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The Story Starts with Meixui

"Good morning brother" Meixui said with a delighted tone to her voice. Her brother looked at her with pure surprise, "You sing like a songbird sister," he paused and watched her with a small smirk upon his face,"Why don't you sit down and enjoy a small cup of tea before heading to the village market?" Meixui looked at him and nodded, respecting his offer before sitting down she poured his cup full of Jasmine tea and then hers, kneeling sown onto the floor. The raven haired brother looked at his sister with a different expression, this time of anguish and worry, "You know, the men in this village have yearned to learn about the girl with raven colored hair. They would like to see what she's all about. Quiet, interesting, unique among all of the pale doves that fly." Meixui rolled her eyes, blowing onto her tea softly before placing it down promptly,"The men can keep wondering why the sparrow never sings." Her brother looked at her with a furrowed brow. Meixui ignored his expression and took a light sip of her tea. Soon after the servant girl walked in slowly, bowing her head and making sure she did not make eye contact with her lady and lord at first, "My lady, shall we go into the village to make market?" Meixui placed her tea down, sighed and nodded at her, "I suppose the meals won't supply themselves." Liya was the servant girl's name. Meixui and Liya were close, but the village would frown upon a noble being friends with a servant. Meixui smiled softy at the girl and grabbed a small satchel for her to carry, "Let's go."
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