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Bobby was driving and spontaneous hey were home. Jackson was struggling to get out of the car alone.
  Jack / Polkadotrocker / 28m 50s
[b "I..we can."] She said softly. The only reason she was agreeing was because he wanted it and she was starting to get sick and dizzy..though she did not say it.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 8h 12m 22s
"I want a slushee too baby so please?" He asked begging his wife.
  Jack / polkadotrocker / 8h 18m 22s
Ally blushed more. She hadn't wanted to get them off track. [b "I..we can wait until we get home.."] She said softly.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 8h 20m 51s
"Baby is hungry, lets drive through somewhere." he suggested.
  Jack / polkadotrocker / 8h 24m 41s
[b "See..better that we checked before we left.."] Ally said softly to him, blushing when her stomach growled rather audibly.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 8h 23m 46s
He got checked out and a few stitches were replaced and they were on their way home.
  Jack / polkadotrocker / 8h 33m 59s
She looked to him and nodded. [b "I do..."] She whispered and sighed rubbing her bump.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 8h 37m 55s
He sighed, “I’m fine but if you want to get a nurse to make sure, okay.”
  Jack / Polkadotrocker / 8h 42m 2s
Ally moved to look at Jack's stiches. [b "Baby..they've been pulled...we have to get them looked at before we go.."] She said softly.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 8h 45m 59s
I’m the truck Jackson complained to Bobby and winces pulling his stitches a little.
  Jack / Polkadotrocker / 8h 48m 36s
[b "I'm fine cowboy..."] She said softly and soon Bobby was helping get him into the truck.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 8h 53m 29s
He nodded, “I promised I would need to rest too baby.”
  Jack / Polkadotrocker / 8h 58m 26s
[b "Gail said she would be making dinner tonight.. And promise to take it easy tonight?"] She asked as she had his bag and their stuff and he was helped into a wheelchair.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 9h 1m 33s
Two long days and he was ready to go home as stubborn as ever and the bum arm in the sling.
  Jack / Polkadotrocker / 9h 6m 23s

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