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The man said nothing and she didn't push things. A commotion at the door caused her to turn in her seat and crane her neck to try and see past the group of men barraging the newcomer. She heard someone call out that the Dark Night was coming and she groaned. [#3a1256 [b "Well that's just wonderful...."]] she sighed finishing off her drink. She kept her face away from the tall armored dark one as he asked over who stole his gold. She glanced at the chest in the back of the bar where the barkeep had placed the large bag that paid for the next hour of drinks. The knight stabbed the counter and her pointed ears pinned back. [#3a1256 [b [i 'Don't get involved, don't get involved, it'll be another several months before you can come back if he realizes who you are.....']]] she mentally chided herself. The man next to her stood and introduced himself to the knight and Aleera wondered if he had a death wish. The knight flung him onto the counter and aimed a blade at him as if to end his life. She groaned and decided that enough was enough. She reached her leg out to "accidentally" knock over the stool Rivers had been on to knock into the knight and knock him off balance.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 35d 8h 58m 20s
He just sat there silently, looking at the bottom of the tankard. Then they heard banging at the entrance, and then shouting and screams. The other customers in the room next to them were trying to push someone out of the door, but to no avail.
A customer came in shouting, “The Dark Knight is Here!” His head suddenly flew off, spraying blood over everybody. The bartender ducked under the counter as the head landed on table #3.
When the “Dark Knight” came out, everyone stood up and drew their weapons, except for Rivers. He just sat there, still looking at the bottom of the tankard.
“I’m here for the thief that took my gold...” The voice rasped from underneath their helmet, and everyone in the room looked at Rivers.
“You’ll have to get through us first!” One shouted.
“Get ‘em!” They all rushed the intruder, but to no avail. They all ended up unconscious. The Dark Knight then stood behind Rivers.
“Hmm...” Rivers was squinting to look in the tankard, and dug around in it for a moment. He pulled out a coin, looking very happy. “Yay! A coin!”
“Did you take my loot?” The Dark Knight drew his blade, and stabbed the counter.
“Hmm? Oh, me? Well... if you were the lord that was hurting his peasants, then yeah, I did.” He got up slowly, and set the tankard down. “I’m Rivers. Nice to meet you.”
The Dark Knight looked at his hand for a moment, then grasped it, and flung him onto the counter.
“And I’m Gillian. It’s the last name you’ll ever hear, Human!!”
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 35d 11h 21m 14s
She gave a snort and took a long drink before shaking her head. She watched his reaction as he downed his drink and she raised a brow at him. [#3a1256 [b "If you don't like the taste of it, order something else. No sense in making that face over something you don't like. there's a very wide variety of drinks to choose from if you know how and where to look....."]] she offered as she was afraid the man was gonna lose his drink so soon after drinking it. She finished hers and took another, glancing at the man beside her. She had noticed that unlike all the other patrons of the tavern, he hadn't been enthused of the games played. She gave it a shrug and let it go. He seemed to be a wanderer through the tavern, so soon he would be gone like so many other wanderers before him.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 35d 11h 52m 13s
“I’m an adventurer. I don’t need to worry about currency. I can just find some more.” He gets a tankard for himself, and grimaces at the taste. To him, it reminds him of, as a boy, one time he got lost in the woods and had to drink his own piss. He shuddered, which made the whole thing go down his throat . He had to fight throwing up.
[Insert Ahegao face]
  Rivers Stork / JoJos_Bizarre_Rivers / 35d 12h 32m 33s
She was collecting her winnings as one of the guys called out drinks on him for the next hour. She noted the gold he set up on the table as he sat next to her. [#3a1256 [b "Brave words giving them free drinks for an hour. Do you know how much they can drink in an hour?"]] she was teasing obviously as she gave a third of the winnings to the bartender, something she always did to keep a room open for her here at all times. He brought her a drink before serving all the drunkards in the room ordering their free shares. She said nothing more, leaving him to either answer her or ignore her, his choice.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 36d 4h 40m 29s
A figure watched from the corner of the Tavern, not quite understanding the point of showing off that you can drink a tankard of ale in one go, then acting crudely when finished. His name is Rivers Stork, an A-Tier adventurer. As he moved through the crowd surrounding the woman, and decided to be kind.
“Everyone’s drinks for the next hour are on me.” He put an immense pile of gold on the counter, leaving the bartender shocked. Everyone in the bar cheered.
“Keep the change.” He sat in a stool next to the woman.
  Rivers Stork / JoJos_Bizarre_Rivers / 36d 11h 7m 27s
The woods were dark as night had fallen over the forest and the tavern, though the lanterns were full and bright, lighting the way several yards to the tavern along the path. Cheers of what sounded like some kind of fight, or event could be heard from the inside. A bit of silence and then a roaring cheer. If one was to venture inside the tavern they would learn the reasoning for the commotion.
[b "Get 'em Aleera!"]
[b "Make him take it like a man!"]
[b "That a lass!"]
The patrons all cheered on the elven woman that was sitting on the bar, dressed head to toe in deep blue hunting leathers, her ebony hair cascading down her back and shoulders, with three braids rounding one of her pointed ears. [#3a1256 [b "You know the rules! Coins up!"]] she shouted, slapping her own set of coins on the counter of the bar, followed by one of the bigger men in the room doing the same. At this, the bartender set up a row of shots followed by a tankard. [b "Ye know the rules, down the shots, finish the tankard. Be the first to empty yer drinks and ye win!"] The crowed started to holler that they knew the rules of the game by now. [#3a1256 [b "Set your bets, Gents! Three! Two! One!"]] the crowd counted with her and off they went, downing the shots quickly, flipping the shot glasses face down on the bar before reaching the tankard. They were the same size to be fair, though many thought that Aleera would lose, her being of smaller stature than the man, and because of being a woman. This never stopped Aleera Moretti! She finished the tankard and slammed it down before the man could finish. He cursed and griped and grumbled, but there was no form of cheating, so she won fairly and he paid up with a large bag of coins on the counter and bumbled off to gripe and whine about losing to such a tiny woman.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 36d 11h 18m 49s

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