotlight that she so deserved. He loved this girl already but he couldn't tell her that. When the song was over he hugged her, "That was fucking amazing." he said and kissed her cheek. He knew she was still reeling from there being so many people but she had gotten out there and done it. "Proud of you chica." Ramone said hugging her when she came offstage. "Told you hes your boyfriend." He teased her. Jackson and Alli hadn't even talked about it but he was right.... Jackson had a thing for Alli for sure and that was undeniable.

Jackson wrapped his arms around her and put his hat on her head and an older man smiled, "You killed it Jack." he said and Jackson nodded, 'Really?" Alli had no idea that the older man was Jackson's manager and older brother, Bobby Maine.
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Alli couldn’t help but grin as she realized Jackson was taking a break to walk over and speak to her for a moment. [b “You have about a thousand fans watching you? Right? They’re all waiting for you to sing, not to talk to me.”] she said. She nodded to his questions. [b “Everything was great. That was the first time I’d ever flown, but it was perfect. Thank you..”]

Her eyes when wide when he said they had toyed with her song Shallow and that they were going to sing it. She quickly shook her head and backed away from him. [b “Jackson, I can’t. Please don’t make me.”] she begged.

She turned to look back at Ramone. [b “Don’t fucking help him! You’re supposed to be on my side remember!”] she said. She shook her head as Jackson started singing. The female part was coming up. Could she really leave Jackson hanging? She was crying on the inside at his point. She looked over as a stage hand was holding out a microphone for her. She took a deep breath as she snatched the mic.

[b Tell me something, boy. Aren't you tired tryin' to fill that void? Or do you need more? Ain't it hard keeping it so hardcore?”] she sang. [b I'm falling. In all the good times I find myself. Longing for change. And in the bad times I fear myself”]
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Jackson smiled to her when he finished the song and took his guitar off coming over to her, "I'm glad ya'll made it, was everything okay? Phil okay? The flight okay? I didn't know if you were coming and I might have told my brother I wasn't playing the show without you." he said smiling and nodded to Ramone. "Good to see you man." He was sober right now... or at least more sober than Ally had ever seen him and he was playing the best he had in a really long time.

"We're gonna do that song you sang for me last night, I toyed with the arrangement, its kind of not so great but I'd love for you to sing it with me... come on Alli.... its up to you but I'm singing it either way." he said smiling to her and putting his guitar back on. "Go out there Alli, you see him, he likes you and he wants to bring you out to play for all those people, go." Ramone encouraged her.
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Phil has indeed showed up at her front door the next morning. [i “Jackson really wants you to come. He’s looking forward to seeing you again.”] he said.

Alli couldn’t believe that he had actually sent Phil to pick her up. She argued with her Father over the fact that she wasn’t going. [b “I don’t have the same damn celebrity obsession as you, Dad! I’ve got to go to work!”]

She wasn’t dealing with her bosses shit anymore. She quit, and took Ramone with her. [b “He’ll be back, but I wont!”] she said as they ran out the door. They were in Las Vegas within three hours. Jackson’s Simone was waiting for them and took them to the side stage. She couldn’t help but grin when Jackson seen her.

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[ hair]
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"Hes not going to arrest you, you were with me.. they won't bother you... I got to that bar every time I'm in town." he said cutting the tape with his teeth... "Your fine darlin'." he said making sure the tape the secure... "There should be as good as new.... can't take one day off work to come with me... I have to leave in the morning but can have Phil waiting for you and take the jet to Vegas." He spoke about his private jet like it was nothing because to him it was nothing. He hadn't flown on a normal flight since he was 20... and he was 33 now..... he had no idea they were ten years apart. "Just think about it... where do you live?" he asked looking to her. He was going to safely take her home. "Don't worry Phil can drive and he can take your car to your house and you don't have to worry about it."

Phil was leaning against the SUV eating the cheetos that Jackson had bought, he knew they were his favorite.
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Ally looked at Jackson, she was sure her eyes were about to pop out of her damn head. [b “I thought he was bothering you!”] she squealed [b “Why did you let me punch a damn cop? I can’t go to jail.”] If she went to jail, her father would kill her. But he couldn’t afford to bail her out, so maybe she wouldn’t be murdered. Either way, it was loss. [b “Jackson, I can’t go to jail... Where are we going?”] she asked as she followed him into the grocery store.

After they had made a trip inside the store, and Jackson told the cashier she needed to watch herself, as Ally was one to throw punches, they were outside in the parking lot as he wrapped up her hand.

[b “I’ve got to work tomorrow so...”] she said as she glanced back over at him. [b “I cannot believe I punched a fucking cop. What am I gonna do if he shows up on my doorstep in the middle of the night to arrest me or something like that?”] she couldn’t help but blush when he said she was his kind of girl.
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Jackson wrapped his arms around her waist lifting her up to carry her outside. "You just punched a cop." he said taking her to her car and driving her to the nearest store. They needed to ice her hand. "Like I said, finished up the show here tonight... fly out to Vegas tomorrow... you should come to to show with me." he said seriously as he walked through the frozen foods and asked her, "You play piano?" When she nodded he nodded too, 'yeah gotta get that wrapped up." He put frozen peas on her hand before grabbing a bag of cheetos and some gauze and tape to wrap her hand. He was still a little buzzed so what he was doing made sense to him but it might not to her.

In the parking lot he wrapped her hand with the peas attached to it like an ice pack. "See it helps." He said looking to her with a smile. He didn't know what it was about this girl but he liked her. "I take you out for a drink and you punch a cop... my kind of girl." He was 10 years older than her but he didn't know that.
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[b “I like Jackson. I like Jackson a lot.”] she said. She couldn’t help but grin when she heard Jackson’s song blaring through the speakers. [b “You totally had the bartender or someone put that on before I sat down. There is no way that it just magically came on!”] she said. She thought about his question and then shrugged. [b “They love Ramone. Ramone is my best friend.. They hardly even let girls into that bar, but they let me perform.”]

She took a sip of the bud light and looked at him. [b “So what are you doing here? Why in the world did you go into a drag bar of all places to get a drink?”] she questioned. [b “Why aren’t you back home in Nashville or LA?”]

She had no idea what she was doing. But she really enjoyed his company for whatever reason. But that was all ruined when a group of men came up and asked for his picture. [b “Wow. Okay.”] she muttered before taking a sip of her beer. [b “Here. I’ll take the fucking picture.”] she said which ended with her punching the guys face, possibly breaking her hand.
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"Driver brought me." he said looking to her seriously. "His name is Phil... hes parked around the corner." He said looking to her again, "I don't live far from here... but lets go get that drink." He frequented a cop bar a couple blocks closer to his house. He went there all the time and no one ever bothered him. "So tell me how a singer like you ended up singing in a drag bar on a Wednesday night?" he asked looking to her as one of his songs began to play through the bar speakers.... he hated hearing himself.

"Its just Jack by the way... thats the problem when you get famous everyone wants to call you by your full name... its just Jack with me.... don't have to be Jackson Maine all the damn time." he said taking a drink of his beer he had been given. He had tipped the bar tender too. He had never brought a girl here with him so they weren't sure what to think about this right now.
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If looks could kill, Ramone would be dead. Literally dead. She couldn’t believe he had left her in the dressing room alone with Jackson Maine. Why did Jackson Maine even want to have a drink with her? She was a waitress that wouldn’t ever get anywhere. She couldn’t sing as who she really was. She was scared.

She walked out of the dressing room and into the bar about halfway through Jackson’s song. She was fascinated, she wasn’t going to lie. But she knew even just going out to get a drink with him was going to be a mistake, but it was a free drink.

[b “Alright ladies.. I hate to do this to y’all, but I’m gonna have to steal Jackson from ya..”] she said as she walked up and wrapped her arm through his. [b “My car is right outside.”] she said. [b “I assume you didn’t drive here?”] She hoped he hadn’t anyway. He looked like he was already messed up.

[ outfit]
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Jackson smiled, "Which one do I sign?" Emerald smiled, "Sign em both I don't care. " Jackson chucked and signed them and turned to Ally, 'Had a show in the area tonight and needed a drink... would you mind having a drink with me?" he asked as Ramone was telling everyone they didn't have to go home but they had to get the hell out of there. Jackson looked to Ally, "I'll wait for you." He said motioning to her hair and her makeup she was taking off...

In the bar the drag girls wanted him to sing and he sighed and asked, "What do ya'll want me to sing?" Emerald smiled, "I don't care just look at me while you do it." Jackson chuckled again and took the bedazzled guitar up on the small stage and started to strum and sing a song he had started to work on, Maybe Its Time. "Maybe its time to let the old ways die.... maybe its time to let the old ways die... takes a lot to change a man... hell it takes a lot to try..." He was thinking about settling down...
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Ally couldn’t help but grin as she was about to walk out in stage in the Drag Bar. She did this every Wednesday and she freaking loved it. This place was like her second home. Her best friend Ramone was always here with her, and the drag queens were so nice and welcoming.

After her performance she hurried off the stage and headed into the back. She needed a shower. This paint in her hair was making her head itch, it was hot, and she just wanted a drink.

She looked up when Ramone came back with a man.. [b “Jackson Maine?”] she questioned. She couldn’t help but giggle when Emerald came up and asked Jackson if he would sign her boob. [b “You didn’t know that it was bring your own boobs?”] she questioned as she wiped some of the makeup off. Ramone at that point, had ushered everyone out. [b “This place really isn’t your cup of tea..”]
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Jackson sat at the old run downed bar.. downing his 4th shot of whiskey. "This a drag bar?" he asked the man behind the counter who nodded, "We do this every Wednesday night... your Jackson Maine right?" Jackson nodded, "just Jack." Ramone nodded, "You gotta stay and listen to my best friend, shes amazing... they let her sing on drag nights."

When Ally came out onstage, Jackson sat there smiling, she was perfect... if you could see music.. she was it... music to his eyes... perfect and those curves could kill a man. "You want to meet her? You have to." Ramone said all bug dragging him backstage after Ally's preformance. "Hi..." Jackson said smiling to Ally as Ramone introduced them. He was drunk.... but starting to sober up... he had drank more in his life so this was nothing... and for once he hadn't taken any pills that night... he always was on some kind of pill. He smiled. "You did amazing out there... do that often?"
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