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She was about to dismiss him and his offer but then thought a moment. [#3a1256 [b "....Sure, that would be nice, thank you."]] She said as she stretched her good arm. She looked to the one in the sling and brace and frowned. She wasn't sure if it was broken or not, but if the pain didn't go away after a while, she was going to have to seek out a physician.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 26d 10h 20m 45s
“Cool! What’s your kind?” He saw her wincing, and rubbed his chin. “Do you want me to get you some ale or food?” He looked concerned, but this expression also looked comical on him.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 28d 12h 27m 7s
She looked to him incredulously, wondering what in the world was wrong with him. One moment, he's a serious - if not a little boastful - fighter, then next it's like he's a child! She was starting to get a headache from this guy. [#3a1256 [b "It's easy for my kind to out-drink most creatures, especially humans...."]] she said as she moved to try and resettle on the bed for comfort, careful of her leg and arm.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 28d 12h 51m 11s
“Whaaaa? No, I was just confused because I’ve never seen a woman drink so much before!” His face was comical, and he sat in a chair next to the bed. He looked very silly, and acted like an overgrown child when not fighting.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 28d 14h 13m 16s
She watched as he moved to take her boots off for her. She blushed again to then tilt her head as he looked away the entire time. She wasn't sure what he was doing, or why he wanted to help her so much. [#3a1256 [b "Why are you so worried about me? Hell, earlier you couldn't stand the thought of me as I played those drinking games....."]] He was starting to become a very confusing guy.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 28d 14h 26m 13s
“Oh, sorry... I forgot about your... um... arm.” He chuckled and rubbed his hair. He saw she was taking off her boot, and walked forward quickly. “Here, I’ll do it... I guess.” He carefully took them off, but held his face away while doing so, looking ridiculous.
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 28d 14h 44m 18s
She frowned as he mentioned she sprained her leg. She looked to her legs, and though she couldn't see past her trousers for any damage, she could feel the start of bruising to form along one of her calves and ankles. When they reached the tavern the drunks were cheering for his killing the Dark Knight. She rolled her eyes, just wanting her bed at this point. He tried to say she helped and then stopped and corrected himself. She glared at him to shake her head as she thought him an ass. Directed to her room, he carried her in then simply dropped her on the bed, earning a yelped cry of pain from her arm and leg. Chivalrous, he was not. He mentioned her room being bland and she glared at him more with her bright blue gaze. [#3a1256 [b "I only stay here for a while, then I leave for several months before coming back. It's not really a home, and I don't own that much.... So there is no point in collecting a lot of things to move around all the time..... keeping things 'bland' as you called it, is just easier...."]] She moved with her good arm to remove her boots and let them thump to the floor.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 28d 14h 57m 0s
“Oh... then I’ll just take you there. And your leg is sprained. It’s obvious. You fell pretty far.” He was looking ahead at the Tavern in the distance. He opened it up, and everyone looked at him, then cheered.
“He’s the one who killed the Dark Knight!”
“We’re free!”
Rivers pushed through them, getting pats on the shoulder. “Yeah, Yeah. She helped too... wait, actually... she didn’t, but she was there.” He walked up the barkeep and asked them where her room was. They pointed down the hallway, and at the very end of it, there was a door with a sign saying reserved. He walked in and dropped Aleera on the bed, then looked around. They could still hear everybody in the Tavern cleaning up.
“Kinda bland in here, huh?”
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 28d 15h 7m 11s
She blushed as he lifted her up, starting to carry her back to the tavern. [#3a1256 [b "I already have a bed, that's the deal I have with the barkeep. y-you know it's my arm that's busted..... not my legs...." He continued to carry her, though, and it caused her to blush.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 28d 15h 51m 3s
“Don’t worry about it... look, let’s go back to the tavern, and I’ll get you a bed. Sound good? I’ll pay.” He picked her up, not waiting for a reply.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 28d 16h 29m 38s
She held still, but she couldn't stop the whimpered sounds of pain as he braced up her arm and made a sling to hold it. [#3a1256 [b "I thought that damned thing was coming back. I panicked..... It's not often I get stuck like that...."]] She murmured as he set her up. She didn't look to him but kept her eyes to the ground. [#3a1256 [b "Thank you....."]]
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 28d 16h 49m 27s
Rivers looked annoyed.
“Holy shit... why would you move your arm like that? It wouldn’t have gotten you out.” He pulled off his backpack and made a brace quickly, and wrapped it around her arm and neck. He ignored her whimpers and shouts of pain.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 29d 12h 24m 10s
He spoke of the giant leaving and she calmed down slightly. He lifted his sword and told her to hold still. She looked to him and then with a wide eye stare, she closed her eyes and tensed up waiting for the blow of the sword. She heard it swing and she flinched, but she felt no pain. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked, her arm was free, but it was deeply bruised and possibly broken as she tried to move it and whimpered at the shot of pain through her arm.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 29d 12h 50m 8s
Rivers looked panicked. “Slow down! You’ll tear your arm off! The giants gone, you don’t need to worry... he probably went to destroy the Knights castle. Now, hold still.” He took out the stolen sword, and squinted one eye shut, aligning the sword and his open eye. He pulled it up, and swung it down very fast, slicing off the top of the collar. She could now pull her hand free.
“Sorry if you lost a finger.”
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 29d 15h 5m 5s
She braced for the impact and expected more of a harder crash. It was still a hard crash, but not as hard as it should have been. She groaned to lay there a moment, jumping when the panels to the collar came free to expose her inside. She blinked into the light to see RIvers huffing hard for breath as he made sure she was okay. [#3a1256 [b "I..... yes I think so....Gahn!"]] She cried out when she tried to push herself up, her arm had been jammed between a couple of pieces of metal, and so she was stuck. She also couldn't feel her fingers at this point. [#3a1256 [b "I...I'm stuck!"]] She heard stomping steps not sure if they were coming towards her or away from her, she began to panic to try and force her arm free, crying out in pain once again as she did so.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 33d 8h 27m 55s

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