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Something told the male not to turn on the radio like he normally did, just in case she needed him. He pulled his shirt up and over his head, and tossed it aside. That's when he heard her calling out his name. He thought about keeping his mouth shut, but he had been enough of an asshole towards her. [#5baf6d "I'm in the basement, come on down"] he called out. He then reached for some barbells, and started lifting them towards his chest one at a time. When he got a pretty good set in, he moved over to the bar hanging above one of the doors in the basement, and started doing chin ups. He slowly starting counting in his head, waiting to see if the woman would finally show her face, and talk to him like a normal human being.]
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She stays in the bathroom for at least an hour, it took her that long to be able to calm herself down and finally think rationally. Getting up off the ground she goes to the sink and splashes cold water onto her face. Letting out a soft sigh she mentally debated with herself. She could either leave, brace the cold winter and wind up dead, or she could suck up her pride, ignore her fear and ask Dax for help. For another fifteen minutes she goes back and forth with herself. Finally, self preservation wins out. As much as she accept that she would die on her own, she truly didn't want to. Wiping her face dry she leaves the bathroom and goes to find him, walking through the first floor of the big house. Periodically she calls out his name. She didn't try to go upstairs or anywhere else in the house, she didn't want to trespass more than she already has.
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The male watched her with silent eyes as she spoke. How little she knew, he could have been the one to protect her. He had ties to multiple gangs in town, and yet she didn't trust him. She was a scared little girl, and he could see that now. Before he had a chance to even speak she ran out of the room. He shook his head lightly. What was he supposed to do? She was always running away, never taking action for herself. She wouldn't last much longer and he could see that. He let her do as she pleased though. He wasn't going to chase her around. He knew better than that anyway. He sighed lightly, as he finished his breakfast and put the left overs into containers.]

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He left her plate alone though, knowing she might want to finish it. He wasn't going to force her to do anything. He knew that he would end up snapping, and saying things he would regret, so he left her alone. If she wanted to leave, he would let her leave. He was done playing her childish games. If she really wanted help, she would come to him, instead of him chasing her down. When the pans were in the dish washer, he headed to the basement where he kept his workout shit. The only thing that really kept him sane, when Isabeau wasn't around.]
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Tears slowly trail down her cheeks as her speaks and she tries to wipe them away. [+red "What was I supposed to do? Let them hurt you or anyone? All anyone ever sees if the good, perfect family. They don't see how deluded and self absorbed my mother is."] He hands clench into fists so tight that her knuckles turn white. [+red "And they certainly don't see how fucked up and abusive my father is."] She tries to take several breathes hoping to calm down. She let's out several shuddering breaths. [+red "I wasn't trying to shut you out, I wanted you to stay safe. If my father could nearly beat me unconscious, what could he have done to you? I thought if I told you, he would find out, I was afraid he would hurt you or at worse kill you. And I didn't want to risk that happening. I'm sorry I hurt you. I'm sorry i didn't trust you with this. I'm so sorry."] Her voice breaks on the last word and it takes al her control not to outright sob, as it stands she quickly gets up and runs into the bathroom, and slams the door shit, and lets her body slide down the door until she is sitting on the floor against it. She rests her head on her knees and just cries. She cries for all the pain her family put her through, she cries to upsetting Beau and she cries for hurting Dax so bad and leaving him behind. She knew he would take her running out as her leaving, and she would accept that. Once she had calmed down she would leave, she knew she had hurt him too much, to actually want her around.
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Daxton was kind of surprised at the woman's words. He was kind of hurt though that she hadn't trusted him enough to come to him in the first place. He shook his head lightly and finished making breakfast. He then loaded up a plate and handed it to her. He didn't know what to say at the moment. He then grabbed himself a plate, and leaned against the counter. Her shook his head lightly and looked towards her. [#5baf6d "You know I did everything for you. I was always there for you, and would always have your back. Just knowing that you didn't trust me enough kind of pisses me off. I told you everything that was going on with me, and for what? Just to have you shut me out"] he stopped a moment.]

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[#5baf6d "Honestly if you cared at all about me, you would have come to me. You know damn well I'm nothing like your mother. So don't ever compare me to her again. If you wanna leave so bad, go ahead. I'm not gonna stop you again"] he said letting his words hang in the air. He meant it too. He was done trying to be the good guy.]
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Fear fills her gaze as Dax grabs her arm, a mild flashback rooting her in place. It's not until she is placed in a chair that she snaps out of it. She watches as hurt can be seen in Beau's gaze before she leaves. She remains quiet until she hears several doors slam and then the squeal of tires. She lets out a barely audible sigh before running a hand through her hair. [I "I didn't run away. I was thrown away, because I tried to tell the truth, and it would have dragged my families name through the mud."] She says quietly. Tears pool in her eyes that she quickly wipes away. [I "Hell, even if I do tell you what happened, you won't believe, my mother didn't, the police didn't why would you?"] She looks over at him and smiles a sad smile. [I "Just let me leave....I'd rather die one day by myself, then believe idea that someone would listen to me, believe me and help me."]
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The male narrowed his eyes towards her as she snapped at him. She didn't owe him anything? She owed him a shit ton, at least that's what he remembered. He wasn't going to say anything at the moment, but when she turned and started to walk away, was when he seemed to come back to himself. He closed the distance between them, and he grabbed her arm turning her around. His grip wasn't hard, but it wasn't easy to break out of either. [#5baf6d "If I remember right, you were the one who walked away from everything without a bloody word. So yes you do fucking owe me"] he hissed towards her. That's when he heard Beau coming down the stairs.]

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[#5baf6d "You better sit your ass back down, otherwise Beau's gonna think you are ditching out without talking to her first"] he said. He gently led the woman back to her chair, and made sure she sat down before letting her arm go. That's when Isabeau walked into the room, and a small smile passed over her lips. [#C4788E "I see you mean Dax."] she said lightly. She then walked up to her brother and kissed his cheek lightly. [#C4788E "Smells good"] she cooed lightly.]

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The male smirked a bit and hugged her gently. [#5baf6d "Thank you. Oh and your guest almost left before thanking you in person"] he said. He knew he threw Alex under the bus, but he didn't care. She knew better than to try and run. Isabeau turned to the woman, hurt in her eyes. [#C4788E "Oh.. Well I guess neither one of us can really keep you here, I just wish you would have thanked me, instead of Dax telling me"] she said lightly. She looked between the two and shook her head.]

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[#C4788E "I guess I can't really say much, seeing as I'm leaving myself. It was nice meeting you Alex, and hopefully you'll stick around for a couple of days, or at least until you get back onto your feet. I know Dax would like it"] she said lightly. She didn't say anything more, as she grabbed her keys and walked out to the garage. She was more hurt than she was letting on. Dax stood there listening as the door opened, and Isabeau was in the car, and out of the garage.]

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A moment later he turned and looked at Alex. [#5baf6d "So, are you going to tell me? Or are you just gonna be a little girl and run away again?"] he asked, knowing he was being an asshole, but at the moment he had a right too.]
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Her entire body had gone ramrod straight, and her gaze grew cold. [I "I don't owe you a damn thing Daniels."] She hisses out. [I "I already said I would leave. So don't get your panties in a knot. You think you know everything about me? Well guess again. You're not the only one who has problems with their parents."] She knew she had no right to be angry at him, especially since it was his home she had trespassed upon, but it always rubbed her the wrong way when someone demanded something from her and assumed they had all the answers. While she was angry, she was a bit happy that he remembered her. Shaking her head she turns to leave. [I "Like I said, I wasn't planning on staying longer than I did. Thank your sister for me."]
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The male froze when she spoke her name. Something about the way she said it brought back so many memories. He stood there with his back turned to her, trying his hardest not to do anything. He then turned towards her slowly, and his eyes were narrowed. [#5baf6d Alexandra Phyllips am I right?"] he asked. He thought he had lost her. The feeling of knowing that she was no longer in his life had been good, and yet it still tore him apart. He didn't quite understand why she had done what she did. He stood there locking his eyes on her face. He wasn't in the mood to deal with this kind of bullshit. He wanted the whole story.]

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[#5baf6d "Don't lie to me, because if you were the woman I knew all those years ago, you'd know damn well how I take to people lying to me. So if I were you, I would start talking before Isabeau wakes up and makes her way down for breakfast"] he warned. He went back to making sure the bacon and sausage wouldn't burn, and then put the eggs onto the stove and let those start cooking as well, waiting for the woman to start talking.]
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Hurt flashes through her gaze before she masks it. She didn't really want him to remember her, but at the same time it made her a bit sad, she had thought her and Daxton had at least been close friends. She nods her head slightly, when he asks her if what he was making was fine. She wasnt going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Letting out a soft sigh, she murmurs [I "Just call me Alex."] Unbeknownst to her, she had said that to him once before. When she had been introduced to him by their boss. Everyone knew her as Alexandra, but when she was placed with him, she had told him to call her Alex, saying saying only her parents called her Alexandra.
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Watching as the woman entered the kitchen he looked her up and down. He could tell she'd been through hell and back, and as she spoke he saw the way she looked at him. It was like she knew him. His eyes found her's, and the moment they did he felt like he knew those eyes. The eyes he had fallen in love with when he had been younger. He shook his head to clear it and nodded a bit. [#5baf6d "Well that's Beau for you. Even though she's a down right bitch, she does have a heart of gold and that's what I love about her. As for you slipping out this morning, don't. It'll make her feel like you didn't appreciate what she did for you"] he said with a shrug.]

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He then pointed to the stool and turned around to start making breakfast. [#5baf6d "I hope you like eggs, bacon and sausage. Since that's what's on the menu this morning. I'm Daxton by the way, and you are?"] he asked. He still had a feeling he knew the woman, but from where? He wouldn't forget a pair of eyes like that. He tried to distract himself from those thoughts as he went about making breakfast.]
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She nearly jumps a foot in the air as he addresses her. Worry fills her gaze as she walks into the kitchen, her hands gripping the edge of her borrowed shirt tightly. As she stands in front of Daxton, her gaze roams over his bare torso, taking in the many tattoos. It had been several years since she had seen Daxter, and it didn't seem like much had changed. He was still brash and inpatient, though he had lost the softness of his youth. She could feel her cheeks grow warm in embarrassment as she realizes she had been staring. Quickly clearing her throat, she decides to be as honest as she can. [I "Your sister didn't really give me much of a choice. I snuck into the garage, hoping to sleep out the storm. Obviously, she found me. Instead of calling the cops, or simply sending me back into the snow, she let me stay the night."] She let's shrugs slightly, not sure what else to really say. [I "I didn't steal anything. And it was my intent to be gone first thing this morning."]
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Daxton had just barely gotten home when he decided not to take a shower, or anything yet. He was hungry, and he was kind of curious about the woman his sister let stay over night. He wasn't too mad about it, but he just had some type of nagging feeling all around. Something seemed weirdly off about it, and he was curious. He knew that Isabeau would be asleep still. He had went to his room first, and changed into a pair of basketball shorts, and no t-shirt. His tattoo's were in full view, and he didn't care. He then made his way to the kitchen and hunted down something to eat.]

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Seeing the dishes from the night before kind of irked him. He put the dishes into the dish washer, along with the pan and started it. He then walked to the fridge and pulled the door open and peered inside. He pulled out some eggs, bacon, sausage, and orange juice. He then went about getting it all made. That's when he heard the floor boards squeak outside of the kitchen. He knew it wasn't Isabeau, cause she would have said something. So it must have been the guest.]

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[#5baf6d "No need to hide inside of the shadows little mouse. I'm not gonna bite. Plus I'm kind of interested to know why my sister let a complete stranger stay inside our house. So come and take a seat, and start talking. I don't care if your scared or not. I want the damn truth"] he said. He then turned around so the woman could see him full on. He leaned against the counter, and crossed his arms over his chest. He stood there, watching to doorway in silence.]
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As she follows Beau deeper into the house, she could see just how well off the family was. It shouldn't really surprise her all too much, considering how her own family had been. Once she enters the bathroom she looks around, surprise it was so simple. Inside was a shower tiled in black with a frost glass door. The sink and toilet were white, while the bathroom itself was tiled in a pale blue. Quietly she thanks Beau and closes the door. Setting her borrowed clothes on the sink she strips out of her tattered clothing. As she glances in the mirror above the sink, for the first time in several months, she is appalled at was she sees, but not really surprised. Her once olive toned skin was pale and nearly black in some places from dirt. While she had always been on the slender side, she now was nearly anorexic. She count every rib, and her hip bones jutted out obscenely. Tears brim around her chocolate brown eyes and she quickly turns away from the mirror to turn on the shower.
Turning the water to nearly scalding, she steps under the spray and closes the shower door. A soft whimper escapes her lips as the water beats down on her body. For several minutes she simply stands under the spray, letting her body get accustomed to the heat. Finally she grabs the bar of soap and start to wash around her body. For several long minutes she works at her body, determined to get as clean as possible. Once her skin is bright pink, she puts the soap down and proceeds to wash her hair. She shampoos and and conditions it several times until she suds wash away white. Turning off the water she steps out of the shower and gently towels off her body and hair. After a moment of hesitation she slips on the clothes that had been given to her. She quietly marvels at how soft the material was. Picking up her own clothes she leaves the bathroom and pads down the hall to the first room she sees. Letting out a soft sigh she leaves her clothes in a corner of the room and closes the door. Slowly she walks over to the bed and turns down the covers. Biting her lip she slips into the bed and pulls up the covers. Unbidden the tears she had been holding back while in the shower spill over, dampening the pillow underneath her. It appalled her the state she had fallen into, and the fact that such little kindness like food and clothing meant so much to her now. It takes her a while to stop crying, and once she does it leaves her drained and exhausted. It does not take her long to fall asleep, and sleep she does.

The next morning dawns bright for Alex as the sun enters through the window and hits her in the face. Letting out a displeased grumble she goes to roll over only to bolt straight up. She had no idea what time it was, and let alone if Beau was awake or if Daxter had arrived yet. Shaking her head, she slips out of the bed and slowly leaves the room. She bites her lip for a moment before she tries to find her way back to the kitchen. As she enters, she sees the faint shadow of someone moving around and simply stays by the doorway.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway When the two were finished eating, Isabeau nodded lightly. [#C4788E "Right. I'll get you some sweats and a sweat shirt of mine, and you can use those"] she said with a warm smile. She waited till Alex was behind her, and she showed her the bathroom down the hall. She then went across the way and grabbed her a towel. She then handed it to her, and went into her room and found some sweats and a sweat shirt for the woman. She then carried the clothes to the bathroom, and handed them to Alex.]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [#C4788E "When your done, you can pick any room you want. If you don't see me, have a good night, and I'll see you in the morning"] she said with a small smile. She then turned and walked down the hall, and mounted the stairs going to the third floor. She went into her room, closed the door behind her, and leaned against it. She could be doing something horrible, but she knew better than that. She sighed lightly as she changed into some pajamas, and sat on the edge of her bed.]
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