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He would look her up and down once her illusion was dropped. He would smile at her looks and had it been any other time then this he may have tried wowing her but this was nether the time or place. “Good.” He finally said turning from her and began to walk off. “You can put it back up if you wish but I would suggest not let people see you as you and not as a lie.” With that said he didn’t say much to her as he found a few solider. Commanding them he moved them to the next area that need digging out.

The work was slow and Thomas himself had to stop every so often to catch his breath or give new order to new group. Every time they would clean away some rubble, they would find bodies. Most would already be dead but the every once and a while they would pull out a live one. At that they would be careful brought over to the demon to be healed. Anytime this would happen Thomas would stop working and stand guard over her to prevent anyone interfering.

Hour after hour the body would keep piling up until finally night started to come bathing the town in an orange glow. A glow to match the mood. The day had started so happy and cheery but by the end it had turned into hell. With massive damage to the city and even more the rail line it was almost impossible bring supply into town by train or ship the injured out. Leaving the town with only the supply it had and that was quickly depleting. Magic was good but even it uses got tired after a while. There was just so many injured and not enough magic and doctors.

By night fall Thomas was ready to pass out from his own injuries. He didn’t want to leave until everything was under control but with many of the other office pushing him to at least for a while. He was forced into a car with the demon they were driven to Thomas home. With a young female Kitsune office begging the demon to keep an eye on Thomas. “We are going to need him soon so make sure he at least gets some sleep. My unit will handle the rest until morning. You should get some too I seen how many people you healed and you must be exhausted.”

Once they were dropped off Thomas would turn to the demon girl. “Thank you for your help today I know it must have been hard but I appreciate it. I can't offer much over some food and a room for the night and tomorrow I ask for more of your help. By the ways I never got your name it not proper for me to keep calling you demon.”
  Thomas / Mended / 8d 7h 58m 48s
She healed him, but his blood loss was great, and when he tried to stand back up, he nearly toppled over again. The other man caught him telling him to take it easy. He argued, saying there was still so much to do, and she knew the feeling. When destruction and chaos hit, you had to act fast in trying to temper its mayhem or things would become worse. Especially on this size of a scale.

The new man told the first he was no good dead, and asked her if she agreed, but didn't let her answer, as he went on about him being careful. She was starting to really become irritated with that on humans. It was then, the first human male claimed that if they were so worried about his well being, they were now recruited as Imperial Citizens to help him manage all this chaos and if they refused they would be punished. She stared at him like he'd lost his mind. The second man tried to refuse by saying he wasn't part of this city and she nodded to agree with him this time.

He claimed it was only in emergencies that he was able to claim outsiders as a part of the city and then gave the man a job to do. The man argued, then wished her luck with him before taking off. It was just the two of them once more. She sighed and looked around the area, listening to the mayhem and destruction around her, people crying, screaming, children that should be laughing and playing are screaming in terror or crying in sorrow, or not moving anymore.

She was pulled from her thoughts when he called her out again, calling her demon so openly that she flinched. He told her to drop her powers to be able to see her true self and her eyes widened more to him. In the middle of where they were, he wanted her to just strip away her illusions to know her true form. So bold of him to ask as if it were an everyday occurrence. He then called her underfed and she wrapped her arms around her midsection to glare at him. Sure she was small and hadn't eaten in a good while, but it was no good to call out a lady's weight like that.

The first job he gave her was to work next to him to heal people. She didn't mind healing people, but at least learn to ask first, instead of just demanding it from her. She glanced overlooking for any more uniformed men that might cause her harm, and he immediately claimed that if any harmed her while under his oath and care, they would be punished accordingly. He seemed to carry the weight of a high rank within the army, otherwise, he wouldn't be ordering around so much unless he was just a pompous windbag that loved to hear himself talk, but she didn't get that feel from him.

Very slowly she let her magic down, to show her true colors and form, her mark appearing more clearly along her forehead, her soft powder blue skin coloring in her pale features, making the colors around her eyes dance more as her eyes filled in with a deep onyx color, swallowing all the pupil and iris and whites, no longer looking human at all. Her lips taking on a lavender hue that was such a shade, cosmetic companies could never reach it without years and years of trying. Her nails were long and sharp, going from the human natural of pink and white, to a solid Ebony, looking like talons, but more dainty as if by fashion and not defensive tools. She glanced to him waiting for his reaction to her true form, waiting to see if he would find her repulsive and menacing like so many others in the city.
  Janyxy Riniyan / Ravanya / 12d 19h 45m 42s
Thomas would start to feel the warmth of magic against his wound as sparks would jump down and slowly push mend the damage. He would gasp in relief as slowly the pain went from a screaming down to a small ack. “Thank you.” He gasped leaning his head back gains the rock he was leaning against. The pain was mostly gone. Thought she closed the wounds he knew is still lost a lot of blood. He was on the edge of passing out from blood loss but didn’t let the stop him from trying to get up.

“Wow old timer slow down.” John said trying to make his sit.

“No, I don’t have time to sit around and waste time. There plenty that needs to be done and I need to organize it as soon as I can.” He said pushing off the man hand and getting to his feet. He was shaky but after a few second steady himself.

Standing up next to him John frowned. “You no good to any one if you pass out and get another head wound.” Turning to the girl on the ground. “You agree with me, right?” He didn’t give her time to answer as he turned back to Thomas “See she ever agrees.” He crossed his arm.

“Fine if you both want to help so bad fine. As of this moment you are both personal aids to me.” He said. “By impearl law you are now both in the serves of the empire and under my command failure to comply with result in harsh punishment.”

“Hey wait now I'm not a Impearl citizen even.”

“It only in the times of extreme emergency that I can call upon the aid of no outsiders and I think this count of emergency. Now run to the east part of town and get several solider and help clear rubble on the west part of town. It took the least pounding but there could still be injured people.”

Sighing and shaking his head he looked at the girl. “Good luck with grump here. Still I never hurt to help.” With that he ran off leaving the two.

“Now you demon.” He said turning to her. “Turn off your power and let me get a look at you.” From the tone in his voice it wasn’t a request. He would look over her and nod. “Little under fed but other than that you are unharmed.” His voice hand turn to a much smother voice now after making sure she was unharmed “What are you doing so far north form your people? I now your people like to wonder but this is a little far even for your kind.” He started walking and expected her to follow. If she didn’t he would snap making it clear she didn’t have a choice. “Until further notice you will work next to me heal an and all injoyed until a time I feel that I no longer need your services. Do not worry no one will bother or huras you wil you work for me and if they do, they will be punished.”
  Thomas / Mended / 23d 7h 32m 16s
She thought she had hit a wall a moment before she could smell blood. Very close, and very fresh. She nearly fell on her backside but managed to catch her balance. She looked up at the man before her, and she was about to open her mouth to say something, but he spoke first. 'Demon'. Her eyes widened and she felt her blood run cold. [b [i 'He can see me?! Shit!']] She whimpered in her thoughts. She took two steps back when other voices. She turned with a frightened expression as the men came closer. Before they could grab her, the man she had crashed into stepped between them.

She didn't know why he was standing up for her, but at this moment she was too afraid to question it. The men accused her of using magic to hurt the woman at the diner. [b "That's not true! She would have died if I'd not helped her! She still needs blood.but I was only helping her...."] The men wouldn't listen to her, and she gasped as one of the men punched the one helping her. She felt the tears that fell along her cheeks of fear but didn't realize she was crying, her tears held the slightest hint of silver. A rarity amongst demons. She thought she was next, but a gunshot went off and in fear, she dropped to her knees on the ground, her hands over her head as if waiting for another bomb.

She was starting to panic, her heart racing in her chest. She didn't hear the exchange, but she flinched when someone knelt down beside her. It was then she noticed the new man, and the first man on the ground, severely hurt. That was the blood she had smelled. She was trembling hard and looked between the two. One teased the other and she looked to where the first was hurt. She reached out her hands and like before, she began healing his wound, the only way she could think to thank him for standing up for her. She just prayed that it wasn't something that she was going to later regret.

She stayed quiet, not trusting her voice, and wanting to concentrate on her powers. If she got any more emotional it could backfire her magic. She wasn't about to drop her illusionary magic just yet. She wasn't sure if she was safe. One of them already knew what she was, and she prayed that his standing up for her wasn't just to be able to take her out on his own.
  Janyxy Riniyan / Ravanya / 23d 12h 56m 29s
Tossing the duty rag away he would tear off a new one from his uniform and place it in the wound. It stringed but he had had worse in his long service. Stand up as straight as he could we would start walking to see what next in the long list of shit he needed to get done. ‘Need to get more medical camp set up to help take strain off the hospitals. Need to find out what the statice of the other town and base in the area a well. Who knows how much damage we took we could be crippled if I don’t find out soon.’

He was so deep in thought that he didn’t noticed as someone crashed into him almost sending him falling back ont the ground himself. Luckily, he was able to catch himself in time. The crashed had also caused him a massive amount of pain as he gritted his teeth but couldn’t help a low pained grown escaped his lips. Taking several second to clear the pain from his eyes he looked at what had smashed into him.

A small woman was the answered as he looked down at her with cold and calculated eyes. He was about to say something when he noticed something. She wasn’t human or form the empire. Her hair was much too long plus her skin color to pale and lastly, he could tail when someone was using magic on themselves. Anyone who hadn't seen it before wouldn’t have been able to tell but the pigment was slightly off color. It almost looked like it shimmered. Taking a deeper look, her noticed the symbol on her for head and his eye filled with understanding. “Demon.” He said in a toneless voice.

Demon were pretty uncommon in most places and the empire was no exception. He only knew of one in his army and two in the whole city. Before he could say anything more to her a heavy voice stormed around the coner that she had form only a few moments ago. “Where she go?” A young man said turning to see the two of them. He had several other young men

“There she is.” One of them yelled pointed. “That dam witch there.” They ran up to grab her from the ground Thomas stepped in front of her.

“What do you want with her.” He barked preventing them from grabbing her.

“Out of the way old man.” The oldest of the group said not knowing when he was talking to as Thomas had taken off his coat whit his rank and only his hat witch had been knocked off showed his rank. “That thing was using magic on some poor girl and trying to drain her life out of her body” All the young men nodded.

“What proof do you have to support that?” Thomas said knowing that very few races could do that and demons weren’t one of them.

“We don’t need proof we saw it with our own eyes.” They replied. “Now more or else you get what going to you Monster lover.”

“That is no proof that you just picking on someone just because you don’t understand. Your all coward and bring your family shame.” He said spitting at their boots. “No be gone before I have you arrested for inferring with military biasness.”

“YOU BASTERED OLD MAN.” The leader group said taking a cheap shot hat Thomas chest and hitting him. “You think you can talk down to me my father a high-ranking officer. You think you scare me I'm untouchable by old solider like you.”

Thomas gasped as he bent over as the air left his lungs and he stumbled back a few steps. On better day he would be able to take that a lot better but after all that had happened and his wound, he was in no shape to take on four kid less than half his age. He then took a second punch to the jaw as the boy laughed at him.

“All talk it seems.” He laughed with the other boys around him. Just then a gunshot rang out passing between the boys and Thomas.

“Play nice boys and don’t pick on your elders.” A heavy accent said as everyone looked over to see a young man holding a pistol. “Now how about you pick on someone your own size.”

“Stay out of this American.” The leader said snarling at them. “This has nothing to do with you.”

“O I beg to differ lad.” He mocked walking toward them smiling. “One your picking on poor little woman that just a cute. Two you attacked an old man that is a Military officer. Three you ganging up on both and I don’t like bully so how about you scram before I start screaming for help.”

“Why you..” The leader said taking a step toward the man. Only to be stopped by his buddy pulling him back. “You regret this fitlth you can protect the monster forever.” With that the turned and started to run off.

“Bye don’t forget to write.” He smiled waving them off and coming down to the two of them. “You two okay?” He asked kneeling down next to them as Thomas slide down some rubble. “I mean hell I know the say you empire types are tough but shit picking a fight with four younglings. You're lucky I was close back or the kicked you into the dirt.”

Thomas groaned in pain as he held his side as his face pulsated in pain. “I wasn’t planning on fighting them. Im an office and I was going to send them off with a threat but they stopped me before I could say anything.”

“Might want to be a faster next time or at least wear something showing that.” He smiled jokingly not seeming to take the whole this to serice. “Names John Woodly by the way.” He said exiting his hand to them both. “I know I know it shocking to see an idea in the flesh.”

Thomas only gave him a confused look as he ignored the hand and just stopped the blood from leaving his body.
  Thomas / Mended / 23d 14h 16m 59s
People were injured, screaming and scared. The people of the diner didn't move as the smoke cleared. There had been screams from the kitchen when the second blast had gone off. The smell of burnt flesh made it clear as to what had happened. The explosion let the grease in the fryers free, and the other cook in the back had been covered in it, suffering horrible burns. Janyxy knew she would be too late to get to him, he would choke on his own blood before she got to him. Just as she thought, his screams became chokes, and then silence.

She gave a prayer to the Gods for his soul before she started looking around. Some were dead from fallen debris, she could smell blood. She looked over to see one of the waitresses was shaking hard, her back facing her. Quickly she crawled across the floor to get to her. Pulling her from her side to face her, she saw the reason she was shaking. In her chest were two large steak knives from where she had fallen. One just missed her heart, the other punctured her lung, and the woman was gasping for breath. She couldn't have been more than nineteen.

The woman grabbed to her with her bloody hand and tried to gasp out that Janyxy try to help her. She looked so scared and so full of pain. She looked around and thought she was out of sight from the others. She whispered to her that all would be fine and she laid the woman back, pulling the knives carefully from her chest. There was a huge gash in the floor that spilled dirt along the floor. She reached in for a handful of dirt, and it seemed to absorb into her hand. Giving a deep greenish glow around her hands. She laid them to the woman and began soft chanting to help the blood stop, the wounds to heal, and her lungs to inflate once again.

The woman began to relax though she was still shaking from blood loss. That was when something tackled her from the side. It was the cook from earlier. He moved to hold the woman as he screamed at her for being a magic-user. Calling her a monster, creep, unwanted, and unloved. She watched him wide-eyed until he began throwing things at her, catching her in the head. She cried out and took off running, from the scene, skittering around corners until she ran into something. hard that knocked her back onto the ground.
  Janyxy Riniyan / Ravanya / 29d 15h 55m 9s
1 September 1939

Thomas was quickly out of his shock when he heard screaming and the pain of the people around him. “General.” He screamed as noticed the blood around chest. Rushing over he looked over to see he had a nasty piece of shrapnel sticking out of his chest. “MEDIC.” He screammed as he pulled ripped off a peace of his shirt to hold against his wound.

“fuck.” The general said his breath breathing hard as he looked down at his wound.

“It be okay sir.” Thomas reassured him as the elf ran over and looked at the wound. Thomas looked at him hoping the healer could do something.

“It’ll be fine it doesn’t look like it hit anything important.” He said smiling as he held his hands wound as green sparks started shooting out of his hands into the General body. “I can stop the bleeding but I need to get him to a Hospital.”

Nodding Thomas looked back to see two of the other solider getting up. Two were moving but looked injured, and the last wasn’t moving at all. “You two find something we can use a stretcher to get the Injured out of here.” Both nodded and ran off.

“Thomas.” The General cough.

“I'm here sir.”

“Moved to the city. People have mostly been injured worse them me. Our troop will be scattered gather them defend the city and help the civils.”

“Yes sir.” Getting up he looked at the elf one last time who gave him a assuring nod he ran off into the heart of the city.

What he ran into was a mess of body and rubble. People were screaming all around him begging for help other over dead loved once. The scene was one of chaos and horror and for a man who hadn’t seen it before they may have frozen up. Not him thought this was not a new thing to him and he doughted it would be the last time he would.

“You men there.” He yelled at two solder running in mess. Both men stopped freezing in their tracks. “Sir” both said snapping to attentions. Lucky, they remember their training about being address and didn’t just ignore him and kept running. “Find me ever able man and woman that you can. We got a lot of injured to take care of and I need everyone we can get. Human and non-humans alike and I will not take any mistreatment of anyone.” He ordered. He knew most people didn’t trust Non-humans but he didn’t care about that magic was faster and more useful in healing and keeping people alive.

For the next hour he would coordinate soldiers and civilian alike. He set up reuse party to dig out people Medic camps to help relieve some of the hospital strains. It was grueling work as he was constantly running form place to place. Helping team that need the extra hand. Medic personal and healer were very limited and he tried to snatch up anyone he could. Most were compliant but a few he had to threaten with treason or being drafted under his command. He also added non-human guards to any of the magic uses just in case any strong-armed people tried to pick a fight. A gun was a nice way to keep people from people who need to forces.

Luckily there had only seem to be one air raid but what damage they had done had been devastating. Form what he could tell the rain way main line had been comply destroy as well as depot fuel yards. The fastest way into the western front had been destroyed in a flash with little to no damage afflicted to the enemy. The fact that they had stroked so deep in the empire without any warning was worrisome. THomas would finally sit down holding his side in pain. Looking down he would notice at some point he had gotten a wound in his side. It hadn't been bad until he torn it open while working and now it was bleeding pretty bad. “Well shit.” he said wincing in pain and holding a rag to hit hoping to slow the bleeding. “Seems I pushed myself to far this time.”
  Thomas / Mended / 31d 12h 48m 56s
1 September 1939

She continued to stare out the window, even as her food was brought to her. She stayed silent, not speaking to anyone so that she kept out of trouble. While hse looked outside she could see the occasional uniform. There were soldiers in this town of all ranks and she wasn't sure their preferences on Demons. Shifters, Casters, Elves, Nymphs, all those [i Sweet and or Loyal] breeds of supernatural creatures were somewhat tolerated. But Demons? Not a chance. Kill on sight.

She rubbed absently at her left side, just below her ribs beneath her jacket and dress would be a scar running from her stomach to reach around her waist and curve to just touch her back. It had nearly been a deathly blow, by some grace of the Gods she managed to survive. She had been using her abilities to try and save a child, but no one saw that. they saw a Demon looming over a wounded child. Automatically made her guilty.

She had eaten every bite of her order and was sipping on her tea ducked down into her booth when something odd was heard overhead. She glanced around, no one else knew or heard, or could smell the air like she could being all humans. She hated to have to act like she knew nothing was happening. She could smell the oil in the air, the tinge of explosive powder and rusted metal. In a town holding Soldiers, normally this would be a common scent, but this was fresh and coming in fast.

That was when the ground began to tremble hard, deafening crashes could be heard from nearby in the streets. Other explosives could be heard in other parts of the city as well, it was an air raid. Bombs were being dropped over innocents in the city. Janyxy quickly dropped to hide beneath her booth table. Others did the same or ducked under tables in the kitchen. Screams and cries of terror filled the air, and the scent of blood, smoke, fire, and dirt clouded the city. She may not care for humans and their bigotry, but she never wished any of this on them.

She tried to look up from under the table, to try and see out the window again for any sign of who was causing the bombing. She just glanced a symbol before another earth-shaking explosion hit nearby. [b "Are you crazy?! Keep your head down, unless you want to lose it!"] the cook cried out from under a section in the counter at her and she moved to duck back under her table so as not to draw attention. She could have run out before this started, but the last thing she needed was one of the patrons to notice and call her out to the soldiers in the area. She frowned at the symbol she had seen. The Holy Kingdom was sending another message.
  Janyxy Riniyan / Ravanya / 34d 18h 5m 13s
1 September 1939

An hour later Thomas, Lt green, and their General stood outside a small warehouse. Joining them was size guard 3 humans from the base normal guard and 3 of Thomas men. A Orc, Elf and subhuman with ears and tail of a wolf. Each came to attraction on seeing Thomas and the General.

“Well seems you brought out the whole Circus for this trip Thomas.” Said the General as he studying the three non-humans. Even more so the female wolfkin as he never trusted woman being in the ranks.

“They all good men sir.” Thomas said defending his men. “Each has proven themselves as soldiers and leader.” His men smiled a bit at the confidence place in them by their commander.

“We see soon enough wont we.” He sadi turning to all the men. “Be ready troopers we don’t know what going on here other than someone meddling with something that isn't theirs. Shoot to kill but try to keep at least one alive for interrogation.” Every one nodded as they started moving carefully up the street to the stop that the note hinted at.

As they got closer it looked like the area was mostly empty. People who other live or work where at the Festival it seemed as not sigh of life was around until they turned a corner. The lead man which was the elf held his hand up in a fist telling the group to holt. He then used his hand to point around the building and held up two fingers.

“Two men?” The General whispered.

“Seems so sir shale we see what has my man cautious.” Both men then walked up to peck around the corner to see to men kneeling by a Junction in railroad tracks.

“What in the Empires name are they doing.” The General asked without waiting for a replay he signaled to men to move in. “Capture them.” Quickly the three human guard moved in with their rifles quickly followed by the Non humans. Once there were close the leader called out. “Hands up.”

Both men looked like a deer caught in headlights as they looked up at the squad with rifles. Both men looked and nodded to each other. Suddenly both men reached into their vest and pulled out pistol and scream. “For the godd...” They didn’t get much farther than that as bullets rippled their bodies. Both bodys fell lifeless to the tracks.

“What the hell.” Green said confused. “They didn’t stand a chance yet they still drew guns on us.”

“Quite Lt.” The general said walking up to both men and looking down on them.

“fanatics is the word your looking for.” Thomas said picking something off the ground form were they were working. “Seems they were trying to sabatons the rail.” He tossed a bag of TnT that they had been trying to work under the tracks.

“But why?” Green asked. “This isn't an important line, It a backup line.”

“Yes, that doesn't make any sense.” The General said as a low rumble could start being heard in distance. “We would need this only if the Main line was damage and that imposable it guarded around the clock.”

“I don’t know.” Thomas said until he looked up. Suddenly he pointed up and yelled. “Take cover.” just then a explosion send everyone flying. Growing in pain Anderson slowly tired to get to his feet. Looking up again he noticed the sky was filled with Bomber and they were dropping bombs on the city. The simble of the Holy Kingdom could be seen on the side of the the bomber. “What the hell?” Was all he could say.
  Thomas / Mended / 35d 7h 19m 50s
1 September 1939

The smells of food permeated the air as the feminine figure walked the sidewalks through the city. She kept her head down to not try and draw any attention to herself. She may not personally have a hand in this war, but she was still judged for being who she was born as. She glanced around at all the humans that milled around her as she walked. Her skin was pale, her hair was black - and based on the styles of the human women, it was too long and unfashionable here. So there was that to draw attention to her. Her eyes were a deep sapphire blue as she looked around.

Janyxy's usual skin color was a pale soft blue, her hair was the blended colors of Sapphires and Obsidian. And her eyes were solid Onyx. All this made her beautiful by her home standards, but here on the human's side? She would be considered a monster. She was a demon, and though she had never harmed a human, they had harmed her. Treating her like some kind of creature since she was a child. She pulled her jacket closer as there was a chilled gust of wind that made her shiver and pulled her from her thoughts. She had a dress she'd taken from some Human's house, as well as simple shoes, and a long jacket to keep warm. She had a blend of bluish-purple coloring around her eyes that in this human look - a glamour to blend in - looked like eye shadow makeup.

Not many human women wore eye-shadow makeup unless they were actresses or some kind of showgirl or escorts. At least her demon mark didn't show in this glamour. Every demon had a mark to mark them as what they were, born with it, and it could be anywhere and anything. Her's was on her forehead so she couldn't easily hide it without using some magic. She just hoped no one figured out what she was until she was in a safer territory. Out in the open, it was the most dangerous for her kind, hidden or not.

Finally, her stomach had decided to win out her attention and she stopped outside some diner that held the smell of fried grease, bacon, and stale coffee. Her sensitive nose didn't think some of the smells were that appealing, but anything was better than listening to her stomach bitch all day. She'd already skipped breakfast, it wouldn't be wise for her to skip lunch. She stepped inside, getting a cheery greeting from the old lady at the register. She waved and took a seat to look over the menu then when one of the waitresses came over, she ordered tea, mostly meats, and then gave herself a chance to indulge in pancakes. The lady gave her an odd look at the assorted meats.

"Are you sure you wanna eat all that?" She asked glancing to Janyxy's curvy figure. She never understood why humans all wanted to be stick straight and thin. She just offered a sheepish smile, playing shy. as she spoke up.

"I sadly have an iron deficiency.... I can get very sick unless I keep a specific diet...." she offered. The lady seemed to buy it and off she went to get her order. Janyxy decided to stay quiet and watch out the window as she waited and prayed that no one caught on that she didn't belong. For some places, a demon amongst humans meant death.
  Janyxy Riniyan / Ravanya / 35d 18h 55m 38s
1 September 1939

The city of Bendușeni was the busy city west of the Imperial capital. Its housed on of the largest railroad depot that send supply and good all over the Wester front. Because of his military held a rather large presence being able to quickly redeploy troop in case of any major threat. Adding to the size was the large amount of merchants and opportunist selling supply and goods to the solider stationed at Military post.

Today was a massive celebration for one of the many holidays the empire had. Thought it rarely took the people of Benduseni an excuse to party or get drunk. The street was filled with people in fancy cloths and glasses. Boys ran around trying to sell jewelry, booze or other idem. Music filled the air as people acted as if they didn’t have a care in the world.

In the mix of all the partier and purveyor a young man in a black uniform pushed his way past the hordes. He was only about 5.4 with short blond hair kept under pristine military cap. His ears came to a dull point giving away that the young man was not fully human. He was in fact a half elf and the patch on his shoulder identified him as part of the 7th mix Armored battalions. despite being a half elf in a mostly human biased country most people got out of his way as he wears the rank of an intel officer and interfering with an intel officer work human or no was a criminal offense.

After a few more blocks he finally pushed off the main road and entered a building with Neon light above the door. Entering the building the man was assaulted by cigarette and cigar smoke. Coughing on the nauseous smoke he was greeted by a woman with a gentle smile. “Hello Soldier.” She said in a sweet and gentle voice. “Is it your first time here or do a you have a appointment?” She asked.

Recovering from the nauseous smoke attacking his lungs the half elf looked up only to blush and quickly averted his eyes off her. “Um o no I'm looking for a Lieutenant colonel Lucas.” He said doing his best to keep his eyes from drifting back to the scantily clad woman working the desks. “It of utmost importance that I speak with him.”

Smiling at the man reactions she smiled as she took a look at her book to see if they had a guess under name. “He in our private suites at the moment I can take you back but I can't not guarantee that he will see you.” She explained still smiling.

“Yes, that fine as long as he knows I’m here I'm sure he will speak with me.” he said following her down a hallway keeping his eyes glued to the floor. She would lead him past man rooms filled with more scantily clad woman, solder of all ranks, business men and even a few women. Until finally he was led to a door near the back of the establishment. Telling him to wait for a minute she knocked on the door before entering and leaving him along for a few seconds before returning.

“Master Lucas said he will see you.” She said stepping aside and leaving the passage open. Quickly the man would enter the only to stop dead in his track. Two men sat on couches with a small table between them. The table filled with empty grass and bottle of alcohol. Each man had girls practically crawling over them as both men looked up at him.

The first man was the younger of the two looked around 25 or 26 had long black hair with a pleased smile on his face until he saw the Lt intel office. It then quickly turned into one of disgust.

The second was much older in his mid 30. He had short military cut of brown hair. His expiations was one of the relaxed confidences. He smiled as he noticed who it was. “A Lt. Green good to see you. Did you find what I was looking for?” He asked shifting a little so he could reach out and take the papers.

“Yes, Lieutenant colonel it took some time but out team was able to decode the information.” He handed over the report to his Superior. He still seemed at odds at the look he was being given but it quickly shifted off him.

“What is that Thomas?” The other man asked.

“This Sir is a recent report captured off a spy what was trying to in infiltrate our city.” he said handing over the report. Taking the report, the second man studied it for several second before looking up. “What does all this mean?” He asked handing the paper back. “All it says is times and dates?”

“That what I intend to find out myself those number are coordinance of some kind and the other are time and date. That date is today and that time is in two house. As for were.” Thomas looked back at him man for the answer.”

“It a small rail yard form best we could tell sir.” He said. “I got some guard ready to move shortly before I left to find you sir, they will meet us two blocks from the target sight.”

“Hmm seems interesting I will join you as well.” The second man said standing up and smiling. “Mabye we even fine something fun.”

“I becareful what you ask for sir.” Thomas said standing as well. “Sorry lady we have to reschedule.” The girls giggled as they said their goodbye to both men. “Led the way Lt. Green.”
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It only took one night for the world to explode into the flames of war. One night for the nations to rip themselves apart. Alliance to be made and Empires to crumble. One night for the world to change forever.

It all started with the tensions from the Elven Kingdom and Demon’s Alliance spilling over again. The two races had had hundreds of wars thought out history with both never being able to destroy each other. The Elven Kingdom had stood longer than any other in history on the continent of Atlantis. Its history was grand but bloody as the High elves often looked down on other races and even more so on none magic races. The Elven kingdom often kept to itself only every leaving their continent to deal with threats to its people.

The Demon Alliance was very different as no one quite knows where the first tribe came from. Starting off as tribes wandering the deserts of Africa the Demon spent most of their history wandering in search for battle with other tribes or army. Only after being wiped out by both the Elven Kingdom and the celestial did they settle down and start banding together forming towns and then city. In the last 200 they have grown to a size that the Elven kingdom feels threated by. They often enslave weaker races or a city they have captured. However, many demons have spread out into many other Kingdoms or empire controlled by other race and live semi peaceful. Other have kept to their roots and kept Wandering the world.

Human as one of the few non magic races is also the most common has many different contry and kingdoms across the world. The four major country are The Empire, The Holy Kingdom of Sarra, United States of the People and the Scandinavian Kingdom. Many smaller countries also dot the world of all races. Dwarf, orc, Angle, Minotaur, troll as well as sub spices to each group such and wood elfs Kitsune and goblins.

The Empire is one of the oldest Human country and strictest. Mostly filled with humans the Empire started out by conquering a smaller country to gain more power and resources. Using a indentured servant program to induct new people into the empire. It is ruled by one family for over thousands of years. As none human race do live in Empire most are considered as second-class citizens.

The Holy Kingdom of Sarra neighbor the empire and is only a few hundred years younger than the Empire. The Kingdom heavy worships a Divine Goddess that they believe guides then and their actions. They are only made up fully of humans and none magical races. The Goddess hates Magic and Magical species and has called several Crusades against them. The country is run by a royal family but the church of Serra often guides the royal family.

The Scandinavian Kingdom is North of the Empire and Holy Kingdom. It worships the Goddess as well but has many races under it rule. They do not often practice the same teaching as The Holy Kingdom but believes that the goddess word should be shared with all. It is ruled by a king and has a royal family.

Last and the youngest only having a century and a half under it flag is the United States of the People is one of the most open places in the world. Ruled by a Council that looks out for each state. All races are welcome and are often free to do what they want. It's often looked down on by other country for being week but the USP has shown it willingness to depend itself and its people freedom.

The flames that would engulf the world start simply. The elves kingdom attacking the demons after calms of an attack on their queen. Almost the same time a new profit in the Holy Kingdom would be announce. Almost a month later unexpectedly The Kingdom would attack both the Elven kingdom and Demon Alliance. Catching both with their pants down it caused massive damage to both forces.

A week later the holy Kingdom and The Scandinavian Kingdom announced an Alliance and a new Holy Crusade against all Magic and subrogation of the weak. A day later they would both attack the Empire as well as Holy zealots would carry out attack all over the country leaving it crippled. This is where the story starts.
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