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Slowly she passed him the ale as she listened to his words. Kelsey was trying to think them through. [b "Trying to end him now and protecting me will only have your life further on the line.. But there might be a way to get this to a printer or something.."] She said softly, looking up at him.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 9d 13h 7m 28s
"Aye, I killed the bastard. Would again..." Jamie locked his jaw. "Perhaps we should then...end the suffering...protect ye. He is not satisfied until ye are ruined. My back...two set of lashings. First to make me beg, second when I didn't."

He couldn't forget his father's face before he died.
  Jamie / Socasm / 9d 13h 56m 16s
[b "This also holds a letter of complaint against him..the things he did. If that comes to light, he will be discharged."] Kelsey said softly as she sat beside him. He obviously knew Culloden was the man's end and then it clicked. [b "You were his demise.."]

Slowly she took the ale and oat cake, her hands cupping his. [b "Hey..it's okay...Maybe I should have listened...but I...couldn't stand it..."] She muttered quietly.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 9d 13h 54m 20s
"I'll tryna," Jamie chuckled. "Culloden...aye..."

Too long, she almost had been at his hands. He handed her an oak cake and ale with uneasy hands. "I shoulda listened. I cannae have anything happened to you. I'm sorry."
  Jamie / Socasm / 9d 14h 43m 23s
She shivered at the thought. Nit because blood or anything was a problem, but just thinking of him hurt. She remembered how much pain he was in when they had met. [b "Try not to get seriously hurt...or I might have to hurt you.."] She was teasing him amd the smile she gave told him so.

Slowly she nodded. Even she knew wandering would be a bad idea. [b "Their cpatain..Randall?"] Her words were quiet as she spoke them and she slipped a page she had copied from one of her professor's books into his hand. [b "Tells what happens to him..."]
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 9d 14h 35m 9s
"Tis wasna the blade, wouldna survived that. Flat...enough to remained injuried for months." Jamie explained. He smiled to her though now felt an unfamiliar protective wave through him.

"Dona go anywhere. I ken this captain and he willna hesitate to hurt ye."
  Jamie / Socasm / 9d 15h 20m 7s
Blue eyes met blue gaze and she nodded. From just those few moments with his uncle, the young woman would have rathered to have tea with the devil. There was something seriously wrong with the man.

[b "I do actually. Had two passions...went for photography and also for medicine. Dad would teach me since he is a doctor... And no, you did not mention an ax to the head. Just said the leg wasn't the worst you had suffered."] She muttered with a shake of her head.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 9d 15h 54m 48s
"Ye do ken healing, right?" Jamie asked quietly. Dougal would sniff out the lie within minutes. "Ye may need to with me, lass. Did I tell ye about the axe that sent me to the monastery in France?"
  Jamie / Socasm / 9d 16h 1m 37s
Kelsey only gave him a faint smile. Looked like they both had lied. He in how she had helped him. And her own lie of how they had met. Oh they also had the neing intended now over their heads. This really was turning out like the books she read and had always wished were real. Whelp the lesson..."be careful what you wish for.."

"If ye can make Angus and the men fork some over there are. Plenty of ale though." Dougal said, motioning back to where the provisions were.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 9d 16h 48m 10s
Jamie passed her an apologetic look. Everyone had a purpose even if it was in a hospital he received help at. He gave a thin-lipped smile and nodded to his uncle hiding the contempt.

"Is there oat cakes left?" He asked.
  Jamie / Socasm / 9d 17h 2m 4s
Dougal studied Jamie for a minute to take in the words spoken. "So ye found a healer then? Might be useful to the camp after all." He said, that devilish smile back on his lips.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 9d 20h 18m 56s
Jamie had no idea when he would come back to. He expected to run for his life after the battle. He glanced to Kelsey for a second.

"Dinna fash...I was wounded when she mended me," Jamie rubbed his leg for a minute. The wounds still was healing to a point.
  Jamie / Socasm / 9d 23h 48m 21s
It was Dougal's getting involved that had the men quiet down and stop their teasing. But they had taken Jamie's words seriously too.

"You told us that ye found the lass and she is yoir intended. And obviously ye be fond of such a bonnie lass too. But that doesna answer where ye have been. We thought you had died out there."
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 10d 6h 45m 13s
Jamie eyed the man that said that, hand on his blade. "MacKenzie or na...if anyone touches her, ye will answer to me. Ye will na come out unscathed," he said in a low tone.

Dougal raised his hand. "Aye, enough!"
  Jamie / Socasm / 10d 8h 47m 41s
Her cheeks burned as did the want to mouth off. But for now it was better to keep her tongue. The way he eyed her made her feel like she was eye candy. And a piece of meat. Very much like the ex that Jamie had punched.

[b "We met in a town one night. I became lost and he saved me."] The words rolled off her tongue before she could stop them. And after she spoke, blue eyes went to the man.

"Neva took ye to be one to fall for a Sassenach, Jamie. Maybe let some of us have a turn and see if she is as good as her mouth seems to be." Came the words of another.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 10d 9h 4m 15s

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