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He pulled his knees to his chest, "easy for you to say, you're not crushing on him."

((dude i love elijah, for this reason, hes actually like a total soft babi but dresses like a school shooter, and acts like one around most people.
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 78d 19h 45m 4s
Ash facepalmed. “Oh my god Elijah calm your ass down. Your like my little kitten when my parents get home. Asking to be study partners is a normal thing.” She went back to reading.
  Ashgryffin / 78d 19h 54m 12s
He looked at it wide-eyed, "what did you do" he hid his face behind his hands, "may, he's gonna know i like him if i try to study with him! I can't hide thingssss"
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 78d 20h 6m 25s
May rolled her eyes and grabbed the phone again. "i'm not letting you mess it up." she typed a reply to kiri and hit send before showing it to eli. It said "i was thinking we should get to know each other more, so let's be study partners."
  May madison / --NutellaBabi-- / 78d 21h 36m 54s
Ash grabbed the phone from May. “Dude respond like you would to anyone. Kirishima is pretty cool so he probably won’t mind how you respond.” She held his phone out for him to take.
  Ashgryffin / 78d 22h 18m 16s
Elijah looked up shocked, "h-he r-replied what do I do, may, ash, someone help me." he threw his phone at may like it was burning.
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 79d 2h 20m 27s
"huh?" may said. "oh sorry, i was thinking about something important." she said once she actually registered his words.

kirisima was talking to kaminari and ashido when his phone buzzed. He picked his phone up off the table replying quickly "hey man" he wrote.
  May madison / --NutellaBabi-- / 79d 2h 27m 38s
ELijah sighed giving up, "neither of you are paying me attention." he picked up his phone and typed in kirishima's number, 'hey it's elijah!' he loosed a sigh and pressed send.
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 79d 2h 50m 20s
May wasn' paying attention she was thinking of a strategy to get rid of mavis.
  May madison / --NutellaBabi-- / 79d 2h 53m 14s
He poked her side teasingly, "you're like a five yearold ash."
Ash made a new one. But this time she opened it and started reading. “It’s not abuse. I’m just trying not to kill someone.” She continued reading but was still pissed about earlier.
  Ashgryffin / 81d 30m 10s
He took that one too. "And I can keep taking them, Ash stop abusing yourself, its not healthy."
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 81d 1h 38m 37s
Ash glared daggers at him before magically making another one appear. “I can make more.” She hit her head with the new book.
  Ashgryffin / 81d 16h 45m 57s
He tossed it away "I dont care, I heal really quick."he smiled at ash, "either way I'd rather you not hurt yourself."
Ash groaned. “No. I don’t want to accidentally hurt your hand. Cause I will... please, gimme my book.” She pushed his hand away and reached for her book again.
  Ashgryffin / 82d 15h 16m 10s

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