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Calm, relaxed, chill.. All words that could be used to describe the man. So much different than rumours that spread. She was lucky he was giving her this chance and seemed to enjoy their time. How many girls could say that they had his attention?

It was the fame that made her like him. Just there was something edgy and different. He made her live and he made her feel.

[b "Depends what you're wantin' to show me, cowboy."] She said with a wink.
  Angel / SheDevil / 19m 19s
"Wanna see more of L.A.?" Jack asked with a smile. All work didn't suit him well, especially now. She was perfect and he was lucky that she stuck around him.
  Jackson / Socasm / 28m 9s
Angel looked to Jack and gave a thoughtful look. And then after a moment she smiled and nodded. [b "I would love to try and work more on the vocals."] And her eyes sparkled at the prospect of trying something else. She was determined to get it right.
  Angel / SheDevil / 1h 11m 21s
He smiled in appreciation at her thought process. She had the right ideas but needed the guidance. "We've got the instruments we just need to add something to it. Wanna work on the vocals more?"
  Jackson / Socasm / 4h 10m 6s
She took in the words spoken and gave the man a small smile, running her fingers through her hair. [b "Maybe try one more time? Tomorrow...I want to see how I can handle without an instrument or take up a guitar because doesn' sound the same on keyboard as it does on piano.."]
  Angel / SheDevil / 6h 0s
"It sounds fine, darlin. What's important is that it feels right to you as an artist. If it sticks you'll be singing it the song for a long time," Jack advised. "We could try again tomorrow if you've got the time."
  Jackson / Socasm / 6h 3m 18s
Without his guiding her, Angel would have freaked out even more. But she was able to relax and learn how everything worked. So..different than anything that she had ever known.

Half and hour and they were listening to a recording. Green eyes went to Jack and she did chew her lip a little. [b "I think I like it..But not fully sure. How do you feel about it?"]
  Angel / SheDevil / 8h 47m 4s
Jack guided her through the process until she relaxed. There'd need to be some work but who didn't? After the half hour he listened to the recording he looked to her with a smile.

"Well, do you like?" He asked curiously.
  Jackson / Socasm / 9h 13m 43s
[b "We...and they.."] She found herself muttering. And when her hand was taken, the young woman easily followed after him through the back room. He was comfortable doing it and anyone would be able to see it and ahe found herself in awe.

It took a moment to answer because she had moved to the keyboard that was in the room. When they had done the song before it had been at the piano and so that was where she was comfortable.. That or a guitar of her own. But she shook that thought away.

[b "Yeah, wantin' to give it a try."] A smile was given and she was waiting for him to start.
  Angel / SheDevil / 17h 58m 5s
"If we like it, sweetheart, and if they do." Jack pulled out his guitar. Holding her hand he guided her through the back room and equipment feeling comfortable with this. He ought to, anyway.

"Ready to start, Angel?" He asked with a smile.
  Jackson / Socasm / 1d 11h 26m 56s
She had stayed back to watch. It was amazing how quickly he got the instrumentation done with the band. But then it shouldn't have shocked her. The man had been doing this literally forever and so knew what he was doing.

[b "So just go through it and see how you like it done most?"] Came the question as she looked up at him. She still couldn't believe any of this to be real or happening.
  Angel / SheDevil / 2d 56m 25s
"You won't, Angel," he kissed the top of her head and lead her down the hallway.

Within minutes he had the instrumentation done with the band. "Now we go over the song and record it when we like it."
  Jackson / Socasm / 2d 2h 54m 10s
Her cheeks became a dark red at the kiss that had been given, but she just as openly returned it. She felt almost guilty that Jack had gotten into a half hour debate with god only knew whose manager. But when the nod of approval was given her way, the young woman's jaw nearly dropped. This man was like some kind of magic or something. [b "I..yeah. Jus' hope don' let you down, cowboy."] She said softly as the two of them had been led and told to show Jack's new song and what he had in mind for it.
  Angel / SheDevil / 2d 23h 16m 29s
Jack openly kissed her softly before he went to the reception desk. Within half hour of debating with the other manager in the office he nodded in approval. "They're gonna give you a try, darlin'. Ready?"
  Jackson / Socasm / 2d 23h 34m 4s
Admittedly, Angel was nervous but she was looking forward to it too. And a smile did slip to her lips as she walked with him. [b "Thanks again.."] She said softly as they walked into the building, her staying at his side.
  Angel / SheDevil / 4d 3h 29m 17s

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