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She did love children but had never told that to Jamie. But she had told him she wanted to be his. That had been all she figured was needed to be known. The both of them she was more than sure had their secrets.

And she smiled as she was handed another of Little Jamie's toys.

Jenny looked to the lass and her son and then back to her brother. He didn't seem to be looking at any of them now. Something was bothering him.

"So ye rather have yer family think yer dead? Okay, brother. The not wanting the risk I understand.. But how do ye know ye can trust her?"
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 1d 16h 3m 51s
Jamie looked down and felt the jolt through his stomach. She loved children and wanted to be his. The idea both felt warm and terrified the man considering his positron and situation.

"Would it? Canna have ye always wondering, risking ye...donna fesh, Jenny, Kelsey has been guiding me."
  Jamie / Socasm / 1d 17h 15m 41s
Kelsey was playing patty-cake with Little Jamie. Or at least trying to teach him. He was just so cute. And he reminded her of her nieces and nephews back home. So she was enjoying the playtime and letting "mummy and daddy" talk.

"I dina suppose the lass would be willing to disclose that? And honestly Jamie! Where is ye sense? Seeing ye and knowing ye ta be alive would have made this all easier. And ye better not be getting yerself caught and calling this good-bye. Do that and I will never forgive ye."
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 1d 18h 22m 27s
"Ye'll find out," Jamie said with a small chuckle. "Aye, and bring the redcoats and ye? I escaped and became a fugitive. I couldna go in without seeing ye and Ian one last time. And wee Jamie."

The toddler seemed happy playing with Kelsey for the moment, Kelsey did too.
  Jamie / Socasm / 2d 1h 27m 48s
Kelsey moved to sit on the floor on her knees so Little Jamie could show his toys. The young woman knew what they were as she had seen them in antique shops and even modernized. But she liked seeing them in their original time better. That and she was trying not to listen to Jamie and Jenny now.

"Tis so. And ye have no right to judge. No word from ye." Jenny shot back. And then froze when Jamie said the woman whom was his intended was half Sassenach. "Really, then what is the other half, brother?"
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 1d 18h 26m 10s
Jenny openly rolled her eyes at the pair. She gave a glare to him sitting on the edge of the couch.

"Thought I'd honor a brother I thought dead. Instead he comes over the hedge in love with a sassenech without a wedding ring." Jenny berated while Little Jamie found a toy to show them.

"Is that so?" Jamie smiled. "And half Sassenech, sister."
  Jamie / Socasm / 2d 10h 16m 41s
[b "He is adorable. And I do love his name."] Kelsey said softly and gave Jamie a small smile.

They both had done some digging in her time before he was set to return. But the way he covered the knowing and able to act surprised amazed her. And it was hard to not say anything.

There was no answer given. But instead they were rushed into the living room.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 2d 12h 20m 39s
Jamie smiled down to her.

Jenny guided the shy toddler inside fussing over the mud on his shoes. "Jamie...Murray." She shot a look to Jamie.

Jamie had looked up his family, he knew she lived and had many children. He feigned surprise. "Ye named him after me, not Willie."

Jenny didn't answer.
  Jamie / Socasm / 2d 13h 43m 38s
Kelsey found that she felt horrible for the woman being in such a state of discomfort. But she also knew for the moment she was lucky that more questions had not been thrown their way. [b "Thank you.."] She said softly, her hand brushing Jamie's when the woman's back was turned.

And seeing the little boy, a smile came to her lips. Such a cute little one. [b "Hi there..and who might you be?"]
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 2d 14h 17m 2s
Jenny studied her with a stiff lip. Laying a hand on her swollen belly she muttered as a wave of discomfort traveled thdoufh her pelvis.

"Aye, a pretty story. I cannae stand here, come in," Jenny said with a small grunt. She was due any day now but the stubborn bairn wouldn't come. Little Jamie ran up to them with mud on his cheek.
  Jamie / Socasm / 2d 14h 38m 18s
Jenny gave Jamie a look when he gave that grin of his and she tugged his hair. "Ian told me some of the things ye all did. So dona play innocent or may have to give ye a whipping." The woman said.

She then looked over at the lass that had been ushered forward and had yet to speak.

[b "It is a pleasure to be meeting you. Jamie speaks fondly of you. And as to how we met.. well I was.. lost and he kind of saved me. And I also helped him with his injured leg.. we have been travelling together since and as he said are intended.."]
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 2d 14h 32m 30s
"Aye, I ken, Jenny..." Jamie smiled down toward her before that transformed into a a grin. "Dona act as if unholy happened before. Thank ye..."

He passed her a glance over to Kelsey and ushered her forward. The man ought to explain why he had not married her but couldn't get himself to explain that yet. With any luck Ned would help.
  Jamie / Socasm / 2d 18h 15m 50s
Kelsey gave Jamie a small smile. But she had fallen silent and gave Jenny a nod and light curtsy. For the moment she figured it best if she not open her mouth.

Jenny hugged her brother. Was going to give him a few good hits too when he let her go. "Still angry with ye for causing all this worry.. And if ye must, though ye are not to bring sin into this house! How did the two of you meet?"
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 2d 18h 48m 42s
"Aye," Jamie nodded with a smile.

He took the heavily pregnant woman in his arms kissing the top of her head. "I missed ye, Jenny. This is my intended, Kelsey...may we stay fer a few days before we go to Edinburgh?"

He could take the screaming but holding his sister was another story.
  Jamie / Socasm / 2d 18h 59m 9s
The young woman let her eyes look around. She had seen the "Lazy Tower" in the future. It had become rundown and boraded up but had still been beautiful to her. To see it like this..alive and the way it was supposed to be was like magic.

[b "It looks lovely..."] Came soft words and she almost flinched at hearing the curses. She knew what was said just as well as Jamie did. [b "The fiery she devil?"]

"Jamie ye be back and canna even write! We have thought you dead this whole time! What is the matter with ye?! And then ye bring home.." Jenna was starting in on him.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 2d 19h 52m 47s

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