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He smiled looking down at it, "It looks just like her, I'll show it to her tonight." He looked down at ash, wrapping an arm around her shoulders "You alright?"
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 85d 3h 51m 10s
Ash walked out and sat next to them. She was not in the mood to talk and just sat there looking up.
  Ashgryffin / 86d 23h 34m 18s
May rolled her eyes. "i'm just stating facts." she said finishing the colouring and handing the picture to elijah.
  May madison / MythicMallow / 87d 7h 35m 29s
He shook his head fiddling with a necklace around his neck, if you could call it a necklace, it was really just a leather chord with three beads on it, an 'E' a small pink bead then a 'L'. "May, really you're way better at everything than you say you are, maybe you don't see it but I barely know you and I can see it."
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 88d 3h 27m 41s
"i'm just stating facts." may said colouring the face and hair.
  May madison / OceanBreeze / 88d 3h 45m 37s
Elijah shook his head, "why do you always have to put your self down like that may?"
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 88d 3h 51m 13s
May shrugged as she swapped the pencils to colours beggining to colour the drawing. "i'm average, i can allready see tons of little mistakes."
  May madison / OceanBreeze / 88d 4h 46m 6s
"You're really good may." He smiled at her.
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / tic-tak-ia / 89d 18h 16m 18s
After a while may had finished the basic sketch and started adding in more detail.
  May madison / OceanBreeze / 89d 21h 14m 19s
He watched quietly, focused on the drawing but aware of his surroundings as always.
May sketched the girl's eyes, nose and mouth. "i like keeping things real." she said begining to sketch the girls hairline.
  May madison / DyingInside / 92d 21h 11m 11s
He nodded "I know, I draw too, but I have a really cartoony style compared to yours."
May then drew three faint lines so they can be rubbed out. "the lines help position the eyes, nose and mouth" may explained.
  May madison / FaysLittleKitty / 94d 4h 18m 59s
He smiled a little as he watched, leaning awkwardly trying to see without invading may's space.
"sure." may said studying the picture carefully before begining the drawing with a light sketch of the girls face shape.
  May madison / FaysLittleKitty / 94d 22h 11m 20s

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