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A single tavern alone in the woods, not near any town lines, city limits or villages. The forest is thick with trees and vegetation, and the only lights are either from the bit of sun that filters in, or the moonlight. But, the tavern has its own lamps, so you can see it when it comes along your path. It's not a well-known tavern, except by its patrons that frequent all the time. It's here that many a creature of any race and species can gather in peace for a bite to eat, ale and mead to drink, and songs to share. This tavern has also started a few marriages, and divorces, but it has lived for a very long time. What should happen when two wayward souls happen to meet at the tavern and end up needing to travel together?

ALeera is an elf that plays by her own rules. She's not the overly prissy type of elf that would wear draping silks, and have long ribbons and beads braided through her hair. She was a fighter, a tough female that traveled the lands without a home. Except for perhaps the old tavern. It was more than likely where you would find her if she wasn't on some hired job. She was skilled in magic, bow and arrow, daggers, and staff. She could fight with some of the best of them, and even out hunt a ranger. She was liked a hired bounty hunter, but she was lazy. She'd rather spend her time drinking unless you appealed to her senses of morale and honor. If she thought the job was worth something, she'd take it, and that didn't mean worth money.

What will happen if you come across this tavern and find Aleera? Will you ask her to journey with you on a quest? Share a drink? Come find the tavern and find out!

Aleera Moretti

(#3a1256 Rivers Stork


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So.... what’s next? What’s the next adventure?
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 62d 16h 33m 9s
She held to her arm as the pain finally began to subside and she sighed softly. She watched him as he walked away, enjoying the hard buzz she had going from the drink already. It wouldn't have hurt that bad if she'd had time for her arm to heal by itself, but when being forced back into place while still raw and tender, it hurt a hell of a lot. She rolled her neck, catching it to pop a time or two as she looked around her room trying to decide what to do from here.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 62d 19h 47m 53s
“It should go away in a minute. It can’t hurt that much, can it?” He shrugged and chuckled at her. He took the rest of the Golden Ale away and walked back down the hall, the boards creaking under the weight of his armor.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 69d 17h 49m 54s
He took the drink from her and she wiped at her face, not looking to him. She felt and heard her arm snapping and mending, and though she was healing it, was still painful. Her arm had in fact been broken, and the mending had to snap things back into place, causing her to cry out and double over in pain once again. He spoke of the drink being lethal if she drank more than she needed. She was humming with a buzz from the drink as she panted for breath. [#3a0125 [b "My kind have higher tolerances for alcohols, healing potions, and magic....."]] she groaned with a hard shiver as the last of her arm was mending, her voice giving away the pain that came with healing.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 72d 10h 31m 28s
He watched and listened as her arm began popping back into place, her bones mending. He took the ale away from her before she could drink anymore! “Ah! Ah! Geez... don’t drink so much! If you drink more than enough to heal, then it could be lethal.” He drank the rest of it. Some dribbled down his chin, and he wiped it off with his sleeve. “Aah..”
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 72d 16h 40m 49s
She looked to him as he walked into her room, still reeling from the sudden pain along her body as she looked to the glass. Focusing on her breathing to keep from giving in to the pain, she would reach for the ale and down it quickly, wishing for the drunken numbness to take away the pain.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 73d 5h 29m 28s
Rivers walked in the room again in the morning, with more of the same ale. “Wakey wakey eggs and bakey.” He did in fact, also have eggs and bacon on the tray with ale. “The ale is a healing concoction, and only makes you drunk if you want it to.”
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 74d 17h 30m 54s
She slept through several hours, her body's way of dealing with the pain. She was sleeping well and blissfully until her body moved to roll over in her sleep and she moved to the arm in the sling, causing her to give a whimpered cry. The pain waking her as she curled up there on the bed a moment to let the pain ebb away and pass.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 79d 10h 35m 36s
Rivers looked at her, and left the room quietly. He shut the door, and went to help with the cleanup. There wasn’t much left. Once everybody was done, they left. Rivers went back to her room (quietly), and fell asleep on the floor.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 79d 17h 17m 26s
She blinked at him surprised. She'd never heard of Golden strawberries before. She had heard of many things but a golden fruit was not one of them. She finished off the drink but did not take another one. Her adrenaline began to slow and the hype of the fight wearing off. Her arm and leg were now throbbing in aches and pains. She wiggled on the bed a bit to lay back just to relax her body for a while, and soon she was beginning to drift off a bit.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 79d 20h 3m 42s
“Um... it’s called Amba. It’s a healing and alcohol concoction. It’s made with golden strawberries.” He shrugged. “But they don’t grow those here, so I needed to improvise.”
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 89d 15h 47m 42s
She finished her first tankard and then grabbed a second, growing wary as she already felt the buzz of the drink as he explained that he made it himself. [#3a1256 [b "What all is in this?"]] she asked not used to something starting to hit her after only two tankards.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 89d 16h 20m 9s
“I could drink a whole bunch of this. I used the bartenders stuff to make it. They’d didnt have any in barrels, so... it reminds me of home!” He chugged another one. A few minutes later they were both extremely drunk.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 89d 16h 46m 36s
[b [#3a1256 "I only drink that much in one setting when there is money on the line. Not because I want to."]] she laughed. She reached over with her good arm for one of the tankards and slowly downed half of it before releasing a breath then winced as pain twinged through her arm and leg. She hated giants and trolls on the best of days. Now she hated them on the worst, too.
  Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 90d 12h 33m 27s
“What’s wrong? Do you not drink this much? I can, if you don’t want to. It tastes like pancakes.” He chugged one quickly and happily.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 93d 20h 10m 40s

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