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He smiled, 'Aulani private suite for us... I thought you'd like it since it has its own beach and also things to do like a lazy river and massages and we can of course sight see and go and see that volcano. Kinda can't wait to see Ramone's face when we get that for him and he opens it... he might lose his mind." He said kissing her. Soon they were checked in and there was actually a miniature shopping mall attached to the hotel. Including a Gucci and a Louis Vuitton. "I know we have to get Ramone's backpack but... do you want to do a little shopping for you... I mean if your going to be touring you deserve some nice things too. Plus if you intend on doing this entire tour.... Charlie and I are coming with you so you'll have to put up with both of us stinking up your bus... so get used to it baby."

At Gucci he asked her which backpack it was that Ramone wanted... a 1400 dollar backpack but to Jackson that was nothing.
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Ally grinned as she listened to Jackson. She knew he would bring that up, she was just surprised he hasn’t done it any sooner. [b “Jackson. You know plenty of singers have preformed up to their due date. I’m not going to just stop touring. I already have Arenas scheduled for the next seven months. I’m only six weeks along... I’ll be careful and I’ll rest a lot, but I’m not going to cut back like you want me too.”] she said, hoping that this wouldn’t cause an argument.[b “We’ll get him the backpack and then the ultrasound down inside it.”] she said.

The flight to Hawaii wasn’t that bad. It was probbaly because he had reserved the company jet and they were the only ones on it besides the flight attendant.

[b “Look how beautiful.”] she said softly. [b “I’ve hardly been out of Tennessee before... I’m so excited Jackson, thank you.”] she said as they walked off the airplane. [b “We need to go check in.”]
  Alli / BooBear96 / 185d 5h 52m 4s
“That’s why I got a jet, I wanted to spend our honeymoon in peace...and baby you know since your pregnant you’ll at least have to cut back on the amount of shows you were planning to do. There’s no way you’ll be able to handle that many more, you know this will make you more tired than you already are and your tiny, you’ll show soon.”
He said holding her, “But yes Ramona should plan it all, that is if he wants to, I mean we will pay him, please tell me we paid him for the amazing job he did for the wedding? We need to get him a thank you gift. Anything that he’s always wanted and thought he would never get? What about that Gucci backpack he’s always looking at online...we should get it for him when we land in Hawaii...maybe but a copy of your ultrasound in it to tell him he’s gonna he an uncle.”

Jackson knew Rampne would lose it when he found out that Ally and Jackson were going to have a baby. The world would lose it.
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As soon as they had gotten to the hotel, they had both changed, and wiped the day away. She crawled into bed while Jackson was in the shower.

She grinned when she felt Jackson’s hand rest on her stomach after he had climbed into the bed beside her. [b “We should let him plan the gender reveal and baby shower too. He’s so good at it... Especially since I’m going back on tour, that would just be two things I didn’t have to worry about.”] she explained as she snuggled into him.

[b “We should definitely bring them something back from Hawaii. I just don’t know what. I think I want to keep the baby just between us for a little while... It’s so unexpected and everyone thought we were going to wait..”] she said. [b “Why did you get a jet? I told you I was fine with flying commercial babe.”] she explained. [b “Thank you though. It’ll be nice not having to worry about everyone staring at us on the plane.”]
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“He should be a wedding or an event planner because today wa speed RCT but this.” He said gently putting a hand on her flat stomach, “this was the icing on the cake today...we’re having our own baby...All’s....are you excited? Happy? Tell me what your feeling? Oh and we’re not flying commercial, in the morning the private jet will be ready and Mom and dad are watching over Charlie so we don’t have to worry about him...we should get them something in Hawaii though...maybe a baby onesie that says my grandpa and grandma love me?” He said being really cheesy. He might be older than her but he honestly thought that this day would never come...he was going to be a father, actually be a dad and it scared him shitless.

That night he held her close after they made love, “I hope it’s a girl so she’s as beautiful as you.” He said softly. He was sweet but only to her, anyone else he didn’t care. Especially when it came to his band they were a bunch of assholes.
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Ally nodded with a grin on her face. [b “We’re having a baby.”] she said, repeatedly. [b “I know this isn’t how we wanted to do this... We wanted to wait a few more years, but honeslty, neither only of are getting any younger, Jackson... Everything happens for a reason, and I have to believe that this baby will be nothing but a blessing for our family, for us...”] she said.

Ramone had pretty much planned their entire reception, and it was nothing less than perfect. The food was amazing, they danced and sang and thankfully no one noticed that she hadn’t been drinking, which she was thankful for. After their reception, they were going to a hotel for the night and then they were flying to Hawaii the next day for their two week honeymoon. She was so excited to just have two weeks with just Jackson. [b “How are you feeling?”] she asked as they climbed into the back of their limo. [b “Did you have fun tonight? I think Ramone should be an event planner.”]
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“” He stuttered and looked to her, she knew they wanted to plan this but this wasn’t her fault. It was his. He should have been careful and used protection but he hadn’t. Could he be a dad? Maybe? They had wanted kids but this was a shock to him. “I love you.” He blurted our and wrapped his arms around her before he kissed her. He would have to hide his worry for her...this was their wedding reception, it was supposed to be a happy time. He kissed her again, “Tell me you weren’t worried that I’d real out...I can’t wait darlin’.” Was he really okay? No but he wasn’t going to show her that.

“Who knows?” He asked knowing she had probably told Gail or Ramone but Bobby would lose his mind when he found out. Hell Jackson wasn’t sure where his own mind had gone. He was just trying to process the information. He was married and they were having a baby. This was how his life was going, how did this happen?
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She was Allison Maine. She was finally married to the love of her life, and so was so content with her life. [b “I love you so much.”] She was beaming as Ramone pushed them all together for their pictures. [b “Thank you for everything. Thank you for excepting me into the family like you have..”]

She looked over at Jackson after they had been seated at the table at their reception. [b “I’m fine... I’ve never been more perfect.”] she said softly. She grinned as his hands pushed her hair back. [b “I’m pregnant.”] she whispered. [b “I know we were going to wait... I wanted to wait.. But with the tour, I got behind on the shot, and then when you came to visit on the road...”] she mumbled. She was terrified that he would be upset with her.

[b “Were having a baby, Jackson.”] she said softly. No one else was paying attention to them, so she was thankful for that. That meant no one heard them. [b “Say something.”]
  Alli / BooBear96 / 185d 7h 14m 58s
"I love you." he mouthed back and smiled to her. Within minutes they were married and she was Mrs. Allison Maine... he was in love. He held her close as they kissed before he held her close as they walked back down the aisle together. "I'd marry you a million times over."He whispered as Ramone got everyone together for pictures. Gail was a blubbering mess.. her baby boy was married... her only child and he wasn't even hers biologically. She hugged Ally, "I'm so glad your a part of the family officially now." She said and Jackson nodded, "I am too."

He didn't let her out of his arms until they got to the reception, "How are you really feeling? You still seem a little tense, is something wrong?" Jack asked her pushing her hair out of her face before his lips found hers once again. He loved her more than anything in the world. He would do anything for her that he could.
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Allie was already an emotional mess because it was her wedding day, but when her Father brought her mother’s pearl earrings that she had worn in their wedding day, the young girl completely lost it. [b “Daddy. I thought these got lost in the move... I searched everywhere for them.”] she said.

She took a deep breath as she walked out of the brides quarters. Her father was waiting on her at the end of the aisle. [b “I’m so happy daddy... I can’t wait to marry Jackson.”] she said.

She grinned as they rounded the corner and Jackson came into her eye scope. She couldn’t stop smiling as they walked closer to Jackson. [b “I love you.”] she mouthed.

[ dress]
[ hair]
[ makeup]
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Jackson nodded, " I can invite a few people but not many more than that." He said kissing her. When the day finally came he stood there in the suit that Alli had picked out for him. Bobby smiled making sure Jackson's cufflinks were fastened correctly. "Big day Jack... never thought I'd see the day you were married but I'm proud of you." He said and Jackson smiled, 'Thanks dad." He hadn't called him dad in years... but he considered Bobby and Gail his mother and father.

"She out there? She didn't run?" He asked seeing Ramone and Ramone smiled, "No she didn't run shes out there waiting for you." Jackson smiled, "Tell her I love her and I'll be at the altar."

When Ramone got back to Alli he hugged her, "You feeling alright Alls? Nerves getting to you?" He asked seeing how she looked like she was going to throw up. "Jackson said he loves you and he will be at the altar."
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Allie looked at Jackson as he told her he his list. He only had like fifteen people on his list. [b “You’re not going to invite any other musicians... Jackson, our venue can seat up to five hundred people.”] she explained [b “I have like two hundred and fifty to three hundred.. I invited people from the industry, I hope that’s okay... And all the girls from the drag bar...”]

The day was here. It was the day that she and Jackson were getting married. It was a pleasant cool October day in Tennessee. The venue was perfect, everything was perfect. She couldn’t wait to see Jackson. She’d decided that she wanted to do things the traditional way. They hadn’t seen each other in two days and she was chomping at the bit. She missed him so much.

Ramone was in full man of honor mode. He made sure her bridesmaid was in perfect condition and then told her hair and makeup team what they were doing wrong. He loved this stuff.
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Jackson relaxed when she kissed him, "Sorry sweetheart... I want a baby girl whos just like you and a boy to teach everything I know to.... just... want to plan for them.. you know you going on tour right now isn't the best time to have a baby... scared me that you'd be throwing away your career when its just starting if you got pregnant now." He kissed her. "You know I can't wait though... never told anyone that before... how much I want to be a dad... prove to myself that I won't be my father..." He said leaning into her and smiled, "I have the 4 band members and their wives, my security and his wife, and Bobby and Gail... thats it for me... do you want our boy to be the ring bearer?" He asked petting Charlie's head.

Charlie was a good dog and Jackson was working on training him. In just one day he knew what sit was and what stay was... roll over was a different story... mostly turned into playing with Charlie.
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Allie couldn’t help but grin as she seen how Jackson was reacting to her baby question. [b “No I’m not pregnant. I went on that birth control, remember? The shot? The one that’s going to make me fat.”] she said with an eye roll. [b “I’m not pregnant... We just haven’t really talked about having children a whole lot. I know you said you wouldn’t mind having some... But I just wanted to make sure you weren’t just saying that because you know how bad I want to be a mom someday...”] she said.

She leaned over and kissed his cheek. [b “Calm down. You’re not a daddy just yet... Well... we’re dog parents but I don’t think Charlie is going to be calling you daddy...”] she said.

She looked back at her computer when she remember he hadn’t answered her question about how many people they were going to invite. [b “How many people are on your list... Dod you even make your list yet?”] she asked. [b “I have to finalize the guest list by the end of the week.”]
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"Yes thats a puppy, our puppy... I kinda already named him unintentionally... I was just throwing around names in the car and he was barking and well... called him Charlie and it stopped." He said looking to her and the puppy. She loved the dog already and all Jackson wanted was to see her happy.

That night he nodded when she talked about the wedding but her next question had caught him off guard. "Babies? you mean kids?" He asked stuttering.. "Yeah... I want kids." He said admitting that to her and himself for the first time in his life. "Why? Are you... pregnant?" he asked suddenly afraid to move... he wanted kids but he wanted planned kids... kids he knew were coming and they had thought about this and their lives... she was about to tour and he was on a break but still... she couldn't preform pregnant... oh wow... how would he be as a father? He knew he didn't know how to be a dad and his only role model had been Bobby as he was growing up.
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