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[b “That was a great rehearsal guys! Everything is perfect. Y’all rest up now because our first show is six days!”] she said as she grabbed her water bottle. She couldn’t help but grin as she heard the sound of Jackson’s voice. [b “Hi baby.”] she said as she turned around. She squealed when she seen he had a dog crate. [b “Is that a puppy!?”]

She sat down on the ground and opened the crate door. [b “Oh my gosh. It’s a pit. Jackson, look how precious he is.”] she said as she cradled him in her arms. [b “What should we name him?”]

Later that night, after dinner they were all three cuddled up in bed. The television was on, but neither of them were really paying attention to it. Jackson was playing some game on his phone, and she had her wedding book out as well as the laptop. [b “How many people are we going to invite? I need to finalize the guest list this week.”] she said. [b “Do you want babies?”]
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Jackson’s career had slowed down as he wanted to be there for Ally and honestly the shows were harder and harder to get. Other than Shallow with Ally, he hadn’t had a hit in five years and he was starting to be the washed up star who is riding the coat tails of his superstar wife. Rez Gavron has made her a superstar, he couldn’t deny that.

He walked into her dance rehearsals and smiled seeing his beautiful fiancé. “You look good out a surprise for you...” he said knowing what was in a crate carrier covered up by the door. “Meet our new puppy, my Drummer’s dog had puppies and he was the only one left, followed me around the studio and I know you mentioned getting a dog.” He said with a smile hoping she wouldn’t be mad. He was a small dog but he would grow and Jackson would feel better if she had a guard dog in the house. He worried about her when he wasn’t there and he knew she did the same about him.

Gail was helping Alli plan the wedding but honestly he just agreed with what she wanted. He had never had any ideas for his wedding as he had never thought he would have one.
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 258d 1h 49m 1s
Life at the Maine Ranch had been going pretty well. Jackson had been flying back and fourth to Nashville to record, and she had been staying with her horses and writing a lot. She was leaving for her tour in about a week, and she was so nervous. Wedding planning was in full swing. At first she thought she waned a Desination Wedding, but she had to stay true to herself. They were getting married at Mint Spring Farms in Tennessee, and then were heading for Maui for their two week honeymoon.

Jackson had pretty much given her full reign when it came to planning the wedding. She had already found the groomsmen attire, but Ramone was going to be her Man of Honer, their wedding was not going to be typical at all, but Jackson was ok with that.

Ramone had all but quit his job to be her assistant and right hand man. He was coming on tour with her. Her third show was right outside of New York City, so they were going to the famous Kleinfield to see if they could find her dress, and if not, they were in Nashville for the fifteenth and final show, so they would hopefully find it there.
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He smiled, “I love you more and Bobby is sending the contract to the lawyers, you just relax...not gonna let Rez Gavin ruin you...your too talented for Warner by the way, hell your more talented than I am and somehow they call me a legend...if I’m a legend your a fucking goddess.” He said and kissed her gently.

“Where do you want to go to celebrate baby girl?” He asked holding her as they leaned against his truck he kept in Nashville. “Alli Maine, artist of the years music awards...I can see it now.” He said with a smile before holding her closer to him. “Are you in the mood for wings, pizza, fancy dinner, tacos...anything you want you can have, this is a special occasion.”

He knew that Rez could do amazing things for Alli but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to be there all the way to protect her...but someday she wouldn’t need him anymore and that thought scared him more than anything in the entire world.
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Rez Gavron officially hated Jackson Maine, but he loved Alli. Even he knew that not signing Alli would definitely hurt his career, while signing her, well that could potentially be one of the best damn things he could ever possibly do. Alli would be big, and he wasn’t the only one that thought that. [b “Talk it over with your lawyers and call me.”] he muttered.

Alli all but jumped into a Jackson’s arms after they had walked out of the labels building. [b “I’m getting a record deal!”] she squealed. [b “I’m going to be signed with Warner!!”] She was completely giddy. [b “Let’s go celebrate or something!”]

Never in her life did she think she would be a signed recording artist with Warner Nashville and engaged to Jackson Maine. She couldn’t figure out what the hell she did to deserve this life, but she would forever be thankful. Jackson was her entire world life. [b “I love you. Thank you for going with me today.”]
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“Not letting you put your claws in her Gavron...she’s not one of those pop princesses that you can exploit and abuse...she will be my wife in a few months and will preform and tour as Ally Maine and her tour schedule will be plausible not exhausting, I’m telling you this now and the lawyer will rewrite our demands into the contract. After a year she will be able to choose if she wants to sign again or move to a different label. There are offers...don’t think your her only choice.” He said civilly.

Rez spoke, “I watched you from the third row when I was 13 years old, you made me want to be in this business and when I finally met you, I saw the drunk sad man you are and I felt betrayed. I worked with you my first three years.” Jackson nodded, “And you got the recommendations you needed and wrote a tell all book about me.” He said angerly. “You think I’m letting my
Wife fall into your tricks, you’ve got another thing coming, we can walk now Gavron.”
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After she and Jackson hung around the Condo and went out to lunch, they had her appointment at the Record Label. To say she was nervous was a complete understand. She couldn’t stop clicking her pen as Jackson drove them downtown. [b “I feel like I’m going to throw up.”] she muttered. [b “Am I always going to be this nervous about meetings?”]

He had actually stepped up and had been working on not drinking as much. He was really really trying and she would forever be thankful for that. She didn’t know what she would do if something happened to him, so it meant the world that he was actually starting to care about his health.

She ended up agreeing to a twelve month contract. She wasn’t going to sign anything until Jackson’s attorney looked it over. And she told Rez that point blank. She didn’t feel comfortable signing before they read over it and explained it. Rez didn’t like the fact that Jackson was there. But did he really think she would come with out him?
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Jackson smiled, “never would have thought that you’d like to be a city girl but here we are...bought this place because I spend a lot of time down here when I’m recording, has an extra bed room that Bobby stays in when I do record but he’s always out doing something, if you think Vegas never sleeps, you haven’t been to Nashville, there’s always something to do in this town and this place is gated and private, there’s a dog park but we don’t have a dog and there’s a pool and a concierge if we need anything and don’t want to call or go out they handle it for us, all we have to do is call down to the front desk. Nice place, bought this condo when they built it so I’ve had it awhile, one of the first property investments I actually made, Bobby said I was crazy but we’ve used it more and more over the years.”

He smiled to her, “You want to go out to eat?” He was happy to be back in Nashville for a few days. He loved the place but he couldn’t live here forever, too many people.
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Alli quickly nodded as she listened to him. [b “Baby, I’m not asking you to not drink ever again in your life. I like to have fun and get rowdy sometimes too. But I think we should both try and cut back. I mean hell, Jackson, I was messed up, I punched a cop the first night we met.”] she said with a small smile. [b “I had been drinking, and then I let my anger get the best of me.”]

She snuggled up to him and wrapped her arms around him after she had seen the look that he had in his eyes. [b “I’m going to be right here no matter what.”] she said softly. [b “There’s nothing you could ever do that could possibly change the way I feel about you.”]

The next few weeks went pretty smooth. Bobby came to help Jackson set up the ranch and get the stalls ready, while Gail went down to a horse auction and came back with two mares, one that came with a foal. Bobby and Gail has even offered to stay at their ranch while they took their three day trip to Nashville. They hadn’t had time to hire any ranch hands yet.

When they got to Nashville, the first thing they did was go to Jackson’s condo. She thought their ranch had views unlike any other, and in a sense they did, but his condo was amazing.

[ NashvilleCondo)
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Jackson stopped, “Alli you know I drink...hell I was drunk when you met me...I...I haven’t been drinkin’ as much. Wasn’t drunk our whole relationship...but I...I’ll try for you.” He said putting down the beer that she had just brought for him. He had never tried to be sober before, this would be hard for him and that scared him. What if he failed and couldn’t stop with the drinking and she didn’t even know about the pills...well he hoped she didn’t.

“What happens if I fail?” He asked her with a scared look in his eyes. “What if I’m not strong enough to quit drinking?” He was so worried she would say she would leave. He was shaking he was so scared. “I can’t lose you...I just got you and my’s never been better than when I’m with you...I won’t lose that, I can’t.” He said holding her close to him. He didn’t want to cry in front of her. Big men didn’t cry...they comforted their girlfriends and wives when they did though.
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Alli listener to him and nodded. She knew her working with Rez Gaveon would probbaly put a strain on her relationship with Jackson, but he was the only one interested in her right now. She didn’t have to sign a very long contract. Maybe just a year or two until she really got her name out there. Until people heard her.

She grinned when he said they would do the context tour, wedding and then babies could come. [b “I can’t wait to have a bunch of mini Jackson Maine’s running around in the front yard.”] she said as she snuggled closer to him. [b “This is all going to work out for the best. I just know it.”]

She listened to him explain that he had a manager like Rez when he first started out, and then he said he became an alcoholic. She looked up at him and sighed soflty. [b “I love you so much, Jackson. But do you think that’s something we could work on? Not drinking so much..”] She wanted his children, but she didn’t want them to have an alcoholic father. She didn’t realize his drinking was as able as everyone said.
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Jackson held her, "Listen Alli, as much as I don't like Rez Gavron, I will be civil but I want to go to your first meeting and make sure the lawyers read over your contract but the first time he does something out of line, I will make sure that he knows it... but I'll be civil... but hes going to step out of line because thats what Rez does." He sighed. He had no idea that Rez was this big producer because of him... Rez looked up to Jackson.. wanted to be in music because of him but Rez was also an english arrogant douche.

He kissed her gently, "We will read their contract and after you've recorded an album, talk about a tour and the wedding and babies... I don't want you t rush into anything with the contract and album that your unsure of." He admitted. "Bobby wasn't always my manager... I had a Rez... I was 16 and just starting and they put me on a tour of 250 shows in a year, by the end of it I was burnt out and an alcoholic."
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Alli smiled when Jackson said he would make an honest woman of her. [b “It’s not that I wouldn’t want to have your baby before we’re married, but it’s the fact of I’m more than likely going to go on tour, but I can plan the wedding while doing that, and then we can get married on a weekend that I don’t have a show, and then we can make babies.”] she mumbled. [b “Does that make sense?”]

She looked at him when he questioned if she was really sure that she wanted to tour. [b “How is me going on tour any different than you going on tour?”] she questioned [b “You know your label is going to want you on tour next year too.”]

She felt like he didn’t want her to make a move on this new career path just because she would be working with Rez. [b “You have to trust me. No one could ever change how I feel about you.”] she said. [b “I’m always going to be yours. Nothing could ever change that.”]
  Alli / BooBear96 / 261d 3h 52m 45s
“I’ll make an honest woman out of you I promise, we will have a family after we get married but touring is hard baby, are you sure it’s what you want...and honey...anyone but Rez Gavron, I’ve punched that asshole more times than I can count and if your working with him I’ll punch him again, I don’t trust him. He’s scum and will use you for everything that he possibly can.” He muttered.

He held her and rested his head on her shoulder. “I have Bobby and Gail and my band and my best friend and his family to invite so that’s it...a fancy wedding for you and as big as you want it to be.” He said sighing. He really hated Rez and didn’t want him hurting Alli and that scared him to death. Suddenly their new big house wasn’t big enough and he needed to get away...find something stronger than this beer.

He was panicking in his head but in reality he was still holding Alli, “Alls, just...I’m scared to lose you and he will take you from em.”
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Alli looked at Ramone and just grinned as he told her to not trust Rez Gavron. Of course he wouldn’t like the one person that wanted to give her a break. [b “Welllll. You see babe.”] she said [b “He’s the one that contacted me. He really likes Shallow and he has a lot of great ideas that could really launch my career as a Musician.”] she explained.

Her eyes went wide when he said he wanted six kids. [b “Did you just say six?”] she said, surprised [b “Jackson, I promise you wouldn’t be saying six if you were the one that had to push them out.”] She smiles when he wrapped his arms around her. She snuggled closer to him.

[b “I can’t wait to become Mrs. Jackson Maine.”] she said. [b “We should start planning like now. I want to be Alli Maine before I go on tour. And I wouldn’t mind being married before we start a family. But that doesn’t mean we can’t practice now.”] she said with a sparkle in her eye. [b “How big of a wedding do you want?”]
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