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[center [size10 after having the afternoon to chew on everything. I didn’t deserve the way I was spoken to either. And after I’m always at beck and call for any and all of your problems, when I hit rock bottom after he killed himself, I deserve a hell of a lot more than a “I will try to check my messages” only to watch you be active everywhere else then where I needed you. After hearing the video, A and B told me to just move on. We will still have an amazing Christmas. I won’t let this ruin my mood. Or my spirit. Or my heart. This way I’m not getting ping ponged around with changing stories every other day anyway. Why be concerned on someone’s who’s never really given me much more than a half a thought. Rearranged the decorations. Going to start wrapping gifts finally. I can’t wait for their faces come Christmas morning. Tell me not to say anything. I promise I won’t, last you’ve heard from me unless you decide to break silence. Peace ES.]]
  vindur / 44d 8h 41m 27s
[center [size10 No longer worth words. Trees down. Stockings down. Unstuffed. A - mad. B - mad and hurt. Me... done and broke and in debt.... for nothing. Got so upset I broke out in hives.]]

[center [size10 A told me we both need to get the fuck over it. And to tell her I’ll be there in eight days to get her. I don’t think it works like that. Refuses to let me take the tree down again. Or to let me mope. Says we aren’t going to his moms. End of story. Idk what to do anymore.]]
  vindur / 44d 15h 17m 41s

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