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"Neva seen a lass courtsey like that before. Where did ya find the sassenech, Jamie?" Angus laughed but eyed her openly. Most the men were dirty in body and mind.

"Not a hoorhouse like ye go," Jamie leered at him.
  Jamie / Socasm / 10d 10h 17m 17s
Kelsey gave a faint smirk of her own. [b "I want to see what they say first. Then tell them."] She muttered softly.

As bad as it was..This was where she belonged. At his side. Because she had not lied when she said not being with him had her worried. It also had her feeling like..something had been missing.

[b "A pleasure to meet you.."] The young woman said, giving a faint curtsy to the older man.

Dougal looked to Jamie and the lass before him. His threat was still on the table, bit his look was also one of confusion.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 10d 10h 37m 7s
"Ye can tell them yerself," Jamie smirked to her. Somehow just feeling her there added a layer of calmness that the man would have missed.

Dougal was the first to come to him threatening him the same way he had Jamie had with her. "This is Kelsey, my intended," Jamie said simply to the people.
  Jamie / Socasm / 10d 10h 46m 44s
Seeing the clan before them, Kelsey did give a quick glance to Jamie. She could see his..was surprise the right word? But they seemed nice enough and welcoming. It made her hurt for him, knowing what he would be losing.

[b "This is your time and world.. You followed my lead in mine.. Now it is mine to follow yours.."] She whispered. And she sighed. [b "Let them know I can understand and not just a little English lass?"]
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 10d 11h 6m 22s
Jamie didn't answer but kept his hand on her shoulder blades. At the camp, he could have stopped and stared at all his clan there. Even Dougal was welcoming.

"Yer my intended until we decide what we will do," he whispered to her ears.
  Jamie / Socasm / 10d 11h 14m 49s
A faint smirk crossed her lips. For now at the very least, Kelsey had won. Just the fun part was at the camp she would have to stick close to him. He had warned her it could be...well not exactly nice.

[b "And I'm sorry okay..."] She said softly as she followed him and the man he called Murtagh.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 10d 11h 35m 59s
"Aye, a woman that nearly was taken by the British!" Jamie exclaimed. "Well, throw ye in the stones or not I'll end up saving ye. Let's get to the camp."

This woman would be the death of him.
  Jamie / Socasm / 10d 11h 52m 24s
Kelsey crossed her arms at the man. She knew VERY well what was implied. [b "I told you.. I am an adult, James Fraser. And I will not be sat back waiting to find out what bloody well happened to you."]

"And she's English. Never thought ye would have an affection for a British lass. And what did take her back mean?"
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 10d 12h 6m 46s
"That depends on the bluidy day," Jamie passed her a pointed look. He never felt more like a patent than he did now. "I did fer yer own good. I half a mind to drag ye back and keep ye there."
  Jamie / Socasm / 10d 12h 13m 19s
[b "Did you honestly think I would listen..?"] She asked him with a soft huff. But she was all for getting our of there before the soldiers came back. The trick would only work so long.

The old man shook his head. "Met or became fond of?" The brow was again raised and a pointed look given.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 10d 12h 20m 54s
"Auch...I've told ye..." Jamie started beforr he hugged her back. "Yer verra lucky, lass, let's go before they come with back up..."

He didn't let go of her until they were securely in the woods. "Murtagh, this is Kelsey, a lass I met in my travels."
  Jamie / Socasm / 10d 12h 45m 2s
As much as she wanted to snap off, Kelsey knew she couldn't. The man was right and literally had risked his own arse to save hers. And before she thought about it, Kelsey ran over to him and hugged him. [b "Couldna leave ye..."] She muttered.

Murtagh came out and eyed them. "Ye two ken the other?"
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 10d 13h 4m 4s
Jamie stepped out of the trees. That somehow had worked but wouldn't for long.

The first words out of his mouth was a string of strong Gaelic. "What do ye think ye are doing! If I hadna heard ye, ye woulda been at the mercy of Randall!"
  Jamie / Socasm / 10d 13h 41m 28s
Jamie stepped out of the trees. That somehow had worked but wouldn't for long.

The first words out of his mouth was a string of strong Gaelic. "What do ye think ye are doing! If I hadna heard ye, ye woulda been at the mercy of Randall!"
  Jamie / Socasm / 10d 13h 41m 51s
The soldiers were only too happy to do as they were told. There were four of them and for all they knew it was an ambush.

Kelsey wasn't exactly scared. The young woman just hoped it would be help. So blue eyes did stay on the trees even as the soldiers began to retreat.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 10d 14h 4m 41s

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