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Elijah went for it and internally died, he quickly sent ash and may a text 'hes here come save me' and stuck his phone in his pocket. “Hey kirishima! Thanks for inviting me!“
  Takia Azazel Jennings / Satanismydaddy / 28d 19h 3m 58s
Kirishima walked into the coffee shop and walked over to elijah "hey dude!" he said with his shark grin going for i fist bump
  May madison / MythicMallow / 28d 19h 14m 23s
Elijah sat at a table in a nearby coffee shop waiting for his crush to show up, kirishima had invited him to meet for lunch.
  Takia Azazel Jennings / Satanismydaddy / 28d 19h 19m 38s
May was in a far corner of the library writing up a secret report.

Mavis was in the central part of the library trying to complete some maths.
  May madison / MythicMallow / 28d 19h 33m 23s
  Ashgryffin / 29d 15h 49m 25s
  May madison / MythicMallow / 29d 19h 14m 31s
What even happened to it? It just kinda stopped?)) adgjmptwadhjm
  --- / Satanismydaddy / 29d 19h 19m 12s
() gmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmh
  May madison / MythicMallow / 29d 19h 21m 47s
I highkey miss this rp guys...)) Adgjmptwadgjmptwadgjmptwadgjmptw
  --- / Satanismydaddy / 29d 19h 39m 36s
  Ashgryffin / 39d 15h 44m 7s

  Ashgryffin / 39d 16h 5m 21s

  May madison / DarkMythic / 39d 19h 17m 54s
  Ashgryffin / 39d 22h 27m 18s
No but whats wrong))mkgmjgmjgmjgmjgmjgmjgmjgmjgmjgmkg
  --- / The-littlest-shark / 40d 2h 56m 37s
  May madison / HermitsKitty / 40d 3h 32m 29s

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