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A glint came to her eyes. One that the man would have come to know by now. As affectionate as he was and trying to save her as he put it, it kind of pissed her off a little. She was not some child he needed to keep out of trouble. Everything she got into was her own choosing. And she had told him as much the day they argued and she chose tl follow him anyway.

[b "Don't I get a say in that?"] Kelsey muttered. And she did pull away from him and motion to the room. [b "Go on..i know ye want to meet her. And yer sister wants ye to as well. Said as much and that it is nice ta have ye here this time."] Of course that had been the alcohol after that had been used to help with the pain..but Kelsey knew usually what came off the drunk's tongue happened to be in the sober person's mind.

The young woman gave a faint curty before turning away from him. She was deciding whether to find her way back to her room or down to Ian's study. Turned out tje study won and she was looking at the maps and reading some of the pages that had been written in the different languages.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 29m 44s
Jamie held on tighter. The pretense made his heart race while he knew the truth.

"Lass, it may not happen as much as I wish. There are...complications...people of my past that will stop us. I canna place ye in her dangers way more than I have," he smoothed her hair before letting go. "I'd like to meet my niece now."
  Jamie / Socasm / 8h 9m 15s
[b "I learned that with you. Had to challenge you before."] She said with a small smile, happy to be in his arms. It was the place she felt the happiest and safest. Not that she said those words. But she was sure that Jamie understood that. Especially when she stole any chance she could to be with him. Just as they were now.

Her head rested against him. [b "At least I know it is what we both want...and I will wait as long as I have to.. I never lied saying that I love you.."] She said as she turned and gently pulled him down into a kiss. She prayed they had enough time for it without a maid or Ian seeing.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 36m 3s
"Aye, I hoped ye would. It's the only way to earn our respect, a muirninn ." Jamie took her into his arms while Ian was with Jenny admiring the new bairn. "I ken...that ye want the marriage and bairn. I do, too."

He couldn't finish the words without the shame. "I still mean to."
  Jamie / Socasm / 9h 3m 53s
The baby girl had taken a while. Hours to be exact. And with it being the hours, Kelsey wondered how long Little Jamie had taken. But she did not ask it. She was just thankful that Jenny and the baby girl were okay.

She went to Jamie and Ian and watched as the older man went to his wife and newborn. [b "If she tells Ian I was provoking her.. I did a little. But I figured her focusing more on anger and 'biting me' was better than being focused on the pain.."] She said softly.

Even in seeing what Jenny had gone through..Kelsey still wanted a child of her own..with Jamie.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 8h 55m 42s
Ian swore in Gaelic before he started off, only to be stopped by Jamie to go get the midwife from the town. It took hours with help from the midwife and Kelsey to get the baby girl out.

Jamie watched Ian pace wondering if he'd ever fill that. Na, he would, Georgina would not interfere.
  Jamie / Socasm / 10h 20m 17s
At least the other woman wasn't trying to bite her anymore. Not at all happy for sure, but seeming at least a little less hostile. And she did help her sit, her own eyes on the clock as she had been timing it herself.

When she had been looked to and the words snapped, Kelsey nodded and darted from the room. She had seen the study on the way to the living room earlier and so assumed that was where the men were. [b "Jenny's in labour and needs the midwife now."]
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 10h 12m 12s
Jenny wouldn't admit that it helped more than she'd say. Glancing to the clock she looked to the woman as another contraction came. The pain traveled all through her pelvis as if being rammed.

"Get me bluidy husband and tell him to get the midwife," she said after sitting down for jusr that minute.
  Jamie / Socasm / 11h 3m 41s
Kelsey moved to Jenny's side and moved her hair back, braiding it so it was not draped over her shoulders. And she even rubbed her back. The leaning as she was told the younger woman it was closer together and sharper.

[b "He and I have been together if that was what ye mean. But as I said...I dona have bairns of me own. My older brother and sister do...I helped my sister and brother's wife.. I well I am in a way a healer and had been learning more before I met yer brother. But I do love him.. Never have I felt this way for anyone before..."]

There was truth to her words. Not in full but enough.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 11h 2m 19s
"Wasna so difficult to say nay was it? Donna suppose ye ken more about childbirth than ye say," Jenny leaned against the bed post. It was coming sooner and sooner, it wouldn't be long now. "What more is there yo ye? Quiet ye are not..."

The woman was thankful for the distraction and to interrogate the woman.
  Jamie / Socasm / 13h 53m 37s
Kelsey let the woman pace, still keeping close enough if she was needed. God did she feel bad for her. But she knew it to be worth it. Especially seeing those softer moments she had with Little Jamie. And all she had seen with her older brother and sister.

[b "Jamie and I are...it is complicated. But he was right I am only half Sassenach.. the other half is Scottish. And it was true..we happened to meet when he was in bad shape. I had helped him and we got to know the other..."]
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 14h 16m 56s
Jenny made no comment about the seen. She walked up the stairs feeling of her hips would fall off in the middle. Giving a small groan she made it to her own room where she paced back and forth when the next contraction hit.

"Well, out with it, then! Not since France have I heard from me brother...he returns withba Sassench that he clearly kens with...intimate...knowledge..."
  Jamie / Socasm / 14h 34m 49s
A midwife was a new one. Nurse was more what she was used to. She had been doing school for both photography and medical. But she could not open her mouth on that. [b "Oh I don't fancy anything of the sort. I merely have seen it."] Kelsey said, straightening her own posture as her eyes met those eyes cold eyes.

And when Jenny moved slowly towards the stairs in that waddle, Kelsey did slowly follow, staying far enough out of the woman's reach but close enough to help should it be needed. [b "I'll tell you that if you don't end up killing me by the end of this."] She said with a faint smirk. Still giving her the anger and bite to focus on instead of completely on the pain.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 14h 57m 23s
Jenny focused on her, standing up straight, she had mere minutes to get back upstairs before it would begin again. "Oh, fancy yerself a midwife, do ye?" She asked starting the waddle to the stairs. Each step was another torture she despised Ian for.

"And what are ye supposed to be other than bluidy English?" The temper reminded her of a Scot.
  Jamie / Socasm / 19h 53m 32s
Just as stubborn and hardheaded as her brother. A match made in heaven or hell as far as siblings went. But it made her heart ache for the woman and seeing what pain she was in.

A small smile was given as the woman snapped at her. [b "No I have never done this.. And you have.. But I will say this...the pain never gets easier and always the same. But the labour and birth does go quicker."] She said quietly, getting a chair and moving it closer to Jenny in case she wanted to use.

[b "Just as stubborn as your brother. Rather suffer than accept help from someone who actually wants to help. And for what, Jenny?"] Kelsey was inviting the woman to bite her. Giving her another focus other than pain.
  Kelsey / MourningGlory / 1d 2h 47m 4s

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