Set Fire to the Third Bar

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"From him, yeah, even take a break and come back. Whatever you gotta do, Red. You don't look like you amymore," Jack shook. He weighed the request with a thoughtful grunt. "Think it'll help?"
  Jackson / Socasm / 45m 0s
Angel looked up at him when he said that. [b "You mean walk away..?"] Her words were soft. And when he kissed her forehead and let her go, a sigh slipped from her. Would she regret this? Oh most definitely..but the words slipped out. [b "Stay the night with me..?"]
  Angel / SheDevil / 11h 56m 28s
"There's a choice for you, you just gotta step outside that door," Jack let her go with a kiss on the forehead. "Let's get back to the room. It's been a long night. Got an early flight to get back."
  Jackson / Socasm / 13h 37m 57s
Being clear headed, the man was sharp. It was not lost on him what her words had truly meant. But with his following actions and words she wished it had been. Just from them she knew he felt responsible for it. [b "It's not your fault...sometimes we don' really have the choice, cowboy."] Her words were soft as she spoke them.
  Angel / SheDevil / 2d 19h 48m 14s
"You're with him for appearance," Jack translated. "Oh, Red, you deserve more than that. More than I play music you can claim as yours."

He wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him feeling like this had been his fault.
  Jackson / Socasm / 3d 35m 8s
Angel gave him a weak smile as he said he had gotten the letter but couldn't write back. But she didn't make any comment there. Instead her eyes went to the cars around them. As always..the place was packed and it would be awhile. [b "Julia..needed a publicist and there you go... Though how did you and Abby meet?"] She asked softly.
  Angel / SheDevil / 5d 11h 15m 25s
"I should have told you sooner. I got the last letter but couldn't write you back..." Jack glanced over to her as they went to the car. Chances are they wouldn't get out for a while. "Your boyfriend...seems...diligent. How'd you two meet?"
  Jackson / Socasm / 5d 19h 55m 54s
As always, the young woman listened was interested in learning more about him. She liked him as Jack and not just as Jackson Maine. That had been the case since they met. [b "Thanks for what, cowboy? Jus' wanted a little time out and catchin' up."]
  Angel / SheDevil / 6d 18h 28m 20s
"Tinnitus...I was a damned fool and let it get bad. The pain got so bad I...well got fucked up a lot. Now got some implants. I can hear again, less pain," Jack smiled and wrapped his arm around her. "Thanks."
  Jackson / Socasm / 6d 19h 1m 51s
[b "Honestly don' blame ya. They are loud."] She said with a small smile. And she nodded when he said it was how he heard Bobby and his mumblings. [b "A sound you missed?"] It was a soft question but she was actually curiois.

Stalling...she was still trying to stall going back.
  Angel / SheDevil / 9d 14h 57m 11s
Jack fiddled with his ear for a second and smiled to her. "Sorry, darlin...sometimes those sounds still hurt. Just gotta adjust the implants again. It's how I hear Bobby mumbling again."
  Jackson / Socasm / 9d 15h 3m 8s
[b "Until the dry spell hits."] Angel agreed softly. And then her eyes were on the multitude of colours and bangs overhead. What could she say? She loved them as much as the next person.

Near the end, the young woman looked over at him and gave a gentle shake. [b "Awake there, cowboy?"] She asked with a faint smirk.
  Angel / SheDevil / 10d 13h 45m 19s
"At least until the heat rises too much, right?" He asked. He leaned back while she enjoyed it needing to turn the transplants down because of feedback. He almost fell asleep by the end of it just watching the colors.
  Jackson / Socasm / 10d 17h 26m 33s
[b "Think changed it just to attract more people. Or just for the time of year. Can never keep up..."] She admitted, though wasn't bothered by it.

To be able to be out like be free.. It was nice. And as much as it was hell, seeing Jackson again was nice. And so had been seeing him perform.
  Angel / SheDevil / 10d 22h 14m 34s
"When I was livin' here they didn't allow that much fireworks with the dryness and all. It's only once in Arizona. He settled down just as the fireworks soon began.

This was nice, and performing had felt good.
  Jackson / Socasm / 10d 23h 35m 42s

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