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Mavis ate very very slowly and carefully with Todoroki there because she usually ate like a pig so she was trying to be somewhat polite for once. After a few minutes she stared curiously at todoroki's hair. "Hey hey!" she called out suddenly "Can you set your red hair on fire while freezing your white hair?" she asked staring intensely "and then would it go back to normal without any damage?" she asked.
  Mavis Kiara / mythicmallow / 13d 44m 59s
Todoroki grabbed some cold soba and went back to the table and sat down next to May. He began to eat it while deep in thought

Ash quickly texted May and Elijah ‘Help! Bakugo has me captive in the lunch room! And he’s being somewhat nice!’ She looked up at him “won’t others make fun of you for hanging around me?”
  Ashgryffin / 13d 54m 41s
"Oh okay, that makes sense." Mavis said as she walked towards the canteen. When they got there she put her bad at her table that was in the back corner. She then went to look at the food they had today and picked some plain rice and a flapjack.

Bakugo grabbed Ash's wrist and dragged her towards the canteen purposely sitting away from Kaminari. "you're going to sit with me so pikachu over there doesn't bother me."
  Mavis Kiara / MythicMallow / 13d 4h 9m 46s

Todoroki shook his head no “I have no clue what they’re serving today.” He looked at Mavis with a straight face

“No I haven’t.... why?” Ash tilted her head a bit wondering why he would care
  Ashgryffin / 13d 16h 53m 5s

"That depends" Mavis said taking the book and putting it in her bad with the Todoroki book. "Do you know what food they have today?" she said asking curiously already putting her coat and scarf on as she didn't like sitting in the canteen with out them.

"Nah, i find more enjoyment in blowing things up." Bakugo told her. "have you gone to lunch yet?" he asked her getting up to head to the lunch hall.
  Mavis Kiara / mythicmallow / 14d 1h 30m 54s

Todoroki looked up at Mavis “you seem hungry. Do you want to go get some food?” He closed the book completely ignoring her other question

Ash nodded her head “it is really interesting... you should read more!” She smiled a bit at him
  Ashgryffin / 14d 1h 37m 22s

"Why are you reading that?" Mavis asked her voice a bit high and pitchy "None of the stuff is right anyway" she said writing something down quickly in the Todoroki book before he could see. "Aren't you meant to be eating lunch right now" she rambled on her stomach growling at the mention of food causing her to grumble "stupid animal instincts" she mumbled.

"that actually sounds kinda cool" bakugo said sitting down next to her "i don't read much though"
  Mavis Kiara / mythicmallow / 14d 2h 12m 29s
Todoroki shrugged “no. I didn’t know that.” He was still flipping through the book reading every few pages

Ash glared up at him, took the book, and sighed “it’s about the cosmos and the stars. A very interesting topic”
  Ashgryffin / 14d 2h 28m 2s
Mavis looked at Todoroki trying to stop herself laughing "You know i have dyscalculia right?" she questioned him as she fixed her scarf nervously "i'll never be able to do the maths stuff" she told him closing the other book she had open. She was tempted to turn into a mouse right there and then and run away.

Bakugo smirked taking a thew more minutes to look at the book before handing it back to Ash "what's it about?" he asked not really interested but he new kaminari would try and talk to him again otherwise.
  Mavis Kiara / mythicmallow / 14d 4h 10m 35s
Todoroki put the book down next to her “do you want some help then?” He asked as he opened the book and flipped through it a bit

Ash glared up at him “may I have my book back please?” She held her hand out reaching for it
  Ashgryffin / 17d 15h 56m 54s
"see mavis has a todoroki book but it got taken" kirishima said putting some ketchup over his chips. "and this picture that fell out of may's pocket. She has a boyfriend." he explained showing the picture of may and a guy with blue hair.

Feeling bored of kaminari bakugo walked over to ash, picking up her book to flick through it.

Mavis purposely hid her face from todoroki's view as she took a noticable breath before answering "i don't want it. I can't do maths properly anyway"
  May madison / MythicMallow / 17d 4h 42m 56s
Ash closed her book and looked up ready to get up and intervene if anything happened between the two.

Todoroki walked over to Mavis and held out the book she threw “is this yours?” He looked down at her slightly
  Ashgryffin / 18d 2h 38m 39s
Elijah shrugged, "That's kinda weird, shes really nice" he picked up his grilled cheese taking a small bite, "and sure she does, but she also has this huge crush on him." He set the sandwich back down and instead chewed his lip trying to make some sense out of it all "What about it?".
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / SharkEboy / 18d 3h 17m 28s
"i think mavis would disagree. She hates this may girl and she never hates on people" kirishima reasoned as the food arived. He quickly thanked the waitress before continuing "did may have some sort of todoroki book by any chance?" he asked taking a bite out of his burger.
  May madison / MythicMallow / 21d 1h 20m 47s
Elijah cocked his head slightly to one side, "I guess she could be, but we all hide things..." he looked at Kirishima curiously, "and I hide my eyes, maybe she just does it because she doesn't like people staring into her eyes." He shrugged pushing back his own bangs, "I mean that why I have such long bangs."
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / SharkEboy / 21d 1h 30m 46s

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