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"I'm glad because I really like you." he said when she slapped his ass. He chased her to the diner and smiled, 'A vanilla milkshake it is then." he said before he kissed her gently. He ordered a chocolate milkshake and a Dr. Pepper. He liked to have drink options. He held her in his arms as they looked at the menu, resting his chin on her shoulder. "The bbq burger with onion rings looks good but so does the pizza burger... too many choices." He said and sighed, "Oh and the desserts..." Jackson loved food and was always hungry so she would learn this.

When it came time to order he got the pizza burger with onion rings and ordered a piece of apple pie for himself, "Get anything you want darlin'." He said kissing her cheek. He had never felt like this in his entire life. He needed her like he needed air to breathe. The waitress brought their drinks and he smiled, "I have a thing for chocolate."
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Alli looked up at Jackson and grinned when he said he and her father had talked before she was woken up. [b “Well. I can tell you right now that if he still let you wake me up, and take me away from home on a motorcycle after he learned your age, he must really like you.”] she said. [b “Like A LOT.”]

She shook her head when he asked if him being fourteen years older was a problem for her. [b “Not at all baby.”] she said. [b “It just so happens that I was a thing for older men. Maybe I’ll show you just how much I like you when we find a hotel.”] she said before smacking his ass. She couldn’t help but grin as she took his hand and pulled him into the diner. [b “I want a vanilla milkshake.”] she announced.

She snuggled up to Jackson while in the diner. They had requested a booth in the corner. [b “It’s so peaceful on the back of that bike in a weird way. I don’t know how to explain it. But I really like it.”]
  Alli / BooBear96 / 265d 23h 35m 53s
He chuckled and held her, kissing her hard and nodded, "Your dad and I talked before he let me up to wake you up.... he knows how much I care about you and he does know how old I am... wasn't happy about it but understood how I feel... I'm 36." he muttered knowing she might want to run hearing his age, most would have. 36, single, never been in a serious relationship... alcoholic, addict... the list could go on and on with the labels. He didn't know what to do.

He held her and kissed her again, "You told me your 22... so 14 years older than you... thats not a bad thing right?" he asked worried that she wouldn't want to be with him now even though they had already slept together and she had just ridden three hours on the back of his bike and she couldn't feel her thighs. "You can't feel your thighs and I'm starving... milkshakes and relaxing in the air conditioning for awhile?" he asked her.
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Alli looked at her Father and then back at Jackson when she heard him say he knew how much he cared about her. She gave her Father a look before looking at Jackson again. [b “I don’t even want to know.”] she said. [b “So. Tonight. Since the show isn’t for another three days.. We can stop, get a hotel, and just cuddle. I know it wasn’t even a full twenty four hours, but I missed you.”]

As soon she climbed on the back of the bike, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. She had never been on a motorcycle before, and she would be lying if she wasn’t a little bit nervous.

She groaned when she climbed off the bike at diner. [b “I can’t feel the inside of my thighs.”] she muttered as she leaned back to stretch and poop her back. [b “Gimme a kiss.”] she said with a cheeky grin as she all but threw her self at him. [b “So wait. Did you tell my dad how old you were? Wait. How old are you?”]
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"Not even been thinking about drinking sweetheart... and your sure all these are essentials?" He asked shoving her bag into the saddlebag. he made it fit in there but there would be no extra room for anything else. He kissed her cheek gently. "Mr. Campana... I will keep Alli safe and you have my number so feel free to call or text me anytime... check up on Alls... but you know how much I care about your daughter." Her father nodded and said, 'Just take care of her Jackson." Jackson nodded knowing that Alli hadn't heard any of that. He still avoided using the word Love... he wasn't sure when he would be ready to use that word but he was in love.

On the bike he felt her hug against him and he smiled holding her leg to him and it was a few hours before they stopped at a roadside diner. "Thought we could use a break to stretch and get something to eat... plus Bobby is probably on my ass wondering where I am as I didn't check in with him when I picked you up."
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Alli was giddy as she was in the shower. She was leaving with Jackson tonight, on his bike. [i “I just hope he hasn’t been drinking.”] she thought as she rinsed the conditioner out of her hair. She knew that Jackson wasn’t the perfect man in the world, but he seemed like he was trying. She could help him. [b “Whatcha thinking about? You seem like you’re in another damn universe or something.”] she said when she walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her.

[b “I’ll see you in a few weeks, Dad.”] she said as she hugged her Father. [b “I love you.”] she said. Jackson was out trying to fit her clothes in the saddle bag. [b “They’re essentials. They have to come.”] she said. Her father went back inside to take a nap as she watched Jackson. [b “You been drinking or anything?”] she questioned. [b “I’m not getting on that bike if you have, Jackson.”] she said.

[ outfit]
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"Skipped a show.. didn't sleep... had to see you again." he said holding her close to him... "Brought the bike... next show is in Arizona and we have three days to get there." he said seriously. He kissed her gently, "never felt this way about anyone before... " He said not saying the L word yet... he had never said that to anyone so he wasn't sure how long it would take him to say it...but he was going to... he did love her.

"Bobby knows I came to get you... he understood that I needed you back...can't be without you now... got too much invested." he said as he held her. Soon he was in the hall waiting on her to get ready. Did she even know how old he was? Did she know anything about him? He was 36 years old and had never been in a serious relationship... what was wrong with him... he didn't even know the answer to that question but he knew she wouldn't like him drinking all of the time but it had been 12 hours and he hadn't had a drug or a drink of anything.
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[b “Mhm.”] she moaned softly when she felt familiar hands pushing her hair back. She stretched slightly as she opened her eyes. [b “Jackson?”] she mumbled. She looked around, they were still in her room. Jackson was in her house? [b “What... How... You had a show last night Jackson.”] she said. [b “Oh my gosh. What time is it? Did you skip a show?”]

She about melted when she realized that he had told her he missed her. [b “I wasn’t even gone a full day.”] she muttered as she sat up. [b “Mhm. But I missed you too.”] she said as she pushed him down on her bed. [b “I can’t believe my dad let you in here... Not after he asked me how old you were yesterday. He wasn’t exactly happy.”]

She didn’t know how this was going to go, or even if it would work out, but she knew one thing for sure, she wasn’t letting Jackson leave without her. She didn’t want to be without him. [b “I’m going with you.”]
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Jackson hated seeing her go and he knew Ramone was picking on her when she got onto the private jet and he called him her boyfriend. Jackson wasn't her boyfriend but damn he wanted to be. It was twenty minutes after she left that he told Bobby he was going to go and get her... he couldn't be without her. She was his everything already and he loved her so he was going back and getting his girl. She had came to Vegas for him, he was coming back to get her.

It was a short flight and he was there at 7 am... her father let him in after he explained that he was in love with his daughter. In her room he pushed her hair out of her face and kissed her awake. "Hey." he muttered smiling to her. He was so happy that her father hadn't hated him and left him standing outside on the porch. "Your dad let me in... missed you." He said seriously and hugged her tight, smelling her strawberry shampoo in her hair, he was in love.
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Alli has never been with anyone like Jackson. Maybe it was because he was older, he had more experience under his belt, or maybe she had just been dating and sleeping with the wrong type of men.

[b “You passed out on me last night.”] she muttered before she took a bite of the waffles. [b “I don’t know what to tell really..”] she said. But she thought about it as she took another bite. [b “I’m twenty two, I grew up in Franklin. My mom ran off when I was little. Uh. My favorite color is aquamarine.”] she said. She was rambling now. [b “You can’t just put me on the stop like that! I don’t know what to tell you.”] she said.

She and Ramone ended up flying back home that night. Jackson had more shows and he needed to focus on that, for a little while at least. They hadn’t put a label on their relationship but she knew they would see each other soon.

When she was back home, she caught up with her dad. They laid around and watched the video of her first performance with Jackson over and over. [b “I still can’t believe I got up onstage.”] she said [b “I can’t believe he got me onstage.”]

She went to bed that night dreaming about Jackson.
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Jackson laid beside her asleep for a few hours... he hadn't meant to pass out but he truly had drank too much. He didn't want to leave her hanging like that. He loved her and wanted to do so much more with her but he couldn't help it. Waking up around 4 am he kissed her, pushing her shirt up and held her, before he knew it they were tangled in the sheets and she was his. They ordered room service for breakfast, one of everything which was way too much food for two people but Jackson sat there in his underwear eating breakfast with her. "So tell me more about yourself." He said smiling to her. He was sober now... the effects of last night, washed off in the shower before they had ordered food. She was cute wrapped in the hotel robe. He didn't want her to leave him and go back but that was all that Ramone kept texting her about.... Jackson knew he would have to follow her. He did know where she lived... he had taken her home that first night that they were together.
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Alli practically melted into that kiss. She knew that getting involved with Jackson like this, was probably a horrible idea on her part. She was only twenty two, she didn’t even know how old he was. But her life was changing with him, in a great way. She had some feelings for him, and that scared her.

She quickly ran into the bathroom and freshened hi the best she could. She looked at herself in the mirror and squealed internally.

[b “Jackson?”] she called as she walked back down the hallway. He wasn’t in the couch anymore. She looked up and jumped slightly when she seen Bobby laying Jackson down on the bed. She didn’t know what to say. She nodded slowly as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. [b “It was a crazy night... We were all drinking.”] she said. Once Bobby had left, she ended up taking a lot hit shower. She sank down to the floor and let the hot water run over her body for awhile before she got dressed and headed to bed.

[ pajamas]
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Just inside the room Jackson nodded and kissed her hard, a small kiss turning into a passionate one quickly. He loved her... he knew it but did she feel the same way about him? He had no idea but he did love her and he knew he had never felt this way about anyone before in his life. He had maybe had a few too many to drink but he didn't say anything about that... he just kissed her. When she said she wanted to freshen up he nodded ," Be here." He said pointing to the couch. He was slurring his words.... maybe more than a few too many.

When she came out, Bobby was putting him into the bed, 'Think he drinks a bit too much? Sweetheart you have no idea... but I want you to know... hes never brought a girl onstage... ever.... and I've never heard him play like that before." He knew Jackson and Alli together were something special but he didn't know what his little brother was thinking about all of this. He had never seen Jackson in a serious relationship.
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Alli watched as Jackson handed Ramone a room key. He had reserved him a room? She couldn't help but grin. [b "Ramone says thank you. He just won't actually say it, so I'll say I for him!"]

They had all ended up going out to dinner to celebrate the fact tha Alli had finally gotten up on a stage, or the fact that it had been Jackson who had gotten her there. She never imagined that she would ever be able to do it, but she was able wih Jackson. She didn't know what she was feeling, but it was something that scared her honestly.

[b "I don't think I've ever been so tired in my enire life."] she said as she slid the key card into the door and pushed it open. [b "Thank you for tonight."] she muttered as she stared up at him. She had a few drinks at the resturant, so she was feeling some type of way, she wasn't sure how many Jackson had. [b "Kiss me."] she muttered. She knew she would want to freshen up before anything really happened, but she wanted him to kiss her.
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Jackson smiled, "Only because of you darlin'. You stole the show but I knew you would, your nothing short of amazing." he said before kissing her cheek again. He leaned his head on her shoulder and slide a room key into Ramone's hand, "Your room is across the hall from mine." He said knowing... or at least hoping that Ally would be sharing a room with him. They had came so close the other night but he didn't want to use her for that... she wasn't that kind of girl. She was the kind of girl you took home to your momma... that was if he had a momma... Bobby's wife Gail was the closest thing he had known... she still took care of him even if she was only 16 years older than him and Bobby was 20 years older than him.

Gail met and married Bobby in the span of four days... but that was when Jackson was 9 years old... before his dad had died... but still even when his dad was alive... Bobby and Gail had done their best to raise him because William Maine hadn't been the best father...Bobby knew that first hand.
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