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The drive was slow going as it often had to stop for people in the road caring off injured or dead. Despite it looked like people had worked thought out the night its city didn’t look any better. Rubble and bodies lined the streets and most were blocked off. Civilian walked around calling out names covered it the dust that had yet to settle back down. Mother called out frantically for children's names while children themselves called out for their mommy and daddies. The scene looked right out of a Disaster movie.

Thomas gave the outside world little attain as he focused on the conversations in front of him. “That bad already sir?” He asked his face set into stern anger.

“Afraid so we getting reports all along the border that attacks have begun. The 7th and 9th have already been overrun and we lost contact with them. 28th and 77th are fighting a retreating battle and are beardly holding on. All major rail yard this far east has been bombed and other heavily damaged or destroyed. Our focuses have been blindsided and we not ready for a war. Most of our troops are on the far side of our country and now with the rails line down I don’t know if we can redeploy them before we overrun at this rate.” He would pull his face into his hands.

“It truly is that bad,” Thomas said looking out the window as he talked. “That not it is it.” He asked. “You wouldn’t be sending me out there if you didn’t think I could do something.”

He didn’t say anything for a long minute. “I've been order to sacrifice your force to buy the rest of our forces to dig in. They think that if we can hold them off for even a few more days maybe it gives us fighting chance until reinforcements arrive.”

Thomas did look back at him as his voice was calm. “Are you ordering me to die, sir?”

“DAM IT THOMAS NO.” He yelled out for a second. “I argued with the brass all night about the waste that would be. No one wants to say it but you did better with the mix division then anyone thought you would. Hell, you got the only magic in the entire empire. They hoping that you will pull something out of your ass to save there but...” He stopped letting out a sigh. “I don’t think it possible at this point. We have been caught with our pants around our waste.”

Thomas still didn’t look at Hackket as he turned to Ravanya and looked at her. He wondered if she hated him for pulling her into what could be her death. Would she scream and yell at him and try to run away or would she say nothing and stand up to the challenge. He knew what he would do as he finally turns back to Hackket smiling. “I’m going to need what left of the 28th and 77th put under my command. As well as what remains of your forces here. The 15th can help with clean up and then dig in.”

Hakket looked up confused and shocked. “What?” Was all he could say.

“Well, I only have about half the forces that I'm going to need if you want me to fight a war. My boys are the best so I'm going need some people of skill to let my troops rest everyone and a while.” Hakket jaw opened and closed like a fish as he tried to find the words. “Also, I'm going to need armor guns and all equipment that I can get my hands on. I'm going to need a lot of artily shells as well.

Finally, Hakket spoke. “I think I can manage that but what do you plan to do?” He said as the car came to a stop at the rail yard where men and women ran around loading up train cars with people tanks and equipment.

Opening the door for himself and then waiting for Ravanya to join him saying. “I plan to buy you three weeks to a month before pulling back to let my men rest and recover.” With that, he closed the door and turned to Ravanya. “So then I'm sure you have questions and a few words for me 2Lt. Ravanya.” He had given her the rank of second lieutenant as she would be a medical officer in the rear lines as she knew the medical world pretty well.”
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She had nothing left to say to the woman who was now losing herself in laughter. She made her way down the stairs where she met Thomas at the bottom, asking of Leona. She glanced up the stairs then looked to him with a soft shrug, back to her quieter demeanor. She heard a loud noise outside and he said that was them. She went to the kitchen and grabbed the food meant for her and followed him outside.

When they reached the car, an older human male got out and Thomas seemed to be just as surprised to see the man, as the man was to see JaNyxy. When Thomas made the quick introduction she gave a nod to the man a moment before she looked to Thomas realizing what he meant. She wasn't just going to be helping, she had been what the humans called "drafted". Of all the sneaky... She glared, though thankfully she was still in her human colors.

She was handed some paperwork, which she held aside in the car as the men would speak of what all was happening, and she took the time to eat first. She was listening in, but she was also unsure of the things they talked about. She wasn't sure about human politics and lines of defense. She wouldn't know much of fighting in an army of any kind given her past. Even in her old home. Healing she knew of, and not only was good at it, but strong at it. The only downfall was that it left her very tired and drained after large numbers and long hours.

Once she finished her food, not eating all of it as Leona had made the small woman quite a bit on the sandwiches made for her breakfast, she looked to the paperwork for her enlistment. Most of it she was able to answer, though some of it was difficult as she was unsure of what to put, or if it was possible to answer without causing issues. Oddly enough there were places for nonhumans to fill things out like what they ate if not human foods, what they needed in case of medical emergencies and so on. She frowned at the paperwork before she would fully fill it out, she wanted to speak with him about what all this would entail for her.
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Leona normal calm face that hadn't often left a simple line suddenly cracked as she was mouth off at by the smaller demon girl. What she had meant as a simple jest to the girl had turned her from a quite reserve girl into a firer voice girl in the blink of an eye. It was so sudden that Leona couldn’t help but break character for a moment as she started bursting into laughter. A light hearted sound but very unlike the girl as she tried to recover herself quickly but couldn’t and only made her giggles and laughter worst.

Her echo of laughter would follow Ravanya down the hall until she would be met by a very confused looking Thomas. He was dressed in the simpler uniform as yesterday but this was slightly run faded. He would then look at Ravanya and raise an eyebrow. “What is that all about.” He known Leona for quite a while and he never heard her quite go off like that before. It made him concern at what Ravanya could have said. He didn’t think that the girl could do anything for her size and quite demeaner made had to believe she could do anything.

Shaking his head and holding up his head. “I don’t even want to know plus I need to get going.” As if proving his point, a car horn when off outside. “Seems that them. Grab your food and let's get moving.” He pointed to a few wrapped sandwiches on the table next to his already finished food. Once she had everything her would lead them out the front door by holding the door open for them and closing it up.

They were met in a car by an older looking man in a uniform that our ranked Thomas. “General Hackket.” Thomas said letting Ravanya before himself. “I thought I was meeting you at the meeting.”

Hackket was a man in his late 60. His hair was now fully white with eyes that showed he tired all the time. “Things changed I’m here to brief you on the way to your train.” He said in a rough voice. He then looked at Ravanya and raised his eyebrow at her.

“New recruit as of last night. I’m putting her and my staff medic.” He explained handing her the paperwork that had also come this morning with his leader. On it was at leather of conscription that started as of this moment she was assisted to the 12 army under Commanding Officer Lieutenant colonel Lucas.

Nodding Hackket when on. “Well I be frank Colonel but It a shit show out there.”

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She kept quiet as she made her way back to the guest room, and it wasn't too long that Leona had entered behind her. She didn't look to the woman, she was simply staring at the clothes set out for her. Humans were more modest of their bodies in public, but they mated with almost anyone that was not their mate. This made her frown in confusion before Leona began apologizing for Thomas's actions and lack of thought of consideration to their guest.

Leona handed her a set to start with and she took a moment to figure out how they were meant to look before slipping off the robe to begin dressing. Such an action would leave her bare to the Elf, and reveal every Physical scar she'd ever earned either from others or even from her own kind. One scar was on her thigh and it was a burn that ran through a set of numbers that were no longer legible after being burned through.

She again kept silent as they began on the dress, looking it over and how it fit her. She compared the dress to her Demonic skin then turned and glanced into the mirror across the room as Leona made sure it was secured properly. She would flicker between her Demon and her Human colorings, no longer hiding her true sizes, but debating on hiding her true birth form. She felt the dress settle and she looked to her pale blue hands a moment, Leona still speaking.

When the Elf whispered at her ear, she jumped and spun around, placing about three feet between them as the Elf teased her. She lifted her chin and narrowed her eyes. [b "What you choose to do with your Master in his own house is none of my business or concern. But... don't ever assume I don't understand, simply because you think you know just how young or inexperienced I am. My kind is raised to keep pure until mated. That is our way and there is nothing wrong with it. At least we don't try to hide it as if we're ashamed of it. You've no reason to apologize for anything that has happened, as I have said, it's not my business. And if I so choose to remain pure until I die.... that is my choice and my business and has nothing to do with how old I am... You of all people should know not to judge by well as you shouldn't care what one little Demon thinks of you when you are merely caring for yourself and your Master. I see no signs of distress or struggle. You do not smell of fear or anger, therefore he did not force you and you were willing."]

She looked to the mirror and sighed slightly to let her human colors take hold. It was just easier to deal with those prejudiced of her kind this way. She was proud to be a Demon, but she couldn't help anyone if they would rather choose death then to live because of a Demon's help. She moved to put on the stockings and shoes that were set aside for her and she pulled her hair back to pull it half up before looking to Leona once more. [b "Thank you for your help. I will never understand other creatures' clothes... I saw the letter, Thomas is to leave soon? I cannot keep him waiting, then, if I am to travel with him to help more people..."] With that she was silent once more and began to make her way out of the room and back down to the kitchen.
  Janyxy Riniyan / Ravanya / 84d 17h 16m 55s
Leona would look up form what she was doing from she heard Janyxy voice. Thomas seemed to busy reading his letter to even take note of her. Her tone and body told Leona everything she need to know as she answered. “Yes, I will be there in a minute.” Once she was out of sight and ear shot Leona would turn around and smacked Thomas upside the head with her head with the flat of her hand.

The act startled Thomas as he flinched and dropped his letter. “Ouch the hell was that for.” He said look up at her confused. He was used to being hit by her when he derived it but he hadn't even talked for the least 10 minutes.

“For upsetting our guest.” She simply said turning to follow after Janyxy.

“But it didn’t...” He then stopped his self-remembering that demons had an acute sense of smell. “Ooooo” He said. “Well it my home I should be able...” He never finished that thought as something hard hit him in the forehead causing him to yelp out in pain.

Leona would then walk into the guest room and smile gently. “I apology for the action of my master. He sometime forgets his manners when we have other guest over.” She would start to work as she talked removing Janyxy night gowns and handing her some undergarments to put on. “I hope you don’t think less of me for doing such thing. I know that most don’t do such things unless married or mates in your case.” She would then start working the dress over her body and pulling it down until it was set right and the convenable to Janynxy. “But he has eccentric taste compared to most even among humans.” She would then whisper into her ear mostly to tease the poor girl. “But something a woman need to let stress out. You understand when you older.” She then stepped back finished with her work.
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JaNyxy was instantly asleep once her head hit the pillow. She hadn't slept so well in a long time, that it was only fitting that tonight the nightmares would return. Memories and fear-fueled dreams lacing her subconscious until she finally couldn't take anymore and she sat up in the bed in a cold sweat, panting and gripping the bedding to the point of almost tearing it with her nails. She took several minutes to try and think of where she was before remembering that she had spent the night in Thomas' house so that she could help with more war issues.

She moved from the bed and to the vanity where she poured water from a pitcher into a basin to try and wash her face and along her neck before drying off and looking to the bed. She tilted her head softly in seeing the new clothes that Leona had made for her the night before. She wasn't sure how she'd repay the woman. She had nothing to offer. She looked over the dress before sighing and slipping out of the silk nightgown and folding it as neatly as possible on the end of the bed so that she could change.

It took her a couple of tries to recognize the dress properly as there were pieces to it, as well as undergarments and ties. She wasn't used to dressing 'properly' and nothing fit right before. After a while, she groaned and flushed with embarrassment before deciding to suck it up. She slipped a robe and made her way towards the dining room area she had passed the night before. When she entered the room she did have to stop a moment as a scent catch her attention and she looked between Thomas and Leona a moment as it sank in. Her flush deepened and she lowered her gaze to try and hide it behind her hair before speaking up.

[b "L-Leona..... would you mind helping me to get dressed.... I'm not used to some human looks, and I'd rather not tear up the dress you worked so hard on for me...."] Her voice was soft as always. Sticking to the minimal words needed to get her point across. She waited on an answer before turning and making her way back to the guest room, unable to get the scent from her senses. If her nose was right, which it usually was, then Thomas and Leona had lain together. Surely it was none of her business and she had no reason to question it. So she wondered why it was so much of a shock the moment she smelled it, even for being a Demon.

Demons were not known for being shy lovers, they could always smell when someone had mated, but she was sure that Thomas and Leona were not mates. Was what she heard of other species true that they did not wait for a mate before bedding one another? If so, she wasn't sure how she felt about such things. [b [i '....and they claim Demons as the animals?']]
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Leona would not say anything as she listened to Janyxy speak her mind. She didn’t move to flinch or even blink as she took everything in. Out of everything she was ready to take or listen to this was not what she expected. She listened to every part of it without doing anything and when it was all over, she looked at the floor. She just stood there while Janyxy pass out. She didn’t move for several minutes thinking over what was said to her before finally, she sighed. This was nothing something that she could figure out in a matter of second and she still had jobs to do. Pulling the cover over Janyxy and turning the light out she left her to get her rest.

The rest of the night was uneventful as Loan was the only one up making Janyxy new clothes and thinking over what she had said. She been so down on herself and hated herself that she couldn’t see past her own pity. Thomes had never said anything to her but now she could remember him talking to her making sure she was okay in her new living space and area. He may have been her master but he never mistreats her. Even when he wanted to use her for other things, he never forced her to. He always asked it was only after she excepted her new role had she joined him. He never called her anything but her name even after she cursed at him called him worthless.

Their first meeting memory came to mind as she. She had been dragged kicking and screaming by a human and a beast-man after she been captured. She has been trying to rally her troops when she been hit upside the head with the butt of a rifle. She tried to use her magic to fight back but she couldn’t concentrate. She had refused to give up kicking and screaming the whole time till she was tossed on the ground in a mess. Her hair had come free of her bun and hung loosely around her hair. A tear streamed down her face in anger at her hated enemy. The one that pushed her people back over and overkilled them like there were nothing. They belong under her boot not standing over her and yet as she looked up into the eye of a man. A human, a non-magic monkey.

During that time she couldn’t see past her anger but now looking back on it she could see things that she couldn’t before. The pity in the eyes around her. The looks of concern and fear from her own troops at what she had become. She had looked more beast then what she claimed the humans to be. In what she had thought her final moments to be she had turned into a monster.

“Go ahead and gloat you filthy animal.” She had spit at Thomas. He hadn’t said anything just watching her with everyone else. “I may die here but my people will avenge me. You cannot win we are more powerful than any of you can understand.” She had laughed like a madwoman thinking that she stood still a chance. No one had said anything until Thomas looked at one of the men to his left. Following his gaze, she looked over and saw one of her commanders walk up to them unarmed. What she saw shocked her to the very core. He was standing when no weapon his eye low.

“My lady is over we lost .”

“Lies.” She screamed at him trying to get up only to be knocked to the ground with the butt of a rifle. Falling face-first into the dirt she looked up her hate replaced with fear.

“It true. I order what left to surrender. We also got word from the Council and they are already in peace talks with the empire. The war over we lost.” He said lowing his head.

“NO NO NO.” She had screamed. “Lies it lies.” She started to cry again but this time out of fear and sadness. It couldn’t be over it could be. That when she heard his voice for the first time.

“It over,” It said soft but strong in a voice that sent a shiver down her spine. “There only one thing left for you to do.” He said. Slowly she would look up shacking. “Your people will be taken away to camps to slowly return over the year. Most will most like not to see their families for a quite long time. Unless you make a deal with me.”

She would no move for several seconds before finally saying her voice broken. “Name it”

“Give yourself up to mind body and soul to me and I will release all your men under my control to return to a port and go home no question asked no strings attached. You will be remembered as a hero who selflessly acted to protect her people. Not as a crazed woman that led them to death.”

It had taken her a while to respond but not because she was thinking. No, she didn’t have a chose she let her anger blinded her and her people had suffered for it. She had to find her voice but when she did. “I agree. I give you my all, in exchange for the life of my men. ” With those words, she sealed her fate. She has been taken away while she watched as her people would be matched away to be returned home.

As the memory faded her mind, she found she was done with her work. The clothes were ready and she would drop it off at the foot of the guest bed when she would awake. Next, she would check the time and see it would be morning soon. Sighing she would start working on breakfast she had no doubt it would be an early morning.

And it was as a knock would come early in the morning with a heavy knock. Leona would answer the door to the messy man covered in dust. “Telegram for the general.” He said handing her the telegram. “They like him to report in two hours.” With that, the man was off back into the street.” Placing the letter at his post on the table she would move to wake him. “Master.” She would knock before entering his room. “It time to wake. He would let out a grown rolling over.

“How long?” He asked already to know what the order would be.

“Two hours for the meeting. “I got food ready downstairs that I can make to go.”

“Good.” He said starting to sit up and stretch. She would start to turn to leave when she felt herself get pulled back into him. “Are you willing?” He whispered into her ear-tickling it a bit with his hot breath.

It sent a shock down her spine as she felt his touch. She could only blush as she simple nodded knowing this would be the last time for a while as he was leaving to fight a war.

Smiling he pulls her back into bed with him. In less an hour both were redressed and downstairs. Leona packing his food and him reading his message.
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She kept a stoic face as the Elf tried to accuse her of finding her in the collar funny. She didn't find it a bit humorous. Demons may have made the collars, but they had also used them on one another as well. JaNyxy had been one of them to be bound. But she wasn't looking to make herself look better or worse in anyone's eyes, she just wanted to survive and wanted all of this war and fighting to end. She listened silently as Leona discussed her past and how she came to work for Thomas and how the collar came to be.

She kept all emotions and thoughts to herself as Leona went on, speaking of how she gave herself to save her people. Leona was braver than she was. JaNyxy ran away into the human lands to get away from another collar, to hide and then live whatever kind of life one could call such a thing. There was nothing that she could say or do that was ever going to make Leona feel better, especially since Leona wore a collar made by her kind and was obviously upset over it.

When Leona finally stood and sighed, and spoke up of her punishment to be looked down upon like she had done so many others beforehand, JaNyxy tilted her head lightly. [b "No... I do not need anything else. I've already been given more than needed. You may not like my kind, and I cannot say I blame you, I rather dislike my kind as well. I can say.... that I am sorry that you are in such a horrendous device and forced into such a position. But also, you are wrong."] She looked to her with no emotion, no give of her features to try and show that she might be lying or trying to deceive her. [b "You are wrong of how you are perceiving yourself. Yes, people look down on you, but then people look down on everyone that they think, for some reason, are beneath them. Elves look down on non-magics and even some of their own Castes. Most Demons look down on everyone. Humans look down on everyone, human and non. But what everyone seems to forget is that no one is perfect... And no one should look down on anyone."]

[b "You are not stupid or worthless. You are not 'nothing' as you have called yourself. And just because this is where you are now, doesn't mean this is all you know how to do. You gave into pride and hatred, and you charged a foe without a plan. This led you to be taken down easily as anyone that is overly prideful can be. Then in your mistake, you sacrificed yourself to save your people, swallowing your pride and doing something selfless to save their lives. And to keep them safe, you stay here. The collar might bind you, but you can always run away, Thomas even mentioned it before. But you stay because you do not wish to take the chance that if you did, those you fought so hard to protect will be harmed. You may be in servitude, and you may be working for a human, a species that you thought was once beneath you. But perhaps it's not so much a punishment to you and your pride, but a lesson to show you that your ways of thinking before were flawed, and this is to show you the other half of the story."] She didn't think the woman would truly listen to her words, but she spoke them anyway.

JaNyxy spent so much time silent, that so much talking all of a sudden was causing her vocal cords to start to ache from little to no use. She started to yawn and lowered her gaze to the floor. [b "Forgive me, I am drained... thank you for all you and Thomas have given. It is much appreciated."] With that she was back to minimal words, and soon turned and made her way to the bed. Climbing up she didn't even bother pulling back the covers, she simply curled up to a pillow, and within moments exhaustion had taken her and she was under.
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Leona would look away form Janyxy her face showing finally showed a mix of anger and embarrassment. She then reached up and adjusted a white neck that went over her Restricor's Collar. “I’m sure you find it very funny don’t you.” She finally said her voice holding some anger but mostly sadness. “You all invented it after all to help human control us.” She then sighed taking set on her knees. “During the last war when the empire pushed the High elves off the main land I was a general in the elven army.”

Her ears lowered but her eyes held strong showing the pride that elves where known for. “I believed that we couldn’t lose, that human where weak and useless. I believed that no one could beat us and nonmagician races only live to serve magic one. I led my troop into battle near the end of the war after we been pushed back each time. I couldn’t accept it so I took every one I had and charged planning to rush the enemy command kill them in one major movement.”

She stopped as her eyes lost that fire showing that she lost almost all of her faith in her own bravado. “I lead my men into a trap. We were slaughter by an ambush that we never saw coming we didn’t even last an hour before we been overrun and forced to surrender. The worst part was it wasn’t a speacel forces or even a normal force no it was a second-rate unit filled with mix races. Leading that force with the dam calm deminer was Anderson. When I was taken to him all he did was smile and offered me a deal. All my troops would be returned to our home land if I would surrender myself to him.”

Leoan body started to shake a bit as she hugged herself. “What else could I do. I be so massive destroy. My entire believes had been shattered in the worst way. It was all my fault so many died because I could see the truth. So, I agreed I willing gave myself to him. The collar was added shortly after that to show that he now owned me. I believed it was more to show the other human generals what he had done then to control me. I was broken at the time so it wasn’t really a point to have it on me as I wouldn’t have run or disobey. That was four years ago and now I'm his maid and whatever he needs at a time. Don’t get it wrong he never abused me or anything like that. He a good man that cares about those under him but he as a strange habit with pretty woman.” She laughed a little at that last part.

She then stood up and sighed. “The part that gets me these days is how much people look down on me like how I use to on them. It my punishment and I hate every second of it as it burns my pride as an elf but it also shows me that I truly am nothing. Just a foolish elf that girl that knows nothing but how to clean a home and server her better. So, will there be anything else miss?” She asked going back to her normal calm face.
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Wandering through the home in nothing but a towel was rather awkward for her. Thankfully Thomas was in bed or this would have really made things weird between them. Upon finding the living room she found the Elf sitting surrounded by sewing materials. When she pointed out the nightgown she turned to look and then stilled. Just from this dar away, she could tell it was silk, something Demons were not often given unless they were very powerful or with someone of Higher Caste. She stepped up to it and softly reached out to touch its soft texture. She could also tell it would be too long on her, but that was something she was used to dealing with.

Quickly she would pull the nightgown on over herself, letting the towel fall only once she was covered, then using it to dry her hair more. She was right as it was too long, but not to the point that it would trip her as she walked. It merely grazed the floor enough to hide her feet completely. She glanced over to Leona and that was when her eyes narrowed in on the collar beneath the fabric of her top. She frowned softly staring at it a moment. Softly a hand raised to her own neck as she started to feel the slight tightness that something was too tight around her neck. Her thoughts interrupted by Leona speaking up of food she had prepared for her and pointing it out.

She didn't say much as she looked to the sandwich, trying to remember when she had eaten last. Was it just this morning? Or was it yesterday? With so many things happening she couldn't remember and she was far too tired. She took a couple of bites before her stomach decided she was starving, and she ate a little faster before blushing and setting aside the now empty plate. She kept her eyes near the floor and once her mouth was clear she muttered a soft thanks in reply. She was still waiting for this Elf to say or do something about her being a Demon, but she never said a thing. At least not in front of her.

Soon she was leading her to the second story to the guest room. She said it wasn't anything fancy but compared to sleeping outside, this was like heaven. She mentioned that the extra pillows and blankets were in the closet and then asked if she had anything else she needed or any more questions. She was about to say no, but something was nagging at her. [b "Thank you for all you are doing for me, it is much appreciated..... but I do have one question, and I will understand if you choose not to answer it....."] She turned and looked to her a moment before looking down again. [b "Why do you wear a Restricor's Collar?"]
  Janyxy Riniyan / Ravanya / 100d 15h 5m 9s
She would find the elf sitting on the couch surrounded by sowing and cloth. She didn’t even look up from her work as her carefully adjusted a dress in her lap. It was a smile kind of the local woman in the area. It was most like one of hers that she other didn’t need or want as she adjusted the waste size. “The night gown on the chair.” She finally said pointing to the chair across form her. It was white and long made of silk. It was clearly very expansive as most silk night dresses didn’t come cheep. It would all so be a little long on Janyxy when she look at it.

“I also made you a sandwich as you look like you haven't eaten in day.” Leona said he voice not friendly but clearly not hostile ether just neutral. Elf and demons had never been known to get along as their history was plagued with hatred and war. It was thought odd as most high elves would not often be seen outsider of the border of their own kingdom. They looked down on all other races even more on none magic races.

To see one in a human realm and no less serving a human would be a strange sight to anyone that didn’t know how up tight most High elves where. If Janyxy took a closer look at Leoan she would notice a collar under her neck that would be pretty well known as a slave collar. Invented by the demon race to help non magic race keep magic prisoner in line. By bending the magic back into the user, it made it painful for the magic user no to do as commanded as the magic would force them to do so. Most contry had quickly band the use of these kinds of idea but the empire was one of the few that it was legal to use them.

“Now then let get you settle in.” Leona said finally setting aside the dress and standing up. “Follow me.” She would lead her to the second floor. Opening the door, she snaps and a light would come on in a coner of the room as a candle was lit. “This is our guest room nothing fancy but it should serve your need for the time. There are extra blanks and pillow in the closet. Do you have any other question for me or need anything else?”
  Thomas / Mended / 101d 5h 56m 4s
She followed the Elf as she was led to what looked like the main bathroom of the house. She mentioned that the water might be cold, and honestly that didn't bother Janyxy at this point. She was used to cold baths and little food. Such was the consequence of living on the run. She checked the pipes and said she was in luck, she couldn't help but feel a little excited for a hot bath. She adjusted the temperature of the water to as hot as she could stand it and then let the tub begin to fill. That was when the Elf surprised her.

Leona spoke for her to undress and that she would throw her clothes out. This caused her to pause. They were the only clothes she had. She mentioned making better fitting ones for her, then snapped causing a rush of magic to drop her glamour, leaving her in her demonic form. Her eyes widened and she took several steps back before taking a defensive stance. Not as though she could defend much of herself, she'd been half-starved for a long time, anyone that could see her true figure would know that by looking at her. And being drained of magic and energy, she was swaying on her feet. It did feel better not to have to hold her glamour, but the fact that the Elf seemed unphased at her being a Demon had her confused.

Before she could utter a denial, she had been measured from head to toe, given orders to bathe, and that when she was done she would have a nightgown for her and would be found in the living room to show her to her room. When Leona left, Janyxy noted a flaw in this. When she was done bathing and would go to the living room, what would she wear if Leona had the nightgown? She figured that if Thomas was in bed and asleep this wouldn't be a problem, so she let it go. She was too tired for any kind of argument. She stripped down and slipped into the tub, giving a deep groan as the aches in her tired body nearly dissipated almost instantly. She washed quickly, finding what she needed was set beside the tub and then took some time to relax in the water until it started to cool and she was starting to nod off. She drained the water and stepped out to grab one of the towels and dried off.

She caught a glimpse of her body in the mirror and frowned slightly. She was covered in different sized scars. Some small, some long that traveled from her left hip to her right shoulder along her back. They were softer shades of her pale blue color, almost silver in their tones. She wrapped the towel tight around her once she was dried and lifted her chin in stubborn silence before she cracked open the door to peek out into the hall, then quietly made her way out of the bathroom and back towards where she had seen the living room before.
  Janyxy Riniyan / Ravanya / 102d 19h 21m 33s
Thomas was quick and clean putting away his dirty and damage uniform before falling into bed. He had hoped sleep would find him quick but his mind was racing to much for him to fall asleep. The damage to the city, the people and most important the railway system. How had they been so blindsided by an attack like this? No warning, no clue just bombs and dead people. The Holy Kingdom had declared war in the most brutal way Thomas could thing of killing a hundred. He knew they had a hate for the Empire but this was almost unthinkable. They had always preached the Diven Goddess loved all man yet how had they commented out a crime like this. He heard in passing that they had a new leader in the church but still how could this be. Rolling over in bed he would sigh closing his eyes. “Serina what have you done”

Leona would simply nod as she started leading her to the bathroom. “The bath will be a little cold as I don’t know if the bombing has taken out the pipes. The attacks didn’t land close but I can't be sure of the damage.” Leading her into the master bathroom she started turning the bath on and checking the temperature. “You're in luck seems we still do. Now undress and I get rid of those dirty clothes. After that, I will see what I can do for some replacement.” She snapped her fingers using her own magic to blow away Janyxy spell reviling her true self. “After I see your true size.” She then got out some messing tape form the drew. “Hold your arms out and hold still.” She said in a commanding voice. She would not take no for an answer even if she had to fight the girl for it witch wouldn’t be hard for her as she was not magic depleted or half-starved.

She took measurements of her arms, legs neck and waste. Once she was done, she stood up and nodded. “Good now bath once you come out, I will have a nightgown ready for you by morning I have some better fitting clothes. Until then I will be located in the living room to show you to your room.” With that, she turned around and left Janyxy to bathe.
  Anderson / Mended / 103d 1h 54m 37s
He claimed she had a lovely name and she wasn't sure why that pleased her. She looked over his home, and though it was more simply done than the rest of his neighbors, she found she liked it. That was until the front door flung open and out came a near-hysterical Elf. Not just an Elf, but a High Elf. Janyxy tried not to groan at her luck. First humans, now a High Elf. Elves could be very untrusting when they wanted to be and they held longer life spans and more patience than a human. She started to step back from the two as the Elf seemed to chide her "Master" about her being worried. When the Elf, Leona, looked to her, she froze. Could the Elf see through her glamour? Would she claim her a monster as well? Janyxy was finding she was less and less hungry by the moment. Her stomach feeling sour.

Her eyes snapped to Thomas at the mention of bringing home exotic women and she flushed to almost glare at him. Was that why he brought her here?! Before she could speak up, he claimed that things weren't as bad as Leona made them seem and that she was to be a guest in the house. Everything in her told her to run and just hide somewhere, but after healing so many people and constantly healing Thomas as well, she was exhausted. It took all she had to keep the glamour up while still under one's scrutiny. She remained silent as they walked into the home, and soon he had disappeared with one order, to tend to the guest before disappearing. Leona asked if she needed anything and it took Janyxy a moment to speak up, not one for too much conversation. [b "Thank you.... I just need to bathe.... and to sleep...."]

After a moment she glanced down to the simple clothes that she had taken, that obviously didn't fit her, as well as were covered in blood and dirt from the day of chaos. [b "I... maybe something to borrow to wear to bed?"] She asked sheepishly. She didn't want to take more than she needed, but it would be pointless to bathe only to put the same clothes back on, and it would also dirty the area she was to sleep.
  Janyxy Riniyan / Ravanya / 104d 1h 59m 23s
Luckily for Thomas, his house was mostly untouched by the attack and chaos that happen after. Some of his neighbors hadn’t been so lucky. His house was a simple two-story home with a small garden in front. A single light would be on by the main door.
“A lovely name.” He said smiling leading her to the front door. He would reach for his key only for the door to fly open shocking Thomas.
“Master o thanks the gods you're okay.” A high elf dressed in maid outfit said. “I been worried all day but I couldn’t lead my post.” Her voice was very mellow but had a bit of a strain to it showing her concern.
Sighing as if he had forgotten Thomas lowered his head. “I'm sorry Leona I should have sent you a message but I figure in all the chaos you would have runoff.”
“You know even if I wanted to master that I'm bound to your command.” She then looked behind him to noticed Janyxy. Her concern was then replaced by disappointment. “I know you have a habit of bringing home exotic women master but do you really think that after today it would be appropriate to bring one home.”
Thomas almost fell over from her commit as he forgot Leona's bad habits. “One don’t put it like that as you make it sound worse than it is. Second, she saved my life and has many other people today I offering her warm bed and food.” He seemed a bit flustered witch was kind of funny as the main hadn’t flinched at anything all day.
“O I’m sorry miss.” She said bowing to Janyxy. “Thank you for saving my master.” She then led them both inside. “Would you like me to prepare anything?” She asked as Thomas shook his head walking to the stair.
“I’m fine thank you. I just going to get some sleep please see after our guess.” He said disappearing out of sight.
“As you command.” She would then turn around and look at Janyxy. “Can I get you anything miss?” she asked.
  Thomas / Mended / 206d 21h 18m 9s

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