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[size14 [Slabo+27px The comment of cold nature made her chuckle. [#4C6D9B “Well I was trying to be kind, Nia. Not that it ever fooled you.”] The new drink in her hand reminded her of times when drinking really wasn’t her strong suit. As the other goddess mentioned, there was a time or two when clothes didn’t really agree with her and it made her smile thinking about it. Her eyes looked up to meet with the egyptian, wishing that they were back when memories weren’t as corrupt as they were now.

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[i Treaty day, hooray...]
[i Zeus may have been a carefree kind-of God but he sure did like conducting treaties. He liked to test how much he could push someone to their limits. To see if he can influence even those amongst the godly plane to flaunt his overly confident persona. It was annoying and honestly could last for hours.]

[i The Egyptian Pantheon was here in their palace, drifting about like they were more divine than their Greek counterparts. Their thrones must have been made of gold- completely overrated. Of course, it wouldn’t be Olympus without its share of gossip and drama. Artemis' twin Apollo would pride himself on being the most involved with the political affairs of their extended family, whether she wanted to hear them or not.]

[i The huntress was just drifting off into a lull of boredom when standing in their balcony doorway was a face she hadn’t seen before. Obviously from the visiting elite but holding a different aura. Mysterious, even.]

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[#4C6D9B “Remember when we first met?”] Artemis continued, swishing her drink around in her cup. [#4C6D9B “It seemed like you came with one too many bothersome family members and still today, none of them like me.”] She could feel herself loosening up, settling into the comforts of Nia’s company like they were close friends again. It was nearly addicting. [#4C6D9B “I don’t understand it. My social skills are obviously above average,”] she joked, brushing a pale hair behind her ear.

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[i The goddess didn’t need to tell her brother when she was over his constant chatter. In fact, Apollo could practically sense her lack of interest as an instinct by now. The mysterious female had walked by only lingering long enough to make Artemis curious. [#FF6500 “Go talk to her since she’s apparently more interesting.”] ]

[i She looked at Apollo and smirked, raising an eyebrow at him. He knew her almost too well. [#4C6D9B “I’ll rendezvous with you at Zeus’ party.”] ]
[i [#FF6500 “Don’t feel ashamed to call him Dad every once in a while,”] the sun god teased.]

[i She rolled her eyes before walking out into the hallway. The huntress quickly found her target loitering down the hall. Feeling cocky, she manifested a bow and arrow in her fingers and took aim for the wall beside the Egyptian. She liked quick introductions.] ]
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[font "times new roman" She couldn't help but coo at the greekling. She always looked so stoic but really Nia could see her emotions on her sleeves. She always could when she met with the greeks. They were all so emotional. Like her sister. Feeling the woman's hand clasps hers she couldn't help but smile fondly at her, if only for a moment. [#92958e "You are always so cold, which has always been so odd for me... considering I'm the Goddess of Death in my pantheon."] When Artemis' hand withdrew from hers she lingered for a bit longer before dropping her hand. She reached for a glass and downed it as she listened to Artemis explain her purpose there.]

[font "times new roman" Watching her face made her remember the time before. A flash of a scene went through her head, a memory of a time of peace in strife. ]
[font "times new roman" [i She was sitting in Olympus absentmindedly listening as her sister and brother as they were discussing some sort of treaty with Zeus and Hera. She was there purely for if anything went bad despite the fact that she was in a bad mood. She was annoyed with Set and was tired of having to play the part of "wife" to her brother. He was becoming controlling and his jealousy of Osiris was ridiculous. She tried to ignore the feeling she felt when she thought of him. He was insufferable when he got in his little moods. He always demeaned her as if she was child when he was like this. She was not a violent goddess unless provoked and all he did was provoke her.

Zeus was loud mouth and a bother and Hera was as dumb as him. She was surprised that anyone could deal with the loudness. She drifted away from the room to find something less grating. She felt her sisters gaze on her and just ignored it. She was not in the mood for Isis' supportive and caring tirades. Moving through the halls of Olympus she looked to the tacky designs. She was then greeted by the sound of loud obnoxious talking. She turned to the sounds and that's when she saw her. Artemis was younger then. Not as experienced looking. She was with the god Apollo. He was loudly talking to her and she was silent listening to him. Apollo annoyed her, but Artemis, she was very interesting....]]
[font "times new roman" The memory left her with a soft smile. Focusing her attention back to the goddess in front of her, she shrugged lightly. [#92958e "Is that so? I'm glad someone thinks I'm still as attractive as before. I feel as though I've aged so much. "] she sipped some of her glass before continuing [#92958e "We used to have such lovely drinks back then. Though this is not bad."] She winked at Artemis [#92958e "I distinctly remember that one of those times you were less clothed."] She downed the glass and went to grab the next glass that was placed by Alfie just moments earlier.]
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Delight filled her, to say the least, though as usual she wasn’t good at showing it on her face. The Greek woman moved her glass of whiskey closer to make room for the graceful creature on the small corner table. Just reflecting on how they used dine in the most extravagant and holy of places before made this little coincidence that much more ironic.

But Nia’s sort of pretentious mood pulled her back into the moment, withdrawing her willingness to be social. Looking at the ebony goddess made Artemis feel absolutely hollow and she hoped she’d never know that.

[#4C6D9B “You don’t seem to have aged a day,”] the huntress replied, more of an obvious fact then a compliment. She went frigid for a moment when the goddess reached out to her, surprisingly forward despite the long separation and it made her realize how desperately she had missed her touch... her warmth... her security...

Artemis raised a cold hand against the egyptian’s, turning her head slightly that her breath tickled the skin. [#4C6D9B “Winter Solstice,”] she replied softly, [#4C6D9B “It’s only the stars that make me so lucky to have ran into you.”] She removed her hand and smiled. [#4C6D9B “Truly, what are the odds that you and I would be at the same place, at the same time? The Fates may yet have been kind enough to me to grant me one more audience with you.”]

The huntress downed the rest of her drink as Nia’s bartender friend arrived with their second round. [#4C6D9B “I remember having drinks richer than this though,”] she admitted, relaxing again.
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[font "times new roman" It was a quick and quaint feeling. She was getting ready to tease her young friend when she felt that tingle of difference. Something... or rather someone who was not a normal occurrence in her little corner of the world. To the trained eye they would see that her body went rigid but to most she was still very languid and relaxed. Changing her position at the bar slightly to lean her left arm onto the bar top and resting her body against said arm she glanced around the room until her eyes spotted [i her]. Nia's eyes narrowed at the sight of the woman. She mentally chastised herself for not noticing sooner the white haired woman. Yes, she knew the woman well. There was no way she'd forget eyes like those. Their eyes locked and her breath hitched slightly. She was tense. That woman was foe and friend and everything in between.]

[font "times new roman" She watched the woman and briefly tried to believe that the woman was not who she thought she was. Turning back to her drink she went to sip from it when the straw twirled of its own volition. She took a deep breath and locked eyes with the woman again. She watched as the greek patted the cushioned seat beside her [i [#92958e An invitation then?]] Nia thought warily before lifting herself up from her place at the bar. She looked to Alfie and motioned her head to the table where she was headed. He gave her a knowing look and a wink "I'll send a few more glasses after you." He assured her, which caused her to smile gratiously at him and finally get the resolve to glide over to the woman. Placing her glass down first she looked down at the seated woman. [#92958e "You have some nerve showing your face here greek child."] she commented offhandly, a little snide in her remark "[#92958e "But for what it is worth, you have aged well. You look less like the child you once were. It's a pleasing sight."] She laughed humourlessly before sliding into the offered seat. Once seated she downed the vodka that sat before her and pushed back some of the free strands of hair that threatened to tumble down her face. ]]

[font "times new roman" [#92958e "What brings you here? Looking to create another halfling?"] She teased. Deciding she'd be a bit more flirtatious she reached across the table to cup the greek goddess' face in her hand gently [#92958e "Or are you here to see me?"]]
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The goddess noticed her the moment she walked in. Ebony skin and pitch black hair. A spectacle to behold to anyone that knew what they were looking for, let alone looking at. Artemis narrowed her gaze like a hunter, targeting the woman like an enemy then the ally she knew she was. It was instinct, a habit, and not really a trait that anyone found appealing in her.

But she had stopped caring about what the gods thought long ago.

Though she recognized the ‘old friend’, Artemis made no immediate move to make herself known. She was almost quite embarrassed since the last time they spoke it was under more dire circumstances. The Greek woman felt she had changed... Not in ways she was proud of but things had to be done.

After another minute, Artemis dismissed her moping in hopes that Nia would recognize her too.

The goddess lifted a hand, aiming for the drink in the other’s grip. She concentrated twirling the liquid and straw. It was a little trick Demeter taught her that she had learned from one of the four gods of the winds. It wasn’t very flashy or powerful but a parlor trick was always amusing.

A smile dawned on her face when the other deity made eye contact, a powerful notion that had started many conversations between the two of them. Artemis casually patted the chair beside her, hoping Nia would take the invitation despite the last time they saw each other.
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[size14 [font "Times New Roman" Once again, she was alone. She supposed it had been like this for a long time. She and the others, all split ways, going into this new earth, this new world, with different aspirations. Her sister...gods...her beloved sister stayed in their realm, along with quite a few others. She wanted to make sure that there was still someone there, anybody there to care for those in their realm. Her sister... such a saint. Despite their pantheon dying out, just like all the other ancient worships. Nia hadn't been home in such a long time, but she knew that being there was not an option. She wanted to be away from the memories. Even though she knew, she would never be truly away from the memories. She lived long enough to understand that.]]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" Nia sat a park bench, the sun was setting and the lights from the lamps were starting to turn on. She sat there, dressed in a simple white dress with a grey cardigan and grey flats. The wind blowing strands of her wild hair softly as it flowed past her skin like a kiss. A call to home. In the wind she heard the whispers of the past, hearing little bits of the history of the land before it became this peaceful park. She couldn't help but chuckle at the things she heard. [#92958e "I wonder when I became the reminiscing type Isis. Your silly positivity is starting to... what is the phrasing the humans say now? "Rub off on me"? Yes, it's doing that."] She spoke softly with amusement, letting the wind carry her voice off into the distance. She rested there a moment longer, listening and appreciating what she heard.]]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" [#92958e "Isis, take care of the Realm. I promise I'll visit soon. I just need time."] Nia whispered into the wind again, and kept her eyes looked on Moon. The wind blew again and she found herself closing her eyes. When she opened her eyes again she was standing in front of a bar. Her eyebrow raised in question as to why this was the location that she was brought to. Though she supposed it didn't matter. She had taken to drinking and wouldn't mind a little sip of vodka. Gliding into the doors, she walked up to the bar and took a seat at the stool. Waving over the bartender she smiled softly. [#92958e "Ah, hello again Alfie. How is your child? I'll have my usual."] she started conversationally when the bartender came over. "Nia! It's been a while, you haven't been cheating on me with a different bar have you? Lea is good, thanks for asking. I'll go get you that vodka." Alfie replied excitedly. ]]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" Chuckling Nia playfully replied [#92958e "Of course I would never cheat on you Alfie. I like your bar way too much. Plus, the band is always nice to listen to."] As she spoke, Alfie handed her a vodka which she gave a silent thanks and downed quickly, enjoying the burn, making her feel like a human for a few seconds. "You were always so good at downing your drinks Nia. Are you finally going to tell me your real name now that you're back?" Alfie laughed at her, offering her another glass of vodka. Nia shrugged, swishing the vodka in her hand, [#92958e "I've already told you to guess. You would never get it. Plus, it's a fun game we play. Don't want to ruin it do we?"] Nia teased. Alfie groaned at her a playfully swatted her hand, to which she rolled her eyes. Alfie looked like he was about to say something else when he was called to another patron. "This isn't over Nia." he said ruefully to which she held up her drink with a smirk and wink before sipping some of its contents.]]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" Nia relaxed some in her seat and lazily sent her aura out into the bar. She wanted to feel out any energies that she wasn't used to. See if there were any new patrons. Maybe it was because she did it so lazily that she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.]]
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[i It had been so long since I’ve felt the true touch of honest being.]
[center [i Not that honest was ever a trait of a powerful god.] ]

Hair blossomed around her head as she laid back on the musty motel sheets, starting across at the humming white light spewing out of the bathroom. The room was impersonal, just as she preferred it. No place to hold her. No place to go back to. Her brother always said she never did belong there anyway.

Artemis moved her hollow gaze to the ceiling. Her god sight moving through the plaster and various rooms above her, through the atmosphere until she could see the Kingdom of her Father. Just as wild, exotic and lonely as she left it. Her mouth felt dry and her chest heavy. She couldn't stay here. She needed a distraction. Something to fight and kill.

But this was the twenty-first century. Monsters didn’t just appear out of the blue like they used to. There were no more cyclops trying to level cities or the undead trying to claim the land of her Father. Things were quiet and devious now. It took more than an arrow through the heart to finish a conflict nowadays.

The Goddess of the Moon, lifted her head and closed her eyes, trying to ground herself back to the present moment as her mentors have taught her centuries before. She felt like she could get lost, staring at galaxies and other deities from afar. She didn’t want to lose herself again if she could help it. Immortality had always been a curse.

Artemis inhaled deeply before standing, glancing at her naked body in the mirror, So many scars from so many battles... She closed her eyes and when she reopened, the goddess was wearing casual form fitting jeans with a flattering top. Something normal to blend in with the humans even though god-like beauty could not be avoided.

In another breath, she appeared right in front of bar downtown where hourds of humans were gathering for a Winter Solstice celebration. Another excuse for most to waste away a weekend. If only they knew how it important it was for the gods.

Artemis brushed her hair back into a pony-tail before entering the lively pub. In the corner there was a band wailing through the microphone with a small crowd around them, which opened up room around the back end of the establishment where she found a private table for two. She ordered a drink and proceeded to watch humanity from her seat near the wall. It almost remedied her hollow mood.
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