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[Varela+Round [size13 Unpopular. Bullied. Outcasted.

This was just a few words to describe Cecil. One of the fellow outcasted within the school. They were a small group. Consisting of five students total. Most moved away or transferred, leaving only Cecil alone. He continued to be tormented until his parents home-schooled him for a while. Being holed up in his room, he slowly began to change.

It's been five years since then. Cecil's back.. but everyone begins to notice the change. At the same time, strange murders begin to happen. People become mysteriously ill. Teenagers begin to commit suicide. Misfortune falls upon the school. Violence and crime has risen. Everyone is in a state of panic except Cecil, who seems far too happy with the current situation.

[Muse B] has been watching over Cecil for quite a while. Watching from afar, but not approaching him. [Muse B] has his suspicions about Cecil who came back right when this darkness began to fall over the small town. A mysterious pendant catches his attention, never have seen it before around Cecil's neck.

Demons are a rare occurrence. Cecil has fallen victim to one. [Muse B]'s father knows too well Cecil's demon has been causing this chaos. The problem now is trying to snatch the pendant away. [Muse B] will accomplish this by befriending him, win over his trust, and capture the demon himself before Cecil's soul becomes trapped forever.

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=370265 Rules]


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[Dosis [size14 Dodgeball. Hum. He despised this sport at one point. Out of all the teammates, every single student focused on the scrawny nerd as a target. He hated it. They all aimed for either his face, stomach, or legs. Getting hit in the face was not fun. The corners of his mouth curved upwards into a smile. A sinister smile. His teammates kept their distance from him. Once the game began, eyes glanced towards the nerdy student beside him.

He predicted one student on the opposite team would aim right at the smaller student. Cecil stepped in front of him, then kicked the ball with intense swiftness and hit the other student dead in the face. [i Done]. Cecil leaned into the smaller male behind him and whispered into his ear. The male stood behind him this time. When he caught a ball before it even touched him, he spun it on his finger for a moment then threw it straight at the male student across from him, right in the stomach at full speed. He gave them no time to dodge, actually enjoying this.

Before his teammates even had a chance, Cecil knocked the enemy out cold. He snickered. [#fb4c19 "We win."] Cecil bounced the ball for a minute, the male students groaning and leaning against the wall with a smile.

[i That felt good~]

[i "You're going to actually kill someone one of these days."] the demon said.

[i Already did, remember the tree? Although.. that was technically luck. Not really my fault.]

He stretched out his arms and yawned. Cecil waited for a round two. [i Let the games begin.]


School finally ended. Cecil held a bottle of water in his hand, drinking it eagerly. He rested against the building, keeping to the side of the school as he looked down at his phone. He swiped up on the screen, listening to music. Four male students surrounded him instantly.

Cecil closed his eyes and sighed.

Blood splattered the pavement when he shoved his hand through Zac's stomach. Before the others had time to run, an invisible force sent them flying against the wall and pinned. [#fb4c19 "I think you all will have a fun time in hell."] The ground rumbled and shook underneath them, cracks formed on the concrete, flames spewing out. Tentacles grabbed the four and dragged them down into Hell.. where they most likely got eaten. No one was around to see, but even so, an illusion was put in place to confuse them. He left the gruesome, bloody mess there on the concrete, everything back to normal.

He washed off his arm near the sinks outback, leaving no hint of blood behind. Cecil stretched his arms and whistled as he calmly left through the gates.. thinking of stopping at the store, needing some more meat.
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[font "times new roman" As the older woman spoke, he couldn't help but wonder about the male a couple of seats behind him. That's when the woman had spoke up about Cecil listening. The male didn't even pay much attention. He groaned with the rest of the class when there was extra homework assigned. He couldn't really blame the woman. He just wished people wouldn't be total assholes. He sank lower into his seat, crossed his arms and listened as the woman spoke. At the end of class, he was cleaning up, and another student walked up to Cecil, and started speaking.]

[font "times new roman" A small smirk passed over his lips as Cecil pretty much took care of himself. Something seemed to be taking over his body. He didn't know what it was, but he was bound to find out. The male's attitude throughout the day has seemed to get slightly worse. He finished packing up his things and looked towards the other male as Cecil walked out of the room. [#5baf6d "That wasn't very smart on your part. I've kinda learned to keep my distance"] he said lightly. The other looked at him, rubbing his wrist lightly.]

[font "times new roman" [b "He seems a lot stronger than he's supposed to be. I don't like it. That and he's pretty much disrespecting everything, and everyone around. If he's not even going to take the time and learn like he's supposed too, then why the hell is he even here?"] The other had a point. Kaiser didn't know why Cecil was even here either. Was it because he was bored, and wanted to make people suffer? Or was there something more to it? Whatever it was, he was bound to find out, or at least try too.]

[font "times new roman" [#5baf6d "Honestly I don't know. He's something different that's for sure, and honestly I don't like it. I don't like how all of these strange things have started happening the moment he came into town. I understand if you used to live here, but whatever happened to him, kinda followed him back here. It's tearing everyone apart in a way"]]

[font "times new roman" [b "You've noticed that too? I also noticed the way his eyes seemed to change as well. I'm just tired of this shit all around. Whatever happened to that boy, he should get the help he needs, otherwise he's going to kill someone, and I have a feeling that's what he wants to happen. To have blood on his hands"] he said lightly, and then walked off. Kaiser stood there watching as the other student walked out. Was that really what Cecil was up to? Or was there something more to it? Whatever the reason, he wasn't getting any closer.]

[font "times new roman" He shook his head lightly as he picked up his bag. He walked out of the room slowly, wondering what to even do. He was torn about checking up on Billie, but at the same time he felt like he had to keep an eye on Cecil. He walked past the gym and saw Cecil there, talking to the coach. He raised a 'brow slightly wondering if he should transfer into all of his classes, or if that would be too weird. That's something he would think about throughout the rest of the day. He had math next, and he wasn't in the mood to be late. He took one last look at the male, and walked past the gym.]

[font "times new roman" He made his way to his next class, really debating on transferring into all of Cecil's classes, making it where the male wouldn't have a choice but to at least talk to him. Or maybe he could somehow get onto an assignment with him, and it would force the two to spend time together. That wouldn't happen, he would end up doing all the work anyway. He sighed as he let the thoughts swim around his head.]
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[Dosis [size14 As soon as class began, Cecil didn't bother paying attention but he was listening. A small sigh escaped his lips, turning up the volume and resting his foot up on the desk. Ms. Watts stared at him hard. Cecil looked back at her with a smile.

[b "Cecil, pay attention,"] she said.

Cecil pretended he did not hear a word she said, eyes casted downwards towards his phone.

[b "Alright then, I'll assign extra homework. Everyone can thank Cecil for it."] Ms. Watts said, clapping her hands. [b "Better not slack on it either or it'll be an automatic F if turned in incomplete."]

Cecil laughed. Like out-rightly laughed like he didn't take this seriously. While he felt glares and students commenting about him, he shrugged and went back to his phone.

[i "I feel you've actually gone insane without my influence."] the demon spoke.

[i This is funny. What?]

Ms. Watts continued teaching the lesson. Cecil did his own thing. The class continued complaining the entire time.


Class ended. Ms. Watts stepped out for a second to speak with student. Cecil stood up and stretched out his arms with a small yawn, already bored of school. He grabbed his things, a male student grabbed the collar of his shirt. [b "You fucking bast-"] Cecil gripped the student's wrist and pried it off his shirt. He straightened his collar again, scoffing. He gave that student mercy. Next time, he'll break that arm. He made it clear with the sinister look in his eyes, his eyes almost a completely different color. That shut everyone up who wanted to complain at him. He exited the room, walking towards the gym.

Ugh, he still hated gym class but he waited until his Senior year to finally add it to his schedule. Most of them were underclassmen. Not like he had a problem with it, he hated every single student here. Running a hand through his hair, he pushed open the door and walked immediately into the locker room. He was the first it seemed. Unlocking his locker, he grabbed his gym clothes; a tank and some Nike shorts. He unclipped the necklace he kept hidden, placing it into his pants pocket. While no one would dare touch his locker, he can never be too careful. He walked into the bathroom where the showers were, the demon's mark on his body expanding.

[i Why does this mark keep growing?]

[i "Every dirty deed you do, it grows.. the more you use my power. Eventually, I'll completely take over your body, changing your entire appearance."]

[i That's fine. More ways to spook everyone.]

He chuckled and exited the locker room, stretching out his arms. The coach seemed good as new, he smiled up at him. [#fb4c19 "You look good coach~"]
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[font "times new roman" Everything seemed to be falling apart in a way. He didn't understand what it was, or why. He wanted nothing more than to figure everything out. Cecil wasn't helping matters either. The male was so shut off, and cruel that it made him wonder what happened. He had heard stories, but at the same time he didn't know what was true, and what wasn't anymore. He ducked his head lightly as he finished eating, and then pushed the tray aside and leaned back. One of the students came over and sat down with him.]

[font "times new roman" The male pulled the head phones out and looked towards the other student. [#5baf6d "Can I help you with something?"] he asked. He didn't like when people came and sat with him without being asked. The student cocked his head slightly and smirked a bit. [b "I've heard that you will take anyone home with you, and sleep with them. Is it true?"] he asked Kaiser raised a 'brow slightly, wondering who was saying that shit. It kind of made him mad as well. He didn't sleep with just anyone, it was a one time deal anyway. He shook his head.]

[font "times new roman" [#5baf6d "I don't know where you got your information from, but I don't just sleep with anyone. As a matter of fact, if I did, I wouldn't take you home. You look like you have some AIDS or something"]]

[font "times new roman" [b "How fucking dare you? All I did was ask a simple question. I wasn't asking for me, but for a friend of mine. She's just too scared to talk to you, and wanted to have you take her home, and sleep with her"]]

[font "times new roman" [#5baf6d "Listen, I'm not being a dick here, but I don't like women. I'll never sleep with a woman, at least on an intimate level. So if you'll excuse me I have to get back to class"] he said. The other male sighed as he stood, and walked away. He didn't understand why people thought it would be fun to get into bed with him. Maybe it was because of his looks, or his charm. Whatever the reason, he didn't like it.]

[font "times new roman" He cleaned up his things, put the tray on the belt and made his way out of the lunch room. He made his way to the class room and spotted Cecil in his desk. He walked into the room, took a seat in one of the desks, turned his back on the male and pulled out his text books. Maybe if he didn't pay attention to the male, something different would happen. He doubted it though. He leaned back into his chair, put his hands on his stomach listening to the babble around him, waiting for the day to finally come to a close.]
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[Dosis [size14 Cecil stretched out his arms and legs, a yawn escaping. He finished his lunch, pushing the tray aside and pulling out his phone to play some games. Whispers were all around him, hearing his name now and then. He snickered to himself, a giggle coming from him. Thumbs tapped away on his screen at a fast pace, his expression serious. He hummed to himself while playing, many students walking out of the fast food joint.. but not before giving him a cautious stare. He smirked, so fucking happy people are frightened of him. Not everyone yet though. Mostly the students within the school. He couldn't believe, the first time in his life, people would be scared of him for a change.

[i I so needed this change..]

[i "Most definitely, a weak little boy you were."]

[i Shut up, demon.]

[i "Hey, is that any way of talking to your savior."]

[i Yeah, whatever.]

He strolled back towards the counter and ordered a milkshake. Cecil relaxed back against his booth and continued playing his game.


Lunchtime officially over. Cecil whistled as he walked back towards the school, hands behind his head. Blinking once, Principal Francis stood there at the entrance with a stern look on his face. He pushed up his glasses, them crossed his arms.

[#fb4c19 "Hello, Mr. Francis.~"] he purred.

[b "Come with me."]

Cecil shrugged, students watching them walk down the hall and towards the principal's office. Cecil stepped inside and watched the principal sit down behind his desk.

[b "Now, I heard you've seriously injured a student in the gym. Mind telling me what happened?"] he asked.

Cecil sighed, then smiled. He stood up and locked the door, walking back over towards him, sitting on the edge of his desk. [#fb4c19 "You look really nice today."] Pale, gray hues flashed a bright amber color. [#fb4c19 "It's his fault. He was talking shit, right? If his parents have a problem, you'll take care of it for me."]

Mr. Francis only nodded, obviously under his mind control. He blinked his eyes and they returned back to their normal color. Cecil sat peacefully in the chair, looking at his nails. The principal rubbed his head. [b "You may go now."]

Cecil nodded and stepped out of the office. He entered his next class, placing his book and notebook down on his desk, placing his leg up to rest on a corner of it. He took out his phone again, swiping through some music.
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[font "times new roman" The first two classes seemed to drag on, and the male wanted nothing more than to just up and leave. He wasn't about to do that though. He needed to be here, and yet he needed to check on Billie as well. When his second class let out early, he kept his ass parked in his desk and pulled out his phone. He went straight to Billie's name and started typing. [#5baf6d [i I hope you are doing alright. I haven't been to our classes yet, but I'll make sure to get all of your homework for you.]] He hit send and leaned back in the chair looking out the window. He crossed his arms and sighed a bit.]

[font "times new roman" Everything had changed so quickly. The quiet days were slowly turning into something more. Something dark and sinister was brewing, and he could feel it. That's when he heard the commotion outside the door. He gathered up his things and walked to the door. Right as he opened it, a student went flying across the hall hitting the wall face first. What the fuck? He then turned his attention to Cecil who was standing there. Something had to be done, but what? He always hit a brick wall trying to even talk to the male.]

[font "times new roman" He shook his head lightly, and pulled his phone out of his pocket as he felt it go off. [#ff00ff [i I'm doing alright for the most part. Nothing strange has happened yet, but I'm not going to hold my breath. How's everything at school?]] The male shook his head lightly and replied back. [#5baf6d [i I'm heading to lunch right now and I heard something going on, and I open the door just in time to see a student go flying. Whatever is going on, I have a really strong feeling Cecil is behind all of it. Hell he might even be, behind what happened at your place"]]]

[font "times new roman" [#ff00ff [i Do you really think that he could be? I don't know how much more of this nightmare I can take.. I'm honestly on the edge right now, and I swear to God one more shitty thing happens I'm going to do something I will regret doing. Who flew in front of you? I hope he or she is okay.]]]

[font "times new roman" [#5baf6d [i Honestly I don't know who it was. He's slowly getting up. Fuck his face is bloody as shit too. I'll talk to you later though, I need to get something to eat, and then I might end up ditching the rest of the day after all. I don't know yet. Love you Billie.]] He hit send one last time, and then made his way to the lunch room. He then saw the broken glass, and students fighting over the vending machine. He sighed lightly as he walked into the room. He went and got something to eat, sat at his normal table, put his head phones in, turned up the volume and tried to shut the whole world out.]
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[Dosis [size14 Moans from the office died off suddenly. The poor man passed out from hours of them doing it. Cecil gazed down at the male below him, refixing his clothes with a smirk. He exited the office, stepping into the showers for a quick freshening up. Once dressed, Mr. McCoy, the assistant coach, was seen carrying the passed out man towards the infirmary. Students murmured amongst themselves, then hushed up when they watched Cecil emerge from the locker room. He raised a brow, walking past them until he heard them begin whispering.

[i "You think he did something to him?"]
[i "It's suspicious.. he came out right after.."]
[i "I feel he's responsible for all of what's going on.."]

Cecil turned around and marched up to one of the male students. The blonde hair boy suddenly went flying into the wall.. face first. A small crack left afterwards. [#fb4c19 "You all sound like whispering females. Maybe I should fuck you like one."] He threw the male down and stepped on his chest. [#fb4c19 "The bones are more fragile then you think, wanna see?"] He asked the friends. They shook their heads. [#fb4c19 "Thought not."] He kicked him in the side and walked off. He missed his first two classes, he forged an excuse from feeling ill and scared because of what's happening.


[b Lunchtime]. He walked over towards the vending machine, reaching into his back pocket for his wallet. Hmm. No change. He looked down at his fist and raised it, breaking the glass like it was nothing. Not a mark on him. Cecil reached inside and grabbed a coke. He opened the top and took a huge swig. Coke so good~ He placed the cap back on, stepping into the cafeteria. A commotion outside, students probably raiding the vending machine. Nothing he wanted. The food stand sold out of his favorites. Fuck it. He'll go to a fast food place for lunch this time.

Students were free to go where they want during lunchtime. He exited the school, placing hands behind his head and decided on BK. He hummed to himself, walking only a few blocks across the street. The campus laid close to most fast food joints. A few students sat in booths, eating their lunch. He walked up to the counter and ordered two different meals. Lunchtime made him hungry as always. He happily ate, sitting at a table outside. One of the times he actually looked human. He chuckled to himself, closing his eyes, thinking about the other night. Tonight was going to be fun as well. He'll pay another round of students a visit.. or redecorate the school.

A lot of things to think about while he ate his lunch.
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[font "times new roman" When 10:00 pm rolled around Kaiser turned on the t.v. for the news. As soon as that happened the story there made his blood boil. Someone was murdered in the worst way possible. He turned up the volume as the newscaster spoke into a microphone and looked right into the camera. [b "Our little town has been shaken up in one of the worst ways possible. There's nothing I can say that'll make this any better. I can just warn everyone to stay in doors, keep your windows and doors locked, and a pistol by your bedside. The young man that we got a call about, we can't tell who it is anymore"]]

[font "times new roman" [b "All I know is this was Chesterfield's home. We don't know if anyone else was found, or how many other's are dead inside of the house. Nothing seems be to stolen from the small family home, but I will keep you updated as I get more information as well. Stay tuned to the 11:00 pm news, and more will be on that story. For now, try to stay safe people. We are on some hard and trying times right now, and we need to be on high alert"] Kaiser sat there staring at the t.v. Billie was sitting there shaking her head at the thought of all of this.]

[font "times new roman" [#ff00ff "All of this started when Cecil came back into town.. I just know it.. Now you know why I've been so worried about you.. I don't know if it was him that was here, or whatever the fuck scared the shit out of me, but I can't do this.. I just can't"] she breathed out. The male looked towards her and saw that she was about to break down. He wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her against his chest. [#5baf6d "Shhh, you'll be okay Billie, I promise. I'm not going anywhere tonight, tomorrow will be a new day, and hopefully it'll be somewhat better"] he knew it wouldn't be, but he could only hope.]

[font "times new roman" The two sat there awhile longer before Billie finally got tired enough to go to bed. She excused herself, and went and got pillows and blankets for the male. When she was in her room, he got comfortable himself, and laid there his arms behind his head. He sighed lightly wishing everything was different, but it wasn't. Was this really Cecil's doing? Or was it something more sinister than that? Only one could hope.]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u The next morning.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" Billie had been up early enough letting Kaiser know she wasn't going to school, and asked him to get all of the homework for her. He promised her he would, and then he took a quick shower, and tried to make his clothes look somewhat decent. He then grabbed his keys and headed towards campus. When he got there he spotted Cecil grabbing a woman, and he nearly snapped. He wasn't going to do anything though, what good would it do him?]

[font "times new roman" He climbed out and made his way towards the school doors. A couple people stopped him [b "Did you hear about Chesterfield last night? No other's bodies were found thank God, but the poor bastard was torn to shreds pretty much, there was no way on saving anything at all"] one of the students said. Kaiser nodded a bit. [#5baf6d "Yeah I was with Billie last night, something happened to her and it really spooked her. This world is getting more and more scary to live in"] he sighed. He excused himself and went inside.]

[font "times new roman" When he entered he saw Cecil and one of the teachers walking off together. He sighed lightly wondering if it would even be wise to bring that subject up to another adult. He shook his head and went to his locker, got his books and went to his first class. No matter how badly he wanted to get Cecil to talk to him, he wasn't going to fight as hard to do so now. He went to his first class of the day, sat down and pulled his books out getting settled in for the long, boring day ahead.]
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[Dosis [size14 Hardcore video gaming. Cecil cursed, thumbs tapped at the buttons of his controller, echoing through his room. He kept his eyes on the time. The demon returned to his room, its shadowy figure lingering towards the end of his bed. Blinking a few times, he watched his player be killed, almost throwing the controller at the screen. He clicked his tongue and continued ignoring the lingering shadow. He glanced over at the time..

[i 10:00 P.M.]

He swiftly grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, the breaking news headline on the screen. A smirk appeared on his lips, watching all the flashing lights at some house. He sat indian-style on the bed, rocking back and forth with wide eyes, full of amusement. He chuckled at the gruesome scene, knowing the police wouldn't be able to find any evidence.. like being attacked by some wolf or cannibalistic person. A small sigh escaped his lips, shaking his head. Of course, they'd think it was some animal.. not believing it to be human.

He laid down in his bed, eyes on the screen, laughing through the whole thing. Eventually, he fell asleep.


The next morning, he awoke from the chirping of birds out his window. Another beautiful day.... disgusting. He wished it was cloudy and stormy. With a huff, he pulled off the clothes from yesterday and walked into the bathroom to shower. He stared at the pendant around his neck, the runic marks along his skin. Oh right.. no one but him can see this. They ran along his neck as well. At least they didn't burn or anything. He shrugged and went on with getting dressed for school. School began getting boring for Cecil.

He grabbed his shoulder bag and exited his apartment. Once he got closer to the school, most students whispered about the strange happenings like paranormal activity and another gruesome murder. Cecil moved towards a group of students who seemed frightened of him.

[#fb4c19 "Lovely day, right?"] he asked. He then turned on his heel and stepped towards the entrance of the school.

[i "He's insane!"]
[i "How can he be so happy?"]
[i "Have you noticed how bad things have gotten since he came back.."]
[i "The old Cecil-."]

Cecil stopped cold and walked right back over towards a whispering female. He grabbed her by the collar. [#fb4c19 "You got something to say, bitch?"] They all seemed shocked and shook their heads. [#fb4c19 "Thought not."] He shoved her away and disappeared inside the school. Despite it being a beautiful day, the students seemed to have a dark cloud over their heads, being on high alert and cautious. Cecil strutted down the hall and caught sight of an attractive coach. He strolled up to him, stared deep into his eyes, whispered something, and pulled him somewhere more private.

Ever so slowly.... corrupting the staff and instructors. Desired to make them fall under his command. They made it back into the small office in the boy's locker room, locking the door.
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[font "times new roman" The male stopped along the way and picked up some food for Billie. He would make it up to her one way or another for ditching her all day. He would make sure she forgave him too. He bought her some of her favorite food. It was somewhat costly, but he would do anything for his best friend. He took the bags, thanked the older gentleman and went on his way towards her place. His mind was still spinning about Cecil though. What was so different about him? What drew him in? It somewhat worried hims a little bit. He would figure it out sooner or later.]

[font "times new roman" When the male walked onto her street, something felt off. Something didn't feel right. He didn't know what it was, and he sure as hell couldn't shake it. As he rounded the corner and spotted Billie's house, the feeling became stronger. Billie was outside, her arms wrapped around herself, and she was pale as can be. He broke out into a run and stopped right in front of her. [#5baf6d "Billie? What's wrong? Why are you out here?"] he asked her. The worry in his voice seemed to break her out of her stare and she looked towards the other, before throwing herself into his arms.]

[font "times new roman" He dropped the bags of food on the ground and wrapped his arms around her. She was shaking, and that worried him even more. [#5baf6d "What happened Billie? Talk to me. You look like you've seen a ghost or something"] he breathed into her ear. She shook her head holding onto the male tightly. [#ff00ff "I don't know what happened.. I.. I was doing homework, when the lights in my room just shattered.. I don't know what happened.. Then all the lights in the house shattered, and now there's glass everywhere.. Kaiser I'm scared"] she whispered.]

[font "times new roman" He could tell that she was, because she never shook like this. She never held onto him this tightly before. He looked towards her house and then gently set her into the grass. He put the bags next to her and bent down beside her. [#5baf6d "I'll go inside clean everything up, and see if I can find what caused them all to shatter like that"] he said. He kissed her forehead and went inside. The sight before him was shocking. Not only were the lights shattered, but the chairs, and couch were pretty much turned on their sides, and a lot more throughout the house as well.]

[font "times new roman" He spent the next hour getting everything cleaned up the best he could. He then went out and got Billie and brought her back inside. He helped her sit on the couch, and she curled up into a ball, tears starting to form in her eyes. He felt horrible for the woman. She shouldn't have to deal with something like this. Did Cecil have something to do with this? Or was it something different? Something not of this world? Whatever it was, it was starting to mess with his loved ones, and he didn't like it at all. He went and got the bags of food and dished everything onto plates for the two of them.]

[font "times new roman" He sat next to the woman, and tried to get her to eat. Pretty soon she was, and she seemed a bit more relaxed that he was there. That's all that mattered to him. His mind went back to Cecil though, what was his deal? He sighed lightly knowing that this was going to end up eating at him, until he got to the bottom of it all. It wouldn't happen, and for awhile. At least Billie was safe though, or he hoped that she was. It was bound to be a long night for the two of them.]
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[Dosis [size14 Once the annoyance fully left, Cecil snickered and felt his frustration. It's something he wanted. All this he did intentionally, giving no one the time of day and pissing them off. Kaiser seemed quite sprung on him, digging his nose where it shouldn't. He knew the other's agenda. Even his demon friend spoke his uneasiness about the boy. He could use him too.. befriend him then brainwash him into becoming his minion or something. He tipped the bowl of the spicy beef broth to his lips, slurping it down. He slammed it back down on the table, people around him giving him looks. He flicked them all off, since he could do what he wants. Maybe he'll rethink about ignoring him. Kaiser.. could be of good use once that day comes.

He patted his full belly and rubbed, feeling nice and fed. Cecil pushed himself away from the small table and took out his wallet, slamming the money down on the table. With a stretch of his arms, he laced his fingers behind his head and walked down the street towards home. He took a detour, stopping at a manga shop closeby. Many students were out and enjoying the time they had after school. He chuckled and picked up some BL manga, some games, and figurines.. buying them at the register.

[i "You like that male on male shit?"] the demon asked.

Cecil only smirked. [i "Yes, it's hot as fuck."] he said.

The demon chuckled. [i "Aren't you just lonely?"] More chuckling.

Cecil shrugged and thought about it. Not really. He used to feel lonely but not anymore. He doesn't care. His old self is gone. He was going to keep it that way.

[i "Shut the fuck up, demon."]


He scoffed, taking out his phone and watching some YT videos. Kaiser bought some food for most likely this Billie girl. He'll spook her a little before Kaiser gets there. He teleported towards her address, the demon shielding his presence, he could easily slip inside. She sounded like someone easily scared. Forget the coma.. terror is better. By the time he finished, the lights were broken, stuff scattered about the area, freakish illusions most likely had her scared stuff... paranormal shit.

After his great paranormal scare, he paid a few students a visit. He appeared back home in his bed, slipping a disk into his laptop. Game time. The demon separated from his body and appeared as a shadowed figure inside his room. He let the demon go out his window and find a meal. A sudden scream sounded into the night, a smirk on his face.

[i 9:00 P.M.]

Now all he had to do was wait for the 10 o' clock news.
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[font "times new roman" When the other male said he was pretty much ignoring him, he sighed inwardly. Maybe it was a waste of time. Something he shouldn't even work on doing, but what could he do? He wanted answers, and yet Cecil didn't even want to talk. He shrugged his shoulder's a bit, reached for his own chopsticks, and started to tackle his own bowl of food. The food was amazing, and he felt like he could eat a cow. He didn't realize how hungry he was. The silence was killing him, but he kept his mouth shut. He wasn't one to give up, but right now he was talking to a wall pretty much.]

[font "times new roman" What else was he supposed to do? Keep hounding the male? Following him? He wasn't always like that, but something sparked inside of him seeing Cecil, and not knowing what he could do with the male. He wanted nothing more than to dig into the male's mind, see what's there. Something he never dreamed of doing before. With anyone. His relationship with Billie was different. She broke him out of his shell, and since then he's tried to do the same with anyone else around him. He didn't like silence, but this time he had no choice. He might as well just give in, and he was to that point.]

[font "times new roman" He finished his meal in no time. He then pulled his wallet out of his pocket, left a tip and looked towards the other male. [#5baf6d "Looks like you finally got what you wanted. Have a good night"] he said as he stood. He then walked back to the front counter and he ordered another couple of bowls to take home. He would take one to Billie. She was worried about him, and yet he was blowing her off, and for what? Someone who didn't even want to give him the time of day. He should have listened to her in the first place, and he had been so stubborn that he didn't. He shook his head lightly and looked out the window.]

[font "times new roman" When his order was placed before him, he turned around and smiled at the young adult behind the counter. [#5baf6d "Thanks so much"] he said as he picked up his bag, and made his way out of the building leaving Cecil alone. He pulled his phone out, sent Billie a quick message saying he'd be there soon, and walked down the sidewalk. The cool night air helped him clear his head a bit. Maybe he had made a mistake in even trying. He still wanted answers, but knew now it wasn't going to be happening that way.]
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[Dosis [size14 Cecil finished halfway through his bowl by the time the male's food came, slurping down the noodles with juices flying about. Ramen has always been his favorite thing to eat, despite being not the most healthy thing someone could eat. He should enjoy all unhealthy food while he can, because there's no way he'd die unsatisfied. The boy ignored Kaiser's shocked face. He can eat pretty big sizes despite his appearance and stature. Only proves everyone underestimates him. Typical. The vibration on of the other's phone began to annoy him. Such an overbearing friend. Could even sense Kaiser's frustration. This is why he finds girls to be so fucking annoying. Ugh, now he grew tired of this friend. No, giving her nightmares wasn't enough. He wanted to see how relieved or devastated Kaiser would become if she... disappeared for a few days or even a month.

The demon grumbled. [i "Let me guess, you want me to do away with her?"]

[i At first yes, but put this Billie in a coma. You can easily do this, I know. Wait until she's asleep though. Actually, put a lot of students in a coma.. and we'll see what happens.]

Cecil continued to slurp his noodles happily while having a mental conversation with this demon. Chopsticks grabbed at an boiled egg, teeth biting into it. He chewed with newfound hunger, tearing at the slices of meat, the spice perfect for an afterburn. Of course, this wasn't going to be a quite meal. Cecil rolled his eyes and cleared his throat. [#fb4c19 "I know what you're trying to accomplish here, and it's a waste of your time. I only came here to eat while ignoring your existence in front of me. So eat."]

He moved the empty bowl to the side and started on his other one. He knew Kaiser wouldn't give up that easily. These types of people always annoyed him and still do.
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[font "times new roman" Kaiser was a little surprised that the other male even spoke to him. It took him off guard, and he quickly recovered when Cecil mentioned something about going to a ramen shop. Something he could deal with, that's for sure. His eyes didn't dare stray from the male's face, trying to figure the other out. He could tell the other wasn't all there, it was like he was talking to someone else. He shook his head lightly and walked after the other. Things were slowly going the right way. At least Cecil didn't tell him to fuck off. He wouldn't anyway, he was bound to figure this strange creature out.]

[font "times new roman" That's when his mind wandered to what the other had said about him showering again,and he smirked a bit. So he could smell the deed he had done. He didn't care though. He kept his distance and shoved his hands into his pockets. That's when he felt his phone go off. He slipped it out of his pocket and read the message. [#ff00ff [i Are you okay? Where are you? I didn't see you after school, and honestly I've been really worried about you..]] the message read. The male sighed wishing Billie would back off a little bit. She was acting like a mother bird, and he didn't like it. He felt somewhat smothered by his best friend. He was going to ignore the message, but decided against it.]

[font "times new roman" If he ignored her any longer she would start calling him until he picked up. He hit reply and started typing a reply as he walked. [#5baf6d [i I'm alright I promise. I just couldn't stand staying inside the school's walls today. I don't know what's going on with me. Right now I'm going with the new student to one of the ramen shops in town. I promise you I'll be okay, and I'll call you as soon as I get home. Stop worrying, I'm a big boy and I'll be okay.]] He didn't bother reading the message and hit send. He was getting a bit snappish with the woman, and it wasn't like him.]

[font "times new roman" A part of himself felt bad, but she had to understand that he needed some space, and he wasn't about to let her get in the way of that. He looked down at his phone right when her message came through. [#ff00ff [i I only worry because I don't trust that new student at all. Something's off about him. I don't know what it is, but it feels evil and I don't like it. I hate how obsessed you are becoming with him too. It's not a good thing. Please for the love of God be careful. I don't want to see you on the 10:00 O'Clock news tonight..]] The male sighed and replied back quickly.]

[font "times new roman" [#5baf6d [i I can understand where you are coming from Billie. But you really have to understand, I can take care of myself. I'm not some child that needs you to always hold my hand. I'm not going to do something stupid. As for you feeling, you can be blowing it way outta the water. As far as you and I both know he's just an innocent male, trying to hide away from the world, and I'm not going to let that happen. I'll talk to you when I get home. I love you.]] He then slipped his phone back into his pocket and walked into the shop behind the other male.]

[font "times new roman" He was slightly surprised that the male was eating so much. No human being could eat that much, unless they were a bottomless pit. He ordered his favorite ramen with shrimp and made his way to the table. He sat down and watched the male with silent eyes. [#5baf6d "What's your deal?"] he asked. He wasn't going to let the other ignore him anymore. He wanted to know what was going on, and he wanted to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible.]
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[Dosis [size14 Cecil sighed. This guy again. What is with this guy? Thought he hung out with that girl or whatever. He doesn't even care to try and remember her name. He pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance and gently rubbed at it.

[i Seriously, this guy....] he thought.

[i "Let me eat him and this'll be over with. He puts me on edge for some reason."] The demon spoke to him, trying to hold back a growl.

[i Calm down demon, it'll show on my face.]

Cecil kept his eyes on the screen of his phone, thumbs tapping away swiftly. He yawned some. [#fb4c19 "We'll eat at the nearest ramen place."] He stepped past him, then stopped. [#fb4c19 "And you should shower again, I can still smell [i it]~"] The corners of his lips curled upwards into a grin, then he turned past the gates. He had no plans of going to his house. His face turned serious. Trying to focus on his plan. He doesn't need to become distracted as he searched the file of students, able to find some kind of weakness or find some secrets. He even had records of the teachers.

So many victims... who to choose. Kaiser and his female friend will be excluded. His little female friend seemed like one to easily lose their minds to fear. Maybe a little scare tactic would be amusing. He searched for this person, someone named Billie.

[i Make her suffer from hallucinations, demon. Use any method from her biggest fears to lucid nightmares. It'll be fun.]

Yeah, he's going to attack the student body and teachers first. No one can blame him for anything if they have no proof, right? Ah, this is so worth his future death. Make everyone distrust each other and fuel negative energy. This'll keep his demon strong. He put some music on after, singing and dancing his way towards his favorite place for ramen. He stepped inside the small little shop, busy as always. He found an empty table and already ordered two bowls of their spicy beef ramen.

[i "This is really unhealthy stuff, right? Thought you wanted me to cook."] The demon spoke.

[i Nyeh, changed my mind.]

He already began eating, slurping noodles happily with his chopsticks.
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