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[https://i.imgur.com/38eAVWK.png Rearsany University]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/drwUp0p.png]] [center [abel [size15 Soft morning light poured through the open window. Two figures lay dead to the world under a pile of blankets and comforter. One of them was a male with soft pink locks known as Vance. He was curled up against Jackson, the lightly taller of the two. Their legs were tangled together due to a certain someone being a bed hog. Rolling over, Vance pulled the covers with him exposing his brother to the chilly morning air. Not waking from their slumber, the two fought for sleepy survival. Vance was not victorious as the boy fell from the bed landing on the hardwood with a thud.

Sitting up, Vance glanced around the room in a daze. Sleepily, he scratched the back of his head. This wasn't his room. Yawning, he stretched his arms up above his head. His cotton shirt raised up exposing his tattooed stomach. Crawling to his feet, he let another yawn escape his lips. Before leaving the room, he pulled the comforter back up over Jackson's sleeping body. Carefully shutting the door, he soundlessly padded back to his own room.

Pushing his door open, he danced through the maze of dirty clothes before jumping and landing in his bed. Wrapping himself in the throw blanket, he unplugged his phone from the charger and scrolled through his social media. Classes were starting soon. It wasn't like the boy hadn't graduated college [i several times] already, he still dreaded the idea of interacting with new people. The Kensley family had moved to the cloudy town starting over younger than usual in hopes to stay longer. Vance and his brother Jackson were already upperclassmen but time sure moved slowly when you were immortal. Letting out a sigh, Vance knew he should shower and get ready for the day. He knew that his two new roommates moved in last night and hadn't gotten a chance to meet them. Jackson said he wasn't allowed to avoid them this year.

Vance made his way to the bathroom at a leisurely pace. He shed his clothes and mechanically climbed into the shower. He had cranked the knob to scalding. The steaming water pelted his skin but it only felt lukewarm to him. [i Lukewarm.] That was the word. That is how his life had been feeling for the last few years. Lukewarm. Although Vance was still a young vampire, the last two decades had felt strange and slow. He needed a change.

After washing his hair and body, he stepped out of the shower and caught his reflection in the mirror. It was a common misconception that vampires couldn't be seen in mirrors or photos much to Vance's dismay. He would much rather never have to see himself again.
Gazing at his reflection, he eyed himself over. Two hollow lavender eyes stared back at him. Some of the girls from the Asian Culture Club asked him what brand of contacts he used because they looked so realistic. He ended up making something up on the spot and now they all thought he was a cosplayer. There were worst things to be called that a nerd or a cosplayer.
His curly hair was messy and unruly. He couldn't seem to get his hair to change color now that he was dead. His hair barely grew anymore and the dye never stuck. Vance was stuck with pink frosted tips for all of eternity. He'd be lying if he said he didn't like the look just a little.'
Vance's pale skin was covered in tattoos. There was no room left at this point. It wasn't like he could easily get anymore at this point. He had found a tattoo artist in Italy that was a Vampire like him that specialized in tattooing the dead. It was hard work due to their stone-like skin.
Shrugging, he pulled a brush through his hair before wrapping a towel around his waist.

Exiting the bathroom, Vance didn't expect to nearly run into anyone. He barely stopped himself before he knocked into the other body. Standing before him was a petite blonde. She was only five feet and some inches. Vance's 6'0 made him feel so much bigger than her. Realizing he was standing in only a towel, he smiled sheepishly. This probably wasn't the best first impression.
[b [#965677 "Uh sorry. Bathroom is open. I am gonna make breakfast after I get dressed if you don't mind waiting."]] He chuckled. His tone was gentle. In hopes to ease the tension, he thought it would be a good idea to help the situation along. Flashing a smile, he decided to use his ability. A warm aura radiated from his body. It was almost like his smile could make the flowers bloom and the grass grow. It was contagious. As fast as the feeling came, it disappeared just as quickly. Waving to her, he retreated to his bedroom.

Once he was in his room, Vance's calm demeanor depleted. Pressing his back against the door, he braced himself and slapped his hands to his cheeks. He couldn't believe he had run into his new housemate in nothing but a towel. This was a nightmare. And on top of it she was cute. There was absolutely no way he could look her in the eye now. Letting out an exasperated groan, he decided putting clothes on was the first step. He didn't want a repeat of that mess.

Vance decided on a grey v-neck shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. It honestly didn't matter what he wore because he always pulled a ratty sweatshirt on over top of it. Sweatshirts were his go to outfit. After he was dressed, he opened his door and peaked out to see if the girl was still there. He didn't see her but her scent was everywhere. It was overwhelming. Everything she touched had her delicious smell on it. All Vance wanted to do was scratch his eyes out. He'd have to convince Jack to go hunting in the next few days or this would be impossible.

Although Vance didn't get any nutrition from eating human food, the immortal loved to cook and eat. It reminded him of his life before all of this. Before the drugs. Before death. And he was definitely good at it.
In the kitchen, Vance was in his element. He was at easy. Humming to himself, Vance danced around the kitchen. He stood over the stove cooking anything he could get his hands on. Eggs, bacon, pancakes. He pulled out a jug of orange juice and found a container of strawberries. Smiling, he knew he'd have to text Angelica a thank you for stalking the fridge full of food.
Once he was finished, he admired his spread. The kitchen counter was full of food. He even managed to make a pot of coffee and hot tea. Hopefully the warmblooded household members would enjoy the meal.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/l8W68Hw.png]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/yC7IcFH.png]] The small female stumbled into her room a quarter after midnight. A small sticky note was stuck to her door with the name, [i Braylon Lark] scrawled on it. She had made more noise than an elephant moving her stuff in. Her excuse was she didn't want to make more than one trip. She only had her essentials. The rest was being shipped throughout the week. Classes didn't start until the following Monday so she wasn't too worried.
Bray was surprised she hadn't woken anyone up with her banging around. The art major wasn't very graceful she admitted to herself. Once she had made her bed, the small female burrowed into her blankets and fell fast asleep.

In the morning, Braylon was reluctant to get up. He body naturally woke her up early though. The clock read [b 7:23 A.M.] in florescent block letters. She cursed and rolled back over. The only natural light that came into her room as a small basement window too high for her to reach. She liked how the warm light illuminated her bare room. It kissed everything it touched.

Grabbing her phone from her nightstand, she decided she would text her mom. Hopefully the text would wake her up and the two could suffer together.
[b Bray Bray to Birth Giver:
[i Hey mommy, I am awake so you should be too. I am in my new house. It is super cute. There is even a man cave with a home cinema.]]

Setting her phone down, Braylon decided since she was awake she might as well do something. Pulling a sweatshirt over her petite body, she slipped her feet into her rabbit slippers. She knew she'd probably regret not putting pants on and wearing pajama shorts but that didn't stop her. She grabbed her sketchbook and strolled out of her room with no sense of urgency. Making her way upstairs, she realized the house was pretty quiet. She could hear the shower running but didn't pay it any mind.
Her first stop was the kitchen. It was absolutely beautiful. The grey color palette matched the living room perfectly. Putting a tea pot on the stove, she knew she needed caffeine before starting the day. After pouring herself a cup of tea, she placed the pot in the sink.
Second stop was the living room. She snagged a throw blanket that was draped over the couch. Once she had her blanket in arm, she made a B-line fore the patio.
Once outside, Braylon wrapped herself up in the blanket before taking her sketchbook out. The sun was already up. The view from the patio was unbelievable. Braylon was in shock that this was student housing. She had never seen anything like it. All she could do was pick up a pencil and sketch what she saw.
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