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Kirishima laughed "that is true, but i feel like may's hiding something" he said taking a minute "it's probably because she covers her eyes" he then changed the subject "i'm friends with kaminari, bakugo, you and mavis" he throwned again "that's it mavis knows what may's hiding. I thought i could sense some bad blood between those two"
  May madison / MythicMallow / 21d 1h 19m 54s
He shrugged a little, "I've got Ash and May, and of course you" he smiled laughing a little as he said "Less friends is Less drama".
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / SharkEboy / 21d 1h 30m 27s
Kirishima ordered the food before turning back to Elijah "do you have many friends yet? I've made a thew" he said leaning back in his chair.
  May madison / MythicMallow / 21d 1h 32m 6s
Elijah blushed a little reading the text from ash, "Sounds good" he said giving Kirishima a small shy smile. "So..." he wanted to say something, anything to keep a conversation going but his voice just trailed off nervously, and his mind went blank.
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / SharkEboy / 21d 1h 37m 55s
Bakago was starting to get iritated as he didn't feel like discussing videogames with kaminari today.

Mavis realised what he was doing "oh my god" she whispered throwing the todoroki book open pretending it was some random book looking down at it intensly her purple hair falling into her eyes.
  May madison / MythicMallow / 21d 1h 42m 51s
Ash went back to reading her book peacefully. Waiting for bakugo to snap.

Todoroki picked up the book and looked to see who threw it. Then he saw you and walked over to you
  Ashgryffin / 23d 14m 51s

bakugo went back to discussing something with kaminari.

mavis saw that it hit him and quickly looked down and pretending to look through the notebook may had given back to her
  May madison / MythicMallow / 25d 10m 18s
Ash gave an equally menacing glare and looked back down at her book

  Ashgryffin / 25d 1h 49m 29s
Bakugo sensing eyes on him looked right at her with his usual death glare.

mavis heard her book colide with someone so she cautiously looked up peeking through her purple hair.

kirishima put the menu back in its place before replying "i'm going to have a chocolate milkshake and a burger"
  May madison / MythicMallow / 25d 10h 39m 21s
Ash smiled back at may “ok! See ya later!” She looked back over at bakugo and sighed. Then checked her phone and laughed ‘talk to your boyfriend instead of us!’ She responded before putting her phone on the table
  Ashgryffin / 25d 13h 51m 16s
Elijah laughed a little to himself as he read ash's text, quickly typing back [i 'Fiiiine have fun you guys, I'll just die over here.'] Elijah looked up at Kirishima, gods above he was cute. "I was just gonna get a grilled cheese"
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / SharkEboy / 25d 22h 45m 46s

kirishima took one of the menus and took some time reading over it "what are you going to have?"

mavis continued to work on her maths but got so frustrated that she ended up throwing her book at todoroki's head by acident of course.

may spotted ash as she was heading out and smiled giving her a wave "i'll be back after lunch, i have a meeting"
  May madison / MythicMallow / 25d 23h 54m 39s
Ash looked down at her phone and lightly laughed. She responded with a ‘Sorry Elijah, I’m making sure the mad Pomeranian puppy doesn’t explode anyone. Good luck!’
  Ashgryffin / 26d 2h 4m 29s
Elijah checked his phone, “yeah, i havent eaten yet i just got a coffee“
  Takia Azazel Jennings / Satanismydaddy / 28d 19h 26m 46s
May imediately texted back. [i 'no can do, heading to a meeting'] she then packed up her things and headed off

"no problem!" he said still smiling "you hungry? Cuz i'm starving" he said exaggerating
  May madison / MythicMallow / 28d 19h 37m 16s

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