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Rivers quickly used an air spell that slowed her fall, and kept it up until he ran out of breath. He ran up to it, and broke off the panels.
“Huff... huff... you... okay?... huff...”
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 33d 9h 40m 50s
Larger, taller, thicker, stronger. The tree kept growing and growing, glowing with the same blue glow from her eyes. If someone looked close enough they could see her near the top of the tree, making motions with her hands and arms as if manipulating the tree through her magic. The Giant was distracted by the glass at his ankles, so he paid no mind to the tree growing behind him. Soon the tree was larger than the giant. And with a wooden groan, it began to move. Branches, long and thick, began cracking at the back of the giant's head. Not only to try and knock it unconscious, but it gave Aleera time to slide down to the creature's neck, where a large shackled collar was wrapped around. Obviously enslaved to terrorize for the Knights. She tried to use her magic to break it, but when they didn't work she had to physically climb into the locking mechanism to try and break it off. Giants didn't take kindly to being controlled. If she could just get the collar off, thigs would change.

She worked her way into the lock, ignoring where edges would scrape of catch at her skin. Pulling pins here, tumblers there, breaking pieces with her magic until the collar began to quake around her. She could feel the giant notice it was loosened and began to pull on it. [#3a1256 [b "Let me out of it first, you idiot!"]] she cried out as scrambled for the way she came in. Too late the giant broke the collar and threw it into the ground - with her still inside.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 33d 12h 16m 55s
Rivers looked confused. “Well, I guess she’s gone. I’m gonna have to do this the hard way.” He put his hands together and formed a circle. He put his mouth close to it, and blew as hard as he could. Bright yellow flames billowed from his mouth, covering the giants loincloth. Then, he blew more over the giants legs. He began moving his hands in synchronization, with streams of sand following them. He blew all of it at the giants legs, with the fire turning it to glass. The giant groaned as the shards of glass dug into his ankles.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 33d 12h 26m 45s
He was boasting of it being easy and she could only stare at him. No matter how much power or ability someone had, they should never be too cocky in battle or it will be their downfall. She felt something tremor the trees she held a bond to, and some were torn from the very rooted dirt. [#3a1256 [b "This can't be good....."]] She listened to the stomping steps, and cracking of the forest life as animals scattered and cried out in distress. Soon, the trees were cleared in a path, and they stared up at a giant. [#3a1256 [b "Oh for the love of the Gods..... seriously?"]] she groaned before running to the nearest tree, launching herself up into its branches, to disappear from sight before the tree began to start growing abnormally fast and large.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 33d 13h 35m 53s
Rivers was slashing at the bandits, sometimes hitting them, maybe their horses, but either way, he was bringing a lot down.
“These guys are so weak! They’re like... foot soldiers.” They heard stomping from in the forest, with trees falling over and crows flying. They saw a giant figure come out from the forest, dragging trees between their toes.
“Oh. It’s a... giant.”
It roared at stared at everyone. It’s started pitching a fit.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 33d 14h 3m 16s
She watched as he moved to use Wind magic to knock one rider into three others before he went after another with his sword. [#3a1256 [b "Try telling them that!"]] She said raising her arms creating an "X" before her face and crying out an incantation as she began to glow. The glow would reach to the ground in a hard shine then you would hear cries from the riders, the trees were smashing them off their mounts, and tripping them up, vines snapping and sending them flying. Though if any noticed, she never took one's life. Merely sent them running or knocked them unconscious.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 33d 14h 18m 58s
Rivers looked confused by her slang, and they heard explosions from every side. He put his right hand in the air, put the his left next to it, and used his left hand to form a circle. Then, he thrust his hand through it, and the nearest horse rider got blown off of his steed and flew into 3 people behind him. They got trampled underfoot.
“I’m proficient in Wind magic.” He swung his sword into another riders helmet, spraying blood everywhere.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 34d 9h 28m 52s
He began to speak up having actually known of the peaceful places and hadn't noticed. She gave him an incredulous look before a large crashing sound came, and she could smell smoke and fire on the wind. There was a large group coming, and they were angry. Rivers spoke up about how the Knight must have called for reinforcements using magic. That was odd as she hadn't sensed any magic from him before he died. Meaning someone or something in the magical world was getting trickier. She narrowed her eyes and growled. He told her to go warn the villagers or something. She gave him a raised brow look. [#3a1256 [b "Like I'm leaving you to fight on your own, they're already taking up arms, its protocol when someone like the freaking DARK KNIGHT is killed within the tavern..... "]] She groaned and sighed to take up a stance and her sapphire eyes lit up in a bright sky blue. [#3a1256 [b "I hate fighting at the best of times. And don't think of trying to talk me out of it either, skippy....."]]
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 34d 9h 44m 17s
He still looked confused.
“OH! We had places like that in Camelot! Before King Arthur died... I didn’t know this was one. If I had, I wouldn’t have-” They heard crashing from the forest, and saw light from torches coming nearer by the second.
“That’s... hooves... he must’ve used magic to contact the other knights. Smart bastard. Go warn the villagers or something. I’ll hold them off, I suppose.” He unsheathes his stolen sword, and held it in front of him.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 34d 11h 53m 37s
She gathered her things from her rented room, hiding the rest of her things she couldn't travel within a secret stash underneath the bed where no one could see. Hitching her bag around her shoulders, she left the bar. She headed toward the forest, and up the path, she noticed the man from before. The one named Rivers. She sighed and in a few silent strides, she was able to catch up to him. She would walk beside him, stretching her arms up above her head to then rest them behind her neck. [#3a1256 [b "You got brass, I give you that..... to just nonchalantly slay the Dark knight.... just because he was an ass. Don't get me wrong, glad the prick is gone. but some places are neutral to man and monster, and they are few and far between. We don't boast about these places because then one side or the other will think we are starting up some form of revolutionary uprising. All we're doing is trying to live in peace. So you gotta be careful who you kill and where. Okay?"]] She was trying to show that she wasn't mad at him, especially since he didn't know the rules of the trade. Though how some adventuring traveler didn't know about the peaceful spots was surprising to her.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 34d 12h 1m 41s
Rivers frowned when she looked at him.
“I’m sorry... I didn’t know... I travel alot, so I don’t remember every bars’ rules and customs...” He was messing with a stud on his armor, nervous. He puts another pile of gold on the counter, but the bartender pushed it back towards him.
“N-No, you keep it this time... hehe...” The bartender was covered in sweat, so Rivers just took the gold back. He was still frowning, and left the bar. He wandered towards the forest, seemingly oblivious to any possible danger.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 34d 12h 12m 34s
She groaned to shake her head as she looked to the knight on the ground. [#3a1256 [b "You fool! We don't kill them in here! This tavern is the only neutral place for miles..... you could have at least knocked him out or something and killed him elsewhere."]] many of the other patrons were groaning as well. [#3a1256 [b "Check the rules before using your tools...."]] She gave some more of her winnings to the barkeep for cleanup and damages, then muttered a soft agreement with him about keeping her room open, she might not be back for a while. She turned to the patrons softly as they began moving out the body, some of the girls cleaning the floor. [#3a1256 [b "Alright everyone, we all know the drill. Keep it calm and classy, and I'll see you all in a few months....."]] she looked to Rivers and sighed. She knew he didn't know the rules, and she didn't fault him, but with the Dark Knight dead, they'd be looking for her. Gillian had been a complete jerk to many people, but she had almost succeeded in taking his life before resigning from doing so and disappeared. She held shorter hair back then and had kept her ears covered so this time around he hadn't recognized her.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 34d 12h 18m 26s
He pulled the blade out, and looked at it for a moment.
“This is mine now.” He took the Knights sheath and slung it over his shoulders. Then he wiped off the sword, and sheathed it. He realized that the woman was watching.
“What? Never see a guy get killed before?”
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 35d 7h 7m 22s
The stool did little more than tap his thigh and she mentally cursed herself for her lack of oomph on that try. She was just tired of all the crap by now. Her tapped stool was enough to cause the knight to look away, and then something gold and fast zipped into his helmet. She could smell the blood the moment the golden object hit its intended target. Rivers was up immediately and she watched as he gutted the dark knght.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 35d 8h 53m 30s
It just tapped his leg, which made him turn and look at her. Then, out of nowhere, something Gold flew into the Dark Knights helmet, possibly piercing his eye. The pain was clearly excruciating, as he doubled over and got on the ground.
Rivers got up off of the counter, and pulled the sword out of the counter. He twirled it in his hand, testing the Weight.
“The fact that you came after me shows how foolish you are. You didn’t even take magic into consideration. Like I said... it’s a coin. You should’ve listened. I was about to give you some of your money back, but instead of taking it peacefully, you attacked me. So, I had to give it you the hard way...”
“D-DONT tell me... it’s...
“Yep.” He stabbed the Knight in the stomach with his own sword.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 35d 9h 16m 38s

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