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[b "That's why it's so hard.."] He muttered as he kissed her back.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 19h 11m 29s
She smiled and kissed him, "She is our baby cowboy, our first."
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 19h 12m 11s
He couldn't help the groan that he let out when she said that. [b "Don't. She's always going to be our baby.."] He did NOT want to think about their girls dating
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 19h 13m 22s
Ally laughed, "Cowboy... Give Gracie 10 years and she will be dating."
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 19h 16m 31s
Jackson froze when she said that and shook his head. [b "They're never allowed to date. Always be our little girls."]
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 19h 20m 11s
"They have your eyes and my pout, lord help us when they stat dating."
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 19h 20m 57s
He chuckled and kissed her. [b "They get me with it too, baby girl. Just like you can use the pouting on me and it works."] He whispered.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 19h 22m 12s
“Those eyes get me every time cowboy, and the girls inherited that super power.”
  Jack & Ally / Polkadotrocker / 19h 26m 6s
[b "I promise this one you'll like."] He said and gave her sparkling blue eyes in one of the pouts the girls had become so good at.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 19h 27m 36s
She sighed, "Jack, you know I hate surprises." She muttered.
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 19h 30m 15s
A faint smirk came to his lips and he shook his head. [b "Sorry, baby girl. But can't tell you because it will ruin the surprise."] He said and kissed her, the girls giggling. Bobby, Gail and Jack had told them, but bribed them not to tell Ally. He wanted this one thing to be special for her since she spent the last five years putting up with his ass.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 19h 32m 1s
She nodded, "Now I want to know cowboy, you can't just say something like that."
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 19h 38m 17s
[b "Yesterday wore y'all out. Nothing to be sorry for, Alls."] Jack said, kissing her temple. [b "Dad and I have it for today...because the next stop is something we want to kind of be a surprise."] New Orleans... she didn"t know it was on the list.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 19h 39m 11s
She nodded, "Sorry we slept in so long, I wanted to help drive today."
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 19h 43m 51s
Since Paisley got Ally to carry her, Gracie and Scarlett got Jack to carry them. [b "Sleep okay, darlin'?"] He asked as they all sat at a table.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 19h 50m 42s

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