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[Varela+Round [size13 Unpopular. Bullied. Outcasted.

This was just a few words to describe Cecil. One of the fellow outcasted within the school. They were a small group. Consisting of five students total. Most moved away or transferred, leaving only Cecil alone. He continued to be tormented until his parents home-schooled him for a while. Being holed up in his room, he slowly began to change.

It's been five years since then. Cecil's back.. but everyone begins to notice the change. At the same time, strange murders begin to happen. People become mysteriously ill. Teenagers begin to commit suicide. Misfortune falls upon the school. Violence and crime has risen. Everyone is in a state of panic except Cecil, who seems far too happy with the current situation.

[Muse B] has been watching over Cecil for quite a while. Watching from afar, but not approaching him. [Muse B] has his suspicions about Cecil who came back right when this darkness began to fall over the small town. A mysterious pendant catches his attention, never have seen it before around Cecil's neck.

Demons are a rare occurrence. Cecil has fallen victim to one. [Muse B]'s father knows too well Cecil's demon has been causing this chaos. The problem now is trying to snatch the pendant away. [Muse B] will accomplish this by befriending him, win over his trust, and capture the demon himself before Cecil's soul becomes trapped forever.

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[font "times new roman" When the other male said he was pretty much ignoring him, he sighed inwardly. Maybe it was a waste of time. Something he shouldn't even work on doing, but what could he do? He wanted answers, and yet Cecil didn't even want to talk. He shrugged his shoulder's a bit, reached for his own chopsticks, and started to tackle his own bowl of food. The food was amazing, and he felt like he could eat a cow. He didn't realize how hungry he was. The silence was killing him, but he kept his mouth shut. He wasn't one to give up, but right now he was talking to a wall pretty much.]

[font "times new roman" What else was he supposed to do? Keep hounding the male? Following him? He wasn't always like that, but something sparked inside of him seeing Cecil, and not knowing what he could do with the male. He wanted nothing more than to dig into the male's mind, see what's there. Something he never dreamed of doing before. With anyone. His relationship with Billie was different. She broke him out of his shell, and since then he's tried to do the same with anyone else around him. He didn't like silence, but this time he had no choice. He might as well just give in, and he was to that point.]

[font "times new roman" He finished his meal in no time. He then pulled his wallet out of his pocket, left a tip and looked towards the other male. [#5baf6d "Looks like you finally got what you wanted. Have a good night"] he said as he stood. He then walked back to the front counter and he ordered another couple of bowls to take home. He would take one to Billie. She was worried about him, and yet he was blowing her off, and for what? Someone who didn't even want to give him the time of day. He should have listened to her in the first place, and he had been so stubborn that he didn't. He shook his head lightly and looked out the window.]

[font "times new roman" When his order was placed before him, he turned around and smiled at the young adult behind the counter. [#5baf6d "Thanks so much"] he said as he picked up his bag, and made his way out of the building leaving Cecil alone. He pulled his phone out, sent Billie a quick message saying he'd be there soon, and walked down the sidewalk. The cool night air helped him clear his head a bit. Maybe he had made a mistake in even trying. He still wanted answers, but knew now it wasn't going to be happening that way.]
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[Dosis [size14 Cecil finished halfway through his bowl by the time the male's food came, slurping down the noodles with juices flying about. Ramen has always been his favorite thing to eat, despite being not the most healthy thing someone could eat. He should enjoy all unhealthy food while he can, because there's no way he'd die unsatisfied. The boy ignored Kaiser's shocked face. He can eat pretty big sizes despite his appearance and stature. Only proves everyone underestimates him. Typical. The vibration on of the other's phone began to annoy him. Such an overbearing friend. Could even sense Kaiser's frustration. This is why he finds girls to be so fucking annoying. Ugh, now he grew tired of this friend. No, giving her nightmares wasn't enough. He wanted to see how relieved or devastated Kaiser would become if she... disappeared for a few days or even a month.

The demon grumbled. [i "Let me guess, you want me to do away with her?"]

[i At first yes, but put this Billie in a coma. You can easily do this, I know. Wait until she's asleep though. Actually, put a lot of students in a coma.. and we'll see what happens.]

Cecil continued to slurp his noodles happily while having a mental conversation with this demon. Chopsticks grabbed at an boiled egg, teeth biting into it. He chewed with newfound hunger, tearing at the slices of meat, the spice perfect for an afterburn. Of course, this wasn't going to be a quite meal. Cecil rolled his eyes and cleared his throat. [#fb4c19 "I know what you're trying to accomplish here, and it's a waste of your time. I only came here to eat while ignoring your existence in front of me. So eat."]

He moved the empty bowl to the side and started on his other one. He knew Kaiser wouldn't give up that easily. These types of people always annoyed him and still do.
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[font "times new roman" Kaiser was a little surprised that the other male even spoke to him. It took him off guard, and he quickly recovered when Cecil mentioned something about going to a ramen shop. Something he could deal with, that's for sure. His eyes didn't dare stray from the male's face, trying to figure the other out. He could tell the other wasn't all there, it was like he was talking to someone else. He shook his head lightly and walked after the other. Things were slowly going the right way. At least Cecil didn't tell him to fuck off. He wouldn't anyway, he was bound to figure this strange creature out.]

[font "times new roman" That's when his mind wandered to what the other had said about him showering again,and he smirked a bit. So he could smell the deed he had done. He didn't care though. He kept his distance and shoved his hands into his pockets. That's when he felt his phone go off. He slipped it out of his pocket and read the message. [#ff00ff [i Are you okay? Where are you? I didn't see you after school, and honestly I've been really worried about you..]] the message read. The male sighed wishing Billie would back off a little bit. She was acting like a mother bird, and he didn't like it. He felt somewhat smothered by his best friend. He was going to ignore the message, but decided against it.]

[font "times new roman" If he ignored her any longer she would start calling him until he picked up. He hit reply and started typing a reply as he walked. [#5baf6d [i I'm alright I promise. I just couldn't stand staying inside the school's walls today. I don't know what's going on with me. Right now I'm going with the new student to one of the ramen shops in town. I promise you I'll be okay, and I'll call you as soon as I get home. Stop worrying, I'm a big boy and I'll be okay.]] He didn't bother reading the message and hit send. He was getting a bit snappish with the woman, and it wasn't like him.]

[font "times new roman" A part of himself felt bad, but she had to understand that he needed some space, and he wasn't about to let her get in the way of that. He looked down at his phone right when her message came through. [#ff00ff [i I only worry because I don't trust that new student at all. Something's off about him. I don't know what it is, but it feels evil and I don't like it. I hate how obsessed you are becoming with him too. It's not a good thing. Please for the love of God be careful. I don't want to see you on the 10:00 O'Clock news tonight..]] The male sighed and replied back quickly.]

[font "times new roman" [#5baf6d [i I can understand where you are coming from Billie. But you really have to understand, I can take care of myself. I'm not some child that needs you to always hold my hand. I'm not going to do something stupid. As for you feeling, you can be blowing it way outta the water. As far as you and I both know he's just an innocent male, trying to hide away from the world, and I'm not going to let that happen. I'll talk to you when I get home. I love you.]] He then slipped his phone back into his pocket and walked into the shop behind the other male.]

[font "times new roman" He was slightly surprised that the male was eating so much. No human being could eat that much, unless they were a bottomless pit. He ordered his favorite ramen with shrimp and made his way to the table. He sat down and watched the male with silent eyes. [#5baf6d "What's your deal?"] he asked. He wasn't going to let the other ignore him anymore. He wanted to know what was going on, and he wanted to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible.]
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[Dosis [size14 Cecil sighed. This guy again. What is with this guy? Thought he hung out with that girl or whatever. He doesn't even care to try and remember her name. He pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance and gently rubbed at it.

[i Seriously, this guy....] he thought.

[i "Let me eat him and this'll be over with. He puts me on edge for some reason."] The demon spoke to him, trying to hold back a growl.

[i Calm down demon, it'll show on my face.]

Cecil kept his eyes on the screen of his phone, thumbs tapping away swiftly. He yawned some. [#fb4c19 "We'll eat at the nearest ramen place."] He stepped past him, then stopped. [#fb4c19 "And you should shower again, I can still smell [i it]~"] The corners of his lips curled upwards into a grin, then he turned past the gates. He had no plans of going to his house. His face turned serious. Trying to focus on his plan. He doesn't need to become distracted as he searched the file of students, able to find some kind of weakness or find some secrets. He even had records of the teachers.

So many victims... who to choose. Kaiser and his female friend will be excluded. His little female friend seemed like one to easily lose their minds to fear. Maybe a little scare tactic would be amusing. He searched for this person, someone named Billie.

[i Make her suffer from hallucinations, demon. Use any method from her biggest fears to lucid nightmares. It'll be fun.]

Yeah, he's going to attack the student body and teachers first. No one can blame him for anything if they have no proof, right? Ah, this is so worth his future death. Make everyone distrust each other and fuel negative energy. This'll keep his demon strong. He put some music on after, singing and dancing his way towards his favorite place for ramen. He stepped inside the small little shop, busy as always. He found an empty table and already ordered two bowls of their spicy beef ramen.

[i "This is really unhealthy stuff, right? Thought you wanted me to cook."] The demon spoke.

[i Nyeh, changed my mind.]

He already began eating, slurping noodles happily with his chopsticks.
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[font "times new roman" As the male stood by the car thinking about who he could take home and pretty much ravage, was when he noticed someone jogging by. He looked the male up and down and pushed himself away from the car and approached the other. The other man looked at him and smirked a bit. [b "Shouldn't you be in school right now?"] he asked him. Kaiser just shook his head. [#5baf6d "I should be, but that's not the point. The point is I need to take some frustration's out, and you seem to be the right person to help me out with that"] he said with a smirk. The stranger cocked his head just then and smirked a bit.]

[font "times new roman" [b "Well if it's just a hook up your looking for, then I can do just that. Let's go"] he said taking Kaiser by the arm and leading him away from the school. Kaiser wasn't going to complain. It's been a while since he's felt another man's touch, and he wanted nothing more than to have that feeling back. He wasn't too worried about getting anything, because he rarely slept with anyone. He didn't say much as he was led to a nice looking house, and the stranger unlocked the door and let them both inside. Kaiser followed closely behind, and then pinned the male up against the wall.]

[font "times new roman" Pretty soon the house was filled with moans, and grunting as the two went about it like wild rabbits. It seemed to last for hours on end, and he enjoyed that feeling all too much. When they were finally done, he looked at the stranger beside him. [#5baf6d "Thank you for that. I'm Kaiser by the way"] he said with a warm smile. [b "It's a pleasure meeting you Kaiser, I'm Daniel. Thank you for that amazing performance"] he cooed. Daniel then pulled Kaiser up from the bed, and led him into the bathroom, shutting the door behind them. Round two was even better since they had running water hitting their bodies.]

[font "times new roman" When Daniel and Kaiser both got their feel of each other, Kaiser got dressed, made sure he had everything and made his way out of the house. He realized then that the sun set, and he was surprised that Billie hadn't tried calling him. Then again she might have, but he had been too busy. He shoved his hands into his pockets as he walked. He looked down at the sidewalk as he did. As he neared the school, he was surprised to see Cecil walking towards him. What was up with that? Was he just now leaving the school? He shook his head and kept walking.]

[font "times new roman" When they were a few feet away was when he finally spoke. [#5baf6d "Listen, I know you are new and everything, but if you'd like I'm heading back to my house, you look kinda hungry so let me make you something to eat. You can tell me no all you want, but I'm not going to take that answer. Just let a classmate be kind for once, instead of giving them the cold shoulder."] he said lightly. He didn't think that was the wisest thing to do, but at least he somewhat offered to feed the male. Who would turn down free food anyway?]

[font "times new roman" Then maybe he'd be able to talk to the male one on one, without other students around. He cocked his head to the side just then locking eyes with the other male. [#5baf6d "So? You coming?"] he asked him. He let the question hang in the air between them, shoving his hands into his pockets waiting silently.]
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[Dosis [size14 The rest of the school day went oddly peaceful. He hated it. BUT.. he needed to be smart about this. Most were suspecting him for some reason, the demon sensed it. Maybe one more day.. then back to sweet misfortune.

Lunchtime went the same. No one dared to step to him, only glancing at him with judgmental stares. He knew nothing would change except himself. This was fine with him, because he had a goal in mind. He decided on steak today. Eating seemed to be the only thing that pleased him. One male student decided to approach him, only to say Hi. Strange. He gave a friendly smile and nodded, acting the part. The best way is to win over the student body, then cause despair. Made things easier in the long run.

[i It could work, what do you think?] he asked his demon.

[i "Whatever, as long as our contract is fulfilled in the end."]

Cecil nodded. No need to worry about that, he always keeps his word. School finished for the day. Students filled the hallways, chatting amongst themselves. He stepped back into Mr. Sanders' classroom, gawking at him as he erased the board.

[#fb4c19 "Sit down, Cecil."]

A small smile spread on his lips and sat down on his desk instead, watching his back for a good few minutes. This could be fun. The first person he should win over, right?

[i 4:00 P.M..]

The hallways were empty. Most of the students home by now or idly hanging around in the parking lot. Blissful moans and pleased groans came from one classroom in particular. The interior shrouded in darkness.

If anything, it could've been two teachers getting naughty if someone decided to listen in. He easily disguised their voices.

[h3 ]

Cecil emerged from the building, stretching out his arms to the evening sky. He yawned loudly and kept his hands behind his head, walking down the stairs. All that action made him hungry. He wondered where he could eat tonight. The boy rarely cooked for himself, eating ramen or frozen meals. He missed his mom's cooking, to be honest. Maybe he should hire someone to cook for him.

[i Oi demon, you cook?] he asked.

[i "If I have to, been in hosts enough to learn.."]

Blinking a few times, he shook his head. No, no host for the demon right now. He took out his phone, fingers tapping at the screen as he past the school's gates.
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[font "times new roman" The had barely made it to campus before the first bell. The male was hungry, and annoyed and all around pissed off for some reason. There was something in the back of his mind, and he wanted to know what it was. There was always something that would set him off. Today it seemed to be Billie, and he didn't like that. The woman was after all the only person in his life right now that would deal with his bullshit. When he made his way into his class, he wanted nothing more than to just turn back and leave. It wouldn't be the first time, nor the last either. Maybe today he would just ditch all around.]

[font "times new roman" Now that was a really tempting thought, but he knew better than that. He made his way to his first class and sat through it. When his second class came around, he stood in the hallway. He heard Mr. Sanders voice and another voice as well claiming to have overslept. He walked over to the door and peered inside. He saw Cecil sitting there with a really strange smile on his face, and he couldn't help but wonder what was on the boy's mind. He would worry about that later. He sighed lightly as he leaned against the wall, trying to decide on what he wanted to do with himself right then.]

[font "times new roman" He turned and went to his second class. He sunk down into the chair, the teacher didn't even bother asking why he was late. He wasn't always late. Today just seemed to be a really off day for him. He was still really worked up, and he didn't like it at all. He reached into his pocket, pulled out his phone and texted Billie. [#5baf6d [i I might be ditching out on the rest of classes today. I don't know what's going on, but I'm just not in the mood to be here. I'll talk to you later.]] was all the message held. He then hit send and leaned back a moment later.]

[font "times new roman" His eyes moved to the window, and watched as a small breeze made the leaves move. He sighed lightly as he looked towards the front of the room and raised his hand. [b "Yes Kaiser? What can I do for you?"] the older woman asked. [#5baf6d "I need to be excused. I'm not feeling the best"] he lied. The woman nodded lightly and nodded towards the door. [b "Just make sure not to puke on anything on the way out please"] she said. The tone in her voice was slightly teasing, but not at the same time. He nodded, gathered up his things and slipped out of the room. He felt like he could breathe a bit better all of a sudden too.]

[font "times new roman" He made his way to the side door, and walked out into the sunlight. The air inside the building seemed to be stale, and making it hard to breathe for some odd reason. He didn't know why. At least now he was outside, and he made his way to the parking lot. He leaned against Billie's car, crossing his arms over his chest, looking down at the pavement under his feet. This feeling wasn't one he liked. He wanted nothing more than to bash someone's face in, or get someone in bed and take his frustrations out that way. A small smirk passed over his lips at that thought. What an amazing thought that was too.]
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[Dosis [size14 [i 10:30 A.M.]

Wow, so late. He has yet to even step out of his apartment. He shrugged and grabbed his backpack, stepping out into the bright sun. He slipped some sunglasses on and headed towards school. He stopped at the gates, not one single student lingering outside in the schoolyard.

[i Ugh, too peaceful... but won't cause harm here..]

Cecil decided it was time to make some underlings do his bidding. Having the powers of a demon had the best perks. He could even mess with the staff if he truly wanted. Placing his hands behind his head, he strolled up to the double doors and kicked them open. A few students who walked the halls stared at him as he passed by, whispering to each other. He heard every word uttered between them. Memories of the past came flooding back. This is why he has no reason not to exact his revenge. Every single person here will suffer one way or the other. Even those who stood idly by and watched his torment all those years. Freshmen year was the worst. Seniors seemed the need to torment them, yet Cecil got the worst of it.

Clenching his fists, he gritted his teeth and shook his head. No more of the past. He needed to focus on his true objective. The worst was yet to come.


Stretching out his arms, he stepped into the classroom. Eyes looked at the young boy standing there without a care in the world. He smiled to everyone, sweet and innocent but frightening.

Mr. Sanders stood at the board, posture tall, a book of poetry in his hand. Eyes narrowed at Cecil.

[b "Any excuse why you're late Cecil?"]

Cecil always had a crush on Mr. Sanders. Who wouldn't? Tall, handsome, stoic, piercing blue eyes and a mixture of different ethnics. His skin was a pretty bronze color too. He definitely became even more attractive as he got older, in his mid-40s.

[b "Answer."]

[#fb4c19 "Overslept."]

Cecil answered as told and winked at him. If anything, he'd use this handsome fellow first.

[b "See me after school."]

Cecil shrugged and walked towards his desk, sitting down to stare at the man in front of the classroom. All the while, naughty thoughts entered his mind. A creepy smile remained on his lips, students around him looking concerned. He could have anyone he wants, really. The demon inside him had no objections either. He'd give him to the demon after he was finished with him. He'll be a good boy until after school.
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[font "times new roman" When the male's alarm went off he groaned, and slammed his fist down onto it. He laid there a little while longer, and then decided to finally roll out of bed. He might as well get his ass in gear, but what if he just slacked off? Took the day off, and just did everything he wanted? He shook his head, knowing that Billie would kill him if he did. He wasn't in the mood to deal with her wrath this early in the morning. He took a quick shower, got dressed in a pair of jeans, and a black t-shirt. He then found some clean socks, and slid them onto his feet, along with his shoes. He then stood and found his back pack.]

[font "times new roman" That's when his phone started buzzing, and he reached for it reading the message there. [i [#ff00ff I'm on my way to pick you up right now. Make sure you are ready, and make sure you come hungry as well. It's our coffee and muffin morning. See you in a little bit.]] That's all the message said, and then a second one came in. [i [#ff00ff I'm outside, hurry your ass up.]] He sighed and put the phone into his pocket. He was glad he had gotten up when he did, because then Billie would have to wait even longer for him, and he didn't want that. Not today anyway.]

[font "times new roman" He made sure he had his wallet, and keys and then made his way out of the small house. He was surprised his parents weren't home, but it made things ten times easier that they weren't. He walked out the front door, pulled it closed, and made sure it was locked behind him. He then made his way towards Billie's car, and slid into the passenger seat. [#5baf6d "Morning"] he said. The woman didn't say anything, as she pulled away from the curb, and headed into town. That was really strange. Was she okay? Or did he have to worry? Something he was bound to do anyway. He sighed, wishing she would say something.]

[font "times new roman" The silence in the car was killing him. He could tell there was something on her mind, and she wasn't saying it. That's always a bad sign. He sighed lightly and spoke. [#5baf6d "Billie, what's wrong?"] he asked her. That's when she pulled out, and looked towards him. [#ff00ff "I'm not comfortable with you being around that new guy. I'm really not. All night I was worrying about it. I watched the news, and things just don't seem right with him. There's something off, and I sure as hell don't know what it is.. It's scaring me honestly"] she breathed out. So that's what's been bugging her, and eating away at her. The male sighed and looked out the window.]

[font "times new roman" He honestly didn't know what to do, or what to tell her. What was he supposed to say? That he would stay away from Cecil? He couldn't do that. There was something off about the male yes, but that's what made him more interesting. Made him want to explore that, and see what crawled up the other's ass and died there. His thoughts weren't his own, at least that's what he felt like anyway. He sighed and turned back to his best friend. [#5baf6d "I can't promise you anything Billie, what I can promise you is I will try and be as careful as I can."]]

[font "times new roman" [#5baf6d "I'm not going to just turn my back when things get hard. You know that's not me"] he breathed out. Billie nodded lightly [#ff00ff "I know it's not.. But at least I told you what I was feeling"] she said. She put the car into gear, and headed towards the campus. They didn't even stop for food, and that made the male slightly annoyed. He was hungry, but hid it pretty well. He let her do her thing, and then his mind turned to the other. He was thinking about Cecil a lot more than normal, and that was starting to scare him. What was is it about the other that drew him in? Was it because he was so different? Or was is it just the all around mystery about him? Whatever it was, he was bound to figure it out.]
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[Dosis [size14 Thought the night was still young, Cecil decided it'd be enough for tonight. Police were around. Investigators. News people. The worst time to stick around.

Now, to go back to his empty, quiet home.

His parents divorced two years before he returned here. Oh well. He found other women's underwear lying around the place. His mom worked the night shift at the hospital two towns over. He wasn't stupid to figure out his dad cheated. He told his mom and then everything went south from there. He lived with his aunt for a while, then his cousin, now here he is with a small apartment to call his own. Is he even old enough to live by himself? His mom still sends him money, since his parents are wealthy but his dad no longer gives a shit about either of them.

A small sigh escaped his lips, walking up the stairs to his apartment. He found a package waiting for him, surprised it wasn't stolen. He unlocked the door and slammed it shut, placing the box down on the table. He sat down on the couch, turning on the T.V. He hated the news, watching it for the amusement of the little accidents he caused today.

[#fb4c19 "Blah.. blah... blah..."]

[i "No! Don't turn, I want to finish listening~"]

The demon chuckled at the flames ablaze. At one person savagely burned, two others dead in explosion, and some bloody bones and flesh leftover from violent cannibalism. They blame it on the sudden storm that came through the city but the gruesome scene with the human carcass would be left to investigate.

[#fb4c19 "Uh oh.. think we might be caught?~"]

Cecil turned the channel and decided to watch a violent movie. The old Cecil hated anything violent and gory, but not this time. Blood, death, anguished scream all pleased him so. Not just the demon inside him. He looked at the time, all the energy he used today made him tired. He turned off the T.V. after a few minutes and stepped into the bathroom for a quick shower. He looked at his reflection in the mirror, finding black marks on his skin and some seal on his back.

[#fb4c19 "Hey, what the fuck is all this on my body?"] He frowned at how ugly it made his body look.

[i "Ah sorry, it's my mark.. we did make a pact. I tend to go overboard with my vessels. Don't worry, only we can see it. No humans will be able to."] The demon cleared his throat. [i "Seriously."]

Cecil growled and turned off the light after brushing his teeth. He kept only his boxers on, slipping into bed with the window open to let some fresh air in. He yawned and stretched out his arms before laying down.

[h2 ]
The next day, Cecil opened his eyes to see the time close to about 9:30. His eyes bulged out of his eye sockets.


Wait.. why should he care? Although, he didn't want to be one of them adults to not finish high school. He won't live long anyway, once his plan is put into action. He opened his mouth and exhaled deeply, getting out of bed. He took his time, thinking about what he should do today.~
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[font "times new roman" The rest of the day seemed to drag on for the male. He went about his classes, his mind fully on the newcomer the whole time. There was something about him, something dark ad twisted, that made his heart race. He didn't know what was with the male, but at the same time he wanted to know more. What more would he care to know though? He sighed lightly as he walked over to his locker, grabbed his things, and headed to his car. He unlocked it, slid in behind the wheel and just sat there for a few minutes.]

[font "times new roman" He didn't want to go home, and yet there wasn't anywhere else he could go. He wanted to find Cecil, and ask him what the fuck was going on. He shook his head lightly as he started up the car and backed out of the parking spot. As he drove home, his phone buzzed, and he ignored it. Whomever it was could wait. If it was really important then they could call him, instead of texting. About fifteen minutes later he was pulling into his driveway. He shut the car off, and grabbed his things before heading inside.]

[font "times new roman" He unlocked the front door, dropped his book bag onto the floor and headed to the kitchen. His roommate wasn't home yet, so he had some time to himself for awhile longer. Something he needed more than anything. He opened the fridge, and peered inside. There wasn't anything he wanted to eat, but at the same time he was hungry. That's when his phone buzzed again, and he sighed pulling it out of his pocket, opening the messages and reading them.]

[font "times new roman" The messages were from Billie, and he couldn't help but wonder why she didn't call him right away. He shook his head as he read the messages once more. [i [#ff00ff I don't know what's going on with that new or old student, I really don't. I know how you get and it's really scaring me Kai. You can't go chasing after someone like him. Call me when you get home, so I know you made it safely.]] The male rolled his eyes lightly, sometimes she was too motherly for him. He opened the next message.]

[font "times new roman" [i [#ff00ff There's something really weird going on. My roommate Andrea just said she was out in town, and she heard screams. All of a sudden there's cop cars everywhere. Will you please come over Kai? I'm really fucking scared, and this isn't supposed to be happening whatever this is.]] The male let out a small sigh. What was he supposed to do? Yes she was his best friend, but sometimes she was too much, even for him.]

[font "times new roman" He hit the reply button, and started typing. [#5baf6d [i I just barely got home. I have to work early tomorrow morning. Whatever Andrea heard, and whatever is going on, it doesn't have to deal with Cecil. Just make sure to lock your doors, and I'll talk to you when I get home tomorrow.]] He then hit send, turned the volume down on his phone, and put it back into his pocket. Maybe he was being a total ass, but he didn't care.]

[font "times new roman" He couldn't always be at her beck and call. But there was something tugging at the back of his mind. Maybe Cecil was behind all of this weird shit that was happening. Or maybe he was just hoping something interesting would come out of all of this. Whatever it was, it was starting to freak him out a little bit. He grabbed something to eat, went to his bedroom, shut the door and locked it behind him. He then hunkered down for the night, making sure his alarm was set for the next morning.]
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[google-font 'https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Dosis&display=swap']
[Dosis [size14 Leaving the school early, Cecil decided to make his way through the city. The demon inside him wanted out. It was hungry for sure. The sun still remained high in the sky. Killing in broad daylight was not the best decision. He could let the demon cause a little bad luck. A little harmless.. "fun".

Cecil chuckled.

[i Should we really destroy such a beautiful little place?]

He pondered this. Isn't there someone he cared about to not let the demon consume? Nope. None at all. Maybe except his parents, but they were too scared of their own son, ignoring him most of the time. He could throw a party and they not care. He took the pendant off and stuffed it into his pocket. [i It's not time yet.] Cecil decided to eat something sweet while he can before the demon forced the boy to eat bloody flesh. He shuddered at the thought. He preferred the chaos and revenge. Not eating the flesh of humans.

He entered a cafe and ordered himself a good, three course meal. Best to eat now.


Screams filled the streets. The moonlight reflected off the blood splatters on the concrete. Body parts were scattered in a few areas, making it hard to distinguish the owners of that body. A deep chuckle came from nowhere within the darkness. The fear and agony were music to their ears.

Cecil, no longer sane, sat upon the roof of a tall building. Amber hues stared down at the humans below. Sirens were heard in seconds. He made a gun with his fingers, making a silent [i bang] sound and watched the police cars explode like a domino effect; one by one. The demon stood beside him in his human form; a body he borrowed for the moment from a poor victim.

[i "This body is not the best..."]

Cecil scoffed. [i "I wasn't going to let you feed using my body! Disgusting."]

Cecil watched the flames for a minute more before the demon took over his body once more. He stood up and made his way back home. He didn't want to rush things. Make the town scared and chaotic.
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[font "times new roman" The male let out a small sigh as he stood near the window. He was surprised at how quickly the weather seemed to change then. The power first, and now the dark clouds, along with the rain. It would have been better if things weren't that weird right now. The male crossed his arms over his chest as he watched the rain fall outside. He heard the whispers around him, of the new student being outside in it. He cocked his head, and spotted Cecil. There was something strange about his eyes too.]

[font "times new roman" Something he hadn't noticed before now. When he blinked Cecil was gone, and the sun seemed to be trying to shine through the dark clouds. It seemed that it was finally looking up a little bit. Kaiser let out a small sigh as he looked around at the other's. [b "There's something strange about the male. I don't know what it is, but I don't like the strange feelings I'm getting off of him. It's like he wants to kill you or something"], another student seemed to pipe in just then too. [i [#ff00ff "I mean I thought I knew him from somewhere before, but I can't really place it"]] she said.]

[font "times new roman" Kaiser couldn't help but agree with both of them. He felt like he knew the male from a while ago, but he was so different that it kind of scared him. He sighed lightly as he looked out the window once more. The sun was shining more through the trees, and he couldn't help but wonder how many people had been hurt by the falling tree, or how many people were killed because of it. Those morbid thoughts made him shudder a bit. [b "Kaiser? Are you okay?"] came the sound of the first student, and he turned to face him.]

[font "times new roman" Kaiser turned and looked at the male and shrugged a bit. [#5baf6d "I'm as okay as I can be honestly. Why do you ask?"] he asked. He wasn't meaning for his words to come out so harshly but they had. [b "I was just curious man, you look like someone stole your dog or something. Either that or your getting into your own head about everything"] the other said. Kaiser shrugged his shoulders, and turned back to the window. It wasn't any of their business anyway. He wanted nothing more than to talk to Cecil, and see what's going on.]

[font "times new roman" Something dark was looming in the back of his mind. He wanted to know what it was, figure out why the other was acting the way he was. He felt slightly bad about it, but he shouldn't. He sighed lightly as he moved over to a desk, sat down, and put his head into his hands. This day was going slowly, and he wanted nothing more than to just up and leave, and forget any of this was happening.]
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[google-font 'https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Dosis&display=swap']
[Dosis [size14 Cecil thoroughly enjoyed his lunch. He watched the rain flood down the windows. The sound of sirens eventually disappeared. Closing his eyes, he dabbed his mouth with his napkin and then stood up to stretched a bit. He probably enjoyed his lunch more than he should have. The old Cecil would be freaked and panicking right about now. The demon inside him was somewhat amused. Cecil knew the demon wanted to cause more destruction. After yawning, lunch ended and he threw away his bowl as he made his way to class....

...or not.

Cecil stepped out the school doors, intentionally skipping his classes. No, instead, he decided to investigate the fallen tree he caused. Rather, the demon caused. With his hands behind his back, he looked at the tree branch which turned into ashes when he touched it. The strong scent of blood filled his nose as he shuddered. The demon inside him growled, the bloodlust slowly overtaking him. His eyes flashed.

[i Not now, demon. I promise to feed you later tonight. Lots of activity at night...~]

The demon huffed with impatience. [i I can't wait that long or I'll turn into a mad beast..]

Cecil tapped his chin and looked up at the dark gray sky, the flashes of lightning moving across the clouds. He smiled. Ah, such beauty. He did love the rain. Fingers gripped the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off in one smooth motion. He looked up at the sky and let himself drown in the rain. With this new demonic power, he wouldn't get sick. Cecil sensed the presence of the male who's been eyeing him since he arrived. He stood a few inches away, glancing at the male through the window as he smiled. A sinister smile though. If he managed to look, Cecil's eyes practically glowed within the darkness of outside and through the harsh rain.

A harsh motion of the wind cracked the window. Cecil stood there and watched to see what'll happen. He gained some attention, curious eyes wondering why the boy was standing out there in the rain. With a crack of lightning striking the ground, Cecil was no longer there. He appeared on the roof of the building, the rain stopping. The sun peeked through the dark clouds. What a strange day indeed.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway The day seemed to be dragging on. The boy was in the same class as him, and yet nothing strange was really happening. The only weird thing was the lights going out, and that was about it. It wasn't like something was controlling them anyway. The male let out a small sigh, as he looked towards the professor, as the older male started reading a poem out loud. As Kiefer was hanging onto every word, there was the sound of thunder, and screams around the room. People were being too worried for nothing. They had storms all of the time.]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway That's when he heard the sirens. His eyes were drawn away from the professor at the front of the room, and to the outside world beside him. A cherry tree had fallen, and caught fire. He didn't really understand why the sirens though, until he got the text message from Billie. [#ff00ff [i Something strange is going on here, nothing like this has happened before. A tree had just fallen on a student, I don't like this at all Kiefer.. I really don't.]] Was all the text message said. The male let out a small sigh, and leaned back into his chair.]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway A few minutes later the Professor let everyone go early, and Kiefer took his time packing up his things. He had one other class, before he could grab a bite to eat, and the next class happened to be with Billie. Maybe they he could try and talk her down from her mini panic attack. he wasn't in the mood to chase around something, that didn't want to be chased. He was still really curious about Cecil though. There was something strange about him, and something he wanted nothing more than to figure out, but it wasn't about to happen that way.]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway He let out a small breath, as he made his way out of the classroom, and onto the next one. He was trying to avoid going outside the best he could, but his other class was across campus, but that wouldn't have bothered him. What bothered him was walking by the cafeteria, and seeing Cecil sitting there looking like a really happy child. There was something really off about that male, and he was bound to figure it out. He didn't know what to do with all of this right now, and yet he didn't want to seem like he was a stalker or something.]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway He shook his head lightly, as he gathered the courage and opened the side door to brave the strange weather. He ducked his head, and booked it across campus. By the time he got to the Music building, he was dripping wet. He didn't like the feeling at all, but it was what it was. That's when he heard Billie's voice. [#ff00ff "I seriously hope they cancel the rest of the classes. Everyone's getting soaking wet, and I don't think the rain is going to let up any time soon"] she said lightly. The male smirked and shook his head a bit.]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [#d56626 "I doubt it, it's not like we have flooding or anything, maybe when that starts happening, they will cancel the rest of the day. Hey, that student that got hurt, did you know him?"] he asked her. The two talked about what had happened, the woman didn't know him, all she knew was he had been walking under the tree when it happened. He sighed a bit, as he nodded. The two took their seats, and waited for the class to start. Kiefer's mind then wandered to the new creature in the college. Did he have anything to do with any of this? Or was it all just happening at the right time? He was going to find out, and he didn't care if it pissed people off along the way.]
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