The Fate of the World

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Four people: Life, Death, Dark, and Light. Each their own. Each different.

And yet they are all needed to work together and save the world below them, full of humans.

The problem?

None of them trust each other.

And there is a long, drastic quest in the way of their victory.

Many sacrifices will be needed. Many lives will be in danger. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Are you strong enough?


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  Project Dark / Alfa279escaped / 7d 23h 23m 54s
also, shoot, I totally thought this is an RP I made, XD I have so many RPs that I made. I can't actually find a new life or something XD sorry about that XD))
  (Kali) Celeste Light / RavenNightfall / 7d 23h 24m 38s
Its no problem my dude Ill try my best, and it says theyre active rn))
  Rheana / tic-tak-ia / 7d 23h 27m 16s
Well, okay, I missed a lot, lol. I am going to message them, and if I don't get an answer in about a week We should open up the spot to Death, but it's fine if you don't comment often, as long as you can keep up, and maybe do it once a week? Maybe one and a half? If it's over one and a half I may have to find a new Life, though, sorry.))
  (Kali) Celeste Light / RavenNightfall / 7d 23h 26m 3s
  Project Dark / Alfa279escaped / 8d 2h 16m 11s
why? She told me this morning her parents were kicking her off the site and such))
  Rheana / Tic-tak-ia / 8d 2h 18m 5s
  Project Dark / Alfa279escaped / 8d 2h 52m 49s
  Project Dark / Alfa279escaped / 8d 3h 37m 11s
Lmao, so I guess we can wait for RavenNightfall to see what she thinks before starting a new thread, also in the meantime we could also finally come up with a prophecy, and I'll get started on making a thread description.
  Rheana / tic-tak-ia / 8d 3h 41m 42s
  Project Dark / Alfa279escaped / 8d 3h 43m 1s
I guess i should probably also mention that Im gonna be wayyy less active after next tuesday, until school starts back up again. So its up to yall if you want to find a new death )
  Rheana / tic-tak-ia / 8d 3h 44m 44s
  Project Dark / Alfa279escaped / 8d 3h 48m 12s
Stephenstark sorry lol))

  Rheana / tic-tak-ia / 8d 3h 55m 5s
  Project Dark / Alfa279escaped / 8d 3h 59m 49s
  Rheana / tic-tak-ia / 8d 4h 2m 22s

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