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"I have a house in Nashville... spend a lot of time there because I record most of the time there... we can go back and forth.. use the jet... just stay away from Rez Gavron there... no good rotten scum. I wouldn't even let him lick the bottom of my fucking shoe." he said seriously and smiled when she came closer to him, "6... and a dog sounds nice.. had one when I was a kid and he lived until I was 17 and never got another dog... best dog in the world... he was a black lab... followed me everywhere and helped with horses... he was a hell of a dog." He said kissing her. "I love you... but we both do need to write... don't sign anything until the lawyers look it over... as much as I trust Warner Brothers... I don't trust anyone when it comes to contracts.... and your going to be Mrs. Maine... they want their claws in you deep... " He said knowing how labels worked. He hated it but that was how the business was.

He held her, "When do you want to start our family?" he asked knowing that if she started making music and touring that idea would go out the window.
  Jackson Maine / polkadotrocker / 262d 8m 6s
[b “Warner Brothers, Nashville.”] she said quickly. [b “I know. I know. Before you even say it, Nashville is a days drive away. But I can be there and back within the day with flights. They already said that they would cover hotel costs if need be.”] she explained. [b “But I have some money saved, so I was honestly thinking of it worked out, we could buy a townhome there.”]

She nodded when he said Bobby was bring his horse from Utah. [b “Oh I know. I’ve already spoken to Gail. You’re going to write, and Gail is going with me to get everything figured out with the stalls and then we’re going to find a few horses.”] she said.

She couldn’t help but smile when he started talking about them having a family. [b “How many do you want?”] she asked. [b “I want at least four.. But I was also thinking, maybe we should start off with a dog? I’ve always wanted a Collie. Or even a cattle dog.”] She couldn’t help but grin as she watched his expression change as she climbed into his lap.
  Alli / BooBear96 / 262d 15m 12s
"Baby thats amazing... who wants to sign you?" He asked with a smile as he took a drink of the beer. He knew everyone in the business so he was curious who had thought his fiance was just as talented as he did. He kissed her cheek... "We have our life here... Bobby is bringing my horse from Utah to come here and maybe someday in the future we will have a family... but if you want to be a musician like I am... I am here to support you, I will never hold you back." He said seriously. He did love her... more than anything. He never thought he would have a home like this.

"Thank you for giving me a home... somewhere I want to come home to... and stay... and thank you for convincing Bobby that I needed a couple months break from shows even if it is to write some new music.. maybe we can both write together... and before you say it, Shallow is your song." He would sing on it with her if she wanted to record it but he couldn't take credit for it, she wrote it.
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It had now been a month since they’d put the offer in on Allis dream house. Since Jackson had put in a very generous offer, they owners excepted it the next day. They had closed a week later and the house was in both their names. During that week, someone from a Music Label reaches out to her with an offer to sign. She hadn’t told Jackson about it yet, as she told the company that she was interested but she had to get settled before she could just up and possibly leave Jackson.

They had officially been moved in and unpacked completely for two days. They were just settling it and she herself had made a lot of trips into down to get things to decorate the house, make it there own style in a sense.

[b “So. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something.”] she said as she walked into the living room with a beer and a glass of wine. [b “I got an offer to sign.”] she said before she took a sip. [b “They want me in the studio in a month. And I don’t think my songs are good enough.”]
  Alli / BooBear96 / 262d 7h 9m 55s
“You found one?” Jackson asked coming out of the hotel room bathroom smiling. He was shirtless but it didn’t matter, it was just them in their room. “Looks perfect...I can’t wait to look at it tomorrow with you.

In Montana, Jackson held her hand as they walked through with the realtor and looked at the property. He nodded agreeing with her. “That room across the hall from ours looks perfect for a nursery...for those babies you mentioned...never thought I’d have kids or wanted kids until I met you and now that seems to be all I think about, a little you or little me running around, teaching them guitar and about horses...damn I can’t wait.” He was 36 and not a parent yet so he had just accepted that it wasn’t going to happen and then she happened. She was the one that turned everything in his life upside down but in a good way. He loved her and that would never change.

“We would like to put in an offer.” He told the woman.
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 262d 7h 52m 47s
After they had gotten back to their hotel, she quickly took to looking at houses and estates in Montana. It wasn’t long before she found one that had everything they needed. It had enough bedrooms for guests and whenever they decided to start a family, and it had a barn that could be transformed into a stable. [b “Jackson. I found it.”] she said [b “This is the one that I want. It’s perfect. It has everything we need.”]

It took two days, but she had arranged for a tour. Her father and Ramone went back home to Tennessee and they headed for Montana. After viewing the property, she was more in life with it than before, if that was even possible. She was prepared to bed Jackson. [b “It’s so perfect.”] she said as they walked back to the main house after viewing the barn. [b “We could easily fit four or five stalls in there. And we could always expand if need be. There’s enough room in the backyard for a pool and a patio.”]

[ Estate]
  Alli / BooBear96 / 262d 9h 24m 40s
“I ended up not gambling anyway...probably a better idea, as much as I like playing poker, I never said I was good at it.” He admitted to her, flashing a smile her way. He held her hand as they walked down the strip. Her father spoke, “Haven’t been to Vegas in probably twenty years so thank you for flying me out here...even if it is to celebrate my daughter’s engagement.” Jackson smiled, “Lorenzo it was so trouble, we wanted you both here and when we do have the ceremony we will still want you both there, hell, Ramone is planning the thing...I’m sure by the time it rolls around, I’ll just show up and everything will be ready for me to say I do to this beautiful woman.” He said giving Alli a kiss on the cheek. Jackson loved her more than anything and he had never loved anyone like this and he knew he never would again. He didn’t want to ever lose her.

He pulled her closer to him and sighed, “I want you to know that I would do anything for you, anything you want consider it done.”
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 262d 14h 37m 29s
She couldn't help but smile when Jackson said that she could have whatever she wanted with their wedding and that made her feel great.. But she also felt like he was really understanding what she wanted most. She wanted a home. She was getting sick and tired of living out of a suitcase in a hotel room. She wanted something that was her own.

She nodded softly when he mentioned gambling too. If they were being completely honest, she didn't want anywhere near that thing and she was going to make sure her Father didnt go with him. Her Father used to be an addicted gambler when she was younger, but he was finally getting back on track. [b "You and Ramone can go."] she said [b I think I want to spend some time with my dad.. Maybe go for a walk down the strip or something."] she told Jackson.

After dinner as they were walking outside, she pulled Jackson close to her. [b "Dad was a gambler before. That's why I don't want him around that. I just wanted you to know that I wasn't mad."]
  Alli / BooBear96 / 262d 23h 14m 43s
"Anything you want and okay... I'll keep your ring hidden baby girl.... just get ready to go to lunch and we will find a good place and take everyone out and just relax and have a good time and not have to worry about anything... I can't wait to build a life with you Alli... I want a house.... and all the horses... and babies." he said softly mumbling that last part because he knew it was what she had said said to him. He was in love with this girl. She was perfect and he couldn't get over it.

Soon they were in a private room at a upscale buffet in Vegas, "Maybe we can do some gambling too, I don't gamble often but sitting down at a slot machine with a beer sounds like a hell of a good time." he said kissing her lips gently as he ordered a bud light and a coke. He would drink them both but he didn't want to order too much alcohol in front of her father. He knew her father had heard things about him, hell he knew Alli had heard things.
  Jackson Maine / polkadotrocker / 262d 23h 31m 3s
Alli couldn’t help but grin as Jackson said he was ok with her plan, with anything that she wanted really, as long as he still had her at the end of the day basically. She shook her head though when he asked if they could wear their wedding rings now. [b “I want to be surprised with what you and Ramone picked out whenever we do decide to get married. Let get the house taken care of first, so we can stop living out of hotels. Then we can talk about the wedding.”] she said. [b “I still want to marry you, Jackson. More than anything. But I really want a home. With you.”]

She looked back at Ramone when he asked what kind of wedding she wanted. [b “Well. I’ve been toying with the idea of a barn estate wedding, or maybe even Hawaii. I don’t know yet honestly.”] she said when she looked back to Jackson. [b “I just know that I want to be married to you.”] She couldn’t help but smile. [b “I just want to make a home with you.”]
  Alli / BooBear96 / 262d 23h 51m 56s
"Then thats what you'lll get..anything you want... just one thing... will you wear your wedding ring now and I wear mine and we can take today and go out for lunch and celebrate our engagement? Spend tonight here and head to Montana to look for a house." He asked her as he kissed her gently. As long as she still wanted to marry him...he was happy... it scared him to death that he might lose her. "I want to marry you but I want to marry you on your terms, I don't want you to rush into it if its not want you want, if you want the courthouse wedding in Montana and the ceremony on our anniversary next year then thats what you'll get." He said and Ramone squealed, "Chica I've got a wedding to plan, where do ya'll want to get married?" Jackson shrugged, "Anywhere Ally wants to." He wasn't picky when it came to anything to do with Alli, he loved this girl more than anything.
  Jackson Maine / polkadotrocker / 263d 49m 0s
The more she stared at her dream dress, the more she didn’t want a Vegas wedding. She didn’t want to be married by Elvis. She didn’t want some cheap trashy wedding. She loved Jackson, and she wanted to be his wife more than anything, but Las Vegas wasn’t her.

She didn’t know how Jackson would feel when she told him what she wanted to do. Maybe he would be ok with it. Maybe he would get mad. She just needed to make him understand that Las Vegas wasn’t her.

After Ramone texted her that he and Jackson were back in the hotel, she quickly took off. She knew Ramone would fight her about seeing Jackson, but if she had anything to do with it, they wouldn’t be getting married in Vegas. [b “Jackson!”] she said as she pushed the door open. [b “Jackson.”] She smiled softly when he came running out of his bedroom. [b “I love you.”] she started [b “But I found my dream dress. And the more I think, the more I realize that this isn’t me. Las Vegas isn’t me.”] she said softly. [b “I want you. And I want a house. Let’s go buy a house, getting married at the local courthouse or even Gatlinburg. That would be better than Begas. and then have an actual wedding with our family and friends on our first anniversary. That’s what I want.”]
  Alli / BooBear96 / 263d 4h 57m 6s
“Sweetheart, I saw how he looked at you and I’m sure you wouldn’t have any trouble getting him to agree to anything, you’ve got that man wrapped around your your mother did me.” He said softly. It wasn’t often that Lorenzo talked about Elizabeth...he missed her everyday but he couldn’t help it. Alli was their only child and she looked so much like her mother.

When he saw her in the short wedding dress he couldn’t help but let a few tears fall. “Your so beautiful sweetie...Jackson is a lucky man.”

At the jewelry store Jackson nodded, “On our first anniversary I will add another band to her wedding ring....just diamonds to fit around the bottom....thanks for helping me with this Ramone.” He said as he paid for her ring and his own. His was just a simple white gold band, hers was beautiful and covered in diamonds. He hoped she would love it, simple but elegant and everyone would know she’s a Maine.
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 263d 14h 20m 35s
She looked up at Jackson when he handed her a debit card. She couldn’t help but grin. She was giddy. She was getting married today! She looked at her father with a giggle as she looked her arm through his and pulled him away to the car. [b “We have SO much to do.”] she said.

She found the short dress that she had found online, thankfully, they had it in stock. But while she was there, she also found an a line ball gown that she fell in love with. [b “What are the chances that I could talk Jackson into having an actual ceremony and reception? Say for our first anniversary.”] she asked her father. She couldn’t let go of the gown. [b “This is too fancy for a Vegas wedding.”] she explained.

Ramone found the ring that Alli would love within five minutes of being in that store. [b “My girl is simple. You know that. But that ring is going to be on her hand for the rest of her life.”] he said as he pointed to the ring.
[ engagement]
[ Jackson’s]
  Alli / BooBear96 / 263d 20h 52m 33s
Jackson handed Ally his spare debit card and kissed her, "Anything you want." He said seriously and her father smiled, "Just so happy my little girl is getting married... but never thought it would be to Jackson Maine... lets go get you a dress princess... I remember when you were little and used to play dress up in the living room and wear those glittery plastic shoes and pretend that you were getting married and now you really are." Lorenzo said as he started to tear up. He couldn't help it.

At the jewelry store, Jackson looked to Ramone, "Anything you think she would like? No matter the price you tell me. Shes worth every penny Ramone... I never thought I'd get married and now here I am buying a wedding ring... whatever you help me pick for her, I'll get a matching band, I don't need anything fancy but she does, she deserves the best... Ramone... I am promising you that I will always make your best friend happy."
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