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[b "The lazy tower? How did it get the name?"] She asked, softly. And it was when the bitter bite was in his words did she take his hand and give a squeeze. [b "Show me. Though I am a bit scared of your sister.."] Kelsey admitted.

And she gave him a small smile. The irony was not lost to her. She was not afraid to tell Dougal pretty much to screw himself or Colum she would take full responsibility if anything happened to Jamie. And yet she was afraid of a woman who from what Jamie told her was no bigger than she
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 4d 11h 45m 58s
It came from the hill like a story book story. Smoke rose from the stacks.

"Lallybroch 'the lazy tower' been in me family for generations and will till 1820s when land was taken..." Jamie said with bitterness in his tone. "Aye, even more so, cannae wait for ye to see."
  Jamie / Socasm / 4d 11h 59m 20s
Jamie was not like anyone she had ever met before. And the ease in which he said it made her..she didn't know if it was a good thing or not.

The ride had been exciting. A nice way to see the county. And it was on the hilltop above Lallybroch did she look to Jamie. [b "This was your home? It's beautiful. Is it what you remember?"] She asked.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 4d 12h 25m 50s
"Na that long ago...? Twenty, I'd say?" He said with a shrug glad to avoid the subject of the woman that took what he had left. That was gone, however, since this woman was the light of his life.
  Jamie / Socasm / 4d 12h 51m 40s
[b "So the outlaw lived even then? How old were you?"] She asked softly. It had the makings of a good story and like he had done SO much.

She kissed his chin and smirked. [b "Can't wait to meet her then. Can't be worse then your uncles?"] She asked as she got up onto the horse.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 4d 12h 59m 31s
"Didna kill anyone, really, but smuggled...and there were unsavory people," Jamie almost squirmed at the memory of Georgina. The older woman had been both angelic and a monster.

"Aye, that she will, mo maise." Jamie kissed the top of her head.
  Jamie / Socasm / 4d 15h 35m 53s
The young woman gave him a smile. [b "Then we better stop and see them. But if she skins ye, that is not me fault."] She said, laughing.

He had learned about her life and her time when he had been stuck there. And now sjw was learning his. Just she felt bad about who he had met. [b "Can you tell me more what that had been like?"]
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 4d 15h 33m 28s
"She'll be furious..." Jamie finished packing up the one horse, Donas. "Traveling alone with an unmarried female while not married myself. I didna see her before...and thought of her during the battle. I would like to see me older sister once more and now brother-in-law, Ian. We were mercenaries together before his leg was injured."
  Jamie / Socasm / 4d 17h 46m 24s
Everything had started to seem more hellish. The snake in the grass and the green child. Both seemed to be up to something and so leaving when they did was perfect. Kept them both out of trouble. At least for a little while.

[b "Are you sure your sister will he okay with you briging a girl home? But from what you have told me about her.. I would love to."] She said with a smile to him. And a dparkle came to her eyes and a smirk to her lips as she nudged the sides of her horse to have him go faster.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 4d 19h 41m 15s
Jamie and Kelsey couldn't have left at a better time. Lagohaire seemed to be stirring a spiteful pot while Dougal seemed to have something in mind. He kept his horse beside hers silent until full light.

"Would ye like to meet my sister? We could stay at Lallybroch before we get to Lallybroch."
  Jamie / Socasm / 5d 3h 41m 14s
The young woman moved forward and helped the man to the table. [b "I do have it.. and I would not expect anything less. If anything happens to him.. That will be on my hands."] She said softly.

There was no fear to her words. Anything he chose she would face. Jamie meant that much to her..even if the man did not realise it. None of them seemed to know what the nature of hers and Jamie's relationship really was. And they wouldn't know.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 5d 5h 20m 4s
Jamie flashed her a sympathetic smile before he exited the room.

"I dona trust many. Do ye have the medicine?" He asked struggling to move forward. "This cannae be my nephews idea, if any harm comes to him- there will be retribution."
  Jamie / Socasm / 5d 11h 38m 32s
Kelsey gave Jamie a look. One that did almost ask him to save her. But she remained standing where she had been. [b "I gather that you still don't trust me all that much.."] She muttered quietly to the old man.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 5d 12h 1m 53s
Like their Viking occupants that was absorbed into their culture- death with a purpose was a fearful honor.

"Perhaps not, he cannae say a word while I live. Go before I change my mind and leave at first light," Colum said with a wave of a hand. "Ye stay, Kelsey."
  Jamie / Socasm / 5d 15h 20m 12s
So Jamie had to throw that last part in. It had been a tactic she had been staying away from. But it seemed to work.

[b "And Dougal will not know of this?"] She asked softly. The calmness when mention of his brother had a chill go up and down her spine.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 5d 15h 46m 43s

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