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“He was being an asshole to me and the rest. But that’s to be expected right?” She went to grab her book back.
  Ashgryffin / 83d 16h 56m 8s
HE gently took the book, and asked calmly, "what did he do?"
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 83d 17h 1m 23s
Ash still had a hint of murder in her eyes. “Does the words, explosion asshole, give you a clue?” She took out a book and hit her head against it.
  Ashgryffin / 83d 17h 22m 54s
Elijah laughed nudging her "Ms. Grumpy, are you gonna tell me what happened or what?"
Oki! That’s fine with me! And oooo mysterious!))

Ash yelled after her, “ok! We’ll see you around!” She then went back to having a dark aura around her and the same hint of murder was in her eyes.
  Ashgryffin / 84d 2h 40m 40s

may smiled at ash. "yeah i did, but there are a ton of mistakes like-" the ringing of her phone cut her off as she took a peek at the caller id. "i'm sorry guys but i have to take this call, i catch up with you later kay?" she said chiripily before rushing off.
  May madison / -HotChocolate- / 84d 6h 29m 59s
Ash smiled at him as she lightly pushed him back, “oh trust me. You’ve said!” She laughed a little bit. “But seriously... did you draw that May? It’s really good.” She points to the picture.
  Ashgryffin / 84d 16h 42m 12s
He pushed her teasingly glad she was out of her grumpy mood, "You're a pain in the ass, Ash."
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 84d 16h 45m 17s
Ash stoped hugging him, “Stop overthinking. I will make sure that no one will mess up your first date~” she smirked at him.
  Ashgryffin / 84d 16h 54m 16s
Oh thank the lord))

He laughed a little, "I wonder if... you know what I'm not gonna think about it. When we go out we'll just be two bro's not like it'll be a date or anything right?" his smiled faltered, "Im overthinking this right?"
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 84d 16h 57m 10s
No not mineta.))

Ash smiled at him, “and you will. I will make sure if it. Oh I’m so happy for you!!” She gave him a hug.
  Ashgryffin / 84d 16h 59m 26s

He gave her a confused look, "okay then... Oh OH I almost forgot!" he pulled the piece of paper with kirishima's number on it excitedly showing it to Ash, "He wants to hang out with me! can you believe it!?"
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 84d 17h 3m 33s
Ash scoffed. “Naw. I’ll kill him myself.” She had a hint of murder in her eyes. “And for the who..... well let’s just say it’s an asshole.”
  Ashgryffin / 84d 17h 5m 7s
Elijah frowned, "What happened, I might kill them for you."
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 85d 2h 50m 47s
Ash gave him a half smile “I’m fine. Y’all might need to stop me from killing someone though.” She looked at the girl May had drawn. “That’s a good drawing. Did you draw it May?”
  Ashgryffin / 85d 2h 52m 26s

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