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Damien couldn’t even fathom the idea of being away from Roslyn. He did believe her and he felt she would never lie to him, but he was surprised that she hadn’t just taken the settlement money and ran. What reason did she have to come back to him? Of course it was nice and Damien was more than that and it brought him such joy to know she had chosen him to be her forever. He placed his things in the front seat, noticing that Roslyn had no inkling nod desire to leave his side which he didn’t mind because neither did her. He got into the backseat after her, cuddling her close and kissing her deeply as their fingers interlaced. Of course it felt a bit weird or more so different kissing her. It had been a while since he did so but he was also in front of his mother who was acting as their carpool service as they headed to a restaurant she had in mind for my cb.

“It feels great” Damien said with a smile. Though he wasn’t truly feee he still had to meet for random drug testing and his traveling was limited. Not to mention he was expected to get a job soon. He just hoped that whatever Roslyn had would never enough and she wouldn’t mind being the breadwinner. With his record he wasn’t sure what kind of work he could get, but he he had at least done some trade jobs while inside and managed to earn some certifications. “The best part was knowing I wasn’t dreaming when I woke up this morning. Knowing I’d go home to you.” Damien kisses her again, moaning deeply as his hands filtered through her hair.

“Aht aht! Beak it up,” his mother teased as she got out the car. He couldn’t wait for a meal, to go home and be with Roslyn. It would be a bit weird returning to his childhood home where he suffered a lot of trauma, but it wouldn’t be so bad with Roslyn.
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Roslyn could see the tears in his eyes and her own were not void of the emotion. It felt like they had been without each other much longer and finally being with him now felt like everything in her life was falling into place. She hadn't done anything with the money yet besides put it in a bank account because she wanted to use it to start her life with Damien and while she could have prepared for that, she wanted the normalcy of doing things together.

[B "Look at [I you]."] She said as she ran her hands down his arm, noticing the difference within him. [B "Like I would ever be able to stay away from you Damien."] She smiled and pressed a kiss to his lips once more before his mother was getting impatient and wanted them both in the car. She chuckled a little and followed him to the car. Although she had been in the front seat for the journey here she just wanted to be near Damien so she slipped into the back next to her.

[B "Why don't we all go somewhere for lunch? Celebrate?"] She suggested and it seemed his mother had the same idea because she announced that she knew just the place that they could go and pulled away from the facility.

[B "How does it feel? To be free from that place?"]
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Damien hated leaving Caty behind, but she would be fine. He had warned her about Justin but hadn’t really went into grave details about the. Fortunately, though, he did not have to say much for her to know that Justin was not to be trusted and never be around him alone if she could help it. She had a female counselor named Isis, who was signed on temporarily after Justin was on probation, but everyone had grown to like her, and Carla hired her on. It seemed the woman had a brain when she wanted to use it. Besides, Caty’s term wouldn’t be as long as his as she wasn’t there by law mandate. She had actually been placed in [I voluntarily], which technically was her parents saying that they loved her but was not going to fund her bad habit, which meant she needed to get clean. He planned to visit her and write her letters and he hoped that everything would work out for her.

It had been quite some time since he saw Roslyn , his last memory of her being one of their few visits where she still looked incredibly damaged from the horrible events that transpired between her and Justin. Phone calls just weren’t enough and even during those visits, he couldn’t touch her as he wanted as physical contact was limited.

Holding her in his arms then though, her lips crashing against his like a wave to shore, Damien exhaled and let go absolutely everything that he had been holding in while he was carrying out his sentence. He kissed her again, his hands stretched across her back as he held her close. He pulled back finally, his eyes tearing up and his hands running over her cheek then. She looked radiant, him just in a simple pair of jeans and a white short sleeve dress shirt which his mother had brought the week before. To keep his mind distracted, he spent most of his time working out, bulking up and focusing on his art. He’d painted and sketched more than he had before. Most of them a bit dark from being without Roslyn, but the closer to freedom the brighter his art became.

“Look at you!” He said to her then with a smile. “Thought I’d never see your beautiful face again.” He told her. His mother honked then and he released his hold, grabbing his box of belongings under one arm and taking her hand than the other, never wanting to let her go. They had reached the car then, him getting into the back seat and leaning to hug his mother.

It felt good. A whole new beginning. A repaired marriage and the love of his life at his side.
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Not being able to see Damien was harder than she could have expected and the first few days were certainly the hardest, especially since she was staying with his mother who didn't really know her at all. It was strange in the beginning but it wasn't long before the two settled into a routine and Roslyn started to come out of her shell a little. It was also hard because Damien's mother wasn't really sure how to approach things with her based on what happened but they talked about things one night over a bottle of wine and they bonded well.

What she was thankful for was the fact that the woman didn't feel sorry for her, but rather empathised with her and made her feel like she could get through the weeks with Damien. She didn't like the fact that Damien wouldn't let her visit him but she understood where he was coming from and she accepted it even though it was reluctantly.

Today was the day though. He was coming home she would be waiting outside of those doors for him. She wore a summer dress since the weather was so nice and she pulled her hair back so it was off her neck and she put on a small but of makeup but then she was out of the door and in the car with Damien's mother.

Once they arrived she climbed out of the car and walked towards the door. Roslyn wouldn't walk inside, she would wait because she couldn't bring herself to walk in there. Things with Justin were still still fresh. But then she saw him and she couldn't stop herself from running towards him. Her arms went around his neck and she kissed him hard. "Damien...I missed you so much!!"
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Watching Roslyn leave hurt Damien more than anyone could ever know. He hated to watch her walking out that door. All he could tell himself was that she was okay in his mother’s hands and in just a few weeks he would be out of here. After seeing her walk out those doors, Damien wasn’t the same. It only took seconds for him to come down with a depressing and heavy crushed feeling. Roslyn was gone. He was left alone then, staring at the doors long after his mother’s car with Roslyn in it had disappeared.

It too at least three days for Damien to feel somewhat normal and begin eating again. He only had a week left of his sentence, but things had been going fine so far. Justin had been reinstated but he was no longer his counselor and despite all that happened, Damien was still allowed to be a mentor to fulfill his treatment. Caty was a happy go lucky girl, she was in for the same thing as Damien, which was heroin, but she was so young. She was only sixteen years old. She told Damien that he gave her hope that sobriety wasn’t that farfetched of a dream. Thy attended meetings together, they walked and talked and he even told her about Roslyn.

Things had been hell without his secret garden partner, but he was getting through and it all came down to the day that he was finally being discharged.
“You’re so lucky,” Caty said as she fumbled with her braids. Damien had been a bit distracted, but he noticed this was the first thing she had said all day really.
“Hey,” he said as he tipped her chin, staring into those bright hazel eyes that stood in contrast against her warm brown skin. “Soon it will be you. You have my address you know; just remember you can write me or call me. I might even be able to visit.” She nodded, though Damien noticed something in her eyes that screamed [I lost]. She clung onto his hand then.
“You alright Caty? I promise I will be here for you,” he said. She swallowed thickly before nodding. “Hey, I made you something!” Damien said as he placed his box on the floor and dug around. He handed her a little drawing, a quick sketch of her. She looked different in the picture than now. She had long flowing hair when he met her and out of nowhere, she had cut it, the strands barely long enough for two pigtails.

She took the small drawing before giving him a hug, clinging to him tight then. Security had arrived then, Caty quick to let go. He could see Justin form the corner of his eye, the first time in weeks he had seen him as he tried his best to stay out of his way. Damien kissed the top of Caty’s head. “Just remember your mantra.” He told her with a smile. His mother pulled up and he was excited to see her and Roslyn then. Once he knew that Justin was back, he told Roslyn he didn’t want her to visit which hurt both of them, but her safety meant more.

“See you Cat,” he said with a wave, not knowing it would be the last time he saw the young girl. She gave a small wave and Damien headed through the sliding doors. He would still be monitored, but at this point he was [I a free man].
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Roslyn didn't want to leave his arms. They were like a sanctuary to her and she was about to lose that. She lifted her face so that the two could be affectionate towards each other, allowing him to kiss where he wanted to kiss. Her eyes were filled with tears as she looked to him but she nodded. They just had to wait a little longer and then it would all be over and they could be together. She just hoped that Justin would leave her alone now that she would out of the facility and not try to find her so that he could seek some kind of revenge for telling someone about him.

Carla interrupted them then, clearly not wanting their affection to continue, although she figured it was more likely due to the fact she just wanted her gone. She held on to the box and she looked to Damien's mother who had arrived to pick her up. This was not the circumstances she imagined meeting her and she hoped that she would not resent her for needing to be taken care of.

She nodded towards the woman and glanced towards Damien once last time. [B "I love you."] She said her voice barely even a whisper before she was being ushered out the doors. Roslyn didn't look away from him until she could no longer see him, then she focused on his mother instead, following her to the car.
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Damien’s mother had already pulled up to the facility. It was weird for her as she always thought that she would be coming here for her son Damien instead. Still, she was glad that they were mending their bond and relationship as mother and so and if he needed her help then she was going to help her as much as possible. She knew that it would be kind of awkward and maybe a bit hard for her and Roslyn to get along, but they both shared something in common. They both loved Damien and the woman was a natural nurturer, despite the horrific and abusive marriage she had. Strangely enough, Damien hadn’t mentioned anything about why Roslyn was in the facility as it wasn’t his place to do so.

Roslyn had crashed into him then and he was struggling to stay strong and not break and cry. He didn’t want to make an emotional situation even sadder than it already was. He sighed out, closing his eyes as he wrapped his arms around the woman. He kissed Roslyn’s cheek, forehead, and lips – any patch of skin that he could get his lips on. He kissed her eyes, the salt from the tears that threatened to fall being lapped up by his lips tongue off his lips. “I promise you Roslyn.” He told her then and kissed her deeply. “I love you okay? These days are going to fly by before you know it.” He was more so trying to convince himself honestly at this point.

“Alright, that is enough,” Carla said then. “We don’t want to set a [I bad example] for the other residents.” Damien sighed out then, kissing her lips again as he pulled away, his hands cradling her head.
“I love you, remember that.” Carla gave her the box with her possessions, the drawing that Damien had given her included as well as the manila envelope which he could only consider contained her discharge papers and the check.

His mother entered then, wearing a grey sweater and. A pair of denim shoes. Damien favored her quite a lot when it came to her eyes. She had Damien when she was younger, which was why she still appeared younger than she was. Damien kissed his mother’s cheek. “Take care of her mum,” he asked then. She nodded and looked toward Roslyn.

“Well then – all set?”
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Her eyes travelled back to Henrietta as she spoke. She could tell that the woman was strong and she wanted Roslyn to be equally as strong. It was true that she had come so far here in this institution and she imagined that was down to Damien but actually she needed to give herself some credit too because she was most certainly pushing herself every day in here.

She didn't even think then but she was overwhelmed with the urge to hug Henrietta. [B "Thank you for everything."] She pulled away just in time for Carla and her entourage to enter the room. There was very little conversation and it appeared they had already packed up her room and left the near the door ready for her to pick up on her way out.

She was beckoned to follow them then and she did so, hoping that she would have the chance to see Damien before they made her leave. Her eyes searched for him and when they found his she fell out of line and ran to him. [B "Damien..."] Her eyes were already filled with tears and she was holding on to him so tight. [B "I love you. I love you so much. Promise me...promise you will come to me the minute you get out of here."]
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“You know it’s the oddest thing,” Henrietta said as she cleaned up the room some. “A lot of people go searching for love and peace – happiness and life just has a way of letting [I it] find us. That is the beauty in fate.” She told Roslyn. “You have to remember though darling; you are still Roslyn without Damien. Don’t you ever let someone try to strip you of that again.” Henrietta did worry for Roslyn and her being on the outside. She had certainly made quite the progress from when she first arrived. Henrietta remembered the first weigh in, the fact that Roslyn was so afraid to even make a peep at times. Now, though wounded she was still a bit stronger and had found her voice. Though Damien had been her rock for the most part, would she manage without him? Would she still be able to stay strong and not relinquish to her bad vices? She could only hope that Damien’s mother would be able to assist and that these next few weeks would fly by no problem until Damien’s sentence was complete.

Damien had walked outside then, smoking a cigarette to secure his nerves. Roslyn was leaving. He couldn’t believe that Roslyn was actually leaving and getting out of here. He felt relief and he knew that she did as well. But they both were definitely going to miss one another. She hadn’t even left yet and he already missed her. He returned back into the building then, in time to see the security guards, Carla and the facility’s lawyer coming down the hall. He could only assume that Roslyn was behind them. His hands began to sweat then and as though to stop it, he squeezed them into a fist at his side.

This was a bittersweet feeling. He was glad that she would be safe. But she would be gone and he would be alone.
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Roslyn watched as Damien left the room. A part of her felt extremely nervous about the idea of having his mother come to pick her up and stay with her. The idea of starting over with someone she didn't know scared her but if Damien trusted his mother then she had to also.

Henrietta helped her with her leggings and helped her sit back down, ensuring that she didn't do so too fast so that she hurt herself. Roslyn reached up and pulled her hair up into a braid and then sighed out. [b "I can't believe this is happening...that I am leaving today."]

[i "Everything will be alright okay? You'll get a good settlement, you'll be able to start setting up your life ready for when Damien comes out. I'll come check on you too. I'll be a friend to you. I can do that now that you are no longer a patient of mine."] Henrietta was a kind woman and Roslyn was truly grateful.

[b "I'll need that. I don't really know anyone on the outside."] Roslyn took one look around, her eyes settling on Damien outside of the room. This would be the last time she would see him for weeks and it broke her heart. [b "How did he come to mean so much to me? Henrietta, he is my entire life. I never expected that..."]
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Damien hated to see Roslyn in pain, but at least she would be sleeping in a private bed soon enough. It occurred to him then that she didn’t have any ride or anything set up. all she would have was a check and the clothes on her back, maybe a few personal belongings – but where she would go was unknown. “I’m going to call my mother to pick you up he said to her then, kissing her cheek to allow her to finish getting ready. Damien didn’t really know if this was too much to ask of his mother. She hadn’t even a chance to meet her. She only knew of Roslyn from her son Damien had told her. Though, he hoped that she would understand.

Damien left the room then, knowing he had every intention to meet Roslyn at the exit. She still had to sign some contracts about not disclosing what happened. There was a clause in there though that said she could still testify if future charges were brought up. Maybe Carla and her lawyer were feeling confident enough to suspect that it wouldn’t happen again or no one would dare speak up for fear of retaliation. Roslyn had a squeaky clean record though and her testimony alone could send Justin to jail and bring terrible consequences to the clinic.

Carla was going to do everything in her power to see to it that this situation was gone out the window and forgotten.
“Mom,” Damien said then on the phone. It was different for him to call her and especially before she was set to visit. He explained to her what had happened then, the old woman completely horrified at what had been explained to her. it took some convincing, but she agreed to picking up Roslyn and letting her stay with her. At least Damien could count on knowing that she would be safe then.
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She got a decent night sleep that night, knowing that Damien was right beside her. He made her feel safe and she couldn't imagine that feeling ever going away so long as they were together. However, she would be leaving in the morning and perhaps that is why she slept so well in his arms. If she was asleep then she wouldn't need to face the reality of everything.

It wasn't until she heard his voice and felt his touch the next morning that she stirred from her sleep. Her eyes flickered open and when she saw him, her heart almost filled with sorrow. She had to get ready to leave. She wasn't ready but she had to be. Roslyn moved to sit up, taking his hand and pulling it to her lips. Then she met his eyes with her own, tears already forming in them despite the fact that she just woke up.

[B "I hate this."] She said, although she didn't really need to say it because they both hated this. She sighed and pulled the duvet from over her and looked to Henrietta who was holding some clothes out towards her.

[I "I chose something comfortable for you, nothing too restricting. How do you feel?"]

[B "It hurts to sit up but I will manage."] She thanked her and took the clothes from her and started to get changed. Roslyn wasn't embarrassed to do so in front of either of these people and she knew that they would help her should she need it.
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Damien sighed out then in comfort. “Just a little longer,” he told her then. He noticed how soon she fell asleep and Damien knew that this was the most peace she had gotten since the incident. Damien hated the idea of knowing that in just a few hours Roslyn would no longer be with him. He just told himself to treasure the moment he had with her and when he woke up, he had to tell himself that he could get through all of this. Damien would have to carry those memories and treasure them. They would be the only things that would help him get through being without her and continuing his treatment. He wished that Carla had a heart and would be the voice of reasoning in allowing his sentence to be cut, but she wasn’t and while it was shitty, he told himself that he had to suck it up and accept it.

Damien was awakened then by Henrietta who gently nudged him. “It’s time,” she said then to him. He was still groggy from sleep, but that did a lot to wake him up. He sighed out as he looked down at Roslyn. He didn’t want to just leave her without a proper goodbye. Henrietta had returned back into the room with a set of clothes for her to change into then. He couldn’t put this off any longer and while he knew he would miss Roslyn, he wanted her out of here as soon as possible.

He removed himself from the bed then, walking onto the other side to see her face. His hand brushed against her cheek then. “Babe,” he crooned. His hand moved to smooth her hair back. Seeing her face now was heartbreaking to know that this would possibly be the last time that he would see Roslyn for a while. He kissed her forehead then. “It’s time to get ready to go,” he said, his voice cracking some.
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Roslyn closed her eyes tightly, trying to figure out a way to shut out the events of the last 24 hours. A part of her really didn't want to accept that Justin would get away with this but the fact of the matter was, they had already accepted a settlement and there was nothing they could do about it now. She felt Damien pull her that little bit closer to him. It was strange how she didn't get scared around him after what had happened but she supposed that was down to trust because she trusted him implicitly.

Her eyes opened as his lips grazed her neck. The outside. They could have some sort of life together on the outside, they just had to be patient. Her eyes closed once more as his voice soothed her, his hand gently on her thigh in an affectionate way. She placed her hand on top of his and nodded.

[B "I want all of that with you."] She sighed and held him tighter. [B "We just have to wait a little bit longer."] She fell asleep soon after that, only feeling comfortable enough to do so in his arms. She didn't even think about the fact that Henrietta had gone to get them some food because she was completely exhausted.
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Damien could understand her feeling sick and more than ever he wished they could just wipe their brains completely of this ever happening. That wasn’t realistic though and Damien knew that just as much as Roslyn. He wanted to take her back to their hiding spot, their secret garden where they had been together in peace before this travesty took place. He held Roslyn closer then, soon she would be leaving him. This was quite possibly going to be the last time that he held her like this for quite some time until his release. He kissed at her neck then, gentle and he was just testing the boundaries of how close he got to her, not wanting to trigger any bad feelings or memories.
“Just think about what life will be like for us on the outside,” he whispered then, his hand gently grazing her thigh. “It will be me and you together. No more having to sneak around an worry about who sees. We can gto the beach or see a movie,” he continued as he held her even closer. “We will build the perfect life on the outside. We will be together and living in a cute little house and maybe we will have. Apet like a fish or a cat or something. Anything – just know that by the end of this nightmare we will be together.” It was a promise that Damien had made and was willing to keep. He just hoped that Roslyn could handle being without him for just a little while.
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