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To be honest, Alli was so excited to pick out wedding rings. She’d always dreamed about her wedding and what she wanted it to be like. And this wasn’t exactly her dream wedding by any means, but Jackson was her dream man, and that’s what mattered to her. They could have a reception or even a vow renewal anytime. She just wanted to be his wife, she didn’t want to wait. [b “I love you.”]

She looked up all of sudden, she was googling dress shops in Las Vegas when she ran into someone. [b “Hey Drew. What’s up?”] she asked when she realized it was just Jackson’s drummer. Why was he telling her to be careful? She couldn’t stop herself from rolling her eyes when she realized what he had said. [b “I’m a big girl. I can handle Jackson, but thank you for the concern.”]

After they landed in Vegas, Ramone quickly took charge. She and Jackson weren’t allowed to see each other until after the wedding. Ramone wanted to go with Jackson to pick out the rings, since he knew her style. [b “Daddy, that means you get to come with me to find a dress.”]
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He smiled, "Yeah my fiance." He said and couldn't stop smiling. He was getting married. He was sure hell had frozen over because he had never wanted to get married before now and here he was nearly ready to marry the girl of his dreams tomorrow. "Book your dad and Ramone tickets too." he said handing her his debit card... "And tomorrow we have to go pick out wedding rings and I don't want you to hold back... you'll get any ring you want, whatever you want." He knew her father might not like this but he loved Alli and she obviously loved him too.

His drummer stopped her in the hall while Jackson went to get drinks from the food table and coolers. "Just be careful... he gets drunk, hes mean... and wouldn't want to see such a nice girl like you get hurt because of him... just watch yourself and watch him." Everyone seemed to be warning her about Jackson and he didn't even know about it. He came back with two life waters and kissed her.
  Jackson Maine / polkadotrocker / 264d 22h 34m 26s
Alli couldn’t stop smiling as she nodded to his idea. [b “Were gonna get married by ELVIS! Daddy is gonna die.”] she said. She looked up at Jackson with nothing but love in her eyes. [b “I love you so much baby.”] she said.

She looked over at Bobby who was questioning what the hell was going on. [b “Your brother asked me to marry him, and I said yes. We’re getting married tomorrow.”] she said. She silently thanked Gail as she put her hand on Bobby’s shoulder. He couldn’t micromanage Jackson’s life anymore. He was thirty something years old. He had to live it himself. [b “I need to see if I can find a flight.”] she said as she pulled Jackson back toward the bus with her. [b “You have something else you have to do before we get on a plane.”] she said with stars in her eye. She had never wanted him so bad before.

She found flights that flew out in four, and landed in five. So they had about three hours to kill. They weren’t that far from the aiprot.
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"Ride to Vegas tonight? Your dad and Ramone fly out and we get married tomorrow and then Bobby can take the bike back to his place and we can fly to Montana and look at houses? Rent a car and just be us for a few days to find our forever home?" He asked kissing her gently. HE didnt' ever want to be without her. "I love you I love you I love you." he said and Bobby stopped, 'Whats with this? He asked and Jackson said ,'Bobby... we're going to Vegas tonight... getting married tomorrow... you'll take my bike back to your and Gail's place in Utah then and we're going to look for a place to live... I don't want to be without Alli another day." He said seriously.

Bobby was shocked but Gail smiled and put a hand on his shoulder to relax him. Jackson was happy and Alli had agreed to marry him.. that meant she was happy too so Gail supported both of them. "Bobby, they're in love... I can't wait to see Jackson marry someone he loves and who loves him just as much."
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Alli all but jumped into Jackson’s arms as soon as they got off the stage. He was like a drug for her. She couldn’t get enough of him. He was her alcohol. She almost cried when he asked her to marry him tonight. She just stared at him, trying to analyze his face. She took a deep breathe before she nodded. [b “I’ll marry you. Let’s elope.”] she said softly. She knew he had mentioned tonight when he asked, but she wanted something that semi resembled a wedding. [b “I need a dress. I have to call Ramone.”]

She couldn’t help but grin up at him as she wrapped her arms a round him. [b “I don’t ever want to go a single day without you by my side.”] she said. [b “We have a four day break after tonight right? Let’s go get married and then find a house.”] she said.

She didn’t know what he would think about her plan, but she hopped that he was okay with it. [b “I just want you forever.”] she said [b “Just you forever.”]
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After the show he held her, "Marry me...tonight?" He asked knowing that he would do anything for this woman. It scared him that she could leave him at any time and he would be alone again... forever.

He didn't want to let her go but when he did he tried to gauge her reaction and the look on her face kind of scared him... what was she thinking. Did she even like him enough to want to marry him? Hell he wanted to settle down and retire from touring on a horse ranch in Montana with her after 5 days... he had it bad and that wasn't going to change. He held her close... "Marry me... I mean it." He said knowing he didn't have a ring or anything to offer her in that moment but for once in his life he was sober and had been for five days.... he hadn't had a drink at all. Bobby wouldn't believe him if he told him that though... Bobby always thought the worst of him... not that Jackson had given him anything to be proud of these last few years...
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Alli looked over at Bobby when he started taking to her. She blushed but nodded when he mentioned house hunting in Montana. [b “Jackson said he hadn’t been in a place for more than three days in ten years. He said he had been thinking about settling down, so I suggested Montana. It’s been a dream of mind to have a ranch for years.”] she said. She looked down at the microphone and smiled. [b “But you know if he told me he wanted to keep touring all the time... Well I’d follow him anywhere.”]

She didn’t know why Bobby had pointed out that her that Jackson was an alcoholic. It kind of pissed her off. She had been suspicious, but. She wouldn’t go tell a basic stranger that, which is what she was to Bobby. [b “I can handle him.”] she muttered.

[b “ Tell me something, boy...”] she started as she walked out on the stage with a huge grin on her face. The fans went crazy, which made her heart flutter. [b “Hi.”] she said as she leaned up and kissed Jackson.
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"So Jackson said after this handful of shows, ya'll are taking a roadtrip... spending some time in Montana house hunting, Gail and I live in Utah...if ya'll want to come and stay with us for a few days, you can... its nice to see Jackson happy for once in his life... so thank you Alli." Bobby said holding the microphone for her. "Your on sweetheart... and after Gail has food waiting on both of you in the dressing room.. Jackson had it delivered from a diner not far from here, said ya'll stopped there yesterday." He said with a smile. "Heres my number... you ever need me call... Jackson is difficult at times... and an alcoholic." he said putting his number and Gail's into her phone.

After they sang, Jackson couldn't wipe the smile off of his face. "Sweetheart you were amazing." He said picking her up and kissing her as she was in his arms. "God I love you." He muttered not realizing that the L word had slipped out on him... it was the truth though, he did love her.
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Alli looked at Jackson with a grin on her face. [b “This is going to sound so cheesy, but one of the last things my Mother and I did before she passed was binge watch a series about a family horse ranch in Montana. They seemed so happy living out in the open, no close neighbors, they were at peace. They had a big yard and a bunch of babies running around. That just seems like paradise to me... Hell. If I want to walk out in my front yard in my underwear, I want to be able to without my ass showing up in a tabloid.”] she explained [b “I like LA, but I definitely don’t want to settle down here. It would be fun to have a beach house for vacation but not year round.”]

She listened to him when he explained that Bobby was his half brother and Gail was his wife. [b “It takes a lot to step up and raise someone.. Especially when they don’t have too.”]

Later that night, Jackson was on stage doing his sound check. She was sitting on top of an Amp that wasn’t being used on the side stage. She loved watching him when he was on stage. He was made for this.
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“We can do that...” he said seriously and looked to her with a small smile, horses and babies...he was familiar with horses, he had done rodeo when he was younger. “Food and okay one song..tell me more about Montana, been there when I did the rodeo but I haven’t been back since, can you tell me more about it? Like what makes it your dream place to live?” He asked with a smile.

Getting subs and sodas he sat down with her in the trailer. “I mean it I really want to know about Montana because I’m not opposed to moving there. Always have to travel for work anyway, might as well live somewhere that we love and not deal with California...I hate LA, too many damn people.” He said taking a bite of his food and looked to her. She was gorgeous and he had no idea why she was even giving him the time of day that she was.

“Bobby is my brother but he and his wife, Gail, raised died when I was 9 and mom when I was born.”
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Alli looked up at Jackson when he said she could drive his truck and she simply grinned. [b “You don’t have to get a new truck, but once we get settled, I’m getting a car.”] she explained. She didn’t want to have to be driven everywhere she went, she knew that their lives weren’t normal, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t try and act normal at least.

[b “Montana. A big horse farm with a bunch of land.”] she said [b “I want to raise horses with babies.”] she froze when she realized she had just said the baby word. [b “That’s just like my dream house talk.”] she muttered.

She was sprightly confused about Jackson’s family, with Bobby and whoever the woman was. [b “Food. Yes.”] she said. She looked over at Bobby and then back at Jackson who was grinning with her. [b “I’ll do the one song.”] she mumbled.

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He couldn’t help but chuckle, “I’ll let you drive my truck but you probably won’t like it...I like vintage things and I refuse to get a new truck.” He said knowing Bobby had yelled at him count less times to get a new truck because he was afraid Jackson’s would break down on him. He sighed, “I don’t know, where do you want to live?” He asked her knowing he couldn’t be without her either. He was in love with her and he didn’t want to be a part from her ever again.

At the show Bobby laughed at them, “Teaching her to ride Jack?” Jackson nodded, “Trying to dad.” He called Bobby and Gail mom and dad because they had raised him. He didn’t know if Alli understood that Bobby wa Shia brother or not but he knew after today he would have to explain it a little bit more to her. “Let’s get something to eat before the show.” He suggested and Bobby asked, “Shoudl I put an extra mic up there for her Jack?”
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Alli looked at Jackson and simply shook her head. [b "I don't."] she said [b "But you know you could've said the same thing about me. Because I'm younger."] She snuggled closer as she listened to him. [b "I think you should definitly take some time off. You deserve to have a home to come back too. Where are you thinking about buying at?"] she quesioned.

[b "We were only about for abou seventeen hours. I don't want to be apart from you ever again."] she said softly. [b "I don't even know what the hell I'm feeling right now.. But I do know that I don't want it to stop or go away."] She looked around at the hotel and smiled softly. [b "This place is so run down compared to the last one we stayed at... We might get murdered tonight."]

The next few days were a lot of fun. Jackson was trying to teach her how to drive his motorcycle, just for fun, and it was not working out at all. They were really just wasting time before his show [b "I'm telling you, I'm better off with a truck or something with four wheels in general."]
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"I thought you might not want to be with me or think I'm an old man." He explained and nodded coming to lay with her. "We should go to that diner for breakfast and a bike road trip sounds great sweetheart... I... there are six more shows and then I have as much time off as I need.... need to write a new album... was thinking of actually buying a house and moving into some place more permanent.... everything I own is in Bobby and gail's garage because I haven't been in one place for more than three days in the last ten years and its been exhausting... not sure what to do with myself with all that time off." he admitted holding her close to him. "I'm glad you still want to be with me because I don't know how I'd be without you... knowing someone can make me feel like this.. well thats a new feeling that I miss when your not around." He admitted.

He loved being with her and this hotel was old and run down but it was still a good hotel for the night. It was just an old 1950's hotel that hadn't been updated but it was clean and the people had been nice to them.
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The diner they stopped at was probably one of the best restaurants she’d ever ate at in her entire life. [b “So. After the tour is over, we should take a road trip on the bike or something.”] she said after they had checked into their hotel for the night. [b “If were being completely honest, I didn’t think that I would like being on the back of the motorcycle.”] she said.

She looked behind her and couldn’t help but grin as she seen Jackson carrying the saddle bags inside behind her. [b “Next time I promise, I’ll mail everything out.”] she said. Once they were both in the room, she shut the door behind him. [b “Did you really think the whole you being almost fifteen years older than me would be a problem?”] she questioned.

[b “How many more shows do you have until this leg of the tour is over?”] she asked as she laid back on the bed. [b “I’m so tired.”] she muttered. [b “Come lay with me.”]
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