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[center [pic]][google-font][raleway [center This is a closed role play between Kyoya and myself.]][google-font][raleway [center You are welcome to read along. Hope y'all enjoy it.]]


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[google-font][raleway The world as Zelda knew it, wasn't the same. She had watched as her family was eaten alive, and she had to be the one to kill them fully. She didn't want them being like the so called walking [i dead]. She didn't want them walking around like mindless puppets. She shuddered lightly as the thoughts washed over her. She had been lucky enough to run into Malcolm though. He had been her saving grace in so many ways. When she came across him, she was nearly dead, and slowly slipping away with each passing second.]

[google-font][raleway She had felt herself slipping farther and farther away, but he had saved her. He nursed her back to health, and for that she would forever be in his debt. She sighed lightly as she looked out the window of the apartment building they were staying in. She watched as the sun started to set, and she bit her lower lip. That's when the dead seemed to come alive more. When it was dark, which she couldn't really understand why. It was different, and strange, and yet she herself felt more alive when the sun was down.]

[google-font][raleway She leaned against the window seal watching as the sun dipped down behind the mountains. Her heart was pounding within her chest, and she couldn't help but wonder if there were other's like them. Alive and kicking, and trying to survive in a world that was slowly dying even more. She bit the inside of her cheek, and watched as a couple zombies came walking, or lurching down the street. She narrowed her eyes a bit, and watched their movements. Something she found interesting.]

[google-font][raleway She stood there, as the darkness washed over the streets below, and the dead came out more and more. There were a good dozen, or at least that's what she could count anyway. She blew the breath she was holding out, and got bored easily. She walked away from the window, letting the dead wander around the streets below. She went and found her companion, and she parked her ass into a chair, and looked towards him, her arms crossed over her chest. [#C71585 "When do we have to leave again?"] she asked lightly.]

[google-font][raleway She let her words hang in the air between them, as she looked the male up and down. She wouldn't mind if a couple of other's joined them, but at the same time, she didn't want her small world changing again. She liked the fact it was just the two of them, but she did want to have at least a female companion to talk too. She pouted a bit, as she waited for the male to say something, or at least shoo her away.]
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